Disco Insanity: Log#1, This will do


“Awesome! I made to Lunar Lakes with blowing up in space! But why am I wearing a girls scout outfit?”

Cause you’re crazy and Borage wouldn’t let you join girls scouts when you were a child.

“Oh yeah! Daddy didn’t know who I was. I wonder if I can sell cookies.”

Aren’t you too old for that?

“Nah! Never too old to sell cookies in a girl scouts outfit. I better go earn my badges.”







“Who is she?”

Your sister.

“You don’t remember me?”

“Not really.. “

“But we moved back home when you were 16.”

“Oh yeah.. You’re a butt baby.”


“Just saying cause it smells like ass in here.”




“Why does everyone call me a butt baby?”

Cause when your dad gave birth-

“Never mind! I don’t wanna know!”



I saw you rolled a wish for a job. Great start!

“I wanna be a stylist.”

Um..why? Are you sure about this?

“Yeah. I got good taste in fashion.”

You can’t be serious…

“What? I do! Isn’t my outfit cute? I picked the colors myself!”

This world is doomed..

“Yeah doomed to look fabulous!”

Are you liking the new hot tub?

“Yep, I wanted to take a dip in it like daddy always did. Now I wanna skinny dip.”

I guess you could do that later but why are you in your formal wear?

“I wanted to be a plant soaking in water.”

Right. Why did I even ask.

“Can I join? I’m in my formal wear too.”

“I didn’t want any butt babies in my hot tub. You are just gonna make it smell like ass.”

“I know I was born out of daddy’s ass but that doesn’t mean I smell like it. I take baths! I’m clean. I swear so stop calling me a butt baby. I didn’t pick to be born that way.”





“Your name is a STD so I’m not sure about that.”

“I’m a virgin, stupid! I didn’t pick my name. Our great-aunt did.”

“Well just don’t dirty up my hot tub or you will pay.”

“I got alien powers.. Don’t fuck with me.”

“And I got genie powers.”


“Dia started it!”




“Check out my shoes. You like them?”

Those are nice.

“I love my new shoes. I can’t til my first client. She’s gonna have nice heels like these.”

What if your client is a guy?

“He’ll look great in heels too.”




“Who are you talking to?”





“The brain llama, who else?”

“He came back?”

“She came back. I thought he was a boy but he was a girl but it’s cool. You like me shoes too?”





“Those are nice but check out mines.”

“Hooker boots, classy.”

“At least I look like a classy hooker.”





Are you going to join your sisters?

“Yeah right. Like I wanna be around those idiots.”

Well you do live with them, it’s not like you can avoid them.

“The house is big enough, I think I can. I’m enjoying the peace over here.”

I guess you would be a bit under dressed since you forgot your swimsuit.

“Nah.. I wanted to see what’s the big fuss of skinny dip since Borage does it all the time.”

Will you ever call him “dad”?

“It’s not in my nature to call him “dad”. Yeah he gave me life but that means nothing. You know how much of a dick he was to me when I was little.”

I guess you have a point but it got better when you were older.

“Bitch Lois changed him.. I’m glad he’s not pussy whipped anymore.”

But he was nice to you, isn’t that what you wanted?.

“And I don’t like “nice”.”

Then I’m not sure what you are complaining about..

“I don’t like him but he gave me money. I guess I like him now.”

What about your Suziu?

“Not so much now since he’s the reason why I’m hiding out here. I’m not having babies!”

That’s what you think…

“Excuse me? You better not.. You’re not suppose to control me anyway.”

I do what I want.

“Well shit.”

11 thoughts on “Disco Insanity: Log#1, This will do

      • True, sometimes I guess you just have to find the right sim and story to go along with the world. My favorite ambiance is the one from Bridgeport, although the world lacks in what Sunset Valley has, warmth. So I have to find something in the middle. I guess ill keep looking. lol

    • Yeah that’s Luna. It’s just Lilah, Khlamydia and Luna for now. Toshi may show up later. He’s apart of the alien septs

  1. I love Lilah, she’s just so cute.
    LOL the hooker boots.
    Luna is probably my favorite of Borage’s alien kids, I don’t know, I just get attached to somewhat mean evil sims. 😀

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