Love For The Ladies: Chapter 46, It’s a trap!

I still haven’t or seen June since that one night. A couple of months had passed by and I gave up trying to make any mends to our friendship. I guess she just don’t want to be my friend again. I started to make trips to the basement to relax in my sauna room. It’s one of the only places where I can sit back enjoy myself without being bothered by my G-babies or annoying grown kids.  This is  the part of my life that I miss.

Just relaxing and not having a care in the world. Just me and my foam bubbles. It could use a little extra foam, if you know what I mean. But my dick rather have some special attention by a sexy lady than my hand.

One day I didn’t lock the door like I usually do to have some privacy and I was joined by someone. It was no surprise of which of my kids decided to follow me. He was the main one I try to get away from cause he’s always right under me for ever second of the day. I was hoping Aries would grow out of his clingy nature but that has yet to happen. I stepped out of the hot tub and walked over to the sauna bench to save him the trip of wondering over.




“Daddy, why do you always lock the door?”

“Cause daddy needs alone time in the hot tub.”

“You say the same thing about the lounge.  I like spending time with you daddy.”

“I know but sometimes daddy just need his own time..alone. Away from you.”

“But daddy, I don’t like being alone. I want to stay with you. I think sauna time will be fun.”

“Yes but daddy likes to make extra foam in the hot tub while thinking of sexy ladies.”

“We could do that! I like foam and sexy ladies too.”

“Um no.. Aries. I need to be alone for that.”

“I don’t understand? You just add more bubble stuff right?”

“Not exactly…”




“But how daddy? If you’re not using the bubble stuff.”

“Don’t make me say it..”

“But daddy…”

“What happens when you think of sexy lady too much?”

“My penis gets erect.”

“And then?”


“Where else? You’re always in my bed. “

“I just like to talk about things with you daddy.”





“We talk enough, do we?”

“Yes daddy but I wanted to talk to you about a certain thing.”


“Love. You were in love once, right? How does love feel like?”

“Love is like finding a pot of gold but finding out it belong to a big buff black guy named Tyrese, who demand ass play without lube every night with your ass if you wanna keep it.”

“Sounds painful, daddy.”

“Exactly, it’s a trap.”

“But my Suziu said love could be a wonderful thing if it’s with the right person. I hope to find love and maybe you will again.”

“You believe that rapist? Love is a terrible thing. She’ll just break your heart and fuck your dad.”

“So if I love a lady, she will have sexual relations with you?”

“Well I am sexy, she wouldn’t help herself.. But I’m a good dad and wouldn’t fuck her. I can’t say that about your granddad.”




“You still hate my grandpa?”

“Yes I still and will always hate that deadbeat. When you find out your namesake isn’t yours and he’s your brother… Your life gets fucked.. I hate him..”

“Will you have another namesake with the right lady one day? I hope to finally have a mommy. I always wanted a mommy.”

“Sorry Aries, I can’t give you that. Daddy doesn’t believe in love anymore. It’s all about meaningless fucking now. You got your aunt Fayon, isn’t that enough?”

“No daddy.. I think you should try love again. You’re in your 50’s, you are suppose to settle down and married. I think June is a nice lady. I wished she could be my mommy.”

“You know June is younger than you? Anyway Aries, love isn’t my thing. You can go for it but it’s just gonna fuck you in the ass at the end.”

“I want to believe there is love, daddy. Maybe if I find the right lady, I can marry her and lose my virginity.”

“Wait… you’re still a virgin?”




“Yes daddy, it is a bad thing?”

“Yes! You’re like 20-somethingish. You should be out tappin’ fine ass. You have my good looks! I didn’t be in labor for 3 hours and pushing you out my ass just for you to waste the wonderful genes I gave you! Get out there and man up, Aries.”

“But daddy… I just want to have sex with one special lady.. Who I will love. Sex with a lady you love is wonderful right? Was it with Lois?”

“Okay Aries, I see your point there. Sex with Lois was great but when you find out it wasn’t real.. It hurts, means nothing and I don’t wanna talk about her. She’s dead and gone. Let’s not rehash it.”

