Things you didn’t know about Borage and his story



When I saw that someone had search this term and came to my blog, it humored me. I’m not sure rather they wanted to know about the actual flower borage or Borage the sim. I guess it would be fun to make a post about things you all don’t know about him. Obvious someone is curious about him. There’s been many searches for him by name and it makes me smile.



When Borage was born I wasn’t thrill about him having the pink hair. It was cute on Celsia but I didn’t think it suited on Borage well. I thought about giving him Liam’s hair but over time, his “pink” hair grew on me. I say “pink” with quotation marks cause technically the Montigo’s hair is actually red. Certain hair styles shows off the pink tips more than the base color “red”, so their hair ended looking more pink than red.

I had plans for Borage soon after he was born. Noticing how he favors Liam, I originally planned to do a BC with Borage. He had a family oriented trait cause he wanted to be the type of father than he never had. But Borage had his own plans, he often went home with a girl schoolmate after school nearly everyday since he was a child, one of the reasons why I don’t have any original child Borage pics. He was never home. After turning into a teen, he yet again went home with a female schoolmate and return home with romance moodlets. Borage shown me that he was a flirt and had 3 love interests that he gained on his own. After Zinnia and Max had 2 risky actions (no baby happen thank goodness) it gave me a idea for Borage. Instead of wanting to be a father to 100 kids, he’ll have risky hook ups and not be such a great father since he never had a father figure in his life and simply doesn’t know how to be a good dad.



Borage and Celsia never really interacted as children with each in their original childhood. However in the 2nd chance file, they interact with each other like this a lot.




Which it does lead up to this. Both Borage and Celsia enjoys the company of their older sister Acacia in their original childhood more than with each other. In their 2nd chance save, which will shown as flashbacks they still enjoy hanging around her.




What ever happen to the oldest child of Zinnia: Acacia?

Acacia was the only one of the bunch to live successfully and isn’t as messed up like her siblings. Acacia is married to a werewolf  female who is from Lucky Palms. Acacia will appear in both of Borage and Celsia’s stories but not in Dodder’s. Acacia doesn’t care much for Dodder and favors Borage and Celsia along with Fiona and Erica. Acacia finds both Borage and Celsia annoying but doesn’t mind their company. Acacia favors Borage over Dodder cause she feels that Borage has more respect for females than Dodder. Dodder intentionally hurts females on purpose while Borage just doesn’t know any better and feel remorseful when he does.



Borage originally rolled the Never Nude trait but yet…..




He’s always naked…





Borage is the only Montigo who has evolved in the past year. The only thing that hasn’t change is his, nose, eye color, facial hair and hairstyle. The hair style is his signature look that will be never changed expect for the time when he was depressed.

Borage has a untold back story prior to the beginning of his story that began in October 2012. It may not be told within his story as it’s something that he refuses to admit to anyone.






Lois was not his first girlfriend.






In chapter 38, Borage encourages L2 to lose his virginity although he was just 15 at the time. L2 was curious of why was he pressure to give it up so soon when Borage didn’t lose his until he was 21. Borage claims he was busy with bartender school and learning how to DJ. He also mention how the females in Riverview weren’t attractive and he was saving himself for the attractive ladies living in Starlight Shores.

That was half true. Borage refuses to admit he had a actual relationship with a female who he met as he was in bartender school. Borage wants to be known as a ladies man and doesn’t want them about the 4 year sex-less relationship he once had. Borage’s first girlfriend has indeed appeared in his story already but her identity wouldn’t be revealed until she appears in Dodder’s story.




So what happen to their relationship?

Borage did enjoy her company while attending school. He heard a rumor about her being easy and felt if he hang around long enough he’ll get lucky. However the 2 formed a friendship and it soon evolved into a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship. However the rumor was just a rumor, probably spread by a jealous ex or former friend. Borage’s girlfriend wanted to wait until marriage before having sex with him since she learned he was a virgin. Borage stayed with her in hopes she’ll give in and make him into a man. Unfortunately for Borage, that never happen.




On his 21st birthday, Borage along with some friends travel to Starlight Shores to celebrate his birthday. The DJ of the club was running late, Borage had dabbled in DJing and asked the club owner if he could fill in until the DJ shows up. Since the crowd was getting restless and it was Borage’s birthday the owner agreed. Borage played until the DJ shown up. The owner liked what he heard from Borage and fired his DJ. The owner promised Borage a DJ job if he moves to Starlight Shores. However Borage wanted to be a bartender since he was in school for it. The club owner promise super stardom if he went for DJing instead of bar tending. Borage felt if he was a super star DJ then maybe he could gain the attention of ladies and enter into manhood finally.





