Montigo Extensions: Phoenix C. – Update 1


Here I am.. The clueless child whom my dad favored. He liked my mom so much that he automatically favored me which what I thought.





But my dad said it was cause I was the first child to call him “daddy”. He said it’s what every man wants to hear from their child. He didn’t feel like a father until that night I called him daddy. Although he didn’t take much interest in parenting, he was still a dad for me.





After I finish high school, I left Starlight Shores for Storybrook County for sometime. I rented out a 3 bedroom apartment as I planned to set up the 2 extra bedrooms as art studios. Life there was okay, had a couple of boyfriends over the years but still wasn’t too much with my life. After my younger sister Lotus Rae turned 18, I asked her to move in with me. It took a little bit she took my offer to come move in with me. My dad was preparing to move to Evansdale County which is 48 miles away from here. I finally got a call from Lotus saying she’s ready to move in however I had plans to relocate to a new city that’s 150 miles away.



I just recently bought a 6 bedroom house in Clover Hill Bay. Why a 6 bedroom house? It’s cause I plan to have a family some day. Apartment living isn’t my ideal to raise a child in. I grew up in a big house that hanged over the cliff. It had a nice view of the ocean and there was a yard for me and my siblings to play in. I want my children to have the same kind of home which I had grew up in. However this house lacks extra yard place for a full playground. But the house sit in front of the ocean and a park in walking distance. I was convinced by the Realtor into buying it because of that. I think spending time on the beach with my family would be great.




I told Lotus that there will be one other person who will be staying with us. Our aunt Laurie Champagne. She’s our mother’s youngest sister. I found Laurie in Storybrook County while attending an art show. I soon learned that she’s my aunt who only a few years older than me. She was a surprise baby.

When my mom passed away, none of her family attended her funeral. When I tracked down my grandparents, they didn’t want anything to do with me cause I was my mom’s drunken mistake. I learned from Laurie that the family disowned my mom after she accused an uncle of raping her. The whole family didn’t believe her and pretty much shunned her. The Champagne could careless about me and my siblings. 

Laurie was different. She was sweet and caring, she wanted to get to know me. Then soon we were living together. We acted more like sisters than aunt and niece. When Laurie told her parents about her involvement with me, they took it well to her surprise. But they still don’t want anything to do with me.




Soon Lotus settled in. She was in a house fire when she was a teenager. The fire scarred her body but it also scarred her life. lotus had a hard life. Our mom died when she was a young child, she was living reminder of our mom which made it hard on our dad. He often lashed out on her with his drunken confusion. Even after all of that, she still loves him and forgave him. Lotus is very shy and prefers to be alone most of her time. Over time her genie powers kicked in and healed her scars on her body. They simply vanished. Only her face remains scarred for reasons unknown.

This made Lotus not have much interest in dating. She felt guys would dislike the scars on her face. Lotus always wore clothes to cover her body up. Even after most of the scarring is gone, she remains insecure.

One day Lotus asked me about school. She enjoys painting and drawing like I do. She mention about enrolling in college. Seeing how much time has passed by. Maybe it’s time for me to figure out what to do with my life.




I needed to figure out what I want to do with my life. I thought about becoming a vet. I thought about running an art gallery. I thought about being a freelance artist. Appraising art as fancied my interest as well. But at the moment, I work at a coffee shop called The Percolator. During the weekends, I run an art show there. It’s fun but it’s not making me much money. I do have a huge of inheritance I got from my mom but I want to make my own fortune. Maybe one day I could run my own coffee shop, selling art and continue to host art shows. I could be an online art appraiser too. This is my plan. But when I do start?



Life decided for me. The time is now..


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