“I’m sorry daddy. What about Ms. Diamond? You say-“

“Diamond is a great friend..”

“But when you talk to her.. your eyes light up daddy. I notice it. Do you love her?”

“Aries, she’s just a good friend. I like talking to her and sometimes fucking her.. All she is to me is just a friend.”

“I think you are in denial daddy.”

Trust me, I”m not falling in love with her. Love is a trap and I’m avoiding it.”



Pedro’s POV



“This is Peidax Xip reporting from Earth. I’ve done enough tests and prepping my 2 subjects. I have forgotten their names so I will refer of as Subject A and Subject B, A for the witch and B for the wolf. They are ready with implantation but I haven’t decided on my method. As I long for mating with my genie host, I decided on mating with both subjects. This will satisfy my sexual needs I wish to have with my host. I watched my subjects before entering their cell for mating. They seem distraught about their location. I need to have them calm before mating, their stress levels should be low to assure a successful implantation. I am unsure how to approach them for the moment. “




“Do you have any idea where we are at?”

“I was hoping you would know!”

“I have no idea.. I was walking to my car and now I’m here.”

“So was I! I was about to head home and I’m here.”

“I don’t like this!”

“Me too. We gotta get out of here!”




“How are we going to get out?!”

“I dunno but we gotta find a way out!”

“It looks like we are in a science lab or something.”

“Oh my gosh! You don’t think.. we could be experiments?”

“I always thought my friend was crazy when she talked about aliens.. But they take people.”

“You don’t think?”

“I think.. a alien got us.”

“Oh no! We are trapped! There’s no way out! No way out!”

“There’s a way out! I believe so.. We can get out of here some way.”





“Do you see that!”

“See what?!”

“Someone is watching us!”

“Oh my stars! I can see them.. It’s… it’s… it’s a alien!”

“Oh no! You were right! We were taken by a alien!”

“What do you think he’s gonna do to us?”

“I dunno! I don’t wanna find out!”




“It appears that my subjects had spotted me and became more stressed out. I need for them to be calm but that will not happen naturally. I figure how I was going to approach. I must make the mating process easy and relaxed as possible.”





“Who are you! Are you going to hurt us?”

“I don’t hurt you. I relax you now. You not stress. Calm down.”

Calm down? Calm down?! You locked us in a cell and you want as to be calm?”

“I sorry but have to. Have no choice. I protect my children and I need you both.”

“For what?”

“Will tell later but I relax you now.”


“Oh no! What are you doing to here?”

“I relax her, no pain. You both will be calm for next step.”





“Please! I beg you… Don’t hurt us. I have family, they will be looking for me. Please let us go. We promise we won’t tell anyone about this.”





“I don’t hurt. I am friend. I am nice. I just relax you so mating will be easy. You are werewolf, I need offspring from you both. “





“Want to have sex with us so we will have your babies? But why us? I never had a baby before. How would you know if we are good enough to have your baby? Couldn’t you find a girlfriend to have children with? Isn’t right, this is terrible to take us cause you want to have babies. Babies need a loving family, not a crazy alien who kidnaps women and lock them in a prison cell.”




“I ran test on both. You will have good babies. I can raise babies well. Babies like rubber duckies yes? I raise 9 babies. Babies will be fine. You relax to mate with me. This not hurt one bit. After you have babies, I return you home. No worry, I raise baby.”





“Please no! Please don’t! I don’t wanna do this! Yes I want kids but not this way! Please no!”

“It be okay after we mate. I relax you now.”

“Please! Don’t!”

“I am sorry. I have no choice. Forgive, yes?”

“No you fucker!”

“We fuck, yes. I am fucker.”





“I have successfully mated with both subjects without issue. After a few scans weeks later, it show both carry one fetus each. I thought about increasing my fertility but decided to wait and see how these offspring will turn out first. I have used fertility on my host and he birth 7 children at once. I am not sure if I am ready for that many offspring yet however it will help my mission move faster.”




“Took away my subjects free will to assure stress-free pregnancies. They have came to terms with their imprisonment and becoming friends with other. I hope it will create a special bond between both offspring. I do continue to mate with both occasionally. It prevents me from wanting to have more personal children with my host. I want to stay focus on my mission.  I will not have any personal children doing my mission.”



