Love For The Ladies: Chapter 47, Love & Labor

I don’t know what that alien lady mean when she said “Name them Orion and Solar.” But it better not mean what I think it means. It’s bad enough that I pushed out 7 alien babies out of my ass 20 something years ago and I’m not doing that shit again. That last pregnancy gave me a bubble butt that won’t go away no matter how much I work out. Ladies might like it but it makes Pedro wanna play grab-ass every chance he gets whenever he come out of his room from the basement. 

Aries was in panic mode when I came home. I guess I was gone too long but I was gone for a hour. I found him waiting by the door and was near tears once he saw me come walking in. I’m not sure much longer I can handle this unnatural attachment that he has with me. He’s a grown ass man, he shouldn’t need me as much as he does. I’m not sure what else to do with him but if he ever wants a lady, he needs to stop this shit. After Aries got his feels of hugs and such, he wonder off to do something. Feeling a bit tired but not ready to go to bed, I decided that I’ll go watch some TV since I’ll finally have some time for myself.




The TV was left on the news channel and I guess I could watch it for a little. Maybe they’ll report about a distressed sexy lady who needs my comfort and genie dick. But instead they talked about 2 missing ladies. They looked sexy, I wonder if I found them I could be like their hero or something and then I could give them some of this magic to comfort them. I think I’ll look for those 2 ladies.


“The whereabouts of  Shelly Knowles and Harley Combs are still unknown. Both females went missing nearly a month ago. If you have any information of the whereabouts of  Shelly or Harley please call the number on the screen.”

“Sassy, you think I should find those sexy ladies?”


“Yeah, I can be a hero and get so much pussy.”


“Don’t worry Sassy, you’ll always be my favorite. You get sleep next to me every night until I bring a sexy lady home.”

“Meow, meow!”

“Hey, now. Daddy needs special attention time to time. You can sleep with Mariah, You like her right?”


“See, it’s a win/win.”




In the morning I spent some time with my g-babies. Mariah wanted to go outside to play. I put Kimora on one of the rides. Mariah stood there for a moment not saying a word as I let Kimora rock on the toy ride. I wonder what was on her mind, it almost seemed that she wanted to say something. As I cheered Kimora on as she rode, Mariah let out a loud sigh. I turned around to see what was wrong.

“Anything a matter?”


“Mariah.. What’s wrong?”

“Nothing daddy. I’m fine.”

“No you’re not. What’s wrong, baby girl?”

“You don’t play with me like that anymore.”

“Kimora is still a baby and you’re a big girl now. You don’t need me like this anymore.”

“I know but I always liked when you cheered me on.”

“I thought you wouldn’t like that anymore.”

“I’m only 5. I’m not that big, I still like to be cheered on like you did with my sissy.”

“I’m sorry.. I didn’t know. I didn’t pay much attention to kids when I had them. Your dad, aunts and uncles had a nanny so I didn’t do anything..”




Mariah hopped on the other ride and I cheered both girls on. I did have fun with the girls. I guess little kids weren’t too bad, they could be fun. Maybe I should of spent more time with my kids when they were little but I wasn’t feeling the whole fatherhood thing. I did alright with Junior, Rae and Boragio for the first few of their lives but afterwards I couldn’t deal after their slut of a mom died.

It was starting to get a little chilly. I figure it was time to bring the girls back in. I reached to pick up Kimora but Mariah wasn’t ready to go in just yet. I told her she could stay out for a little bit but she better get in before it’s too cold.




“Ready to go in?”

“No! I stay!”

“It’s cold, you gotta go in.” 

“I stay out! I play!”

“You can play inside with those expensive toys I got you.”

“No! Stay out!”




“Don’t you wanna see your daddy? I think he misses you.”

“You dada!”

“No, I’m your G-daddy. We gotta go in now.”

“You my dada. Me stay!”





“I’ll tell you what, if you come in then you can stay with me in my lounge and help Daddy-B make a new drink. I’ll even let you have a taste since I know you like vodka.”

