Love For The Ladies: Chapter 50, The Unparent

I was having a nice sleep until I heard a strange sound in my room. I quickly turned on a light and focused my eyes. I looked ahead of my bed to see that alien fairy or whatever she was standing in my room watching. I don’t know how long she’s been in here but she’s one person that I don’t wanna see. I threw off my blankets and made my way out of bed.




Before I could get a word in, she leaped forward and pulled me into a kiss. She kissed me as I were a love whom she haven’t seen in years. Usually I wouldn’t mind if a lady were to kissed me like that but she’s a female I didn’t care much to see after she put babies in me. After I had the babies, she super aged them then left. That was a month ago. She haven’t bothered to come back until now and she wanna be on me?





“What the fuck are you doing?! You just can’t try to jump on this dick like nothing happen? You got me pregnant, take off, then try to be all about this dick? Are you out of your fuckin’ mind?”





“I am sorry! I not know earth customs! I like you, you have great genetics. I wanted offspring to have! I am sorry. I did not understand. Was pregnancy bad thing?”




“Yes that was a bad thing! I don’t know what you do on your ass backwards planet but men don’t birth babies! If you like a guy you give him a blow job, not put babies in him!”

“I am sorry handsome man. I did not know male pregnancy was bad. On home we pick host with perfect genetics for offspring. We don’t carry offspring.”

“On earth women carry the babies! I am a man! The pregnant look isn’t my style!”





“I am sorry. I didn’t mean to cause upset. I wish to learn earth customs.”

“I guess I could teach you but lesson one is, don’t knock up a man.”

“What is knock up? Did I do that too? Is that bad thing?”

“It’s another saying for impregnating.”

“Oh, I not understand your other sayings.”




I guess she does come from some ass backwards planet. Everything I said, she didn’t understand. She didn’t know what sex was. I’m not sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing but this space lady is just really confused on how things work on earth. She wants to learn earth ways. I guess she wants to live here and maybe she’ll get a house then take those brats.  I could come visit them when I have the time. I could be a good guy and teach her earth living, as long as she raise the brats near by.

“I have upset you. I must make right. It’s important I make right with host.”

“I think I know a way you can make it right with me.”

“I do anything.”






“It’s been a long time since I got a nice blow job. On earth, when you do bad thing you give the man a blow job to beg for forgiveness. It pleases us.”





“What is blow job? How I give?”





“Am I doing first step right?”

“Yeah just play with it a little bit. When it grows and get hard that when you put your mouth on it. Pretend like it’s a lollipop.”

“What is lollipop? Good thing?”

“It’s a type of candy. Pretend it’s a ice cream cone and lick it up and down.”

“I not know what ice cream is.”

“Pretend it’s something from your planet that’s long, thick and tasty.”

“Like a Varuela!”

“Yeah, a whatever. Just don’t use your teeth.”

“Bad thing?”

“Very bad thing.”





“You sure you never done this before? Damn girl.. Feels nice. You’re a natural.”

“I am pleasing?”

“Yeah but don’t stop.”






“How about I make you feel good now.”

“I would like. I’m forgiven?”

“Almost, but ya gotta let me in you. I love pleasing a lady. It’s my thing.”

“What are you doing with hand?”

“I’m gonna play with your clit and get you ready.. That’s if you alien have clits.”

“Feels funny. You must do?”

“Relax, you’ll like it. You’re so tight, not sure if this is gonna be a easy fit.”

“What do I do to help?”

“Relax and enjoy the ride.”





“I’m gonna ease in slowly. Let me know if it hurts and I’ll stop. I got a lot of genie meat to enter in.”

“Will I like?”

“Like? Girl you gonna love this. I should be a pornstar.”





“When it starts to feel really good, you can call out my name.  It’ll make me do even better.”





“You have silly name.”





“I’m about to bust a nut. Your kind can’t get pregnant right?”





“I not know with human.”

“Shit.. Well.. I couldn’t help but fill you with my magic cream.”

“Magic cream? That is good? Yes?”

“My cum.. It can be good when a lady swallows it.”





“Enjoyed my dick?”

“I did very much. I not know how much mating could feel good.”

