Love For The Ladies: Chapter 53, Blind Fate – Part 1

I got a text from June asking me to attended to a baby appointment with her. She was having a gender scan done today and wanted me to come with her. I haven’t spoke to her since that shit she pulled with her witch magic. I’m still pissed at her and didn’t wanna be bothered with her. Since it’s my baby in there, I figure I’ll go. Sometimes I wonder if she was really pregnant cause she doesn’t look pregnant. It’s kinda hard to tell ya know.




After the appointment, June convinced me to go to a coffee shop with her to talk about baby names. The scan shown that we were having a boy and thankfully it’s just one kid in there although it look like she could have 5 more in there. I’m not trying to mean.. Yes I am. I can’t stand her ass right now.

“I’m glad you cared to joined me. I’m a little excited.”

“Don’t get too happy. I’m only here cause it’s about my kid. If you weren’t pregnant, I don’t want anything to do with you.”

“I thought you wanted to be my friend..”

“Yeah, that’s before you pulled that witch shit on me and Collette. Better be glad that she was on birth control! That is my cousin’s wife! That shit wasn’t cool.”

“I know.. I’m sorry for the trouble that I caused for you. I was just-“


“No.. I was-“

“June, I don’t give a fuck. Let’s not rehash things. You wanted talk about this kid, so go. I got plans for tonight.”




“Names, I wanted to talk about names for our son. Do you have anything in mind?”

“I never really had apart of naming my kids. I named a few but I’m really not so great with baby names.”

“I have a few names in mind. I like the names Michael and Austin for a boy.”


“So what so you have in mind then?”




“I dunno.. Come up with something better than those.”

“You gotta give me more input. I really liked those names. Austin Michael Carney has a nice ring to it.”

“Hold up, I got a text from Diamond. Hehehe.. Nice!”

“Oh I see…”

“Anyway, what was you saying?”

“I liked the sound of Austin Michael Carney.”

“I don’t.”

“Then what, Borage?!”




“I know you can come up with better names than those 2. Just don’t come up with a lame name like Fred or a crazy name like chlamydia cause I already got 2 kids with those names.”





“How about Eli?”

“Yeah, Eli is cool. Eli Montigo.”


“Yeah Montigo, it’s a boy right? He gets my name to pass on.”

“But we aren’t married-“

“So what, all of my kids have my name so Eli might as well have my name too.”

“It really doesn’t work that way..”

“Look June, I gotta get ready for a date tonight so I can’t sit here and argue over the kid’s name. You picked his first name and I say he gets my last name like my other kids. You can pick out his middle name too. I don’t give a fuck. Are we done now?”

“Eli can have your last name then but you have a date?”

“Like if it’s any of your business, yes I do.”

“So you’re dating someone now?”

“Maybe. We done? Can I go?”

“Yes. I guess.”





When I got home I hurry and jumped into the shower to get ready for the blind date. She might be a hag but I still gotta smell clean. I wasn’t sure if I should give myself a jerk in the shower or not. If she’s a hag then I should. If she’s hot then I shouldn’t and let her jerk me instead. I don’t like blind dates cause I don’t know if I should jerk off beforehand or not. It’s not I gotta go on this date. I can take my family somewhere else to eat. But I promise Kelly that I’ll take her daughter on a date and show her around town since she’s new and all.





“I hope she cleans her mouth cause I don’t wanna be kissing on no lady whose breath smells like she’s been eating ass. I hope this lady is fine as fuck so I can fuck her. I didn’t jerk in case, she’s hot.”





Kelly suggested that I meet her daughter at her restaurant. I arrived a bit early so I had time to kill. As I waited, I got a few text messages from Diamond. I haven’t kept in much touch with her in the past month with all the craziness going on in my life.

“those pix were nice. now send me a pic of u doin something kinky lol”




I didn’t have to wait too long before Kelly’s daughter to make her way to the restaurant. I was stunned by her beauty. I was glad that I didn’t jerk off first cause this lady is a 10.  Her eyes glowed with a stunning green, I wasn’t sure if she was a vampire or something else. Something about her seem different.  Her dress was so tight that I could see every curve of her luscious body. How could a lady like her, have issues finding a man? Kelly wasn’t clear how long her daughter had been in town but I see, not long enough since looks like I’ll be the first on that.





“You must be Borage Montigo. My name is Clarissa Lamar, Kelly’s daughter.”

“Your mom didn’t say you were hot.”

“Um thanks.. I’m flattered.”




“Yeah so we can just skip this whole date thing and get straight to the good part. That dress looks extra tight and maybe if we go to your place, you can take it off and I can pump some magic air into your lungs.”





“Are you frickin’ serious?!  You try to get me into bed within 30 seconds of meeting me? Really? What kind of lady you think am I?!”





“I was hoping a freaky, kinky lady but I’m guess no?”






“Ugh, I can’t believe this shit. I get all dressed up for this? You have no class!”






“I have some class. You’re so sexy, I figure we could skip the BS and you bounce on my dick.”





“I seriously doubt you have any class with you asking for sex within 3 seconds.  I dunno what kinda girls you dated in the past, but I’m not that type of girl. I don’t hook up every guy I meet.”





