Meanwhile In My Game – Part 1

I thought it would be fun to start making sim videos once again. I guess this will be a little video series where I mash up a bunch of random clips of the randomness that goes on within my game. Most are from my freeplays and a little from my story plays. You may wanna put on headphones if children are around cause of some of the audio. The sims like to dance a lot and some of the music in my game isn’t suitable for little ears 😉


17 thoughts on “Meanwhile In My Game – Part 1”

    1. Thanks. I need to record more often. I just recently with my freeplays since they tend to more ISBI style. I don’t control them. I just wished I had my older video clips but I kept forgetting to save my video folder whenever I had to generate a new sims 3 folder.

    1. That was Borage getting abduction LOL. As many abductions I get, I only got 2 recorded :/ I gotta start recording more. I may play Borage a lot but I rather hear his voice. I’m using on headphones with the laptop :p He does have a nice voice.

    1. I think that may of been the first time I’ve seen him sing in the tub. He usually showers or magically clean himself.

    1. The water thing seemed to happen often in my game LOL He was jet skiing but the boat took off without him but yet he was waiting to ski again LOL I need to make another video, I got loads of video that I haven’t used it :p

    1. I laugh every time I see Fenton dancing to the Pussy Ride song. I notice they only wanna dance to all the vulgar tracks I put in the game LOL

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