Montigo Extensions

Montigo Extensions are little updates or mini stories of members of Montigo family who no longer appear in a story. Mainly it would be a lot of Borage’s and Celsia’s children. Instead of making 8997987987768768 more stories, I figure small updates on other Montigo lives would be better. It would be nice to show what goes on in their live before making appearance in story again. It would be fun to show their lives rather the heir of whichever story, tells how things were going in so & so’s life.

A lot of you like Batch#1 of Borage’s kids and I had to rush them out the house. They are missed but I had promise to show what they are up to. I’m finally ready to start on that.

Party Montigo is time jumping, the next update will be the start of Gen 2. As for the other Montigos who were once in that story won’t be forgotten and will have mini updates time to time. Some of them were transferred into other stories to make cameo appearances.

I had a few stories that never took off due to timeline issues like Lei’s story. I plan to transfer her back into the Main story (Tango Inferno) but will post a few mini updates of what happen in her life before she reappears in Tango Inferno.


When I post a update, I’ll title it with the name of the story they came from along with their name. You’ll know who from who.  I’m not sure how often I’ll have updates with the other Montigos.  But I will try to get some out time to time. Probably between my major writing breaks.

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