“Want vodka!”

“I know you do but you have to come in with me. Okay?”

“I have vodka?”

“Yes you can have some vodka if you come in.”




“I tell sum-done.”

“What’s that?”

“Wuv you, dada.”

“I love you too, Kimora.”




I figure I could let Kimora stay out a little longer with her sister. I gave her a tickle on her belly, the sound of her giggle made me smile. I told her she can stay out for a little bit but have to come back in. I sat her down and watched her waddle towards Mariah who was playing with the doll house. I decided I would go check the mail as the girls played.




“Kim! Don’t pull on my doll’s head like that!”

“I pull.”

“No you don’t pull! You’ll break him.”

“He die?”

“Yes, Kimmy! He will die.”

“I pull head. He dead.”

“Don’t! Pretty please? Play with the dolls correctly okay?”




“Good. Let’s play house. I’ll be the mommy doll and you can be the daddy doll. Is that okay, Kim?”





“No! I be mama! You ugly dada!”





“But I’m bigger. I want to be the mommy doll. You can pretend the daddy doll is Daddy-B.”





“No! Dada doll ugly! Dada cute! I kill ugly dada doll!”





“No Kim! You’re gonna break him!”

“I be mama doll! Dada doll no die!”

“Okay, okay you win. I’ll let you be the mommy doll if you stop trying to eat the daddy doll. Deal?”

“Yea huh!”

“Fine… You always get your way.”

“I be baby!”

“Yeah for now.. I hope Morde has another baby then you won’t be the baby anymore.”

“I be baby forever!”

“No you won’t! Morde is gonna find a girlfriend and marry her then we get more sisters or brothers.”

“Never happen! I’m baby!”





A couple of days went by and I haven’t been feeling so well. I figure it was Boragio’s cooking since he wants to be a chef. Something isn’t right about that boy and I’m sure he did something to our dinner last night. 





The toilet and I became fast friends since I made many trips to the bathroom to throw up. I told Boragio if he wanted to do dinner for tonight then he’s only making dinner by using his genie magic. Having my face in the toilet every 30 minutes isn’t my idea of a great time. It only seem like I’m the only one affected by Boragio’s poor cooking. I always thought I had a strong stomach but that doesn’t seem to be the case this week. I wish I knew what was going on with me but if this keeps up, then I’ll make a visit to the doctor. Maybe the doc would be a sexy lady who will nurse me back to health with her nice titties.




2 weeks have passed and I still didn’t feel good. I was always throwing up and then my stomach got fuckin’ huge like I was pregnant again.





I hated what I saw in the mirror. I wouldn’t leave the house, not even to check the mail. I didn’t want no lady to see me like this. I would poke at my stomach time to time then suddenly I felt a little kick. I haven’t felt anything like that since my pregnancy with the 7 alien demons. There was no denying that I was pregnant again after feeling a tiny kick. I don’t recall the last time I’ve seen Pedro but boy is he gonna get it from me. I told him I was done having his alien babies. I asked Aries to go get Pedro cause I needed to talk to him. I heard Aries head towards the basement and I waited for Pedro to show up.





“You asshole! I know this was your doing! I don’t when or how you did it, but I know you did this to me!”

“I didn’t do! I been busy! No time for baby implant! It not was me!”

“Bullshit Pedro! You’re always trying to grab my ass with lust in your big alien eyes!”

“I desire you, yes. I been busy with personal, no time for you! I swear.”





“I’m not gonna stand here and listen to your lies! I know you are the one who got me pregnant!”

“Baby not mine! I tell truth!”

“Then who else’s baby can it be? You other than Aries are the only aliens living here and Aries isn’t gonna get his own dad knocked up!  You’re always in the basement doing who knows what down there. Probably jerking off to my photos and plotting rape for more babies!”

“Yes I master myself to your pics but no. I no plot rape. I am doing research, personal things. No time for personal babies.”