“fucking can feel nice when it’s done right. I’m a professional.”

“I like so much. We do again?”

“Oh? You want another magical ride?”

“I would like.”

“I want to but maybe we should risk it again. I don’t want more kids.”

“But I like. I not know if I can carry offspring.”

“Well that’s the fact….”





“You like riding this dick?!”

“Yes Borage! Ohhhhh!”

“I want you to ride harder!”

“I trying!”


“Trying! Ohhh!”

“Harder, whatever your name is!” 

“Ahilac! You feel good, Borage! Ahh!”

“That is a strange name but you feel so good!”





“That was amazing. I never felt like that way.”

“It’s cause you been fucked by the best.”

“I would love more I must check on the offspring.”

“Alright but whenever you need a good fucking, you know where to find me.”





She felt pretty amazing and I mus admit she’s a better alien fuck than Fayon. Fayon was into some kinky shit and most of the time her kinky shit was painful. I am curious of what Ahilac is. A alien fairy?  I like fairies but not too crazy about the alien part about her. She went off the see the twins and I’m wondering if this is the night she takes them with her. Not out of space but to some house near by. I’m not too crazy about the little brats but I rather they near me so I can see. They are apart of my legacy after all, my kids, my family. I just don’t want to deal with them all the time.





“The offspring are growing properly. You are doing good with upbringing. “





“I guess I did alright. How we gonna keep on raising them? You wanted them. You just can’t drop them on me and not see them for a long time. They need their mother too.”





“My kind usually leave the host to raise. I am to check on at times. I not take hand in upbring.”

“You wanna learn earth ways, here both parents raise the children. I can’t do this alone.”

“I not sure how to raise offspring.”

“I’m still learning but the twins need you around. Maybe you can live on earth full time, you take and I make visits.”





“I never think to live here.”

“Why not? We got kids now, if you need a place I can help you find one that’s near by.”

“I not think it would be possible.”

“But you kinda have to. If you need to stay here.. I guess that would be okay.”

“I will think it.”





Solar perhaps I should tell your the truth of why am I here. I am to choose between you and Orion. The choice is most obvious , Solar.  Orion is the first male born in over 60 years of our kind. I must take him to the queen. However I must leave you here. You will be fine. I trust your Voe will take perfect care of you as he already have. This would be our goodbye. I can’t promise if you will ever see Orion again. I feel you will be fine without us.





“I have truth to say. I am here to take Orion for my queen. He is first male born in 60 years. Males are rare for my kind. My queen needs him. I must take him, Solar will stay. You must raise then I come to bring her home.”






“No way in hell I’m gonna let you take my son to some ass backwards planet! I let you  aliens take my kids before only to send one back one of kids all kinds of fucked up! My son isn’t going no where with you! You’re not taking him to no queen!”





“I must. I reported to my queen that one offspring is male. I must take him. I have no choice. Males are rare. Orion is special. I must take him for queen. You keep Solar, you are her Voe. Solar be fine with you. I must take Orion, no other way.”





“I said you are not taking my son to your ass backwards planet! Do not make me repeat myself! I don’t give a fuck your queen. I don’t give a fuck about boys are rare! You’re not taking him! You can get the fuck out my house, out my life and never come near my kids again! Get the fuck out now!”





“You not understand! I must take Orion! I must! I am sorry! I made you upset, I must make right.  Blow job?”





“You wanna make it right? Get out, and don’t ever come back! You can find a new host for your queen babies but you’re not taking mine!”





“It will anger queen if I return without offspring! I have to come back for Peidax as well. I work for him. Please give me Orion, we must go now.”





“They are not offspring! They are not pawns! They are my children! My children! You are nothing to them! You are not their mother! What kind of a mother would hand their baby over to a queen bitch? Huh! You aliens are so fucked up and my kids aren’t about to be anything like you! I swear if you so much lay one finger on either than them, I will destroy you!”





