A Field of Dodders: Chapter 5, Transfer


I was getting ready to head to the bar for a drink.  Being a married man was surreal for me and I needed a drink. Ty had other things on her mind. She gave me a look without saying a word and I knew what that look meant. Then she whispers, “You only have 24 hours to conceive the first baby.” My blood began to boiled, it’s almost like these 2 are making up the rules as they go and just changing shit. It was really starting to piss me off. I was too tired to fight with her. I’m starting to think this whole thing was suppose to trick me into marrying Ty and then she’ll have my baby again. I think this whole “spell” is just bullshit.





I gave her what she wanted. It’s not like I really can get pregnant by a woman. I’m not buying their bullshit and figure I’ll go head and play their little games. Besides, Ty performs very well and I don’t mind the special attention she gives me. In a way, I kinda miss it,






I woke up in the middle of the night with sharp pains in my stomach. The pain started to get more intense to the point where I couldn’t lay in bed anymore.  I tried getting out of bed  but the pain was too great. I struggle for a few moments but finally manage to stand on my own.






I tried to make my way to the bathroom for some stomach meds but suddenly I notice a green glow coming from my stomach. I was stunned for a moment and wasn’t sure what to make of it. What’s was this glow? What was going on with me? The pain got more intense as my stomach glows more.  I held my stomach until the pain passes. I’m not sure how long the pain lasted but it suddenly stopped as soon as my stomach stop glowing.  I made my way to the bathroom and washed my face before returning to bed. I wanted to wake Ty and tell her about what just happen but I let her sleep. I’ll deal with this in morning. I was really tried and wanted to go back to sleep.




“Dear random person, I want to write you a love poem to show you that I am not crazy. My love for you burns like a thousands suns. When I see you my heart skips a beat. You are my ray sunshine on a sunny day. When you are gone, I miss you like the desert miss the rain.” 





Whoever you may be, this poem if for you. I like to do things in advance but I’m not crazy. Your dearest love, Elaine.

“I hear aliens outside again. I’m falling for for their trick. I’m busy writing poems! You can take me some other time!”






I skipped breakfast this morning. I thought what happen to me was due to Yvonne’s cooking but then again we all ate the same food. She probably put some witch magic in it that only affected me. Ty already left for work, I couldn’t tell her what had happen last night. I got dressed for the day and headed downstairs to the computer.





I wanted to do some researching online but I notice the spy program that Yvonne installed on the computer. I didn’t think a woman of her age could figure how to install such a program on a computer. It’s clear that she wants to keep tabs on my searches. I figure that I should get my own laptop so I can do as please without being watched. I guess for now, I’ll hit up my brother Borage in IM. The last I knew was his lady was murdered and he wasn’t doing too well. As I chatted with him I wasn’t sure if  Erica was around this morning. It’s getting harder to tell who’s out anymore. It’s almost like all of her personalities are running together.





“Come dance with me. You never dance with me anymore. Remember how we all use to dance? Remember those days? The good ol’ disco days? You use  to be all fun but now you just mope around or just study with that old dusty book.”






“I’m sorry Erica, if that’s you. Things are just different now. I’m just trying to figure things out. Like if this curse is even real. Some weird shit happen to me last night. And Borage says hi, by the way.”






“Don’t worry so much. Boys can’t have babies unless it’s by a alien. You don’t think Yvonne and Ty are aliens do you? Aliens that look like humans? Ask Borage about aliens. I bet he’s all super smart about aliens since he had butt babies. haven’t you notice he got a big ghetto booty since those butt babies? It’s strange cause we are more black than him and he got ass for days. He got a black girl booty and I’m jealous. Maybe I should have butt babies too.”






“Sometimes I wonder but no, they aren’t aliens. I just hope this curse isn’t real and they are just trolling me. And I never cared to notice how big our brother’s ass has gotten. That shit better not happen to me.”

“He got a juicy booty. You could use some.”

“Erica… please.”

“Just saying, He can donate me some booty. A sista need some!”





I returned back to the shop and was greeted by my new friend Larry. As many times as I’ve been there, we started to form a friendship. Larry has done everything in his power to help me. I later learned about him being a werewolf. I can’t say if I knew of any werewolves before Larry but he seems cool.





“Last night, I was having some pain in my stomach. It hurt like hell and when I got up, my stomach started to glow green. I wasn’t sure what that was but it suddenly went away after a few minutes. You have any idea of what that could be? This witch magic… it’s kinda hard to believe. I’m starting to think they are trolling me.”





“Sorry but you may not want to hear this but the curse is real and it appears it’s now active. The green glow, the baby just transfer into you.”





“No…. You can’t be serious… I didn’t think it was possible. I’m pregnant now? Ty and I just fucked last night and now there’s a baby in me?”





” I’m sorry but I’m serious. Witch magic is so tricky and hard to understand. They would be baby is automated transfer out of her and into you. It happens at the moment of conception. Conception usually happens within 72 hours but witch magic makes it instant. I had some new book arrive this morning, maybe one of them can be of some help.”





I didn’t like what Larry said. The green glow being the baby transferred into me. I didn’t want to believe it but I guess that could be to only explanation of last night. Hearing about the new books gave me some hope. Hopefully  I find something before another baby is put in me.

“So these new books, do you mind if I check them out?”





“Not at all, help yourself to our newest selections. If you have any questions, I’m here.”






I picked out a couple of booked and read them until I found something. I began creating a transfer elixir hoping that it would transfer the baby back into Ty.  I made sure that I followed the recipe word by word. I didn’t wanna fuck up and turn myself into a frog.





With the elixir mixed, without a thought I quickly drank it in hopes of this working. I didn’t want spend another second possibly pregnant.






I started to feel pain again before my stomach glowed green like it did last night. It last for few seconds. I didn’t feel anything different but I think it worked. For a moment I felt happy but suddenly the pain returned and my stomach glowed green. This time the pain was worse and I dropped to the ground. Larry rushed to my aid and the pain stopped. Larry looked at me and told me it did work but some how some, the baby returned back to me. I was confused, how.. why? Why did it backfired? I researched for another book before Larry told me there may be another solution.

6 thoughts on “A Field of Dodders: Chapter 5, Transfer

  1. I don’t think he is going to be able to get rid of the baby. They have been witches a lot longer and reading a book isn’t going to give him the answer’s he is looking for. 😆 I think there is a spell blocking him from transferring the baby back. Enjoyed the update. :D:

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