A Field of Dodders: Chapter 4, Put a ring on it

My date with Ty at the summer fest went well.  We headed home and I find myself not caring that she followed me into my bedroom. I relaxed on the bed for a bit and Ty joined me without saying a word. I was a little curious if about what Ty said earlier. If we fucked I wouldn’t get pregnant just yet it.




“I would be safe if we were to fuck tonight, since were not married?”

“Pretty much, the curse doesn’t set in until we are bonded. You will be safe but not me.. If I wasn’t on the pill. It would be pointless of me to take it after we get married.”

“So you’re saying it’s safe now?”

“Yeah.. You are safe for now. So you want to or something?”





“What’s with the change of heart?”

“Maybe cause you been less of a bitch lately.”

“I’m trying to better myself you know.”

“I guess that’s good. You wouldn’t mind if I get you out of that dress.”

“I wouldn’t mind at all.”




I’m pretty sure Ty took this as a sign that I might be into her and accepting my pending fate but it’s anything but. I’m a love genie, a male and a brother who has needs that need to be dealt with. I haven’t had anytime to scroll for a hook ups and Ty was available. She’s sexy and all, I wouldn’t mind fucking her again but something tells me I should of been more clear about my feelings with her first.




“You know how I missed you, Dodder.”

“I know you do, can’t say I blame you.”

“You still have that big ego. Ha ha.”

“You know me.”




“I’m ready whenever you are ready.”

“I’m always ready but are you 100% sure that I won’t get knocked up?”

“Yes I’m sure about it. I’m a witch, I know how our spells work.”

“I’m not ready for any surprises just yet.”

“Trust me, no surprises just yet.”




We had a few rounds before falling asleep. I was pleased as well as her. I wonder if we woke up her mom or Erica. I couldn’t help but get Ty a little loud sometimes. That’s always been my specialty, getting ladies moaning the loudest they could. I figure in the morning I’ll tell Yvonne that I gave her daughter the ring.




“Good morning, Erica or whoever you decided to be today. Did you sleep well?”

“It’s me Erica. And no. It was hard to sleep when your daughter kept yelling out my brother’s name. Did you have to put my room next to his?”

“Oh I am sorry about that. I didn’t hear a thing, thank goodness.”

“Yeah cause you’re all old and can’t hear well. The whole town could hear them. “Oh Dodder. Oh Dodder. I miss that chocolate dick of yours.” Oh yeah, everyone could hear that!”

“There is a spare room you could sleep in whenever they are having a wild night.”

“But I like that bed.”

“Well I don’t know how to help you then.”

“Maybe stop being a evil hag and break the curse then we can leave.”

“You know you don’t have to stay here.”

“But.. I have to.”




“Hey sexy, wanna have a morning quickie before breakfast?”

“I would Ty, but maybe later.”

“I don’t get it. I thought maybe you were finally warming up to me.”

“Can a brother eat first? I gotta have some fuel in me if you wanna be done right.”

“I guess you have a point then.”




I got dressed and headed downstairs to joined Erica for breakfast. Tykisha haven’t came down and is probably sulking cause I wouldn’t fuck her this morning but I was starving and wasn’t in the mood to give her another dose of my chocolate magic. Besides I needed to check on Erica and her personalities. 



“Do girls always gotta remind you of what your name is?”

“Oh.. sorry about that. I turn females into screamers.”

“Do that away from my room next time or make her wear a muzzle. Ru Ru and I couldn’t sleep.”





“Umm, Erica? Who is Ru Ru? Is this a new personality of yours? Please tell me it’s not another personality that you created. You have enough.”





“Chill, negro! Ru Ru is my new dog. She can talk, I found her right before I got abducted by aliens last night.”

“You found a talking dog?”

“Yes! I named her Ru Ru and I like her. Can I keep her?”

“I dunno. I’ll talk to Yvonne about it.”

“I’m keeping the dog even if she say no. I’ll make the dog bite her old ass.”


“What? No evil hag is gonna come between me and my new dog.”





I talked to Yvonne about letting Erica keep her new dog. I wasn’t sure about it at first but I figure Erica having a dog could possibly help her in a way.

“Hey Yvonne, Erica found a dog last night and I was wondering if it would be okay if she could keep it. I think her having a pet could help her with her issues.”




“Sure she can keep her dog. I agree with you, it could possibly help her. I also feel having a pet around would be good for the children. It will teach them responsibility. Also Ty told me that you gave her the ring last night. I guess we can move forward with the wedding this afternoon.” 





“Wait.. I have to marry her today? Can we wait? Maybe I wanted to invite some family to the wedding since it’s my first. I’m not ready to marry her now.”





“Don’t be silly, Dodder. You don’t have much time to waste, you only have 2 weeks left. There’s no way you can plan a wedding within 2 weeks. I know your family live far away from here. Why waste time in inviting them to a wedding that’s not going to last. I’m sure your family wouldn’t want attend 10 of your weddings.”

Yvonne was right, my family wouldn’t want to waste time in attending 10 weddings that wasn’t met to last long. But truth be told, I was just trying to buy more time. I had no idea that I had to marry her soon after giving her the ring.





“Dodder, can I keep Ru Ru? Did the hag say no?”

“Erica, I’m right here. I can hear you.”

“Yes, sis. You can keep the dog.”

“Oh so now you can hear now, evil lady.”

