Love For The Fellas: Chapter 8, Unexpected – Part 3

I knew Clark’s ho mama was gonna go after my idiot brother. Dramatic ass didn’t like his mama placing a wet one on dumb ass. The last thing he needs is another baby mama in his dumb life. Course dramatic ass had to be a dramatic ass about it.





“Mom! What are you doing?! He’s my brother!”

“I’m sorry Clark. I’m not sure what came over myself. It was just a little kiss.”

“That didn’t look like a little kiss to me! What’s that smell? Are you drunk?!”

“Maybe a little.  I never been with a genie before. A little kiss wouldn’t hurt.”

“You were plotting this whole time! Mommy how could you!”

“Clark listen, I wasn’t plotting anything. Borage made some drinks, we dance a little and it happen. I’m sorry but his body… Look at him.”

“Ugh!  Are you going to act like a cat in heat whenever you see my brother?”

“He’s just so… irresistible.”

“Borage must of sprinkle his genie magic on you now. Ugh!”

“Again Clark, I am sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you.”




“And you! Why can’t you put a shirt on?! You’re turning my mom into a giggling school girl.”

“I can’t help but be this sexy. All the ladies want to ride my magic stick. Besides it’s mostly Jack’s fault.”

“Who is Jack?”

“Jack Daniels.”

“Ugh! Just shut up and wear a shirt!”




“I forgot to bring a shirt so no.”

“You can wear one of my shirts then.”

“No, it won’t fit cause you’re getting fat. Cece was right.”

“I think I might be pregnant again.”

“Sucks for you.”

“I want to be fit like you, B. Can you help? I see you look good after your pregnancy.”

“I can help but no baby can destroy this nice body of mine.”





“Borage! Why you’re not over her checking out my ass?!”

“Carrie… I swear…”





“Is that all you got?”

“I’m just starting out.”

“No excuses! Run fatty run! Run with African speed!”

“I’m trying!”









“Borage! I can’t do this! I’m gonna fa-“


“I’m trying! I can’t do this!”

“Then I guess I will be fucking your mom.”






“I think I heard Borage about doing something with me.”

“Yeah I heard it too and it made me pick out our next song to sing.”

“Which one, Carrie?”

“The boy is mine.”

“I like that song.”

“Good cause it’s message to you. Borage is mine.”

“Carrie you can’t be serious. Borage is your brother.”

“It’s only my half brother!”




Danica and I wanted some alone time away from those idiots. I’ve been with some girls before but it’s been a while. I had no idea Danica was into girls as well. For once she wasn’t asking or talking about Borage since all her attention was on me now. Even with dumb ass being here, she didn’t make a b line towards him. Maybe it’s cause of Lois and I’m the next best thing. I really don’t know nor care. Danica was a great kisser and I wanted to play around a little. At least I know she won’t get me pregnant if we fuck.




“Hot damn. I bet I could bounce a quarter off of that juicy ass.”

“Are you checking out my ass?”

“I like what I see. I wanna grab it again.”


“Why not? Don’t you like ass grabs?”

“Not when it’s my sister grabbing my ass.”

“We are half sibs so it’s cool.”

“No it’s not.”





“Would you mind stopping that.”

“Stop what?”

“Playing footsie with me.”

“Well you want me to play handsy with you instead?”

“Keep your hands away from my dick.”

“But it’s just floating in the water asking me to touch it. Maybe if I rub it 3 times, I’ll get my wish.”

“The only thing you’ll get is a slap to the face.”

“Ooh I like a little rough play. Well I wouldn’t know since I’m a virgin but I bet I would like it. Wanna be my first?”

“No. I’m your brother!!”

“You’re just my half bro, no big deal.”

“It’s a big deal, Carrie! I’m kinda glad dad wasn’t in my life much cause I see he raised some fucked up kids.”

“I’m not fucked up…yet. I’m waiting on you to put out.”

“I’m not fucking you!”




Carrie left the hot tub all mad and shit. Maybe cause dumb ass turned her down. Seriously, Carrie stop trying to fuck our brother, who cares if we are half siblings to you. We still have the same sperm donor!  I saw Clark and Carrie’s mama joined Borage in the hot tub and I decided to join before ho  mama decides to make a genie baby with dumb ass in my new hot tub.

“Hi Celsia, I see that I’m over dressed for this little party.”

“You’re fine, I couldn’t find my bikini. Dumb ass, what are you doing? You better not be making genie cream in my hot tub.”

“What if I am?”

“I’m gonna slap you!”

“Borage are you-“

“No Elena, I’m just messing with her.”

“I swear… I already had this replace since asshole and Rosette fucked in it.” 




“By the way Celsia you have a very nice house but something bothers me. Clark said he’s been caring for your twins and his own. You need to help out more. Clark shouldn’t be raising your twins, that’s your job not his. You shouldn’t have kids if you’re not going to raise them.”

“I’m busy with school and shit. I gotta study hard if I’m going to open my own spa soon. I’m not like you, I didn’t want kids so it just kinda happen. Besides their daddy is suppose to come and get them.”

“I know you would have to study for school but I know you’re not studying all the time. You need to stop lacking in your twins’ life. Clark said that they don’t even know you.”

“Ugh, you’re not my mama, don’t lecture me.”

“I know that but you need to care for your own. They need to know who their mother is!”

“All they need to know is I’ll be working hard to keep a roof over their nappy heads!”

“Cece, why don’t you get a nanny like I use to have. I’m surprise grandmama didn’t send a nanny your way.”

“We may need one since Clark is interest in taking classes with me. “




“Hey can I join this party?”

“Carrie, where is your swimsuit?”

“In the house. My half sibs are naked so I should be naked too. Maybe Borage would like me more if he saw my body.”

“I am not looking at you.”

“Take a little peek, B.”


