A Field of Dodders: Chapter 8, Special Delivery

I’ll never get use to this. Waddle around with a 20 pound bowling ball attached to my stomach. My back is always sore, my feet are always swollen and I ate everything in sight.  I can’t go through this one more time… This shit is tough and I don’t know how do women can do this, let alone have 100 of these. This is unnatural for a guy to go through this. I wonder how did my brother handle this. I know it had happen to him twice. I use to poke fun at him for it but I now see why he never found my jokes amusing.




“Ain’t this some shit!”

“What? What do you mean by that?”

“You got that baby in you and you a guy at that. Here I am all ready for a baby and you got one.”

I didn’t know how bothered Erica was with the pregnancy for the most part she had been very supportive. But I figure this was one of her personalities however her personalities never expressed their desire to have children. In fact I believe Erica once told me none of them wanted kids. I figure I should see what’s bothering Erica so much. 

“Erica.. Eeyonce.. who ever, you know what the deal is. It’s not like I wanted this. I’m sure you’ll find a guy who will love.. all of you.”

“I know.. but why you gotta get the 100 baby curse and not me?”

“It’s not like I wanted it. You would have 100 babies if it was you?”

“I wouldn’t mind having 100. I could pick up where mama left off. Mama wanted 100 babies but she stopped for whatever reason.”

“That’s insane for anyone willing to having 100 kids.”

“Borage and Cece’s daddy is trying. I think he’s kinda cute.”

“Their dad is a damn fool. Besides.. I know you’re not thinking about being one of his baby mamas.. You know that’s our siblings’ father. The family ties are already fucked on their side.”




“No, it hasn’t. Maybe he got a son who wanna give me a baby.”

“Having a kid with a half brother of theirs is still messed up.”

“Oh right.. Well.. You know what.. Lemme listen to the baby.”

I’m not sure why would she want to listen to the kid but I allowed her. It’s not like would be hurting anyone but if it helps her cope with this situation then I’m for it.

“He said it’s dark in there and you need to turn on a light.”

“Well.. it’s not possible.”

“Anything is possible, Dodder!”

“Well the kid will have to deal with the darkness until it’s time. Besides, how do you know the baby is a boy?”

“You can’t just leave my nephew in the dark! You better stick a flashlight up your ass so he can see! Besides, Twallan told me it’s a baby boy.”

“Ha ha ha. I’m not doing no such thing. Twallan? Who’s that?”

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to know the answer but I wonder if she’s right about to gender of the kid.

“The Mod God of course! Everyone know who he be. He runs this shit.”

“Yeah… Of course.”




As for Ty, she doesn’t seem like she’s enjoying how things are going. I usually find her moping around house. She doesn’t say much to me when I started to show. She felt the baby moved once and she started to get depressed since then. Maybe if she helps me break this curse then maybe things will get better for her and I. She seems to like hanging out for Erica a lot suddenly. Erica seems like she doesn’t mind and perhaps she needs a friend. But to be honest, Ty wouldn’t be a choice friend. I’m actually shocked that Erica or one her other personalities have punched Ty in the face yet.




“I notice you been sad a lot but you know this shit is all your fault. You can break that curse at anytime. You wanna make him suffer cause of some shit he had nothing to do with. You know that baby you had who was taken away wasn’t even his. He’s not a genie or witch. He’s daddy is a normal human and he’s just like him. You didn’t think I knew the truth but I know. I ran into an old friend of yours. Does Florita ring a bell? She told me about your son and how you convince your mom of how he was Dodder’s and how it was his fault why you went to jail. You didn’t show up for court for traffic violations and there was a warrant on your ass. Flo also said you are more than capable of breaking the curse. Stop feeding my brother bullshit and be real.”




“What you said is true.. But I love your brother and I figure this was the only way I could be with him. I was just so upset on how he just walked out on me like that. Then I learned about my mom’s illness and she doesn’t have much time left. I wanted her to have a chance to be a grandmother since my son was taken away. I feel awful putting him through this, he’s a good guy now. He’s changed so much and I feel nothing but guilt when I look at him. I’m in too deep to pull out and I don’t know what do to.”




“I know what you can do. Tell the truth! When you gonna do it? When he’s about to marry his second wife?”

“I don’t know.. Soon. After he has the baby I guess.”

