I tried….



Despite my efforts in saving Celsia’s save, I’m unable to do so. I worked feverishly sculpting Hidden Springs in the image that I wanted to for story line sake. There is no way in hell, I will attempt in making over Hidden Springs that way I wanted to. I hate losing stories but I have no choice but to pull the plug with Celsia’s story.

I’m currently converting all aliens into human but still giving them the appearance of a alien with CC. I believe aliens are corrupting a lot of my saves. Borage’s unseen alien granddaughter cause a bad lag in his save. After removing her, his save was okay. Celsia and Clark had had alien kids and even with creating new non alien copies of them, it was a little too late.

Perhaps with Borage’s current story line I could have Celsia moved into Borage’s house while he’s in a coma for a short time and have her make cameo appearances after she finds her own place.  As for Clark, I’m not sure at this point. I’m sure I’ll figure something out.

This really sucks…

7 thoughts on “I tried….

  1. Heh…when I liked this it wasn’t because I ‘like’ your pain. I guess I just hit it automatically.

    Anyways, sorry to hear to hear Celsia’s story is cancelled. It was fun while it lasted.

    As far as Clark goes, if you can’t think of anything you could always say he moved back to Twinbrook or Lucky Palms with his kids and finally gave up on parenting Celsia’s brats because he felt like he wasn’t being a good enough dad to his own girls. I don’t really care either way to be honest. I’m not sure if I’ll doing anything much more for Crime.

    • After much thought, I’m thinking about just giving her a new story with a similar plot in a made over SLT. A person broke up SLT into islands like IP. I thought turning Celsia’s spa into a resort like I was planning to do originally. She and Clark would live there and run it. Borage’s timeline is too advance to drop her off in. I could in Rio’s story in LP, her timeline matches his. I’ll see how this resort things goes. I haven’t built one yet.

  2. That does suck but I understand why. I’m wondering if the reason why my Harms file and the Alien Wishacy was glitchy is the aliens. Fancy and Rommich eyes are all weird in Liam’s file so I hope nothing happens there. I guess I’m double and triple copying the save. I had no trouble with aliens until the last patch though.

    • Aliens tend to mess up files for some odd reason. Lala had to remove her alien kids out her new file cause they were causing issues. I converted all of my currently used aliens into witch+genies wearing alien contacts. I was telling Mew, I may end up giving Celsia a new story instead. I’m in the process of turning her spa into a resort. The resort is turning out nicely.

  3. I’m sad to hear that Celsia’s story is cancelled, but I knew something was up when you didn’t post a new post to her story for over 3 weeks.

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