A Field of Dodders: Chapter 3, Promise

One of the benefits of living here was having a homemade meals made everyday. The food was good and Yvonne made sure that I was fed well. She tries to give the grandmother appeal on me than  being a evil bitch who placed a witch curse on me. I guess she wants me to like her but honestly I can’t stand her. I do enjoy the meals, it saves me the energy of summoning food or trying to cook myself. Cooking was never my strong point and some of us genies don’t bother to cook. Erica does, but my mama never cooked a day in her life. Mainly cause all there were  was cake galore. I hate cake but my brother seems to love it along with Erica.




Every morning was the same thing. Breakfast was made and ready for Erica and I, sometimes Tykisha if she came home from partying or had the day off from work.  Yvonne usually ate at the breakfast bar and I chose the table just to be away from her. I didn’t want her to think that I had accepted my fate. I still believe I can break this curse without giving birth to 100 babies. After breakfast I usually headed to the Elixir shop to do more research. Sometimes Erica came along, sometimes I couldn’t find her which always worries me. She would eventually pop up from no where thinking she was either a famous poet or Beyonce. Today was a bit different for me.




Yvonne wanted to talk to me this morning. I knew she wanted to talk about me marrying her daughter so I would start popping out babies. That’s the last thing I wanna do. I can wait it out if I wanted. It’s not like I had to do it right away anyway.  But that’s when learned I didn’t have time to wait around before having the first kid.




“You been staying here for about 2 weeks. I think it’s time you forwarded with my daughter on marrying her and producing the first child. Time doesn’t wait on you, Dodder.”





“And what do you mean by that? Yeah I know I gotta marry her and have babies but can’t I just adjust to things first? It’s not like I have to do it after away anyway.”




“I forgot to tell you that you only have a month to marry the female after meeting her or the curse will start slowly aging your appearance and weight would start slowly adding on. You already wasted 2 weeks doing who knows what. I think it’s time you take Tykisha on a little date and give her this ring.”




“Wait? I only have just a month before I have to marry them? It’s that a little too soon? I mean.. I just can’t jump into marriage and babies just like that without knowing them first. If I have to marry them for some time, I want to at least know them. This info would of been nice to know ahead of time.”





“I figure you would of married her by now instead of avoiding her. I know she can be a handful at times but she can be sweet. Also you don’t have a lot of time to hold out on making the next child after one is born. You have 6 months to be pregnant with the next child. After the 10th child is born, you have to end the marriage after the 1oth child’s 5th birthday. I will bring in the next female and you’ll have a month to marry her. After your 10th child with Tykisha, I will be giving you a fertility treatment to increase the chances of twins, triplets or even quads. More babies but less pregnancies.”




“I don’t like anything that you just said. Especially the fertility treatment part. My brother gave birth to 7 alien babies at once and that’s no walk in the park. One baby bothers me but quads? Really? I know it would mean less pregnancies but that’s too many damn babies at once. This whole thing is fucked up. I am a good guy in a way. I look after my twin sister. I have some good in me. I know I fucked up some lives in the past but I was trying to change for my sister. Doesn’t that count for something?”




“The hearts you’ve broken, the marriages you’ve ruined, the lives you’ve destroyed, I can’t ignore those. Yes you are doing well with your sister but this is a case of “a little too late”. What you’re doing now doesn’t count for the chaos you created in the past. You only cared about yourself and no one else. 4 women suffer the lost of miscarriage of your baby and was later told they couldn’t conceive again. And one woman had a stillborn child of yours. She took her life when her husband learned that stillborn baby wasn’t his and he left her. She reached out for you, but you slapped her hand away. That… I cannot ignore.”




I remember Olivia. She was a girl that I met at a club one night. She was newly married when I met her. I fucked her a few times before she told me she was pregnant. I figure it could be her husband’s so we left it at that. Some months later she said the baby boy was stillborn and it was mine. I didn’t believe her cause if that baby was mine, he wouldn’t be a stillborn. Navox genies don’t have stillbirths cause we are immortal. Olivia told me how her husband left her and she needed me but I didn’t believe her about the stillborn. It wasn’t long before I was told that she killed herself. Years later my mama told me there’s a chance of a Navox genie having a non genie child. She had a human child with Borage and Celsia’s dad and mention Borage had 2 human sons. I felt like a ass after learning that. My stillborn son didn’t carry my genie occult, that’s how it was possible for Olivia to have a stillborn. The same go the other ladies who miscarried my other children. They all didn’t carry my genie gene. Borage was lucky for his 2 human sons survived in their mother’s wombs.

