Love For The Fellas: Chapter 9, The Help

The brats were getting older and were almost old enough to attend pre k. Dramatic ass said that I needed to teach my twins to talk. Couldn’t the pre k teachers do that? Day after day, I tried to get these brats to talk and they won’t. Not only was the non talking brats were annoying me but I found myself gaining some weight. I think it’s the stress of these brats, finishing school as my spa was being built.





“I swear if you don’t talk, I’m gonna go upside your big head. Say something damn it!”


“That’s not a word, idiot. Talk! I’m your mama and I said you need to talk.”

“Gah ba berh.”

“Little witch! Speak English!”




“Bah bah?”






“I said speak English you annoying devil rat. Say mama. Can you say that? I swear if you dont…”












“What did you say?”


“Don’t play stupid with me brat. What did you say?”


“Ugh… Where’s the other one? I bet she’s less annoying as you.”




“Celsia, you’re putting too much pressure on Cienna. And you’re being a bit mean. You’re scaring her. I’m having a easier time with Celina.”





“Whatever dramatic ass. I just want this jerk to say a word and she won’t. What are you gonna do if a stranger tries to steal you? I can’t do shit for you if you can’t talk. How can you call for me when you don’t talk? There’s creepy men dressed like the hamburglar who like to steal little girls. Just say mama.”




“I’m glad you show some concern over your daughter but Cece, just don’t pressure her so much. This is should a fun time in our children’s lives. Just relax and it’s gonna be okay.”






“What’s that? What did you say?”

“Mama! Mama!”





“See? That wasn’t so bad. Now you won’t get stolen by the hamburglar.”






I did find out that my weight gain was cause I was pregnant again but I don’t know how since the last person I fucked was Danica and she’s a girl.  It’s not like I was out partying like I want to. My grandmama called often and I guess Clark was being such a dramatic ass whenever he spoke to her when I was too busy to answer my phone. But my grandparents both paid me a visit and bringing a nanny along with them. Her name is Jaslyn Alonse, she’s a Navox Genie like some of my family. Grandmama felt having a genie nanny was for the best cause the witch nanny she gave to Borage was all old and flaky. I’m not sure how I feel about having a nanny around but I guess I can get more time to do things I wanna do.





“Was your trip okay? I got a room for you to stay in.”

“It was fine Celsia, your grandfather and I won’t need it. We booked a room at a near by resort. We actually celebrating our anniversary this weekend. We figure Hidden Springs would be the perfect place for our anniversary.”

“Oh okay, happy anniversary, grandmama and grandpapa!”




“Thank you Celsia, you know you can be sweet sometimes. I just wish you were most of the time.”

“Not really my nature..”

“It needs to be now, you have 2 sweet little girls and one on the way. I know your childhood wasn’t the greatest but you can give your children a better one. I just wish you and your twin would stop this nonsense.”

“I always wanted a father.. A real one.. My girls don’t have one either. I haven’t heard from their father in so long. How can I give them something that I never had.. A father.”

“Try straighten up, act like a proper lady and find a nice gentleman who’s willing to be a father to 3 kids who isn’t his. I know there is someone like that somewhere. If you and your twin brother had better influence, you both wouldn’t be in this situation. Luckily your brother found a nice lady. I have faith you’ll find a nice gentleman too.”

“I’m just not the relationship type.. I was in a relationship with a guy for 8 years. It was nothing but trouble.”

“Hopefully you will get some sense and realize Antonio was the best thing you had. Never the less, you have Jaslyn now cause I have a feeling you’ll be like your twin and end up with a bunch of kids. Jaslyn is young, a genie and qualified to look after children. I want you to meet her.”





“Hello Celsia, I’m Jaslyn. You can call me Jas if you like. I look forwarded to caring for your children. You don’t mind if I meet the little ones? I hope I’m not being too eager. To be fairly honest, this is my first live-in nanny job.”





“This is Chloe, she’s kind of a brat. The other is Cienna, she’s just as annoying. Those 2 blue aliens are Clark’s. If you can get Clark laid, that would be fine.”

“Um.. I see. Nice to meet you, Chloe. You’re a little cutie.”

“Don’t let the cuteness fool you. I swear this one is the evil one.”

“That’s crazy, there’s no way this sweet girl is evil.”

“Trust me, I know. These are my kids after all.”





“I see you’re expecting another one. Boy or girl?”

“They think it’s a girl… Not sure if it’s human.”

“What do you mean?”

“I dunno how this one got in me.”

“I don’t understand..”

“Neither do I but we’ll see what this thing is, soon.”





Jas was great to have around. She cared for the kids while I was able to open my spa finally. Clark was able to take some classes and is taking a business class as well. He talks about attending a school that’s about a hour away but he knows he can’t cause of his 2 babies. For now he’ll have to settle for weekend classes at the library, I kinda feel bad Clark is being held back but no one told him to run outside to the aliens!





I haven’t seen Danica in some time even if she lives across the street from me. I wasn’t sure how to tell her about this baby. How could a female get me pregnant. I know Borage got pregnant by a man but he’s a alien. I wonder if Danica is secretly a alien.





“Are you a alien?”

“What? What kind of question is that?”

“Cause I’m pregnant and you’re a girl so I figure… you must be some type of alien.”





“Cece, I’m a human and nothing else. I dunno what to say about your baby. Maybe you had a very drunken night and have no memory of hooking up with someone. There’s no way that baby can possibly be mines. I would love a little one but I’m waiting for the right guy.”





“I guess you could be right. But the last party I remember was when my brother and dramatic ass’ mama was in town.”






“Yeah I remember that night… It was interesting. Your brother is so sexy but I found myself drawn to you. I dunno why cause I’m straight. I never found girls attractive but you.. Things just got weird… I think you’re pretty but I dunno why I couldn’t help myself.”






“I do have a way of doing that to other females. It’s the whole genie thing. My bad.”






That conversation with Danica couldn’t be any more awkward. I checked things around my spa and everything was running fine. I’m happy now that I opened Montigo Springs. This town needed a nice spa to chill out instead of some rabbit hole. I told my grandmama about it and she was happy for me. She even offer some funds to help. I used that part for a daycare. I figure I can get more people if I have a area for people to drop off their kids. I hired Jas for that part. Grandmama was more proud of me for adding the daycare. She says I’m growing up and that makes me happy. It’s something I wanted to here. Someone is proud of me. I know I’ll never hear it from my dad and not sure if my mom would care. It’s all about Borage and what he can do. He attends bartender school and end up being a DJ instead. That was a waste of money and time..





I felt something was off. Sharp pains and then my water breaks. Ugh! Not on my nice rug. I’m so annoyed by that. I guess maybe this thing in me is actually baby with this labor shit happening.





This pain was intense, More intense when I had those demon twins. It felt like my stomach was about the rip opened.

“Beyonce! Kelly! Do something other than screaming and help me or you’re both FIRED!”





It’s been a few years since I had Emery. She’s green with alien eyes, I guess she’s a alien. I wanna know which alien fuck put this baby in me? I’m kinda mad but the more I look at Emery, the more I like her. I can sense genie powers in her. I got a genie alien like Borage does. This makes Emery cooler than those 2 other brats I had. Emery is my favorite, so I don’t regret her. I can’t say the same for the twins. I thought Travis would come back. Emery is almost 3 and the twins turned 5 and just started kindergarten. I’m glad they go to school now and it can be just me and my Emery. 

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