After returning to Riverview, Borage finished school and dumped his girlfriend since the relationship wasn’t going anywhere. Borage then moved to Starlight Shore and started his new role as the DJ at The Edge. Borage’s girlfriend didn’t hold any hard feelings after their break up. She felt like she was holding him back and knew it would have to end soon after her sister shown a fixation on Borage. She fears her sister and knew she would have to hand him over to her anyway. Her relationship with Borage was a secret with her family. She didn’t want them to know she was involved with a genie.  To her family her and Borage appeared to be friends which her sister began to be fixated on him since she didn’t know they were dating.





Within a couple of weeks after moving to Starlight Shores, Borage enter into manhood after beating his dad in a pool game. Sonoko Lee, who was married offered herself to the winner. Sonoko was drunk when she did so. Borage happily took Sonoko to his bachelor pad. Sonoko had no idea that Borage was a virgin as he seem experienced in bed. Sex is a natural thing with Love Genies, plus with all the dry humping he did with his girlfriend for 4 years, he was more than ready.






Lois may of not been Borage’s first girlfriend but she is the first female that he fell in love with. Borage and his first girlfriend weren’t in love with each. Borage was only with her cause he liked her company and hoped they she would finally “put out”.




Borage & Pedro

These 2 have a some what relationship. Pedro first appeared in Chapter 5 after meeting Borage at the summer festival. Borage challenge Pedro into a hot dog eating contest. Pedro told Borage if he wins then he gets to probe Borage. Course Borage didn’t take it seriously and Pedro won the contest. Pedro moved himself in after winning. Pedro had been searching for a genie and became fixed on Borage. Pedro made his announcement that he was here by shooting a meteor at Borage’s house. He threaten to keep summoning meteors at Borage’s home if he didn’t allow him to stay.




My original plan of their relationship was Pedro was convince Borage of giving Bisexuality a try. They were suppose to be engaged into a sexual relationship where Pedro allows Borage to be the dominant. Over time Pedro grows insanely jealous of Borage’s female company and impregnates him to scare off females so he could have Borage all to himself.




But Borage is written and seen as a ladies man. With the title “Love For The Ladies” him having any sexual encounters with another male just seem a bit off and I didn’t go through with it.





Instead Pedro was written to be a scientist from planet Ziharia who seeks out to create genie-alien babies. Pedro is obsessed with genies and hopes to have one as a life mate. During his time on Earth, Borage has been the only genie he has came encounter with other than Borage’s kids.





Pedro is unlikely to try to be romantically involved with Borage. Pedro prefer female companions over males. Pedro is sexually attractive to Borage but only see him as a host to play genetics with. Pedro has only engaged in sex with Borage twice, the conception of the Montigo 7 and while he was still pregnant with them. Erasing Borage’s memory often cause possibly harm him. Pedro doesn’t make anymore attempts in having sex with him but instead fondles him as after putting him into a deep sleep. With Pedro’s baby mission, he doesn’t see much of Borage and stays in the basement.





With Pedro spending most of his days in the basement, Pedro and Borage had became distant. There’s not much of a friendship left and Borage often forgets that Pedro is lives with him. Pedro’s time in the story will be wrapping up shortly and Borage would be affected by his exit. He does see Pedro as a friend and would be sad to see him leave.





Borage & Fayon

Some of you remember when Borage first met Fayon, (Pedro’s older sister) Borage tried to sleep with her within 30 seconds of meeting her. This was a action that Borage later regrets after being forced into a marriage.





Originally when Fayon was to return back after spending 5 years on her home world Borage would find the newly transformed Fayon, attractive. This makes Lois jealous and Borage takes interest in being Fayon’s husband for once. There had been a strain on Borage and Lois’ relationship cause Borage was starting to find Lois boring with her not wanting to go drink and party with him. However Fayon had returned pregnant with Eshu’s child, a alien friend of Fayon whom she was suppose to be married to but he was placed on probation. The unborn child bothered Borage and he wanted no part the marriage anymore and tries to make up with Lois.