“Erica, I’ve been nothing but nice to you. I’m allowing you to stay with us and letting you keep the dog.”

“I know but I still think you’re a evil lady.”





“Listen up everyone. We have no time to waste. We have a wedding to set up for today.”

“Really mama? Today?”

“Yes Ty, we must move forwarded with the wedding. Today is a nice day for a backyard wedding.”

“Why can’t we do it tomorrow or later on?”

“Dodder, you wasted enough time already. The sooner, the better. Go get dressed. I will handle everything.”

“What do I do then?”

“Erica, you can spend some time with the dog before getting ready.”





“Seriously? We have to do this today?”





“I am serious about this. The wedding is happening today rather you like it or not. I can shave some days off if I must.”





“You don’t need to be such a bossy evil hag. Why force him into something he doesn’t want to do.”

“I had explained things to you about this Erica.”

“There’s this thing called “get over it”. You should try it some time.”

“If you want to stay, I suggest you change your tude towards me.”





I got dressed for doomsday. If I knew I was getting married the next day then I would of hold off fucking Ty last night. It appears she wasn’t aware of the wedding happening so soon but then again, I’m not sure. I must admit of how good I look in this outfit but I’m not ready for what’s waiting for me downstairs. I wonder if Ty had a wedding dress picked out since she knew this would happen at some point. I took a few hits from my flask before heading downstairs.




I met with Ty in the backyard. I was surprised how she wasn’t decked out in a nice wedding dress. She explained how her mother suggested that she don’t waste money on a wedding dress and save it for her real wedding. I know Ty sees this as a real wedding cause she claims to love me.





“C’mon guys! Not today! It’s my twin’s wedding day. I need one day without being cray cray!”






“No! I’m coming out today! You think I wanna be stuck in here with these losers? I wanna go con some people today. Damn it Elaine! Shut up! No conning on Dodder’s day! Wedding day? Am I singing? Girl I know I was booked for this event. No, Eeyonce! No ones wants to hear your bad singing. BITCH! I know you ain’t talking about my singing! Your singing sucks. Shut your cock sucker, Elaine! Heyyyy let’s not fight! Oh no one asked you, Elise!”





“Look you heffas need to chill out for today. I swear if you all ruin Dodder’s day… Whatcha gonna do Erica? Hmm? You can’t hurt us!”





“I’m gonna kill you bitches! Try it! Try it! I will! I hate you all! Even me? No not you Elise, I like you. Why you don’t like me? You’re a bitch Eeyonce! Shut up! Shut up! SHUT UP!”





“Finally… Peace. I hope no one saw that.”





The wedding went on as Yvonne planned. It’s hard to believe that I’m a married man for the first time. I know how happy Ty was after I placed her wedding ring on her finger. I wasn’t happy about this whole thing but I faked a smiled to put on a show. I wanted to take off running but my feet wouldn’t move. I knew if I did, something bad could happen to me if I left Ty at the alter. You would think a mother would love to see their child marry someone who they would have a lasting marriage with. I’m not sure if Yvonne knows about the feelings Ty have for me. If she was any kind of parent, she wouldn’t put Ty through this. It’s going to hurt Ty when I have to end this marriage. Yvonne is just a selfish bitch, she claims to care about others feelings but she doesn’t seem to care about Ty’s feelings.





After the ring exchange and saying our I dos, I sat down with Erica for cake. I wasn’t much of a fan of cake since that’s all that was available when I was a kid but Erica loves it and asked me to get a piece. I was a little hungry and grabbed a piece. I wasn’t sure where Ty wondered off to but I didn’t care. They only person I want to be around with now is my twin.





“Ru Ru, did you like the wedding’?”

“I guess it’s okay.”

“Yeah.. too bad my bro doesn’t want to marry her.”

“Why he do it?”

“A witch’s curse. He gotta marry 10 bitches and have 100 babies.”

“That’s some fucked up shit.”

“I know right.”





“Ru Ru?”


“You think I’ll ever get married and have babies?”

“Nah girl unless that man is as cray cray as you.”

“I’m not crazy.”

“Girl, you talking to a dog who you think that it can talk. You is cray.”

“Whatever. Someday I will find true love or a baby daddy at least.”

“I hope you find love one day too. So how bout you find me a mate so I can get puppies.”

“Only when I get a man of my own. I don’t need you rubbing it in my face.”

“That’s never gonna happen.”

“Hey! I’m sexy, I can gets me a man, bitch!”


Note: Erica’s personalities now have names. Diva/Singer= Eeyone, Con Artist= Elaine, Poet=Elise

11 thoughts on “A Field of Dodders: Chapter 4, Put a ring on it

  1. lol! Oh, Erica, I can tell she’ll do well in the reality show biz. She’s something.

    Yvonne annoys me and I hope someone figures out a way to get revenge on her. Maybe Dodder’s kids will prank her. ehehehe

  2. lol. Its going to be fun to have her in my story all love obsessed on top of the crazy. Should I email you the note Glad and Del send in case you need it before I post it? It won’t be until the weekend that I’m at the point.

  3. haha love the convos between Erica and her personalities and also her dog XD
    well, now Dodder is married…its baby time!!

  4. I adore Erica, I love insane sims. 😀 She and Ruru are awesome. Poor Ty in this whole situation, I just have a feeling she’ll end up more hurt than anyone. 😦

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