State of Tigo

I’m officially moved into my new place as of Sunday night.  5 days of packing and 3 days of moving my things up 3 flights of stairs is finally over!! Ugh.. I never wanna move again!! Now with the move done, I can finally get back to writing shortly although I have 746464748746464 boxes to unpack. My blog’s first birthday was on the 5th but the Montigo Legacy was created until the 17th (this blog was originally for my first legacy). I may work on a one year special or so. After I get my real internet turned on (Thursday), I’ll start up my stories again. For now I’m using my phone’s internet and it tends to disconnect a lot >_< so I’ll wait for the real internet. I think Borage’s will be first up.

Sadly one of my stories will not be returning, Camp Tigo 2. The new patch destroyed that save. I can’t get it to load up without the game crashing. That save gave me issues in the past and I just don’t feel like dealing with it again. I hope my other saves are okay since the patch. I mainly been trying out IP and haven’t checked on my other saves.

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