Tango Inferno: Chapter 2.5, Face Off

I just love how wonderful Janiya can be. She’s willing to help out a stranger cause of the goodness in her heart. When I first told my dad that her and I were a item, he wasn’t thrill about it cause she’s a witch. That whole thing with Jade, turned him away from witches. Not all witches are like Jade, she was one of the bad ones. Besides my dad knows how kind Janiya can be. Then he told me, if she’s so great then why won’t I marry her. *sigh* I have my reasons but it’s nothing to do with her…

“Rio told me you needed some help with a memory elixir? You may use my table if you need it. Which elixir are you needing help with?”




“A memory elixir, one that only restore memory from a certain time. I never heard anything about it but Borage doesn’t want all of his lost memories restored. Is there such a thing as that? Rio said something about it being a witch elixir.”





“The Memoura elixir. It’s a witch specialty. I have the recipe for it in my book.”

“Great, that’s wonderful to hear. Will I need to go collect some items?”

“No, I keep my cabinets fully stocked, you’ll have everything you’ll need for the Memoura elixir. It’s on page 478.”

“Thank you Janiya, this means a lot. Really. But how do I restore from a certain time?”

“Give it your energy. Think of the time you want to restore and the elixir will receive it. Since you’re a fae, some of your fae dust will do the trick. Just think of the time you want to restore to.”

“And it will work?”

“Yes, it’s witch magic. Trust me it will work.”




Janiya let Diamond to her own devices. Diamond had all that she needed since my girl showed her the ropes. No one had no idea of what was about to happen next. This family always have something strange going on. To be honest, I wasn’t even surprised that this even happen. I mean my uncle shot and killed himself then came back as a vampire cause he was born one but turned human. Then Jade placing spells on my parents just so she can trick my dad into falling in love with her. Shit is crazy. I just hope we won’t have anymore surprises like this anymore.





“He is mine. Leave.”






“Hello? Who said that? Hello? …Hmm. That was odd. I think I might be losing it or something. I swear I heard someone talking. I’m almost done with the elixir. The sooner the better. He’ll remember me.”








“I think this is it. This is the one. I just hope it works. I did everything Janiya told me.. I hope he remembers our first night together.”




“Leave. You can never have his heart.”

“Who…wh-who are you?”

“His heart belongs to me. You’re just another female. A past mistake. You’ll never have his heart.”

“You must be Lois.”

“I am, you’ll never have his heart. I’m the one that he loves. He’ll never love you. He doesn’t even remember you.”

“But he will. I created a Memoura. He’ll remember me, he’ll remember our night. It was special. Something that you never had with him.”




“You’re foolish to believe if you had anything special with him!”

“Put me down!”

“Not until you understand one thing. You are nothing to him. You are just a forgetful one night stand! A slut spreading your legs around just for the sake to have babies! You don’t have anything special with him! I had him for years, and you had him for one lousy night!”

“From what little he told me about you… You’re nothing to him!”





“I’m not going to listen to your lies!”


“If you think you seen the last of me, you’re wrong!”





She fell onto the ground as Lois fades away. Burying her face into her warm palms, quietly crying to herself while in shock of the events that just occurred. Who knew the ghost of Lois would followed Borage miles away from Starlight Shores to Lucky Palms. From what I know, Lois was never a violent person. I figure you change a little after death or was she always like this but wasn’t threaten until now. It amazes how a ghost would still hold on to someone even though they are dead and gone. Why couldn’t she let go of my cousin after death? It’s not they could really be together. I heard some ghost could come back and live among the living however there are some who can not. My cousin mention only seeing the ghost of his former lover once, shortly after her death. But why now? This made Janiya do some searching since she has a thing about ghost. Why does Lois’ ghost only come out certain times. How come now? Soon this wouldn’t matter but Janiya still wants answers as the others don’t care. I soon got to see the magic of a genie. There’s more to them other than making babies, summoning food and instantly clean the house.





“Diamond? What’s wrong? Are you crying?”

“Bor..Borage… Bor-“

“What happen?”

“I…I.. I was attacked..”




“Attacked? By who? When?”

“Her… It happen so fast. I didn’t see her coming.. She choked me then hit me…”

“Her? Who is her?”


“Lois? Lois is dead. How was that possible?”

“She came back as a ghost and attacked me. She said your heart belongs to her.”

“She had my heart once. Had.. I have no heart to give to anyone at the moment… I’m sorry she hurt you.. This is my fault. Maybe if I never brought you here.”

“It’s okay Borage, you’re here now.”




“I’m here now.. I should of been near you.”

“It’s okay.”

“No! It’s not okay. It’s not okay for my dead bitch ex to attack you. I’m here, I’m staying.. I will protect you.”

“Thank you..”

“I think you need some of my magic to heal you.”

“You have healing powers?”

“Yeah Di, that room is available. I can heal ya in there.”








“And who are they?”

“I think the pink hair guy is our cousin from Starlight Shores. He’s some DJ and a genie.”

“Okay.. You those 2 are doing the nasty in the room you stay in right?”

“OMG! That’s gross! I’ll never sleep in that room again!”

“I guess we’ll be going home then?”

“What do you think Maddie? No way I’m sleeping there tonight!”

“So we just wanna stand here and watch this?”

“I guess we can learn a few pointers when we are old enough for it.”

“Like now?”

“Right! I wanna be on Teen Mom… It’s my life goal.”

“At least you’ll be famous.”

“Yeah known as a easy girl who doesn’t know how to be responsible.”





“Feeling better?”





“Maybe.. Ever tried it in a fairy house?”





“So how does this work? You shrink me down or something? Does everything get shrunk? I mean… I don’t want my dick to get shrunk. How else would you feel the magic?”





“You are too silly. What matters won’t get shrunk, you’ll be fine.”

“Just wondering cause I need to keep my genie dick the way it is unless you wanna make it bigger than what it already is.”

“I like it the way it is, trust me.”

“So then you gonna put your mouth on it then?”


“Please? I bet your mouth is amazing.”

“Such a charmer are ya?”

“Ladies love this genie dick. Magically delicious, so you should ya know… try it in your mouth.”




I find myself curious about fairy houses too. Too bad Janiya is a witch though. I think getting freaky in a fairy house would be fun and kinky. Maybe she can use her witch magic to shrink us and we could one day. Borage went on about how awesome it was. Now I’m curious.





“I did finish the memory elixir before I was attacked. Are you ready to give it a ago?”





“If our first night was amazing like it was in the fairy house, then yeah. Let’s do this. I wanna remember you.”





“Will it hurt?”

“No, not at all. Just hold still.”

“Are you going to throw that at me.”

“Yes but it won’t hurt.”

“I don’t feel any different.”

“Just wait a second.”




“Do you remember me now?”










“How could I forget those nice tits. Anyway… did my lips answer your question?”





I gotta give my cousin some props, he left her speechless.





“I just want to hold you, Di.”

“You remember our first night?”

“Yes. But now.. I just want to hold you.”





They had no idea of who was behind them. Watching, lurking, stalking, waiting….





A woman who just can’t let go…

Past versus Future…. Let the games begin…




“Did you see something?”

“I didn’t see anything.”

“Maybe it’s nothing… Hopefully it’s not her again..”

“I’m here, she won’t hurt you. I won’t let her. I got you and I will always protect you.”

“You’re just too sweet to me..”

“Maybe cause you’re my favorite lady.”

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