Love For The Ladies: Chapter 54, Blind Fate – Part 2

I took Clarissa to a club that wasn’t too far from the movies. The place was kinda dead but it’s weeknight though.  At first she didn’t seem like she wanted to dance with me. I figure she was still bothered about what I said to her at the movies.  I tried to convince her into dancing with me by showing off my dance moves for her. I figure maybe I should be funny and started to dance like a drunk white girl. Clarissa tried her best not to laugh but couldn’t help to let out a loud snort. She quickly jumps from her seat and proceeded to “teach” me some dance moves.




We did a little dancing before I offered to buy her a drink. At first she didn’t want a drink since she had errands to run in morning before heading to work. I convinced her to have at least 2 drinks with me. I didn’t plan getting wasted with having 2 little ones to feed in the morning. L2 isn’t cutting me any slack and he recently got a job online. Child duty for my own is all on me. Aries is more than willing to help but with his random panic attacks, I’m afraid he’ll drop one of the kids. Aries begged me to be the one who looks over my twins while took Clarissa out. I’m sure L2 was happy about that and he can do whatever for the night. I figured I give Aries a chance and so far there’s no calls from the house. All is well, this night is going well now that Clarissa had loosen up a bit. 




She didn’t mind how close I got to her as we danced that night. She smiled shyly at me and often looked away from my gaze. I wasn’t sure what that means, ladies are so hard to read. I did do a little grinding on her since she was letting me get real close. I guess he could feel my raging hard on cause she quickly jumped away and awkwardly grinned at me. I guess she wasn’t ready for that but my magic stick was. She smelled so nice like honeysuckle flowers. I was told werewolves are smelly but this wolf lady smelled sweet.  With Clarissa holding out on me, it started to create a burning desire to have her. She wasn’t going to let it be easy as I hoped. 

A slower song began to play over the speakers. A young lady standing from the other of the room had picked this song in the jukebox. She smiled and winked at me while mouthing “You’ll thank me.” I gently took her hand and asked if I could have this dance. She smiled at me and gladly accepted. I don’t think I ever slow danced with a lady before. The music was always fast moving.

We swayed side to side, gently as the music played out. I held her close to me, bringing my face near her neck. I breathed slowly on her neck as I was about to give her a light kiss on her neck but she quickly jerked away and nodded her head with a sheepish smile on her face. I was puzzled and didn’t understand if she lets me get  this close, why she pushes me away when I want to kiss her. I told her that I was sorry if I offended her. She smiles and resumes dancing with me.

Another slow track came on and I tried hard to not do anything that could offend her. I carefully dipped her and I notice she seemed to enjoyed it. I did enjoy getting a good look at her tits. “Your dancing is amazing.” She whispers into my ear. I commented on her dance skills with delight. I spoke about my interest for attending a tango dancing class. I told her how I needed a partner if I do. Clarissa smiles and told me that she would be happy to join me as that was something she wanted to. 

It wasn’t too long before Clarissa got a little giggly. She’s a lightweight I see. I could take advantage of it but my clock says I need to return home. 7 am comes early and my twins won’t sleep pass 7:30. I drove Clarissa back to her mom’s restaurant so she can get to her car. Clarissa was about to get into her car, I leaned in for a good night kiss. However she placed her fingers on my lips and told me I had to earn a kiss. She gave me a friendly hug and told me goodnight. I was confused by that action. Did she enjoy her night or not? I wasn’t sure if I’ll see her again.




Almost a week went by before I heard from Clarissa. She wasn’t sure about me cause of how I behaved at the start of our date, the fact that I have 24 kids and cause of my age. After long thought, she saw potential in me. I took her out on a real date to the bowling alley. She said she was a good bowler and I heard her up to it. It was fun doing some interactive things with her than sitting down for a dinner and a movie. Bowling with Clarissa was fun but I can’t say it was more fun than with my G-daughter Mariah. She would cry if she knew I took Clarissa out for bowling and didn’t take her with us. I never come here without Mariah. I made a passing comment saying I hope she doesn’t mind if Mariah joins us one night. Clarissa loved the idea since she likes kids. The night at the bowling alley was the start of many dates.




“Get ready to be defeated. The loser gotta kiss the winner.”

“So you’ll be the one kissing me.”

“Don’t be so sure that you’ll be the one winning. I beat my g-daughter all the time.”

“Isn’t her only 6 years old?”

“Yeah, what difference does it make?”

