Love For The Ladies: Chapter 55, Blind Fate – Part 3

I’m not sure what’s going on with Clarissa. Lately she’s been sick and throwing up all over the placed. One night her fever was too high, even for a werewolf since their temp is usually a little higher than most. I took her to the ER and the doctors ran a bunch of test on her but weren’t getting a answer. She had to be admitted in so they could do further test but nothing could be found. She was in the hospital for a week and no reason could be found yet. I was tired of the doctor’s bullshit and told her to let me heal her myself. I’m not a Healer genie like my cousin Niro but I can heal someone who is sick.  I can’t do a instant heal like a Healer genie but Clarissa will start to heal faster in a few days. I tried with Junior but my magic wasn’t strong enough. With age, my magic matures and increases. I’m old enough to try and have a successful treatment. After convincing Clarissa into allowing me, she checked out against doctor’s orders.

Once I took her home, I started the heal treatment and made her some soup. I can tell that it’s working cause she talked about how hungry she was. I was told that’s a good sign if a werewolf has hunger, she’s healing.




Within 3 days, she was better. She thanked me but I still haven’t gotten a kiss from her. At this point I was started to get a bit annoyed. After all I’ve done for her.. I still haven’t earned a kiss? Just one kiss.. Why can’t I have just one kiss.





I let my emotions get the best of me one night. Being a love genie, sex is extremely to us. Taking extra long showers doesn’t cut it for very long. One Saturday night, I decided to hit up a club alone. I ran into Collette’s younger sister, Alexia Lex. She’s a vampire and I don’t believe I’ve ever been with a vampire chick before. After some heavy drinking and with my raging hormones going wild, I took up on Alexia’s offer to spend the night with her.





She was more than willing to please me the moment she laid her glowing eyes on me. I was all for it. It wasn’t like Clarissa and I were in a relationship yet. I needed to fucked, I needed to do it now. Alexia was willing, who am I to deny her some of my magic love?





However I didn’t know about Alexia’s involvement with my half brother Alberto Free. He’s one of many kids of my.. asshole of a dad.





Al fathered Alexia’s son, Axel. I remember Mariah telling me about a vampire boy in her class named Axel and how she thought he was cute. Now I gotta break her little heart and tell her that Axel is her cousin. I didn’t know Al was a brother until we chatted after the awkward moment we had. Al was in town to visit Axel before winter break, Al had been drinking and drunkenly busted through Alexia’s door, declaring his love for her while I was still fucking her. The next morning when everyone was sober, we learned about our relations. I fucked my brother’s baby mama. It sounds bad but I didn’t know at the time. We exchanged numbers and promise to keep in touch.




Within the following days I started to avoid Clarissa cause I wasn’t sure about her and I anymore. I’m bending over backwards for her and I’m getting nothing in return. Alexia tends to send me naughty pics of herself and asking me to come over for more fun. I wasn’t sure since I know she’s Al’s baby mama but I already fucked her and there’s no undoing that.  I really liked Alexia’s pics, then Diamond sent me a few naked pics too. I’ve been trying to get naked pics from her for months. I got 2 willing ladies who I can fuck anytime. But I still desire Clarissa.





I made almost daily visits to Alexia’s apartment for intense fuck sessions. Who knew vampires are just as horny as genies.





It was nice having a lady wanting to please and pleasure you with a wave of a finger….





As much as it felt good….





It’s wasn’t right. It wasn’t fair to Clarissa….

I sat down with Alexia and told her it’s been fun but maybe we should just be regular friends without benefits. Alexia understood and agreed. A old lover of hers recently made contact with her and she’s thinking of giving it another try.  She also fears Axel walking in and finding her fucking his uncle. He’ll need therapy, she said. At least no feelings were hurt. We text and chat like friends would do time to time.  Sometimes I picked up Axel so he and Mariah can play. I’m glad things aren’t awkward between us.





Clarissa was at 100% and asked me to join her at the gym. I later learned Mordecai is a trainer here. I don’t remember that last time I ever seen him at home. I do have  a penthouse and I think he’s been crashing there. I don’t care at the moment, I’ll deal with him later. My eyes are focus on Clarissa’s tiny booty shorts. She’s really making it hard for me, no pun intended. Working out helps with sexual frustration. After cutting sexual ties with Alexia, I was able to focus on Clarissa again. She wonder where I been and I wasn’t sure about telling her the truth. I made the excuse that things got crazy but I’m here now. I’ll tell her but not when we are surrounded with all these weights.





“I was sure that apple would of killed her or disabled her at least.. If only I was taught to be actual witch.. She wouldn’t be in my way.. Oh baby Eli, I gotta come up with a different way. I think I have a idea. If I can’t rid her, then I’ll have him to come to me. Every man loves to rescue a damsel in distress. He’ll never leave my side. In the meantime, mommy needs to work on her magic.”




“You hear something Clar?”

“No, you’re hearing things again.”

