A Field of Dodders: Chapter 7, Erica’s Secret

Some time had passed since my visit to Adaia Grove. I found myself making fast friends with the toilet weeks later. I still think about night with Remi and thought about making another trip there but the nausea was a bit too much for me to handle. I don’t see how the 100 baby moms wanna go through this all the time. I remember the herbs that Amenia gave to me and I gave it a try. It did help with the nausea some.

As for Ty and I, I mainly keep my distance from her. I’m in no mood to pretend we are a happy married couple awaiting the birth of our child. We don’t go to bed at the same time. Sometimes I stay up and wait for her to go to bed. Sometimes I just pass out on the couch.  

As my stomach grows I find myself in disbelief that this is really happening. I wonder if it’s true about what Remi’s sister said about being no other way. I then remember Ty’s plans. If she carries a genie baby, then her magic would be strong enough to break Yvonne’s spell. Question is how can she convince Borage to go for it given he’s still mourning the loss of his lady. There hasn’t been any talk about it lately. Ty has given me reasons in the past why I can’t take her word for it.

But I remember something. Years ago back in Riverview, Borage and I learned a fun way to make some money although we had money and didn’t have a dying need for it. I was still in high school and he was attending bartending school.  Borage wanted to personally pay his schooling while I just wanted extra. There was a Cryobank that paid a large amount of money for Navox Genie donations. There was a high demand for genie donations. The clinic ignored my age and took my donations along with Borage’s. Soon Borage became a regular visitor at the Cryobank. He talked about how he convince the female workers to give him a extra tug in the rooms. I’m pretty sure Borage filled that whole clinic with his genie donations. Perhaps we should give a call to the Cryobank in Riverview and request Borage’s donation.




I haven’t had much time to check on Erica lately. I’m mainly a shame to come out my room most of the time. She seems to be doing fine for the most part. I haven’t heard her have any freak outs with her personalities lately.

“You know why you ain’t got no man? It’s cause of that stank ass breath. No man wanna be kissing on you with yo breath be smelling like dog ass and onions. Girrrrrrl brush yo’ mouth!”





“So my brother is pregnant and my other brother has been pregnant but I haven’t been pregnant. How is my brothers are getting pregnant and I’m the one with a uterus! Do babies not like my uterus? I swear it’s clean. It’s not no other babies had been in there.”





“Your uterus is dirty and diseased and no man wanna put a baby in it! So face it! Your baby box will never be used! You are unlovable!”






“That’s not true! it can get dirty if no one has been there! You just wait! I’m gonna find a man who is gonna love me and put babies in me and LOVE it! If you bitches would go away long enough then I can get my boo thang finally! Just go away and die already!”





“If you think we are gonna go anywhere then you’re wrong! We are here to stay, sister! Get use to it! When your guys is fucking you, he’s fucking us too.”





“You fuckin’ bitches! I hate you all! Why did you bitches come in my life to fuck shit up?! I blame zombies! If my daddy wasn’t a zombie then you bitches wouldn’t be in my life! I hate zombies!”





Maybe I should of been keeping a eye on Erica more.  She seems to have more conflicts with her personalities more. Recently she mention about our dad. We did see much of him growing up. When we were about 7 or 8, Erica came running home in tears claiming to seeing our dad and how he was a zombie. At first I didn’t believe her but later that night we heard a noise outside. Our step dad went out to find out what it was and it was our dad. He was a zombie and it freaked Erica out. She hasn’t been the same since that night. Erica asked about our dad and wonder if his zombie curse had been broken.

I haven’t told Erica about our dad was shot killed years ago, a family was frighten by his zombie appearance and shot him. My grandmama told me the story of why he was a zombie. My dad had pissed off a witch, he broke her heart. She turned him into a frog and kept him in a well. He could only be turned back into a human by a kiss of a special genie. If a kiss from the special genie breaks his frog curse, he must fall in love with her or he will spend the rest of his days as a zombie. My dad was kissed by a married genie who was only interest in sex. My dad failed get her my mom to leave Max and he became a zombie. My grandmama felt it was best if Erica doesn’t know about the story. The curse also brought it’s self onto Erica as well. With my dad’s failure to completely break his curse, his youngest child would be cursed too. Failure to be loved. If Erica knew of this, she would hate him and go nuts. So we kept this secret from her.





“I can make magic food and you bitches can’t! You may be ruining life and blocking babies out of my uterus but I still one up you bitches with my genie magic! Suck on that whores!”





“This was a nice gesture of you Dodder, making us a meal today. Having cravings?”

“Yeah Dodder, I didn’t know you were a cook.”

“I’m kinda in no condition to be cooking. My back hurts all the time, my foot are swollen. Anyway, Erica made it.”

“Oh I see, I wasn’t aware she knew what a kitchen was.”

“Is this safe to eat?”

“Genie food is always perfect. It’s fine, really.”

“Very well then, Dodder. I forgot about you genies and your ability to summon food perfect food. I guess it’s nice to take a break from preparing meals myself.”

“I could get use to this. You genies are very convenient. In my history class were studying about the Genie trade and how they were used as slaves. I see why.”

“The Genie trade? That was always a touchy subject back in school.”

“Oh.. I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine.”




8 thoughts on “A Field of Dodders: Chapter 7, Erica’s Secret

    • I don’t remember the original reason why Erica is the way she is.. So now she’s cursed. Dodder has been a big whiner about his pregnancy, more than Borage when he was carrying 7. I got a little nervous and hoped Dodder wasn’t gonna pop out 7 like his brother did o_O Males don’t handle pregnancy well LOL.. It’s almost baby time.

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