Fayon moves out with their twins Apollo and Nova. Fayon moved into a house down the street from Borage and told him if he wants to see his kids, he would have to visit the house. This angers Borage cause he feels like she trying to keep the twins away from him. Borage dislikes the thought  of another man caring for his kids when he’s not around. When Borage learns that Junior is not his child, he becomes distraught after kicking Lois out and doesn’t care for himself properly. This worries Fayon and she tries to stay close to him. Borage tries to convince Fayon to keep their marriage. However Eshu’s probation was lifted and Fayon can marry him. Fayon declines Borage’s offer and wants to grant Borage’s previous divorce request. Fayon fell in love with Eshu and know Borage only wants her cause he’s hurt. This sends Borage on a tailspin and becomes self destructive. Borage has never been rejected and doesn’t take it well.




Borage and Fayon’s divorce was never fully explained when the time jump happen. When Fayon returned Fayon told Borage she would divorce him so she could marry Eshu and he could marry Lois finally. After Borage getting in a fight with Lois, Borage would only agree to the divorce if Fayon have sex with him one last time. Borage finds Fayon’s transformation attractive and wants to sleep with her in her new form. Fayon agrees but they were caught by Lois. Borage didn’t see it as cheating since him and Fayon were still married. Lois was angry at first but after much thought, she remembers that she’s actually the other woman and forgives Borage. Fayon mocks a little Lois pointing out she can decide not to divorce Borage so they could still have a sexual relationship. This angers Lois and she attacks Fayon. Pedro convinces Fayon to go through the divorce for Eshu and how it wasn’t right to hold it over Lois’ head. After the attack Fayon makes a mysterious phone call before leaving the house.




Borage and Lois

Lois also first appeared in Chapter along with Pedro. Lois became the 2nd baby mama of Borage.

Originally Lois wasn’t suppose to be involve with Borage until near the end of his story.. if that ever happens. For the most part, Lois was suppose to remain a close friend of Borage before falling for him later in life. Lois was suppose to return to take their daughter to live in Appaloosa Plains. PC doesn’t want to leave and Borage wasn’t happy about Lois coming just to take his favorite child. Borage and Lois agree in having a joint custody with PC. She’ll live with Lois but visits Borage during the summer and school breaks. Lois wasn’t suppose to come in until PC was a teen. That was the first original plan.




Story Progression can be a little silly. I got a little pop up saying Lois is expecting Liam’s child. I added her to Borage’s house with intentions to cancel the pregnancy. However I felt this would make the story interesting. Her pregnancy was paused so it would be written in later. I watched how Borage and Lois interacted with other and decided she’ll return back sooner than planned.

Lois was to convince Borage to letting PC stay with her in AP for the school year. When it was time to do a switch off, Lois’ car broke down and couldn’t have repairs done until the morning. Borage offers Lois to stay a night while Borage’s dad was in town to meet his grandchildren. Lois accepts and as the other slept, Lois and Liam get a little frisky as Pedro watches and touches himself from a distance. Later on Lois awkwardly reveals to Borage that her newborn son is his half brother. Borage isn’t thrill about it but gets over it quickly and offers to keep him over the summers so him and PC can stay together and he’ll get to bond with his brother.




 photo Screenshot-2443_zps554551f6.jpg

But this story needed a bit of drama and Borage was lead to believe that Lois’ baby was his until Junior was a teen. Junior favored Liam a lot like Borage, so it was easy to pass him off as Borage’s son.





Junior is still named after Borage and doesn’t want to change his name since he had it since birth. Plus Junior sees Borage more as a father than a brother since Borage raised him as his own. Junior doesn’t have a relationship with Liam and doesn’t recognize Liam his father. Junior wants nothing to do with Liam and wants Borage to legally adopt him as his son. Borage does want Junior to be his son and knows they could never have a sibling relationship with Junior. After teaching to walk and talk, changing his diapers, telling him bedtime stories and teaching him how to drive, he feels like his father. Junior will return at a later point in the story.





Borage has a interesting bromance with Quincy Ortega  in one of my freeplay saves. There is facebook (simbook) feud between these 2 but however in the game, these 2 sometimes get along and sometimes they don’t. They are hilarious together. Quincy is 2Fast2Furious’ sim, he has his own story The Stranded Bachelors   it’s hilarious! If you’re not reading it, you should!! I feel Borage and Quincy are a match match in heaven after watching their antics in my SLT freeplay save.