“I always feel like, somebody’s watching me. Woh.”

“You been listening to Rockwell again?”





It’s getting closer to Christmas time and I only want one thing. Unlimited sex would be nice. Finally getting a kiss would be nice. But I want to make things official with Clarissa. I want her to be my lady.  I figure I would ask her tonight. We been dating for 2 months and I feel it’s time we should make this thing real.




We took a night stroll downtown on Friday night. The sidewalks was blanket with thick snow and the streets covered with sleet. Driving was a bit dangerous tonight. No weather wasn’t going to stop me from seeing Clarissa.

“I’m getting a little chilly. Maybe we can stop for a coffee at The Perc?”

“Or I can warm you up with a kiss.”

“You’re silly, The Perc isn’t too far from here.”

“I guess we could stop for some coffee if that’s what you want.”

“You’re so sweet, Borage.. I think you may get lucky tonight.”

“Well I’m feeling lucky having you in my life. Let’s get you that coffee.”





We ordered some coffee and sat down to chat. I was ready to ask her but I felt I should tell her about my 25th child is due this coming spring. I told her about June and what happen between us. At first she seemed a bit bothered hearing the news about my unborn child.  It took a few moments for the news to set. She was able to deal with me having 24 kids but now hearing about the 25th, I think maybe I shouldn’t have told her. To my surprise, she said she was okay with it. I assure her that there’s no chance of me getting with June because she’s pregnant. I shared my dislike towards her and only speak to her when it’s about Eli.




With that confession out the way, I was ready to ask Clarissa but I got a disturbing text message from June.

“borage! my house is on fire! im trapped! i cnt wait 4 the firemne! help! plz!” 





Fire has no affect on me but it can harm June who carrying my child. If she dies, my baby dies along with her, even if he has my genie genes. Until he takes his first breath, he’s in harm’s way. The belief that genie miscarriages or stillborn are impossible and there’s a 1% chance if the other parent isn’t a genie, is just a myth. My grandmama confirmed this when my brother  Dodder talked about a few girls he knocked up had miscarriages. “The child isn’t immortal until his or hers first breath. “ Without a second thought, I told Clarissa I needed to go as my unborn son’s life is endangered.

However I didn’t know the fate that awaits me this night….





“I hope everyone is driving safely on the streets tonight. If you don’t need to be out, then stay home. The streets are covered with sleet galore. If you’re out driving, be safe and don’t drive like your house is on fire. Now back to the tunes!”




“We have car crash victim. ID says his name is Borage L. Montigo, age 56, lives on 25 Oceanview Ave. “

“Get him into unit 205! I’ll have someone contact his family.”




“Montigo family?”

“Hi, I’m Liam.2 Montigo, I’m his son, the oldest here. How is our dad?”

“Hello Liam.2, I’m Selene Deville. The crash did a number on his face but there doesn’t seem to be any internal bleeding or injuries and nothing is broken.”

“Thank god. Can we see him?”

“Not yet, there is one problem.”

“What would that be?”

“Your father did take a hard hit to the head which put him into a coma. We are aware that he’s a genie after trying to do blood work, which explains the lack of injuries. He healed on his own but head trauma is one thing a genie can’t heal themselves from. It’s common for genies to fall into comas after head trauma.”

“My little sister Mimi.. She hit head in the pool. She was in a coma for 7 years…”

“I’m sorry Liam.2. Then you are aware some genies never awake from their comas.”

“I’m aware..”

“Also I need to tell you about June Carney…”




“We are aware she was pregnant with your father’s child. She was rushed here after being freed from a house fire. She’s unharmed but a ultrasound of the baby shown he was endangered. We had to induced her and she delivered a baby boy.”

“But it’s so soon.. The baby was due until the spring. Is Eli going to be okay?”

“Eli is extremely premature and it’s uncertain at the moment. With Eli having a genie occult, the moment he breaths on his own, his survival is certain.  Were keeping a close watch on him in the NICU.”

“When can we see my dad and Eli?”

“As soon as they are stable. I will contact you the moment you and your family can.”





“I can’t believe all of this is happening.. My dad is in a coma, my baby brother was born too early.. I need some air.”

“If there’s anything you need, free feel to ring me. If your family need pillows and blankets for the night, ring me. We feel that it’s best if you and your family stay here for the night, the roads are extremely dangerous.”

“I think that’s a better option. I’ll call my neighbor and let her know. She’s watching the little ones. Thanks for everything you done, Ms. Selene.”

“You’re welcome.”

“I don’t know what to do.. I’m about to lose my mind. My dad is all I have left other than my daughter, siblings and nieces.. I never knew who my mother was..”




“Have  faith, Liam.2. I think your father will awake from his coma one day. Eli will pull through, I know he’ll be strong like his father. Just have faith, Liam.2. Just have faith, your family needs it..”