I decided maybe I’ll take Tykisha the the summer fest, I figure Erica would like to go as well. I didn’t want to leave her alone with Yvonne or with her other personalities.

“Erica, wanna come to the summer fest with Tykisha and I?” 




“Erica? She ain’t here! I’m Eeyonce and I gotta practice for tonight’s show. I gotta get this dance right so leave me alone, random negro!”





“Eeyonce, I told you once before. I’m your brother and you don’t have a up coming show tonight.”

“I ain’t got no brother! Mama didn’t have no boys other than my sister Eolange.”

“You don’t have a sister named Eolange.”

“Do too!”

“Anyway Eeyonce, do you want to come or not?”





” I told you no, negro. I got a show tonight and I gotta get these moves down or my fans won’t love me!”




There was no point trying to convince that personality to come with us. That’s the one who annoys me the most. Eeyonce only comes out whenever a certain song is played, sometimes it could be a random song. I wonder if I could get rid of all the stereos so I don’t have to deal with Eeyonce ever again. I made my way to Tykisha to finally ask her on a date.

“The summer fest had started, wanna go with me?”




“Are you finally asking me out on a date? A real date?!”





“Yeah, a real date. I know how you been hinting about the summer fest so I figure we could go today unless you have other plans?”




“Of course I love to go. It’s my day off, let’s go. I want to go skating. I haven’t skated since I was a kid.”

“Hey you bitches coming to my show tonight?”




“I guess skating could be fun. I don’t think I ever been skating before. Mama was always too drunk to take us anywhere.”





It was a nice day for the summer fest. I was currently enjoying my view. Tykisha surprised me a bit today. She was actually kinda sweet and less bitchy than usually. I wonder what’s with the change and how long will it last.




We skated for a bit when we first got there. I suck at this whole skating thing but Tykisha was willing to teach me how to since she was kinda good at it.




After a hour or so I did start to get better at it but I really like skating behind Tykisha and following her lead. I had some time to admire her nice assets. I’m starting to remember how good she was in bed and I’m realizing it’s been a while since I last been laid. I’m really glad Tykisha chose to wear a short dress today.





Tykisha suggested on trying out the photo booth for a picture. I figure it would be okay. So far today has been fun but it was near sundown and I knew I had to give her the ring tonight since I have 2 more weeks left.




As the sunsets and the stars filled the sky, I suggest that we watched to stars. It’s something that I don’t usually do but it’s been a while since I last done it. The night sky was looking nice and I figure it was something Tykisha would like. It’s a date after all and I guess I could make this night memorable for her.




“Today has been fun, Dodder.”


“I told you that I’m not so bad.” 

“Yeah? But how long will this last?” 

“Forever if you’re good. I’m thinking you’re only doing this cause you have to. Ya know you have 2 weeks left.”

“I know but yeah I’m only doing this cause I have no choice do I?”

“Maybe we don’t have to end our marriage after the last kid.”




“You know that I have to. Your mom said so.”

“I know but I’m a witch too and I can find a way to undo my mother’s curse.”

“You would go against your own mother?”

“Only for you. I’m not okay with you having 100 babies. In way.. I want to be the one carrying our babies.”

“I rather the female does but you know how I feel about kids and marriage.”

“I’m hoping I could be the one to change your mind.”

“You can try but it’s unlikely.”

“Maybe after we are married, you would. But I wanna break the curse, Dodder. It’s just my magic isn’t strong yet.”

“Why do you want to break it and how can you make your magic stronger.”

“It’s cause I love you, Dodder. One way to make my magic stronger is to carry a child of a Navox genie like you. I can’t carry your child cause of the curse.”




“You had my first baby, how come your magic didn’t get stronger?”

“Cause he was born a witch. You have a brother right?”