“Then explain this! Fuckin’ explain.”

“Not my baby. You big fast. My baby takes months.”

“I don’t give a fuck! Get whatever this is out of me and deal with it!”




“Not my child. I not know who did this. I can’t deal.”

“I didn’t want anymore kids let alone be pregnant.”

“Sorry but I not do this. I can’t help. I scan you and see who did this.” 

“Fine, if your alien magic say it’s yours, I’m kicking your ass!”

“Baby not mine, I can assure.”

“You better hope and pray it isn’t yours.”




Pedro was about to do his alien scan thingy but I felt a sharp pain that almost knocked me onto the ground. I guess I was in labor, it’s been so long since I’ve been in labor. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know how these babies were gonna make out. Are they coming out of my ass or will be like magic?

“Pedro… I think it’s time.” 

“Labor has came?”

“What do you think, rapist?! You think I’m trying out a new workout move?”





“Baby coming now? I not scan you! I not know what species I’m deal with it! I not know how to help!”





“Pedro! Do something!” 

“I not know how to birth unknown baby! I not know what species!”

“I don’t give a fuck! Do something! Anything! This shit hurts like hell!”

“I not know to help!”

“Fuckin’ Pedro! Doooooo something!”

“I can only panicked!”

“Hold my fuckin’ hand!”

“You might break it! No!”

“Pedrooooooooo! Shit! Help me! Hold my damn hand for fucks sake!”





“It’s coming! It’s coming! Do something!”

“I not know!”

“Fuckin’ shit, Pedro! My ass! I think it’s coming out my ass!”

“This can’t be Ziharian offspring! I confused!”

“I can feel this thing coming out of my ass! Pull down my boxers and don’t try anything funny!”

“I can’t! I will desire ass if I do!”

“There’s no raping of my ass when I’m trying to give birth out of it you fuckin’ asshole!”




Before Pedro could reach for my boxers, the pain suddenly stopped. I started to feeling a little funny as my body was surrounded by sparkles. A glowing blue ball of glitter came floating out my my stomach. The glowing blue ball started to turn into a light that got bright super fast. Slowly the ball of light started to form into a baby. I lifted my arms up and a tiny blue baby fell into my hands. I wasn’t sure what I was looking at  but another glowing blue ball came from my stomach. I handed the baby over to Pedro and waited for this other glow ball to turn into a baby. 

I had twins, the first one was a boy and the second was a girl. As I took a closer look at the babies they reminded of that lady alien who took me 2 weeks ago. I then remember her saying to name them Orion and Solar. That bitch put her babies in me! I didn’t have names so I gave them the names that bitch wanted them to have.




The twins were only 2 hours old before she appeared again. She held each baby and smiled. I was pissed off at her. If she wanted babies with me so bad then we could of made them the right way, me fucking her and her giving birth to them then going away with them.

“You did good, handsome man. I approve of them.”

“I didn’t ask to carry your babies. I had them, now you can take them and get the fuck away from me.”

“I only came to age them. You have to raise them.”

“I’m not raising your brats, crazy bitch.”

“These babies are yours too. I sense genie in their blood.”

“These are mine too?”

“Yes. You are perfect father for my babies. I wanted genie babies.”

“Couldn’t I just fuck you and you carry them?”

“I don’t know what fuck is still. Our babies will grow fast, you won’t have them long.”




She used her alien magic and our babies who are only a few hours old were suddenly toddler age. She disappeared before I get another word in about my disgust. She left me alone with these alien..fairy…genie… whatever the fuck they are. I wasn’t ready for this. I didn’t want these kids nor asked for them. They sat on the ground and looked me as they sucked on their little hands. I wasn’t sure what to do so I walked out of the room, shutting the door behind me so I won’t have to see them or hear them. 



