Tango Inferno: 2.8, Meet & Greet

A couple of weeks had went by and Martini is suddenly a fairy. She said she always been one, her wings were invisible until now. Um sure, whatever. I notice how Martini tend to venture out a lot on her own. Putting on her glittery tube top, tight mini skirt and boots, she takes off and be gone for hours at a time. I’m not sure what she’s up to. I figure maybe she was checking out Montigo Palms but it’s closed until the upgrade was finished. Who know what’s she’s up to. In a way I’m glad she leaves the house for a while. There’s some peace since Tequila doesn’t have anyone to argue with.




“He told me to meet him by the tree. Which tree? Cause there’s a lot of trees here. I wonder how do trees grow here? This place is dryer than Tequila’s vag.”




I got a text from my dad telling me to come out and check out the club. The upgrade was finished and he hired a new staff. I didn’t bother in dressing up as I was excited to see what was done to the place. I like what my dad had done to the place and pretty sure he’ll get a lot of business going. While I was there, I figure I would speak to him about the details for the big party.




“The club looks great and all. It needed some new life in here. Maybe this place will be popping again like when grandpa was running it.”




“I’m glad you like it son. Someday you’ll be running this place like you’re grandpa and I once did. I’m looking to retired in a few years. Your old man can’t stand young forever.”




“Me? You’re gonna hand this off to me? That’s cool and all but I wanted my own thing you. I figure you were going to pass the club to Miles or maybe one of my sisters.”





“I’ll probably ancient and senile before Miles is old enough. As for your sisters, I got a feeling they’ll run this into the ground. Maddie is the one I’m most concern of. I feel that your sisters are better off running the ice cream shop when I reopen it.  Besides Rio, I feel you would treat this place well. Naturally I am supposed to pass this on to the first born and you are a fit to run this place. I guess you can say it’s family tradition. I figure you would like to know  you’ll own this one day. I remember when you were a boy, you begged me to bring you with me on some nights. You loved this place.”




“I know but I just didn’t want a lot to look after. I remember how stressful things were for you and uncle Malix. Would I have to manage the club along with the other business you have running? Grandpa passed on a handful of things to you. Not sure how can you stay sane and care for Miles.”




“Not sure either but things are easier in some way.”

“How, dad?”

“Internet. I closed down your great grandfather’s stores and started them up online. Business is booming. I moved the other business your grandpa had going online. I plan to pass them on to Miles. I think he came manage them well. He loves computers after all. I couldn’t move the club and ice cream shop online ya know. That’s why I want you to run while your sisters deal with the shop. They’ll had writing down ideals they want for the shop. Originally the shop were to go to Nina or Nyx since your grandma passed it on to Cira. Nyx is banned and Nina has no interested.”

“There’s Niro…”

“Seriously, Rio.”

“What? I think it would be great for him..”

“Until “Patches” go away, I’m not comfortable handing it over. Plus your sisters have their hearts on it. Niro never shown any interest and it okay with it.”

“I guess.”

“I need to go do some things. Maybe you can meet my new staff.”




I wanted to talk to my dad about the party but I didn’t get a chance. I’m not sure how I feel about owning Montigo Palms when my dad retires. Some would be excited but I saw what it did to my dad. His lack of business management could be to blame. I just hope it doesn’t get in the way of my own business. I did try to meet most of dad’s new staff. It’s great to see new faces and not the same ol’ pudding face.

I chatted with one of the club side bartenders. Her name is Jemma Watley. She said she’s from Starlight Shores. She’s new town and happen to land this job after 3 days of living here.




“What brings you here to this dry, hot land?”

“I needed a change of scenery. It’s different from what I’m use to it. I like it.”

“I guess LP is alright. My cousin is from Starlight Shores, maybe you known.”

“Possibly, I once did sing-o-grams when I lived there.”

“How was that?”

“It was fun I guess. I passed out a lot though. But this job pays more. Besides, I think I fit better here.”

“I heard Starlight have the best bartenders. Wanna prove that to me?”

“Sure, what you like to have?”

“Surprise me.”




Not sure what’s with the showing off but I guess it’s always nice to have a little show from a pretty lady when you’re waiting on your drink. I can see why Jemma gotten the job, she’s sweet and friendly. I did notice how she seemed a bit down whenever she spoke about her life in Starlight Shores.  I notice Borage is the same way. Starlight Shores was always known as the city of glam and fame but lately, I seeing some gloominess coming out of the city.




“What’s this drink called?”

“Surprise Me.”

“I didn’t know there was such a drink.”

“There is now.”

“What do you mean?”

“I just created it.”




I wasn’t sure about a drink that she just created without tasting it. I took a sip and my taste buds were in heaven.

“This taste fantastic. I see why you hired her, dad.”

“Having a bartender who can just wing it like that is a plus. No one I was going to let some other club have a bartender with such talent as hers.”

“Good pick, dad.”




My dad added a new roof top portion of the club. With it being warm all year long, lack of rain and no snow the roof top lounge was a great ideal and the bartender there was very easy on the eyes. I see my dad has a thing for hiring pretty lady bartenders. My dad is single so I guess it’s okay.