“Yeah.. 3 brothers but only 2 are genies. Why?”

“They could help us if I have their baby.”

“Well Glad is a teenager and Borage’s lady just died a few months ago.” 

“I need one of them..”

“I doubt Borage would want to have another baby especially after his lost.”

“I guess I could wait some years but when you think Borage is fine, call him. He can help break this if I have his child.”

“I’ll see what I can do. But for now, he’s not going go for it.”




I wonder if what Tykisha said was true. Could her magic be strong enough if she has my brother’s child? I know Borage currently wouldn’t do anything with her since he just lost someone that he loved. But I wonder if he would help his brother out. The timing would be terrible to ask him to fuck my soon-to-be-wife. I guess we will have to wait for some years to go by.





The summer fest was about to close for the day and I figure I give Tykisha the ring. She acted like she didn’t know it was coming when I asked to marry her. I’m trying to change so I let her have her moment. She said that she loves me and I’ll let her have her moment. Maybe if I get some good karma going maybe the curse would wear off.





“It’s beautiful, Dodder. I love it!”

“I’m glad you like it.”

“It’s perfect! This day is perfect! I promise you that I will find a way to break this curse.”





A promise, could I believe this? Would she promise to help me break this? My gut feelings is saying no, it’s hard to trust witches cause they could be tricky. Maybe Ty is like me and trying to change. If she truly loves me then she would. However I’m not taking my chances and holding on to this promise. I’m still going to find my own way out.





“What’s that in the sky? Those lights are pretty. It looks like there’s a rave going on in the sky. If I had some glow sticks and X I would join the rave party.”

“You gonna get abducted.”

“No I’m not you stupid dog!”

“Dem aliens, they gonna take you.”

“No! It’s a rave in the sky. Hold up! You’re a dog! How are you talking? Am I going crazy?”

“Girl you been cray cray. Nah I can’t talk! Your mind is so fucked up that you believe that I’m talking when I’m just barking annoyingly.”

“You’re a stupid talking dog!”

“Child please! I’m just a dog. Woof, woof bitch!”





“Where am I going?”

“To space to get space fucked.”


“Told ya, dems aliens up there and bout to get in dat ass. Hope you got your lube. Cause girrrrrl you gonna need it for reals!”

“I’m not gonna have butt sex with aliens!”

“Maybe. It don’t happen every time but you never know, girl. Have fun!”






8 thoughts on “A Field of Dodders: Chapter 3, Promise

  1. Oh Erica, hahaha. I think she and Carrie would get along.

    Montigos have some really screwy lives, lol. I can’t say Tykisha’s being sweet because my idea of sweet certainly isn’t having a kid with her someday-husband’s brother. But I bet she doesn’t really want that curse on Dodder either. It seems like from the previous chapters she’d rather keep Dodder for herself than give him up. So she has incentive.

    Ahhh, witches. I’m probably going to have a few of them when I”m done with my ghosts. Goodness knows I”m getting tired of ghosts. lol

    • Tykisha loves Dodder like she said and is willing to do anything to keep him, that’s including having Borage’s baby for the sake of breaking the curse. Dodder is a love genie and is a special type. His aura has a strong hold on Tykisha, she fell for him hard and fast. Her love for him does make her dangerous. She doesn’t like the curse but only went along cause she knew she’ll be the first wife. However she wants to be the only and one. Dodder is in for a world of hurt due to Tykisha.

      I’m not sure how I’m going to do this when Borage shows up because of timelines. His time jump screwed up things and his timeline is still progressing further and further. This needs to happen before his harem but I’m sure I’ll figure something out.

      • Yeah, mostly I’m thinking of the fact Borage is just as sexy as his brother and has an ego to exceed Dodder’s. I wouldn’t be surprised if Tykisha questions herself around Borage. XD

  2. Hello, sorry to bother you with a question that has nothing to do with this post…
    I was just wondering how you made your background image? If you don’t mind explaining I would really appriciate it.
    Thanks in advance!

  3. Aww awesome chapter. Dodder does seem quite sweet, he just has his own ideas on things. I don’t blame him for not trusting Tykisha but hey if it works out it couldn’t hurt him to be nice to her for a while.

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