27 thoughts on “Love For The Ladies: Chapter 55, Blind Fate – Part 3

    • Ignoring the weather report’s warning cause this, if he would of known the outcome he would of been more careful. But with the life of his unborn endangered, he was careless. Him being in coma won’t benefit the child at all. It’s all a unfortunate accident that could of been avoided. *sigh* All everyone can do is hope he’ll wake up.

  1. Holy shit. You really like torturing Borage, don’t you?

    I concede, June needs a smackaround. I don’t know what else you have planned for her, but I already want to hit her hard as I can. :/ I hope her house burned to ashes!

    Oh, Eli, I hope he pulls though! :c Poor baby, his mom had to be one of the crazy ones.

    I really like Borage with Clarisse. He’s actually being a nice guy! I’m amazed. I know it’s because of him wanting to get with her, but maybe he’s just afraid to realize maybe he’s falling in love again. I hope if he doesn’t have amnesia after this he finally gets to ask Clarisse, but knowing this crazy story I dunno if I should get my hopes up. 😛 He wouldn’t stay incapacitated forever, right? I mean, this is Borage we’re talking about…he’s pretty much the life of this party. lol

    • You’re gonna want to do more than hit her, later on LOL

      June gave up her virginity to him, haven’t been with any other guy since him, plus with her ended up pregnant… Oh yeah she was gonna turn into a crazy one. And his power of irresistibly doesn’t help. She can’t help but want to be with him and like fairies, witches in my universe tend to be crazy over genies like vampires are crazy about fairies.. I haven’t gotten to vampires yet but I will.

      Eli just needs to take his first breath on his own. Poor little guy was born into a huge mess.

      It would be hard to write the star of the story left in a coma forever LOL. However how long he’ll be in it is uncertain. It could be a few days, weeks, months or years. His daughter was in one for 7 years. It can be anything.

  2. Oh wow, poor Borage :/

    I really, really hope that he doesn’t have amnesia after the accident though. Clarisse has had a good impact on his life, and if he forgets about her, then he could be in trouble. Especially if June is there to pick up the pieces. And if he has a scar he could be extra vulnerable :/

    • Borage always had a issue with amnesia and having his memories taken. Things aren’t looking too great but anything can happen at this point.

    • Being the oldest and who has the most sense, he’ll have to keep the together and maintain sanity. If he cracks, then everyone else crack. Especially little Mariah, it’s gonna be tough on her as well as Aries.

  3. Aww he’s healing her, that’s so sweet!
    At least there wasn’t hard feelings between he and his half brother.
    “You been listening to Rockwell again? < ROTFL
    😀 WTG Borage reigning in his dirty thoughts to be a good boyfriend.
    *cries* No!!!! 😦 He has to wake up! So much for the family to handle all at once. DAMN YOU JUNE!!! Gonna have to send Penny after her ass to show her what a real vengeful witch can do. 😦

    • Clarissa wasn’t about to be a easy catch for him and with him spending so much time with her, he ended up actually liking. He figure he could give the relationship thing another try, he’s over Lois by now. Borage dating a lady who hasn’t had his baby is unheard of LOL… But of course June had to go ruin things. She’s the Amber of my story LOL

  4. Damn! See what you did June!? Now no one gets Borage!!
    Some one take her baby from her and throw her in the lake!

    I read Lucy’s comment about Aries…i didnt think of that. Poor guy is gonna have a melt down!

    • June may of not heard the weather report about the streets over with sleet and ice. And telling him there’s a fire, course he’s gonna try to drive there with insane speeds.

      LOL at your throw her in the lake comment.

      Yeah Aries and Mariah won’t take the news well 😦 …That’s if L2 tells them.

  5. I really like Clarissa, I never liked Lois actually. This is the first time I root for Borage to settle down with a lady lol. But now… wow, I hope he wakes up. I was not expecting this to happen 😦
    In any case, June gave me the creeps stalking them hahahaha. Awesome pictures Nay, I loved it. *sigh* I could finally come here and visit Borage… ^ ^

    • I’m glad Clarissa is liked. She basically teaching Borage how to date by making him work for certain things. But she also very cautious and don’t wanna rush things. Right when things are starting to go well. Tragically happens. It’s like that in real life unfortunately 😦

      June is hella creepy. If only Borage was more suspicious about her text.

  6. OMG June is so fucking SELFISH! She endangered not only Borage, but her UNBORN BABY?!? That is just outrageous! I am glad Eli’s survival is ensured, but still- what if June hadn’t been rescued in time? ‘

    And poor Borage…. 😦

  7. Kinda creepy– June’s face in the window crying. I couldn’t stop looking at Clarissa’s ass too.. LOL.
    Oh noooo so that’s what happended to him. At least June wasn’t lying about her house being on fire, which I suspected. Borage’s poor face. 😦

  8. It is nice seeing Borage and Clarissa getting along so well. June is selfish and evil.
    omg Borage no he is in a coma and has a nasty scar on his face.

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