Meanwhile In My Game – Part 1

I thought it would be fun to start making sim videos once again. I guess this will be a little video series where I mash up a bunch of random clips of the randomness that goes on within my game. Most are from my freeplays and a little from my story plays. You may wanna put on headphones if children are around cause of some of the audio. The sims like to dance a lot and some of the music in my game isn’t suitable for little ears 😉

17 thoughts on “Meanwhile In My Game – Part 1

    • Thanks. I need to record more often. I just recently with my freeplays since they tend to more ISBI style. I don’t control them. I just wished I had my older video clips but I kept forgetting to save my video folder whenever I had to generate a new sims 3 folder.

    • That was Borage getting abduction LOL. As many abductions I get, I only got 2 recorded :/ I gotta start recording more. I may play Borage a lot but I rather hear his voice. I’m using on headphones with the laptop :p He does have a nice voice.

    • I think that may of been the first time I’ve seen him sing in the tub. He usually showers or magically clean himself.

    • I laugh every time I see Fenton dancing to the Pussy Ride song. I notice they only wanna dance to all the vulgar tracks I put in the game LOL

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