Love For The Ladies: Bruce Lee -1

Here I am, appearing to be a happy child some time ago. I guess my childhood wasn’t too bad although my mother wasn’t really in my life.





She was more into my younger brother Mordecai’s life…







I was somewhat raised by my dad but more from his nanny and then girlfriend Lois Champagne. Although my dad had his moments where he decided to act like a parent. Most of the time he was out and about, making more of us. With all the siblings I had… I was never lonely.






The benefits of having a parent who doesn’t act like a parent was I got to go to my very first nightclub when I was only 8 years old. I watched my dad DJ that night and it’s what influenced me into DJing myself. That night was fun and surprisingly my dad wasn’t fired for allowing us to stay at the nightclub. I guess he didn’t have the heart to send us back or he was just too much of a idiot and not realizing having children at a nightclub wasn’t a good idea. Whichever, he didn’t mind that we were there.  My siblings and I hatched a plan to visit the club. We got dressed up and made our way to the club on our bikes.  Luna used her alien powers to allow us to get pass the bouncer. I didn’t feel bad about sneaking in but we were curious about our dad’s life. We didn’t see him as much at first. But we did like our dad’s nightlife.





My dad still took one of us to the club time to time. Mainly the boys, we wanted to show us how to pick up a lady and we need to know how even if we were still in diapers.






My dad sometimes remember we were just children and would do kid friendly stuff with us. We often went to the festivals in town. Eating contests were my thing. I usually won at those events. As often as we went, I thought my dad was being a parent. Honestly I think we only went so he could pick up ladies. However we still had fun. I had good memories.





Once my dad convinced me that Godzilla lived under my bed and only ate Asian kids.

I believed him. I couldn’t believe how silly I could be for believing him.






My teen years were fun. Good times. I remember a lot of good times..







Like the prank war we had against on our grandpa Liam. I’m not sure if he ever forgave us for that. The pranks we pulled on him were hilarious.






Although my mom wasn’t around, I had a motherly figure in my life. 





The news of Lois’ murder had shaken up my world a bit..





About a year before Lois’ death, I asked my high school sweetheart Lakey to be my wife. She gladly said yes and we were planning our wedding. Lakey hoped for a beach wedding and I wanted to give her anything she wanted. However just 3 months before our wedding, Lois was gunned down the night before her wedding with my dad. My dad was hurt, I was hurt. Lakey and I decided to put our wedding on hold for my dad as he mourns  He was about to marry his first love and having him attend a wedding just 3 months short after her death didn’t seem right. However… time had went on and we haven’t made plans to push the wedding.

Will a wedding ever happen?





Lakey and I settled down in Appaloosa Plains. Lakey wanted a simple life in a quiet town. The city of Starlight Shores never appealed to her. Although it was more of my pace, I gave Lakey her wish to live in a small quiet town. I am a genie after all. Your wish is my command.

We bought a nice size country house not too far from a small farm where Lakey works at. I wanted something more modern style like my dad but she wanted a country house. Your wish is my command..





Along working at the farm, Lakey sells her artwork on the side. She thought about getting a part time job at a local pet shop since she loves animals.  I always figure she would be more into the art world but I guess country life was more of her calling.





After some schooling in Starlights Shore years ago, I made use of my license and got a bartending job at a local dive bar. It’s a bit of a hole in bar but it’s the only bar in town. Although I learned to make tons of drinks, I find myself making the same drinks over and over again. Rum and coke, I swear is what all these small town folks drink along with a couple of wheat beers. Either I’m making a rum and coke or fetching a can of beer, not much of actual “bartending”. I guess this will have to do unless a miracle happens and Lakey wants to return to the city.





My dad opened up his own sweet ass nightclub. I’m filled with envy and joy as I stare at the photos of his club that he emailed to me. I wish I could open up my own spot somewhere. This wouldn’t be the right town for it but maybe if we lived somewhere else. My dad told me that there’s always a open spot for me to work as a bartender at his club if I were to move there. I often thought about it but Lakey likes her here. This was her dream. Your wish is my command..