The thought of Borage possibly having a in story friendship with Quincy as crossed my mind. I was given permission to use Quincy in Party Montigo and as a hook up with Celsia already. But I’ll ask again if it’s cool if Quincy makes cameo appearances in Borage’s tale. I’m sure some of your would like to see “Boraincy” silliness within the legacy universe.




They are cute 😀 Besides, Borage doesn’t have any male friends to hang out with. I think if you be fun if Quincy was a wingman. In every save Quincy seems to have a thing for Borage’s cousin-sister Amaretto. I don’t know why since she’s kinda crazy. But sorry Quincy, Amaretto is off limits. She has a lover and a child with him.





Borage is a pothead. 

Yes he hits the chronic time to time. If you had as many kids as him, you would lock yourself in the basement long enough to have a few joints. When Borage has down time and needs to relax when a lady isn’t around. He can be found in his lounge smoking a bowl. It’s how he doesn’t go insane.





Borage is a Pyromaniac

He was born with the pyro trait but however lost it after a trip to CAS before his story took off. He just recently got it back after I notice Aries had one. I remember Borage is a pyro. When there’s a fire, sometimes he gets excited before going into panic mode. Sometimes he does what he’s doing in the pic. Smiles and walks off. I have a running gag of he’s the blame of every fire.




Said to Borage never.

Borage had and will only be told this once in his life. Borage currently has 68 children in total. Borage’s genetics are most wanted out of all of the Montigo males. He has fathered many kids in my and other simmers’ games.




Borage’s ass is amazing.

Whenever you’re in a poor mood. Check out his ass, it will put you in a better mood.





However this trick doesn’t work for Quincy. He’s still in a bad mood LOL






Lady, I’m a model

“You said model Borage.” I was told this more than once. He would make a good one but I just don’t have the time. Maybe he’ll take a little modeling job in his story later on.





Borage is a DJ

Only cause I’m a DJ too. Something about DJing makes the DJ more attractive. I have many admirers whenever I play or just enjoying the party. Being a lady DJ is extra special cause of being a lady with nice tits 😉 Plus I have a advance over male DJs, I know the right songs to play to get other ladies on the dance cause the whole being a lady as well LOL




Borage is a good daddy

In his freeplay saves. He’s autonomously great with his babies unlike in his story file. I have to force him to look after his babies. It’s like he knows he’s suppose to be a terrible daddy in his story save.





Eyes on diamonds

There’s always a natural attraction between Borage and Diamond Flare.  Whenever Borage is placed in a house full of ladies, he always makes a b line to Diamond. He usually ignores the other females until Diamond is not available for the moment. Diamond usually ignore any other males in the house and goes straight for Borage. It’s almost like these 2 know they are suppose to like each other. Their attractive for each other is never forced on, it just happens.





Liam is sexy

Let’s all not forget where Borage got his good looks from. Yeah Liam may look grossly fat in this fat but he still looks good 😉

11 thoughts on “Things you didn’t know about Borage and his story

    • I forgot to mention about Borage’s name was almost “Basil” and how I end up saving that name for his granddaughter. I just had a lot of stuff to mention :p

      I was suppose to mention his back story when his story first started but I never gotten around to it :p But him not wanting his family to know about his girlfriend makes him a little more interesting. He has his reasons why he kept that hidden. But it will come to light soon 😉

  1. Haha I loved this. Borage all the way!!! I love Borage. Don’t have him in my game, but maybe I could have him be the father of one of my babies one day. Life is strange… lightning might strike! ^^

  2. This is awesome! I liked learning a bit more about Borage and his sorted tales. Seeing him and Quincy interacting lately has been making me want to add Quincy to Borage’s household and see what happens. 😀

  3. thats funny that you want to put Quincy in your story stuff
    I was ganna actually ask you if I could put Borage in The Stranded Bachelors 🙂
    have him intervene for awhile 😉
    I loved this back story though
    It makes me feel like I know him on a different level

    in my free play save Quincy and Borage always like interacting together
    its like a hate/love relationship I guess,
    so you gots to let me put him in my story ;D

    im still amazed by him having 68 kids…
    id scream

    • They have a love/hate thing in my game too lol They have the perfect bromance lol Of course you can put Borage in your story since I want Quincy in mines. I almost want to do a non-legacy side story with them. They are too funny together.

  4. That was a great backstory on Borage. Enjoyed reading about how it all began. 😀 I thought it was funny how he had the never nude trait yet, he is always running around nude. 😆

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