Love For The Ladies: One Year – A Look Back

Today makes it one year since Love For Ladies has been around. So many ups and downs, Borage’s tale survived  its first year with 55 chapters, the only Montigo story with the most chapters and the most views. Today we’ll be taking a look back from the very beginning of Borage’s tale.



Just arriving to Starlight Shores. Ambitious and eager to start his life in his birth town with that awful looking skin! Borage is the most evolving Montigo ever. He looks very different today than he did a year ago. However it was a gradual change instead of all at once :p



The only thing that stayed the same was his nose. I’ll never edit his nose 😉





He had his heart set out on being some famous super star DJ, hooking up with 1000 ladies and living the life with fame and booty… But instead…





These were his biggest fans…





This wasn’t the life that Borage hoped for. Bottles, dirty diapers and animal crackers. Borage’s grandmother knew Borage wasn’t capable of tacking parenting.




Greta Hanson, an elderly witch was sent to stay with Borage and care for his one child at the time. Borage thought he would have had it easy with someone looking after his children.




It wasn’t too long before Greta tried to get Borage all to herself. Borage got more than he bargain for.





Before all of that, let’s take a look at Borage’s first home. As you can see, he’s still in a pose LOL Borage buys this modern style bachelor’s pad  in Starlight Shores. He was about a hop and skip away from his job, The Edge. The size of his house was ridiculous for one sim to live in. Borage felt like he needed a big house (and he does with my evil plans), he planned on hosting parties with the guest mainly being females.




Liam Gelman, Borage’s father was the first guest in his over sized pad. He was impressed with son’s home but was curious about his son’s wealth. How on earth could be worth this when he’s just a DJ at a club. He knew Zinnia and Rosette were rich some how but felt like Borage was a spoiled trust fund baby. If Liam only knew that his son is ambitious and has plans to earn his own wealth, which he later moves forwarded with.



The early part of Borage’s tale was ridiculous silly. I didn’t take his story too seriously. I allowed a lot of random autonomously into his story.




Like when Liam took off with Borage’s car to chase down the ice cream that was 2 blocks away.




It was only after enjoying one of Borage’s spicy meals that he summon with his genie magic. At the time, Borage used his magic for everything. He didn’t believe in labor or hard work.




While Liam was still in town, Borage came across this lovely lady named Sonoko Lee, til this day he can’t get her name right.



The lust in his eyes… LOL





With his terrible pick up lines and vulgarness…





He still manage to snag Sonoko and finally entering manhood at the age of 21.





Borage starts his career in DJing at The Edge. Life was going well for this young genie.




Borage soon learns he’s about to be a first time dad. Not like he would be embracing fatherhood anytime soon.




Borage and Sonoko soon welcome in their first child together, Bruce-Lee. As cute as BL may be, Borage wasn’t too interest in his upbringing.




But there were times when Borage notice he has a kid.



When Seasons came along, Borage met a seemly friendly alien named Peidax Zip but goes by Pedro. Borage challenges Pedro into an eating contest. Pedro took that as an invitation to move in. Pedro is new to the English language and doesn’t understand it very well.




Having alien roommate was one of Borage’s regrets. Especially when they secretly implant babies inside of him and have him experience the joys of child birth.




1 of his 3 pregnancies may of left some scaring on his life. With his 2nd pregnancy, delivery wasn’t easy, the babies didn’t come out magically, Borage had no choice to pass the 7 babies right out his anus. Sounds painful, but the birth was so intense, Borage has no memory if it was indeed painful or not. The birthing process took a lot out of him. With his 2nd pregnancy, Borage learned to keep his distance from aliens.




He did good with that for some time but couldn’t pass up the offer to teach a clueless alien about earth ways of loving making.




Only time will tell if he learns to stay away from aliens for good.





You would think after all of the drama with Fayon, he would have stayed clear from Ahilac.





Borage did some actual parenting time to time. Mainly whenever he was left alone with them. He took interest in teaching his toddlers to talk. However he taught them to say things no child should be saying. He made a huge impression on young Mordecai.




Instead of reading toddler friendly books, Borage felt like a magazine of nude ladies was a better choice for 2 year old Mordecai. “Boobies” was Mordecai’s favorite word.





Out of all of Borage’s kids, Mordecai was the only one who is more like him. Mordecai fathered 2 daughters with Sonoko and he’s pretty much non-existent to his kids as Borage was for most of the time.




His kids were close and got along fairly well although Borage picked favorites. With Borage barely around, they still idolize him and got curious one day by following him to work at the night club. Dressed in their nicest clothes, they rode their bikes to the club. This didn’t bother Borage one bit. Instead of stopping and sending his kids back home, he carried on. His only concern was if he still had a job or not.




PC and Bora Bora were the only ones who couldn’t get along with other each. Borage would be most of the blame since he was upfront on who was a favorite and a less favorite. Borage made it clear PC was special to him and Bora Bora wasn’t a fan of his. This started an on going rivalry between the girls.




First love, at some point in Borage’s life he would have to find out what is love (baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me no more). Lois capture Borage’s heart, she was his first love. Borage wasn’t much of a believer in love until Lois came around.




However fighting temptation was hard for Borage. As much as he fought it, there was a time where he gave in. Lois tended to be more forgiving than she should be.





Because she had a secret of her own…..




Borage with his great parenting skills pushes his favorite son into manhood at a young age. L2 was shown to be the smartest and well adjusted of them all. It was shocking to see him swipe his V card at the age of 15. All of Borage’s kids want his approval and attention. This means by doing things that they don’t want to do.




Every action has consequences…





Being a young grandfather didn’t bother him so much.




At this point, Borage’s tales takes a turn…





No matter what you do…..




All good things must come to an end….




It’s better to have loved….




Than to never loved at all…




But when one door shuts…..





Another door opens…





As time went on. It was time for Borage to finally mature and step up.




To be a better dad….





If he just wakes up….




Thank you all for reading for all this time. I really appreciate it. Old & new, you guys had been great and there’s been a few times where I almost pulled the plug due to file errors. But I kept on pushing and I’ll keep at it until my machine blows up :p It’s been a wonderful year, writing him and developing him into the man he is today.  We shall see what craziness Borage brings into another year. Borage is so happy about his story birthday that he just can’t stop twerkin’ LOL



8 thoughts on “Love For The Ladies: One Year – A Look Back

  1. You really have done a good job with Borage’s story. Thanks for not pulling the plug even when his game wasn’t working right. 🙂

  2. I never read all of the “Love for the Ladies” but all this was just great! I feel like I know Borage a lot better. I’m glad you never stopped writing.
    LOL the twerking 😆

    • If you do plan to read the older chapters, I must warn you that some of the pics don’t work but the text is pretty funny :p

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