“I say do it now and get some softer pavement on this court. I don’t have enough booty for this court. Maybe if my bro Borage donate some of his then I’ll have more padding. My ass is gonna be sore!”




“Erica.. what are you doing?”

“Those clothes were heavy, crushing my soul, my spirit and love. I must be free with the nature. My body is a beautiful temple and I shall show the world.”

“Um hey Elise, can you tell Erica to not tell Dodder about we what talked about. I should be the one to tell him.”

“Okay, I’ll let her know. Now come join me with nakedness and all.”

“Thanks Elise but I think I’ll pass this time. Maybe time next?”





I was about to head to the store for a little bit until I was hit with a sharp pain in my stomach. It felt like I had 2 clog dancers kick me in the stomach. I almost fell to the ground, doubling in pain but I fought to hold my ground. I am a man after all. I knew this was it. This baby was coming out. Yvonne said I would suffer with the pains of labor but delivery was easy. I tried to breathe with my pain but I found it difficult. How can a woman do this? Whoever said women are weak needs to be punched in the nose. Until they know what labor feels like, he’ll know for a fact women are not weak if they can take this. I felt like I was about to die.




“Dodder? What’s going on? Are you dying? WHAT IS HAPPENING TO YOU?!”












“Do you mind covering up? I’m not comfortable with this!”





“Erica, dear.. where are your clothes?!”

“Gnomes took them! What’s happening to my brother?”

“Gnomes? Don’t be silly. If you’re going to stay with Dodder then you must wear clothes. I can’t you walking about naked when the babies are born.”

“Is Dodder dying?! WHAT’S HAPPENING?!”

“It’s just a little labor, he’ll be fine honey.”





Ty looked like she was in shock as she watch me be in labor with our child. It should have been the other way around. She knew this was coming and I don’t know why she acts like she wasn’t excepting this. Or maybe the reality of it hit her at once. I wanted to waddle over and slap some sense into her. But I was in too much pain to do so.




The pain stopped as quick as it began. My body was surrounded with rainbow colored sparkles and my stomach started to glow green like it once did months ago. In a blink of an eye, I found myself holding a baby boy in my arms. He let out a little cry and Yvonne quickly handed me a blanket. I wrapped him up and looked at him for a brief moment. I felt sick, I wanted to throw up. I didn’t feel the joy that most parents feel when they bring in a new life into the world.




I hated this child. I didn’t want anything to do with him. One night I found myself leaning over his crib with disgust in my face. I wasn’t sure why I was or what I wanted to do but i know I should hate this baby, it’s not his fault. But I can’t bring myself to love him..




He went nameless for a week until Ty came up with a name for him. Rhythm Tyree Montigo. She said he loved music so she named him Rhythm. I didn’t care what she named him, I just didn’t want to be around him for most of the time. I didn’t want to be around her either.




Rhythm was loved by his aunt. Erica adored him so much and was his main care taker when Ty was working or too tired. She was a natural when it comes to babies. I’ll admit I wasn’t too sure if Erica could handle a baby, but she does a great job with Rhythm.




Time flew by and he’s now happy 10 month old boy. Not sure how happy he’ll stay once his little brother or sister is born. I was often reminded that I needed to be pregnant again or I’ll start to age and gain weight. So yeah.. we are expecting again…





I took Rhythm on a walk with his stroller. It was a nice fall afternoon and I needed some air. i was felt with him cause Ty felt that I should bond with him. During our walk, I got a call from a number that I didn’t recognize. I answer anyway, I figure it was one of my idiot cousins.


“Hi, is this Dodder?”

“Yeah, who is this?”

“I’m someone who can help you with your curse.”

“Oh yeah? How do you know about it?”

“I’ll explain later. Can you meet me at the park around 3:30?”

“Sure, but can I know who are you so I know who I’m looking for.”

“I’ll come to you. Don’t worry. I won’t bite.”

“I guess I can take your word for it.”

I looked at my phone and saw it’s about 1:20. I wonder who could to person be or how they knew me. I got a couple of hours to ponder about it.

6 thoughts on “A Field of Dodders: Chapter 8, Special Delivery

  1. Lol Erica is too much!! xD
    Dodder is gonna be pissed at Yvonne for sure when he finds out! Congrats on Rhythm, he looks like a good mix of the two.

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