Borage’s POV


Ever since my chat with Aries about love, he bothers to no end about it. He seems to be more around me now since Pedro stays in his room in the basement. I have no idea what’s in there since he keeps the door lock and never comes out. Whatever he’s doing, he need to stop and spend time with our son before he drives me insane. Aries insists I should  find love so he can have a mother like my other kids. He even suggest we create a dating profile online in hopes of finding love. I’m not interest in having a relationship. Maybe he should be bugging his brothers about this instead.




He could ask Mordecai, I’m sure he’ll want a woman to pin his daughters on. That would give us a break. Those girls need a mother since China doll died. I’m not sure Mordecai does when he’s avoiding his daughters. Kimora thinks he’s a uncle and calls L2 daddy. Maybe Morde should find a woman to live off and get out my house. Maybe she can motivate him into raising his own kids.





Boragio could use some help. Maybe having girlfriend around would make him stop acting strange. Like not jumping into the pool in his dress clothes and freaking out about it. Not sure if he’s dumb or just crazy. Boragio hasn’t been the same since his worthless mother’s death. Aries should sign them both up. They need a girlfriend more than me.





I’m pretty content of how my life is now. I don’t need or want a wife. If Aries wants a mother so bad then he should talk to Pedro. If Pedro can be less gay like then maybe a lady who is crazy enough would marry the freaky alien. I doubt Pedro has any interest in females since I never seen him with one. But what lady would want a green alien? I don’t know how to solve Aries’ mommy issues but I hope he’ll grow out of it.




“Borage, come here.. Teehee! Oh Borage! I’ve been looking for you. Come outside and meet me, Borage.”






“Who said that? How do you know my name?”

“You know my friend. I heard you are cute and I want to meet you.”

“Well where are you?”

“I’m in the sky, silly!”

“Are you a fairy? A sexy lady fairy who crave  genie dick?”

“You could say that. Come closer.”

“I dunno about this..”

“I won’t hurt you, come meet me.”




“How can I meet you if you’re in the sky? I can float but I can’t float that high up.”

“I can help you.”

“You can?”

“Yes, just stand right there and don’t move.”





“Shit, shit! It’s a trap! You’re a damn alien! I should of known better! Put me down! Put me down now! You’re not raping my ass!”





I don’t remember much of what happen with the alien but I can say she is pretty hot.





“You are a beautiful man, Borage. I had fun time with you.”






“What do you mean”fun time” Did you rape my ass?”

“Rape? I do not know what that is.”

“Fucking me in the ass against my will.”

“I do not know what is “fucking” either. Is fucking a fun like thing?”

“It could be, wanna try?”




“I don’t have time. I must return to my station.”

“So you just gonna leave me here?”

“Sorry beautiful man, maybe soon? I will return soon.”


“I need to meet them.”

“Who is them?”

“Just remember to name them Orion and Solar. See you later, beautiful man! Teehee!”





“Name them??? What the fuck are you talking about name them Orion ans Solar? What did you do to me?!”

11 thoughts on “Love For The Ladies: Chapter 46, It’s a trap!

    • He haven’t been abducted in his story yet until now so he didn’t know to run from the voice lol. It was a bit tricky to write this cause I advanced so much in his file and didn’t remember what I was trying to do. I think he has enough pics for 8 or so chapters o_O

  1. BAwahahahahaha the Pedro scene is cracking me up. And you would think Borage would know better since Alian abduction in your game is so common… it would be weird if there weren’t any abductions for the day hahaha.
    Can’t wait to see all the new babies ^ ^

  2. I enjoyed Borage and Aries’ conversation. LOL the neurotic captured ladies were hilarious. What’s with the rubber duckie? 😆 Ahh Orion and Solar!

  3. Oh poor Aries. 😦 Those alien pricks really messed him up.
    LOL Pedro “I have forgotten their names…”
    “You relax to mate with me.” Way to speak to a lady Pedro.
    Oh good lord, poor Borage. He’s just getting back to himself dammit.

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