“Ha ha ha. You think you’re great cause you can beat a 6 year old child. This will be easy.”

“Get those lips ready. I’m about to win.”




I did pretty awesome but I figure I should let Clarissa win. She knew I was holding back and called me on it. I started to play for real and won. However Clarissa wasn’t up for kissing as she told me she wanted to take things slow. She wanted our first kiss to be magical. It would be since I’m a genie and all. I guess holding out for a while for a first kiss would make it amazing but I dunno about this old fashion shit. I’ll take things slow with Clarissa but I hope the pace isn’t too slow cause I got needs. But as we played, I got that eerie feeling of being watched again.




As a couple of weeks flown by, we made Tuesday our regular date night for bowling and skating. It’s fun and all but I still haven’t gotten to kiss her yet.




“Your daddy seems to hang out with this girl here every Tuesday night. We use to hang out here too. I met your daddy here but I gotta get that girl away from him. This is our special place and he’s bringing that girl her. With her out of way, you, me and your daddy can be a real family. I just gotta find a way.”




More time has passed and Clarissa started to invite me over. Every time I come over, I’m hoping this is the night we’ll finally kiss and get freak nasty with her.  But sometimes when I’m approaching her house, that eerie feeling returns. I’m not sure what to make of it but I think Aries’ paranoia is rubbing off on me.





I started to bring her things that I know her likes. Her favorite flowers are purple freesias, and one day I stopped by a flower shop to pick her up a bouquet of purple freesias. She eyes lit up since she didn’t except for me to bring her some flowers. It was clear that she loved them. I hope this act help me gained some get the coochie points.





“So did I earn a kiss yet?”

“These are lovely, Borage. Thank you.”

“So about that kiss..”





I didn’t get a kiss as i had hoped. Clarissa and I chatted for hours on end, getting to know each other. She told me about her life back in Monte Vista. She taught ballet and art for kids at child center like she’s doing here. However she was involved with guy who was involve in crime. She was unaware about it for most of their relationship. He tried to sell her into a prostitution ring and the demand for werewolf girls were high. She mauled him to a inch of his life, he recovered but she didn’t feel safe and her mother convince her to move in with her until she got her own place. 

Her reasons for wanting to take things slow is cause she wants to get to really know me before taking the next step. She doesn’t have to worry about me being in a life of crime. I’m busy with raising my kids and opening up my own night club. Clarissa is very cautious but still want to slow things since it’s something that she wishes. Me being a genie I naturally abide to her wishes rather I like it or not. Most humans are unaware that the word “wish” controls a genie. If she were to say  “I wish you danced in the middle of the street while a hot dog suit”  I would have to do it by genie nature’s law. I sure in hell won’t let her know that. I’m pretty sure she’ll wish for me to do something crazy shit. But there’s a limit of how much she could use the wish command.




Thursday nights were our video games night. I didn’t know she was into video games but it’s nice to have a lady whose into video games. Hanging out with her gets better and better every time I see her.

“How you do that? You must got cheats or mods!”

“No, I’m just that good.”

“I’m not gonna believe your lies. You got cheats!”

“Oh don’t be a sore loser. You gotta sharpen up your skills, noob.”

“Those are fighting words. It’s on,”

“Bring it.”

“Oh I’m gonna bring it!”




“I don’t get this. He said he wasn’t ready for dating and he’s always with this girl. He didn’t spend this much time with me. Eli, I think I’m starting to lose your daddy. I gotta act fast, to rid of this flea bitten hag. Don’t worry Eli, I’m gonna get your daddy back.”





“This should do. Wolves can’t resist this. Hopefully I can teleport this on her counter.”





12 thoughts on “Love For The Ladies: Chapter 54, Blind Fate – Part 2

    • Nuts is a understatement lol
      Thanks, glad ya like it. It’s a cliffhanger but you all won’t have to wait too long. Part 3 will be out tomorrow afternoon.

  1. Hehehe ❤ L2 keeping his dad honest (I'm not a broken record about that yet am I?)
    Aww poor Mariah. 😦 She really does love to bowl.
    HAH "It would be since I'm a genie and all."
    Dammit June you hag go away!!!
    Ohhh man that wish thing just makes me think of BL. *is sad now*

  2. lol Borage is like…the kiss will be magical..duh im a genie!! Nice of him to take things slow for her though. 🙂 Interesting about the wish thing.
    DAMMIT JUNE GO AWAY!! >.< Just when things are going good

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