“Hello, I’m Rio Montigo. I’m Matius’ son. It’s nice to meet you…”

“Elesa Li”

“Elesa, that’s a pretty name.”

“Thanks. What can I do for you?”

“You don’t mind having a little chat. It’s early, not much of a crowd would be here.”




“Sure, I wouldn’t mind some friendly chatter.”

“Are you from around here?”

“No, I moved around a lot. I come from a military family. “Settled” was an unknown word to my family. Now that I’m 19, I decided to move here. LP seems like my speed.”

“I think you’ll like it here. I guess you and the girl, Jemma got something in common. If you want a tour around town, I can show you around.”

“Thanks for the offer but coming from military family I learned how to navigate in unfamiliar places.”

“I thought I would offer. Maybe Jemma won’t mind. So 19, kinda young to serve drinks. Does my dad know?”




“Well yeah. I applied for the waitress job in the piano lounge originally but that spot was filled. Your dad didn’t want to leave me empty handed and asked what other skills I have. I mention about being in bartender school and he asked me to fix a few drinks for him. He liked my drinks and asked who I like to tend in the roof top lounge. I told him my age and he said it’s fine. We can serve drinks at 19 in LP. I just have to promise not to take any shots or help myself to any drinks. I’ll try my best. I do like my job here.”




“I’m glad you’re apart of the Palms staff. You seem sweet and honest. I promise I won’t tell if I caught you taking a shot. Besides, you’re too pretty to fired, my dad would probably let you slip. It was nice meeting you Elesa.”




I went into the piano lounge to see the new pianist. Of course, another attractive female employee whom my dad hired. So far I’ve only seen one male bartender and the rest of females. I can understand my dad hiring Jemma but curious of why he allowed a 19 year old work the bar on the roof. I think she was hired base on her looks. Although the pianist did played well.




She really puts her heart and soul into it as she plays. My dad said her name is Kensi Walker, a recently divorced of 3 adult children although she looks ever young. My dad said he found her by the wishing well, she made a wish for beauty. I guess that thing actually works cause she doesn’t look a day over 21. Kensi stopped for her 15 minute break. I decided I would chat with her a bit.




“Hello, I’m Rio Montigo. You must be Kensi.”

“Yes I am. You must be Matius’ boy. You look a like him.”

“Yeah, I get that a lot. You play well, I admire it.”

“Thanks, I think I’m okay.”




“Okay? I think you’re great. Much better than the pianist we had before.”

“I guess I don’t give myself much credit. I just got out of a marriage and one of my daughters has been such a headache. I’m just glad that she relocated. If need answer for the increase of divorces in LP, she’s the reason.”

“Sounds like you got a lot going on.”

“I didn’t mean to dump my drama on you. I hope this job eases some of this stress. It’s a relaxing environment in here.”

“Yeah, I like the new piano lounge, it matches your lovely dress.”




“Thanks, I didn’t notice that. Matius say that you play too?”

“Yes, I do some playing myself. Not as good as you.”

“Don’t be silly, he shown me a video of you playing. You sounded great.”

“Thanks. I guess I don’t give myself much credit either.”

“I feel my phone going off. It’s probably my thirsty daughter again. It was nice meeting you, Rio. I hope to see you around more.”

“You too, Kensi.”




As Kensi left to take a call, I played a little. It’s been a minute since I last played. It felt good to feel the cool keys against my fingertips as I fiddled around. I once though about being a composer and give piano lessons to kids. I know some money would come into it, parents are always dragging their kids to do things that they don’t wanna do. I’m glad that my parents never forced him on the piano, it came to me. I would rather major in Fine Arts than Business.. But I also feel like I’m a great cook and feel like I could manage a restaurant business.  But can I be both? A Composer and Restaurant owner? I’m torn between both. I love to compose music as much as I love to cook. I wonder if I could manage to do both.



6 thoughts on “Tango Inferno: 2.8, Meet & Greet

  1. 😀 I only read the part on Jemma because I’m not caught up with this story yet. Hehe, she passed out a lot! But aw she is still sad about Starlight Shores.. this must have been before she met Phoenix and still holds a bit of depression. She seems to be doing great on the bar, whipping up those drinks with ease!

    • At first she was a bit rude but I cut that out lol. She was implying there were some guy issues. Not sure if you planned to upload Jo so I didn’t have her mention rather she had a kid or not. I was gonna let SP handle that. But I doubt she would have a kid cause of the 23 hour bar mod :/ Sometimes I reset the lot to give the sims a little break.

  2. 🙂 I think Rio could do it if he wants. Maybe he could give the Palms to Niro since he’s more interested in making his own legacy but he could always work just in the diner part of the Palms and leave the rest to a manager.

    • Niro would run it into the ground lol. You’ll soon see that Niro has other interests. Rio could probably do both if he doesn’t over think things. Too bad his siblings are way too young, they could of been of some help.

    • Matius just wanna cover his ass cause of the laws in LP. I got the idea when I get to a bar and grill. You can be 18 to work there but you can’t hand over a glass of alcohol nor touch the glass. So I’m like, you can work at a place that serves alcohol but you can’t touch it. My friend got the wrong drink and our waitress couldn’t pick it up to return it to the bar. She had to get someone. LOL I just thought that was silly.

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