“Ugh Crazy ass, stop hitting on our bro.”

“He’s sexy.”




“I really feel out of place, being the only one wearing a swim suit.”

“Take it off.”

“I’m sure you’ll like that, dumb ass.” 

“Yeah,  I’m a guy.”

“How come you won’t look at me, B?”

“I’m not into the whole incest thing.”

“Can’t see how it’s incest when we got different moms.”

“Crazy ass, you’re really fucked up. I guess that’s asshole’s fault.” 

“Hey, dad is a good guy.”


“Hmm this is a interesting little party but where is Clark?”

“Probably being a dramatic ass.”

“So Elena, you gonna take off that swim suit?”




“I guess it’s just me and you, Celina. I invited your aunt and grandmother so they could meet you and they spend their day naked in the hot tub with your uncle. Next time I’m gonna make sure Cece doesn’t plan on inviting Borage over when I invite them again. Your uncle is a bit distracting.” 





“You been in here the whole time?”

“Yeah.. I spent time with my daughter as the twins had their nap. I guess the naked party is over.”

“Yeah. Your mom has nice tits.”


“Just saying. Anyway I’m heading home, my kids are driving my lady insane.”




“Please don’t go yet.”


“What if I’m having another alien baby. I need you to be here cause you know more about alien birth than me.”

“You don’t need me. You had one before.”

“What if I deliver different this time.. like you? Those last babies came out different didn’t yet?”

“Yeah but did the alien say the birth would be different this time?”

“Well no.. I’m not sure if I am really pregnant.”

“Then I’m no help to you. I gotta go but it was nice meeting you.”





“Borage! Wait! I think I’m in labor! I was pregnant!”

“Have fun with that. See ya later.”

“Borage! Don’t leave me! At least call for my mommy!”

“I’ll call for her, when I’m ready to fuck her.”

“You asshole!”




Borage left and I was being lecture again by ho mama about how I need to care for my babies and blah, blah blah. We heard screams coming from the baby room. Dramatic ass was being dramatic as he was about to give birth. It’s not that bad and he’s all crying for his mommy and shit. Great. He just have to have another alien baby. We don’t need anymore babies in this house. 3 was too many and now there’s 4. I think dramatic ass wants to be a ho daddy like asshole. He can when he’s not living here with me.




Clark had another blue baby but she was different from Celina. He forgot which alien the baby was suppose to be but he remember she’s  suppose to like the night. I guess this brat is gonna be up all night. He named her Vivian Queen. Elena and Carrie had to leave in a few hours and spent their time with the new baby. I was left with my twins and Celina as the others hover over Vivian. I took my twins to my room so they could play while I do homework on my laptop. I left Celina in the baby room, she’s a alien. One of them would probably notice her. She’ll be fine.



Baby Chat Time

“Anyone wanna hear the new song that I made?”





“No. Your song is going to suck like your other songs. Just stop already.”





“I know my new song sounds great. My daddy said he liked it.”





“Yours is even more terrible than Cienna’s. Besides your daddy is tone deaf. He wouldn’t know what’s a good song if it slapped him in the face.”





“I think you’re just a hater, Chloe. Let’s see you make a good song then since you say we both suck.”





“Yeah Chloe! Why don’t you show us a good song then?”





“I ain’t got time for that. I got shit to do like eat this block.”





“It’s cause you know, you’ll suck. Wait a sec.. Which one of you booger queens been eating on my stick? It tastes different!”

11 thoughts on “Love For The Fellas: Chapter 8, Unexpected – Part 3

    • I don ‘t think anyone is taking Carrie seriously. She’s strange, they are aware of it and figure Carrie is just being Carrie lol.

    • All I will say on the subject of Elena is that I have a perfectly reasonable explanation for her behavior, and it’s not just that Carrie’s always been weird. 😛 I’ve decided this stuff with them visiting happens a bit in the future of where Hive is now.

      • Well Borage along with Celsia and Dodder are Love Genies but these 3 are special types that I haven’t gotten into just yet. People will have a strong desire to be with them. Their aura attracts others and they find themselves unable to control their hormones around them. They have the ability to even attract heterosexuals. Borage isn’t going to like when males are trying to be with him too LOL Celsia was able to attract Danica although Danica is straight. Elena couldn’t help her so that one drink wasn’t to blame. Borage’s aura apparently gotten a hold of Carrie which it’s not suppose to since she’s related. I guess Carrie would be a special case haha. Borage’s aura increases whenever he’s shirtless and as you saw he was shirtless most of the time. Females will be a little crazy around a shirtless Borage lol. I’ll later explain Celsia’s aura.

  1. I can see the different relationships developing with the C-girls – it seems like Celina and Cienna are ganging up on Chloe and she tries to act like she don’t care. XD Glad to see Celina has a good relationship with her cuzes.

    Looking forward to Vivian as a toddler.

    Enjoyed the chapter!

    • I think I have their personalities set. I sat and watch how to interact with each other. Chloe seems more of mean girl type while Cienna and Celina are both artsy and love music. All 3 will like each other but Chloe has her mean girl moments with them lol. I’m sure about Vivian, she’ll remain a annoying infant for a while.

  2. I wasn’t even talking about the Borage genie thing, just Elena’s reaction to Carrie’s behavior. 😉 Also, that totally makes sense, what you’re saying about the auras. A lot of what’s been going on in the Unexpected stuff relates to a theme I’m going to be bringing up in Hive soon. I’m going to borrow some of your pictures (with credit to you) to show Elena’s side of things. It’ll all make more sense when I’ve gotten the chapter I’m referring to out. XD

  3. Wow Clark did get really fat. LMAO at the training session. Oh my, and Celsia and Danica session! 🙂 Oh gosh.. the whole hot tub scene. Another baby! 🙂

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