“I’m sorry. Give me a chance. I’m use to dealing with sluts. You’re sexy, we can do this date the right way. Give me another chance, please?”





“Since you apologize, said please and you’re kinda cute, I guess I could since I kinda have to do this date thing with you anyway.  Don’t make me regret this.”




I’m sure pretty I won’t be getting laid by this one. I let her lead the way so I could check out her ass. She got a nice one on her. I probably gotta play Mr. Nice guy if I wanna tap it. She’s fine, so she’ll be worth it.






We sat down at a table and began to order from the menu. We had a awkward silence for a while. She wouldn’t say a word to me and kept her eyes glued on her menu. I wasn’t sure what I should say to her but the silence was killing me.




“So you know what you’re going to order?”




“Probably the spaghetti. It’s my mom’s special recipe. You should try it but anything on the menu is pretty good since it’s all my mom’s special recipes.”




“I think I’ll get the lasagna again.  It was pretty good last time I was here.”

Truth be told, I couldn’t read for shit.. I seriously need to learn how to read…





“I guess it’s good to stick to what you know. But I’m always open into trying new things. I’m just in the mood for my mom’s famous spaghetti. I hope you’re ready to order.”





“Yeah I am..”

“Good evening, young couple. I am Ralph and I am your chef and waiter. Are you 2 ready to place a order?”

“Wait.. You’re the chef and waiter?”

“Yes, EA was too lazy to create waiters so I shall do both. Ready?”

“Yes, I’ll have the Mama Lamar spaghetti special.”

“And you sir?”

“The Herbivore Delight Lasagna.”

“Excellent choices. I shall return with your meals.”




Not much was said as we waited for our food. I tried to have a conversation with her but she wasn’t having it. I wasn’t sure if I should even try anymore with her. Easy girls are a lot more fun and I didn’t have to wine and dine them. I just whip out my magic stick and they are ready to ride. This one, she’s difficult.





After getting our food, there was even more silence. This date is crashing fast. I guess were both forced on this date. I’m not sure why Clarissa was forced but if I wanna bring my family back here, then I gotta do this. And the date should be a good one. Even if I took Kelly’s daughter on a date and it ended up, then I did all of this for nothing. 





“You have some great looking legs. I bet you’re a dancer. I notice there’s a club in the red light district, you don’t happen to work there. Do ya?”




“I dance, I’m a dancer in some sort but if you’re implying that I’m a strip-“





“I’m just trying to making this date interesting.. You won’t talk or anything. Let’s just make the most of this and you’ll never have to see me again.”






“I’m sorry, I appreciate the effort. I’m not sure if I’m ready for the dating game yet.”

“I’m not so ready for it either but I still wanna make this a fun night. We can be just friends after this if you want.”

“Friends? That sounds nice. I could use a new friend. You know I’m new in town. I don’t know anyone but my mom. It would be nice to hang out with someone other than my mom.”

“Then I’m your ready. I can show you all of the hot spots in town.”

“Are you a clubber?”

“I’m about to open my own club. I’m a DJ and soon to be club owner.”

“DJ and club owner. That’s sounds nice.”

“So what do you do for a living?”




“I work at the Tiny Hands center. Some days I’m a daycare provider and some evenings I’m the ballet teacher or teaching art to the little ones. I love working with kids. I heard you have 2 little ones. Is that all you have?”

“I wish.. I have 26.”

“You’re kidding?”

“Nope.. I have 26 kids but raised 24 of them.”

“Um wow.. So how old are you? You start making kids at the age of 12?”

“Funny.. But you don’t wanna know how old I am.”




“Ahh, come on. You look too young to have 26 kids. If you wanna know how old am I, I’m 27. So tell me. Pretty please?”

“27 huh? Yeah.. you don’t wanna know my age. But I’m a genie and we don’t age physically after we hit 18. So my age doesn’t matter. I got 3 grandchildren so.. I rather not tell you my age.”

“You gotta be shitting me? 3 grandchildren?”






“Yeah I got grandchildren and kids your age. But if you really must know.. I’m 56. Are you going to run now?”





“You must have some good genie genes cause you don’t look a day over 25. Your age doesn’t bother me at all. People of my kind age slow.”

“What are you? A vampire?”

“I’m eating food so no..”

“Then what?”

“Woof.. woof.”

“A bitch?”

“Ugh.. no. I’m a werewolf.”

“Werewolf.. That’s awesome. I never met a werewolf before.”

“Cool. I never met a genie before.”




“Looks like our food is gone. Maybe we take this fun else where. I want to get to know you more, Borage.”

“You wanna see a movie? I got these tickets that I need to use up soon.”

“Sure, I would love to see a movie with you.”





We saw a movie and it was okay. Clarissa seemed to like it a lot. She talked about how she wanted to see this but had no one to go with. She was pretty excited about it. Maybe I’ll get lucky tonight.





“I’ve been dying to see this. I’m glad I finally got to see this. I can chat with my friend back in Monte Vista about the movie now.”

“Well I’m glad you liked it.”

