Pedro’s View – Love For The Ladies


With the help of Ahilac she was able to speed up my subjects pregnancies. Shelley, the witch went into labor first. It wasn’t long before Harley, the werewolf to go into labor. I was excited to know that the first of the offspring are about to be born. I have everything in hand to deliver the babies safely without medical assistance.




“What’s happening to you?!”

“I think I’m in labor!”

“How? I don’t think we been pregnant that long!”

“Who knows how long we been down here! It could of been months! This hurts so much!”

“I don’t know what to do! I never delivered a baby before!”

“Please! Try something! Anything! Please!”





“Shelly! I’m sorry but I think it’s my turn now! Who is gonna help us!”






I delivered the babies with ease although I had to relax the subjects before I could enter the room. I didn’t want my presence to cause any stress to their labors. Shelley gave birth to a baby boy who I named, Ficah. After a scan it shown the offspring is Ziharian and Witch. I gave him his first feeding before giving him his Ziharian bath. I wasn’t sure to allow the subjects to see the babies. I felt it is best if they do not see them. Although I have plans to return the subjects home without their memory of the past months. Ziharians can remember things after births. I do not want the offspring to remember their mothers.




Harley, the werewolf gave birth to a baby girl who I named Iciah. After her scan she is Ziharian and werewolf. Unlike Ficah, Iciah was born with her mother’s human skin. I am certain Iciah’s appearance won’t be pleasing to my superiors. I hope Iciah’s werewolf occult will be enough to please.





I cared for the young until Ahilac arrives to speed their aging. It’s been years since I last cared for infants. My septuplets. Two babies is a lot more easier to care for than 7.  I must admit that my skills are bit rusty but it wasn’t long before It was old times again.





“Are you ready for me to age them?”

“Yes, the last few days were intense. I almost forgot how needy infants can be.”

“Yes, that is why we skip that stage.”

“Will this process hurt them?”

“No, the offspring will be fine. It may take a lot of my energy since they are not Novirian.”




“After the aging process, I will return the subjects home after a memory erase.”

“You cannot do that, Peidax.”

“What do you mean? I cannot keep them here.”

“I am aware but you have orders to terminate them after birth. Do you have a room prepared for this?”

“I have to kill them? I do not understand.  I wasn’t given any orders to terminate.”

“It should of been in your notes. I was given orders to make sure you follow through.”

“Why can’t I just erase their memories?”

“I did not question them. I have to report back when the termination is completed.”




“But they have families…”

“I am sorry, Peidax. You cannot allow emotions to get in the way. I know this isn’t a easy thing to do but it is requested. I am sorry. I can help prepare a room. I have brought with a Jelvara bush from my home planet.”

“I do not wish to do so… But for my children… I have no choice…”





Within a day, a termination room was prepared for the subjects. Two Jelvara bushes were placed in the room. If the they pick right seed, the subjects will perish immediately without any pain.  I cannot understand why must the subjects must be terminated. After the room was finished the subjects transported into the room. I didn’t tell them why they were transferred into the room or what was about to happen. I promised the subjects they would be returned to their families and I had failed.





“Why do you think we were put in there?”

“I dunno, something about this room seem strange. What are those bushes?”

“Not sure, I never seen those before. When do you think the alien will release us?”

“Soon I hope.. But the baby… I don’t want to leave without my baby.”

“You really want to keep it, Harley?”

“Yes, she’s my daughter… I can’t leave without my daughter. He didn’t let us see our babies or let us name them. I want to name her Britney. Don’t you want your son?”

“I dunno…”

“You’re not just gonna leave him with the alien?”

“He wanted these babies..”

“So? I’m not leaving without Britney.”



“I’m getting hungry Shelley.”

“Try one of these seeds. This one taste like strawberries.”

“You ate one? I dunno about these bushes.”

“There’s something about them.. I got curious.”

“Mmm, this seed was kinda good. It tasted like cherry pie.”

“Try the yellow one, it’s taste like banana pudding.”

“Oh my stars! These seeds are like heaven in my mouth.”

“I know! I just can’t stop eating them, Harley. This blue one like taste like blueberries.”






“I don’t feel so good…”

“Shelley? You turned blue! Shelley? Shelley?! What’s happening to you? Shelley! Oh my… Shelley!”




“I don’t feel good… I don’t- ..I feel.. Terrible.. What’s happening to me? Shel- Shelley.. I can’t- …Somebody… help.. us..”




Watching was difficult. Watching 2 lives end before my eyes was too much for me to bare. I do not think I can continue on with this mission knowing I must kill the subject after they give birth. Ahilac attended to the infants as she starts the aging process. After I was sure both subjects had died, it was time to dispose of their remains.




It took me a few moments before I was able to bring myself into picking up the lifeless bodies from the cold ground. After a scan on each body, it assure that they had perished. I checked my notes to learn what must I do with the remains. I must teleport them to my homeworld. I am unsure why must they be sent there but I didn’t question it and did as I was told. The remains of the subjects were teleported without issue.




The aging was a success. A play area was set for the offspring as they are big enough to play with toys. I will soon start skilling them with walking and speech before potty training.





However Iciah poses a issue. Her werewolf nature tends to want to destroy things in the lab. I don’t wish to keep them locked in the play room as prisoners like their mothers, but I have no choice. I feel the toddler years will be quite difficult. 

4 thoughts on “Pedro’s View – Love For The Ladies

  1. Aww that’s kind of sad that they won’t know their mothers but considering he’s going to wipe their memories I guess that works out.
    😦 Well killing them is actually worse. >.<
    Iciah is so cute. ❤ I love werewolves until they grow up and start shapeshifting into forms I didn't customize for them. -.-

    • I didn’t see this comment until now :/ Stupid WP. I dunno how I’m gonna fix this part of the story since I changed things around and lost the lab portion during the move >_< Those kids did turn out cute from when I remembered.

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