Disco Insanity: Log#3, Abduction of the heart

“How come we didn’t have one of these at daddy’s?”

Like if any of you would use it. Besides you’re only using this cause you rolled a wish to make a pizza.

“I would had. I’m a dough spinning machine. I can bake the best pizza ever. Maybe I should run my own pizza joint.”

Let’s not..

“You don’t think I can do it? I can!”

You need to focus on your goal.

“Oh yeah! Marry a alien!”

Yes but not.. You want to be a heartbreaker…

“Oh yeah that. I gotta have 10 boyfriends and rip their hearts out and possibly eat them. I bet heart juice would make good pasta sauce.”

No more horror movies for you.




“Like seriously, I make the bestest pizza ever. Where’s those butt babies sisters of mine? They are missing out on this awesomest of pizza!”

I’m sure they are nearby.

“They better come get some cause I’m gonna eat this whole pizza and not give a fuck about calories.”




“Who’s the most awesomest girl ever? Me of course!”





“And I’m the most sexest too. Who wouldn’t wanna get with this? I think I got my sexy from my sexy daddy cause he’s the most awesomest daddy even if he hates me cause I came out his asshole. My other daddy is okay I guess but he’s kinda gay. I love my sexy daddy and my almost gay daddy too! They made me so cool!”




“I wonder why I got vampire teeth. Am I a vampire? Could that be possible? Oh wait.. I got them from sexy daddy! Am I a genie? I wanna more cool like Aries!”





“You’re a stupid alien with green skin! I bet your tits are all saggy and gross!”





“I don’t care much for your rude comments there, reflection girl! You’re mad cause you aren’t awesome like sexy daddy and me!”




“You’re a stinky ass baby and you smell like genie shit! I hate you so much right now! I hate you so much so right! UGGGHHHHH!!!”

Okay… moving on…




“No no no. I don’t wanna hear it. You’re just a asshole who needs to be fired in a skillet. I let you stay here and you’re not giving me a golden? What kind of magic golden goose are you?”




“What?! You’re just a evil chicken? I wanted a golden goose to give me chocolate! I didn’t want a evil chicken who make rude ass comments about my outfit. I gots all kinds of fashion sense. You just be hatin’!”




“Hey! Get back here! I’m not done giving you a miserable time!”





“Fine, leave. I’ll just go swim naked cause it’s my wish. You know the saying, my wish is my command. That’s what my brother say to his annoying girlfriend but she’s kinda hot. I would lesbian for her.”

It’s “Your wish is my command.

“Same thing! Anyway, like my daddy would say, “It’s naked time!”




“Whoa! I got a pool full of grape kool aid! I didn’t bring a cup!”




“It’s just water.. How disappointing. I was hoping to have a pool full of kool aid but it’s just water. I guess there’s no point in holding my bladder anymore.”






“I forgot you were here! Don’t do that!”

“I can’t help it. I’m evil.”




“That scare got me in the mood to fix a salad.”

You just ate, you’re not even hungry. 

“Well I gotta make this salad anyway. I gotta be the big sister and feed my little sisters.”

Luna is older than you…




“Oh right… Those bitches can fend for themselves. I’m going to bed.”





“I need a good night sleep. Tomorrow I start my awesome job as a stylist. Everyone is gonna be looking so fly like me!”





“Never mind, I gotta check out those strange lights outside.”





“So am I gonna get a invite to this rave or what?”





“I was really hoping for this happen but I gotta put on a face like I don’t wanna get probed but I really do! It’s hard to hide my excitement for anal probing!”





“I hope that was good for you like it was for me. I’m worn out. You’ll call me, right?”





“You better call me if you know what’s good for you.”





“I not take threats kindly.”

“But I loves you. You abducted my heart. We are belong together foreverest.”

“I go. You go take meds.”

“You got what I need baby. You love me right? Didn’t the anal probing mean anything to you like it did for me?”

“No, it amused me.”

“Well I loved it but use your alien cock next time, Frabbit!”

“Not good idea. Bye.”

10 thoughts on “Disco Insanity: Log#3, Abduction of the heart

    • She’s been taken before as teen, twice but I only written in one. I knew it was gonna happen. The alien are bothersome in my game haha

  1. lol. Lilah is a trip. Its funny she finally got abducted but he ignored her. I wonder if she’ll ever get her alien boy-toy. Btw- I emailed you the first draft of the conversations with your sims. Please take a look at it.

    • She did once get abducted as a teen but her first as a YA. She’s gonna have to wait on her alien love LOL. I’ll check my email. I’m just waking up.

    • It’s almost odd to see Luna without her twin. In game they were always together, so I wrote them to be close. Luna seems to do fine without her twin since she’s runs around town scaring everyone lol

      I wish I remember what that alien’s name was so I can make him over. She rolled a woohoo a alien wish seconds before being taken lol

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