“Liked it? I love it. Thank you so much for taking me.”





“So I was wondering since I made you happy, maybe you can make me happy.”

“Like how?”

“Maybe I can show you my penthouse, it isn’t too far from here.”

“Why would you need to show me your penthouse.”

“So I can get you out of that dress. Your dress is amazing but look more amazing on the floor, next to my bed. You give good head?”





“I was having a good time with you and you gotta say some stupid shit…”

“I’m magical in bed, sexy lady. You know that saying. Once you go genie, you’ll all about the magic. I got that good magic dick.”

“I should’ve left when I had the chance. This was mistake! I don’t see how you got 26 kids with your charming personality!”

“Lady, you made the right choice by continuing this date with me. I can give you a magical happy ending.”




“That’s it! I’m done! I’m calling a cab and I’m going home. I never want to see your face again. You had been the worst date ever in my life!”





I was never told that I was the worst date ever and that kinda hurt. But then again, I never went on a date with a lady who haven’t had my baby. I once dated a girl named Remi Montalvo back in Riverview when I was 18. I really didn’t take her out anywhere. We just hang out a lot and with Lois, we had a few dates but I was attached to her. That really didn’t count. I gotta make things right with Clarissa cause I kinda like her already. I love how feisty she is and how she’s not a easy case to crack. I think I might have to work for this one. I think she’s worth it. There’s just something about this wolf lady that makes her special. 




“Clarissa, wait. Please don’t leave.”

“I don’t wanna hear it. I know your type and I’m not about to have your 27th child!”

“Clarissa, I’m sorry. I’m a asshole and I say things that I shouldn’t but sometimes I can’t help it. I’m starting to like you even if I’ve known you for a few hours. I can tell that you’re special. I can’t help myself around a beautiful lady.”

“I’m just not the type of female who goes to bed with guys who she barely knows. I’ve dealt with a lot of assholes before and I don’t wanna go through that again.”




“Please let me make it up to you. I need this date to go well so my family can return to your mother’s restaurant. I enjoyed the time I spent with my family there and want to do it again. Plus.. hopefully after this night, maybe I can see you again.”

“All this for your family?”

“Yeah, don’t you have kids? You’ll do anything for your kids.”

“No.. I almost did.”

“When you have kids, you’ll understand. Yeah this date was forced for my family’s sake but I wanna take you on a real date after this night if you let me.”

“I appreciate a man who cares about his family. Family is special to me, especially for my kind. But I dunno, Borage.”

“You like dancing and I like dancing. Let me take you out dancing and maybe some drinks tonight? I don’t want this date to end now.”

“I do like dancing and haven’t seen the nightlife yet. I guess we could but I swear you say one more-“

“Don’t worry, I’ll be good cause I wanna see you again. I promise.”




I was happy that Clarissa agreed to go dancing with me. I promise to show her a great night with my dick still in my pants. I lead Clarissa towards my car but I couldn’t shake off the eerie feeling that we were being watched…


12 thoughts on “Love For The Ladies: Chapter 53, Blind Fate – Part 1

  1. awww shoot June is a crazy prego stalker!!
    haha i love how Borage had a debate over whether to jerk off or not before the date!! LOL
    Very serious decisions!!
    I loved seeing my poses! 😀

    • Shit’s about to get crazy with June hehehe. Not my original plan but more interesting tho.
      I dated a few guys who should’ve jerked beforehand LOL If Borage had then maybe the date wouldn’t have it’s bad moments.
      I love your poses. It helped this chapter a lot.

  2. Man Clarissa is one hot werewolf lady. 🙂 I like her, hopefully she and Borage can at least be friends. I have a feeling that June is gonna fuck it up though. -.-

    • I like how Clar came out. She was a vampire but then I realise how I never had any werewolves. She should be fun.

      June could possibly be a problem :p

  3. Borage has bad luck with psycho ladies.
    Poor Borage sure knows how to ruin a date! lol
    Clarissa is really pretty.
    Aw, Borage has a sweet side even though his intentions are still to tap it.
    Can’t wait to see where their relationship goes.
    Oh June :O. Crazy stalker!

    • He’s like his dad, always having a encounter with a crazy lady haha.
      He can’t help to ruin a date since he really haven’t been on one.
      Yeah, he can be charming but chooses not to often lol
      June doesn’t like what she sees :p

  4. lol, so I’m catching up now and oh, boy, you go, June! XD I knew she should’ve slapped Borage before, but this is way better with her going witch-wacko on Borage’s ass. He needs a lesson and June’s just the girl for it. I only hope she doesn’t off Clarisse or something drastic like that. Borage’s had enough shit in his life with Lois dying without another of his favorites biting the dust. I’d like to think June’s not that vengeful but I dunno. Should be fun, whatever she winds up doing. 😛

    Anyways, I hope Clarisse has enough sense to go werewolf if she’s not ready and Borage tries to get her in bed again. >.>

    I hope June’s boy has red hair, and I like the name Eli. ❤

  5. oohh I get it now. I have a better idea about the stalker. The great debate before or after the date. Should of been before the date so Borage could think more clearly. I am glad he made the date work out.

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