During my week here, the regulars knew I wasn’t from here cause of my “flashy” clothes. I like to dress nice, I think I got it from my dad. My boss suggested I should invest in some flannel shirts and cowboy boots to “fit” it. I didn’t think my clothes would be a bothersome, it’s just clothes. I ignored my boss’ suggestion and worn what I usual wear. I already given up a lot of myself for Lakey’s sake. Let me at least wear what I wanna wear.




They have the audacity to talk about my clothes when I see people in town wearing shit like this. And my outfit bothers you so much? Everything on this woman offends all 5 of my senses. Sadly, she’s not the worst that I’ve seen…





Lakey drops in time to time. I’m happy to see her when she does, not cause she’s my girl. It’s cause I get to make something rather than a rum and coke. She loves fruity martinis and cocktail drinks. I finally get to make a actually drink when she drops in. And it’s always a plus serving a drink to a fine lady. I usually get “hags” is what would my dad would call them coming here. But it’s Appaloosa Plains, I expect nothing less.





Of course I like to show off and give Lakey a little show. I am my father’s son after all..





When it’s not Lakey ordering a “fancy” drink, sometimes I’ll get a traveler who doesn’t know any better about this town. I always enjoined in making specialty drinks and thought about creating my own drinks. But purpose would it serve? It’s not a rum and coke or a beer, so it’s unlikely to ever be served.





Lakey thinks it’s cool and all, being a bartender. However she wants me to do more as in really a job that pays better. I usually tend to this bar during the evenings and weekends. During the day, I have nothing to do and Lakey and I are starting to see less of me. I thought about being a personal trainer at the gym for a day job and just work at the dive bar on the weekends. Being a fireman interests, genies naturally have a love for fire. But Lakey feels that line of work is too dangerous. She often forgets about my genie occult and I’m immune to fire along with being immoral.  I figure I’ll go for the job at the gym for Lakey. Your wish is my command.





We recently got a home gym placed in the basement of our home. We spend time together..working out. We both like to work out and I love those tiny shorts Lakey wears when she works out. I always get a nice view of her whenever she’s jogging on the treadmill. Those shorts are amazing and we usually have another workout after our workout. It usually starts in the shower. I wanted to get pumped up before attempting to apply for a job at the gym.




I do have my own man cave in the basement that I usually keep lock. It’s cause I don’t want Lakey to see my DJ setup that I have up. Lakey dislikes anything that reminds her of the city. My DJ booth would remind her of a night club. Lakey doesn’t ask about my man cave and respect my privacy. 





The more I mess around with my gear, the better I get. I often daydream about DJing in my own club. I even have a name for it if I were to ever have a club, Wish. Yeah my dad had Magic but we’re are genies and all. His club Magic inspires me a lot. The more I check out the pics and watch video of my dad playing, the more I try to learn how to DJ. If only I could make Wish a dream come true. I guess dreaming about it will have to do. Lakey wouldn’t go for it, I just know. I just want to be like my dad, do what he does, live his life. Not meaning that I want to hook up with a bunch of ladies and have tons of babies but live like he does at night. Mixing drinks, mixing tracks, having a great time. I miss the city, the lights, the freedom to be me. I’m not cut out for small country living. It’s want Lakey wants… I love her.. I really do. Your wish is my command….




Giving up too much of myself did put a strain in my relationship with Lakey. We haven’t tried to move forward on getting our wedding together. Sometimes she mentions about it but I usually nod and not say much. i do let her know that I still love her. But tonight Lakey wanted to talk about something. I’m sure it was about the wedding.

“We should take the next step in our life.”

“You’re ready?”

“Yes BL, I think it’s time we think about our future.”

“I agree, we should..”

“Let’s attend school, together. I want a degree in Arts before I get settled with marriage and a family.”


“Why just oh? We talked about going to school before. It’s time to stop putting it off. I’m not getting any younger.”

“I thought you wanted to talk about marriage..”

“I know I wanted to get married sometime ago but I feel it’s best if we got our degrees first.”