Pedro’s POV

“I was distracted by my genie host. He had given birth to a set of Noviry twins. I was unaware about his pregnancy as Noviry pregnancies last 14 days. I found my subjects socializing with each. I checked my first log and am able to recall their names, Shelley Knowles and Harley Combs. My 2 subjects disappearances didn’t go unnoticed. It was mention on a news channel where humans typically use this to report happenings around the city. I hope the return the subjects back to their families unharmed as soon as possible. The pregnancies are going normal.”




“Peidax Xip. It’s been too long…”




“Ahilac, what brings you here?”

“To age my offspring.”

“Oh the new babies. Those are yours? Borage is my host… He is only to carry my offspring.”

“I did not know. He is very handsome and a genie. I’m sorry.”

“He has my mark, you didn’t see it?”

“I didn’t check.. Again.. I’m sorry.”



“What’s done is done, it can’t happen again.”

“I am aware of that now. I have my set of offspring, I don’t require more. I am also here for you.”

“Me? We haven’t seen each other in years. Why all of suddenly now?”

“I was sent to assist you in the breeding mission. I can be of some help.”

“I was told I was to do this alone.”

“They don’t tell you everything. But I was sent here before I picked handsome man to carry my offspring.”




“How will you be aiding me?”

“Noviry magic, they want to speed up your process with me aging your offspring quicker.”

“They won’t be allowed to grow normally?”

“They require the offspring sooner and don’t wish to wait. That is why I was sent. I can use my magic to age them quicker.”

“Well I guess that could weigh in my favor.”




“I was happy to be assign to this. I wanted to see you.”





“Why? Why are you so happy to see me?”










“I learned this during my stay on Ziharia, affection it’s called?”

“Yes, it was quite nice, Ahilac. I enjoined it very much.”

“My species are so different from everyone else. We not know about this affection action. I just learned about mating, it’s how your kind reproduce?”

“Yes, humans do the same and enjoin it as much as we do. However their mating rituals are slightly different from Ziharia.”

“Does handsome man enjoy mating?”

“For pleasure yes. Borage is different from other humans I know. He doesn’t mate to reproduce, he mate purely for pleasure but usually reproduces.”

“I can try mating on him.”




“I guess but I thought you had a thing for me?”

“I want to but I remember Sha’Tifa. She is your mate. I learned what that was. My kind does not have mates, we just find carriers for offspring. I want to live like your kind. I studied so much there, now I want to learn about earth customs. I would like to know how to have a mate and be mated. But Sha’Tifa, maybe handsome man… Borage you say can be it.”

“Sha’Tifa and I are no more. I am available for a mate.”

“Oh. I do have eye on Borage.”

“Well with Earth customs, some do have 2 mates but it doesn’t go well.”

“I wish to try a mate with him once. Then we can be mates.”

“Careful, Borage is fertile, you can reproduce with him and he is a terrible parent.”

“My kind can’t reproduce through mating. We were not created to do such.”

“I guess that’s true. I am glad to see you again, Ahilac.”

7 thoughts on “Love For The Ladies: Chapter 47, Love & Labor

  1. lol Oh Borage. You say you like your g-babies but then you go and leave Solar and Orion alone. Well, I get why since he don’t like alien kids in general specially not when they come out of his ass. And they’re his kids not his g-babies so he can’t just go and pawn them off on L2 or something. But still hahaha.

    I love Kimora and Mariah, omg. Kimora’s going to be awesome when she’s older too. Poor Mariah, her sister’s evil. x)

    • He does have a dislike towards babies he gives birth to since he hates being pregnant lol He’s better with the grands than he is with his actual kids like most parents. They give the grandkids better treatment lol. Mariah and Kimora are cute when they play. Can’t wait til Kimora is older. She’s a mess lol

    • Mariah and Kimora are one of the few who still have their child innocence… Well mainly Mariah does, Borage is corrupting little Kimora by giving her vodka >_O lol

      There’s gonna be some interesting things between Pedro and Ahilac however this starts the countdown to Pedro’s exit.

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