I don’t know what came over me. I didn’t know I felt so strongly over those kids. Just hearing her saying she wants to take one of them for some queen on her home planet set me off. I don’t Orion become like Aries did. That alien world fucked up him. It’s bad when you have a grown ass child still calling you “daddy”. In public people think we are into some S&M thing. I deal with Aries unnatural attachment to me and I can’t deal with another kid like that. What if this queen didn’t think Orion was good enough for whatever reason and he returns out of his fuckin’ mind. Ahilac left, I put the twins back to bed and headed to my lounge. I told her she had no rights to them anymore. She’s a unparent now. But It came to me.. I fucked her… What if she’s able to get pregnant. She could easily give the baby to her queen. Now I wish I told her to never come back. I don’t want that baby going to her queen. I’m just hoping and praying she can’t get pregnant. 

14 thoughts on “Love For The Ladies: Chapter 50, The Unparent

  1. Glad Borage put his foot down but I have a feeling this isn’t the last we’re seeing of Ahilac. Something tells me she’s not able to be stopped that easily. I don’t think it’d be nice to split the twins up – it might turn into Parent Trip and heck knows Borage ain’t marrying another alien after Fayon. ahahaha

    • Borage is still scarred from when Fayon took Apollo and Nova along with the 7 newborns to Ziharian. He’ll be damned if he allows it again after what they did to poor Aries. Borage may be slightly overprotected with these twins. It’s not my original plan and I’m writing as I go. I take reader’s comments to heart. It helps with finding a new direction 😉

      But yeah he most def isn’t about to marry another alien lol

      • ❤ Well, I like that he's feeling overprotective, the guy has actually really developed from his younger self and I love that I can tell he's learning from his mistakes and sort of growing from them. I mean, he's still Borage, but he's an older and /slghtly/ wiser version of Borage. 😀

        Did I just call him wise? I'm cracking myself up here. i hope you know what I meant…omg, I now seriously want to dress Borage up in Dumbledore-ish gear. ahahaha

        Anyways! I do the same thing, I originally meant to leave Devon and Laurie's relationship to SP and focus more on Carrie and Serp and Bobbi, but I got some comments that made me think about their relationship more and I realized that I needed to show their relationship developing more because otherwise their marriage would've made no sense.

        • I like what you did with Laurie and Devon. Sometimes SP does some crazy things but I was happy to see Devon had some happy in his life.

          Years and years had gone by and it was time Borage grows a little. He’ll still be a clueless father but he’ll be more hands on than his first set. He doesn’t have a nanny or Lois to pawn his kids on. I think it’s gonna be fun watching him actually raise his kids from infants to YAs. With this direction change, I decided not all of his kids will live with him. Some would be part time. With the option of owning more than one home. I think it will be slightly easier to do.. As long as the sims don’t return to the main house lol. I might have to lock some doors.

          Borage is learning from some of his mistakes but he still forgets what a condom is time to time lol

  2. I’m glad he stood his ground over his son. Seems like Borage is evolving into a caring, protective father. Considering his indifference to most of the first batch of kids.
    I think he needs a ray gun or something to destroy any aliens that come near him. They’re nothing but trouble!

    • It was time for him to be a more hands on father. He learned from his mistake with the first alien mother. I think he may indeed be protective with his new set of kids. He’ll be slightly better but he’s still Borage lol

  3. My comments are just more of what others have said, I’m really glad he put his foot down. Screw those creepy aliens and their customs, those are his kids dammit, they won’t be used. 😦

    • It’s about time he shows some compassion for his kids. For years, his alien daughter Luna thought he hated her and Bora Bora cause he was so mean to them when they were kids but he loves his kids. He just doesn’t show all of his kids that he does lol He carters to his favs and ignores the rest :p

  4. Well Borage seems a little more grounded now at least. I had to chuckle over his comments about not being like Liam since he really is a lot like his Dad though he wants to ignore it. I wonder if he’d have felt so bad about sleeping with his cousin’s wife if the whole mess with Lois hadn’t of happened. Great last few chapters.

    • He’ll probably wouldn’t care about sleeping with a married woman if he was aware of her status if it haven’t been for Lois. Borage had matured some what over the years, he’s been to hell and back haha.

      He doesn’t wanna be like his dad but he just can’t help it lol

  5. LOL @ “If you like a guy you give him a blow job, not put babies in him” and “I must make right. Blow job?” 😆 Face it though… there’s gonna be alien babies. 😉

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