“You wouldn’t have to worry about aging if we were married now. I was hoping we’ll get married and maybe move to a new Where my dad moved to is nice. I could have a job-“

“Bruce! We talked about this.. I like it here.”

“I know but-“




“What have you always told me?”

“Your wish is my command..”

“You’re so cute and you say that.”

“Yeah.. I guess school would be okay.. But we are in our late twenties.. I figure you would be worried about your eggs-“

“I got that taken care of.”


“I got some frozen. We’ll get babies. But I want a degree. The farm is nice but coming home smelling like it isn’t.  I want back into Arts, I would love to be a art teacher for the kids at the center that just opened up. Don’t you still wanna be a mechanic?”


“Well what?”

“Kinda but I had something in mind. Maybe I can go for a business degree.”

“Business? Why so?”

“Possibly having my own business or so.”

“Oh I know how you Montigo like opening something but I notice the trend of owning a nightclub.”

“Yeah it’s our thing.. But hey, when should we go?”




I feel slightly bad for not telling her what type of business I wanted. I guessing she’s trying my own mechanic shop. I always loved on working on cars back in high school. My dad always had some nice cars that he let me drive when I was in a teen. But over the years I gained interest in the club life. I could still be a mechanic during the week and do the whole nightclub during the weekend. But I think I’ll just be a personal trainer since this town has enough car shops. Maybe I could just own a gym along with a nightclub. I figure I can take some PE class as well.

“Fall semester. We can enroll online tonight. I guess you want to major in business?”

“Yeah and I can take some physical ed classes so well.”

“PE and business?”

“Maybe have my own gym?”

“Oh duh! Why didn’t I think about that.”

“It’s okay.”

“I’ll get us enrolled and after we finish school, we can talk about wedding plans.”

“Your wish is my command.” 


15 thoughts on “Love For The Ladies: Bruce Lee -1

  1. Once my dad convinced me that Godzilla lived under my bed and only ate Asian kids.—LMAO!

    Aww, BL. I don’t like Lakely already. Lakely wants this, Lakely wants that. Lakely feels this way. Lakely feels that way.
    Poor BL. They won’t last if she keeps acting like that.

    • Not so much, she has a oblivious nature about herself. She thinks BL is a great guy. You remember how Borage was with Lois, he gave up a lot of himself to please Lois. The apple doesn’t roll too far from the tree. Lakey thinks BL enjoys “granting her wishes” but deep inside, he’s sad.

  2. That sounded melancholy, BL – I hope at university, Lakey learns about compromise. I found myself thinking “well, Lakey, your lifespan is only human”. But that’s not a reason to have everything your way.

    • Lakey has a oblivious nature and believes BL is just a really nice guy. Unfortunately BL is a lot like his dad and is clueless about compromise. Borage gave up too much of himself with Lois and ended up cheating on her with BL’s mom a few times. They just need to learn they don’t have to give their lady everything.

  3. I’m excited to see what else happens with these two. I think Lakey might be a bit innocent with life. Maybe she was raised by older parents, and still thinks life can go on as how she lived. I don’t know. But as long as she loves BL, I think that is all that matters. Hopefully, we will get some drama because that’s all we want bawhahahaha… I love how sweet he is.

    • Lakey is oblivious. Poor BL is like Borage, doesn’t know how to compromise. They both wanna please the lady, even if it means to give up themselves.

  4. I still love that shot of all the kids at the club all dressed up.
    Screw the country folk, he looks good in his “flashy” clothes.
    Aww he really is givng up a lot “Your wish is my command.”
    I hope they learn to compromise, he seems like he cares about her a lot and it’s not like she really is wanting something that ridiculous, it’s just not him. 😦

    • Like Borage, BL doesn’t know how to compromise and is willing to give anything his lady wants, just like Borage was with Lois. He nearly gave up most of himself cause he wanted to please Lois. BL is a lot like Borage however he isn’t out trying to hook up any female nearby and has a bit more class. Course Laky is oblivious that BL is giving up everything for her.

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