Love For The Ladies: Chapter 45, Sweet in the Morning

I woke up in a dazed, my head was pounding, the sun glaring in my face. I slowly lift myself out of bed trying to collect memory of last night. I don’t have much memory of last night. I glanced over to see someone laying in my bed. It took a moment to focus before realizing  it was June who was sound asleep in my bed. I repeatedly ask myself, what happen last night and did we just-…. I looked on the floor, seeing our clothes scattered all over. We did. Why did I let it get this far? June was suppose to be my friend and I took her to bed? How drunk was I? How did she convince me to fuck her?

As I sat on the edge of my bed, I slowly started to remember the night before. I could of stopped myself but I didn’t. Fueled with liquor, memories of Diamond that made me horny as fuck, only made me want to fuck the next lady who comes my way. It wouldn’t matter who she was. Yeah I’m back on my mission but I didn’t want to add June on that list. She’s kinda special to me like Diamond. Special ladies friends shouldn’t be added to my list of 1000 random meaningless hook ups.




I felt bad as I spooned with her with thoughts of another lady, Diamond. I was still in my drunken state thinking I was with the other as she appeared in my dream once more.




For a moment it felt it was real but then I wonder as I fucked June, was I thinking of Diamond and thought June was her? I’m still trying to recover my memory of last night.




As I slept and cuddled with June, the memories of Diamond, flashed in my head. This memory of my dream felt so real. It would be nice to spoon with her again but I have a mission and she has her own. I just can’t help but remember all that awesome sex we had in Sunset City and Lucky Palms. Maybe I should send Diamond a plane ticket here for the weekend. Maybe we can make some more sexy memories.




But June.. What am I going to do with June? She had a high chance of being my first best friend that  I’m not sexual with, like with Diamond. June was suppose with be my friend with no strings attached. I watched as she rolled in bed. So much for being sweet in the morning. I regret last night as the memories came flowing in.




“Damn girl… Where did you learn how to kiss like that?”






“Was it bad?”

“Nah.. c’mere, lady.”





“You’re a awesome kisser, Borage.”

“Yeah I’ve been told that a few times.”

“I mean really awesome.. I never been kissed like that before.”

“I bet I could do some other things to you like no one has ever.”

“You think so?”

“I know so pretty lady. How about we take this party to my place?”

“Sure.. I would love that.”




“I’m not sure about this.. I mean- Uhh..”

“What’s wrong? You don’t want any of this magic genie dick?”

“Borage.. I’m a virgin. I never gone this far with a guy before.”

“You got the right teacher then. I can show the ways of awesome fucking. My tongue will guide you, lady.”

“I was saving myself for someone special but-“

“Lady, I am special. You’ll never find good genie dick like this. Lady, I’m magical. Why you think I call myself Magic B.? This dick is gonna wish I’ll marry you.”

“I would like to be married one day.”

“My genie dick might make this wish come true if you please it right.”




“So you would marry me one day?”

“Maybe someday when my heart is ready, Diamond.”

“Diamond? Is that a cute pet name for me? I like diamonds.”

Shit.. wrong lady-


“Yeah June, you’re beautiful like a diamond.”




“Ready for this  genie dick? Cause it’s ready for you, Diamond.”

“I think so. I like it when you call me diamond. No guy ever said I was beautiful like a diamond.”

“Uh.. yeah.. June… June. Ah June, you are truly beautiful Di- June.”

“Oh Borage, you can keep calling me by my new pet name. I like it.”

“Um.. ready for the dick? I promise I won’t hurt you. I’ll be gentle.”

“I’m ready. I think I want you to be my first.”




This would of been the time I should of stopped myself. One, she’s a virgin and was saving herself for the right guy. Two, I couldn’t get her name right. Calling her the name of one of my baby mamas isn’t cool but she figure it was a pet name. Yeah I played it off but damn, I just couldn’t get her name right cause I’m still thinking about Diamond and the time we had loads of awesome genie-fairy sex. It’s still fresh on my mind. I should of stopped right here but I didn’t…




“That was amazing. It felt so good. I really liked it when you called me by my new pet name as we made love. It made me feel special.”

“I am pretty amazing.”

“Can we do it again?”

“Yeah, I can give you another lesson but you’ll have to pay.” 

“Like with money? Huh?”

“Nah.. with your mouth. You can get under these covers and give me a blow job.”

“I never gave any guy a blow job. I’m curious.”

“You’re already a good kisser so this would be natural for you. Start out licking me like a candy stick and I’ll guide you. If you’re good, I’ll return a favor.”

“Okay.. This is my first time doing any of this.”

“It’s fine but my genie dick isn’t gonna suck itself ya know. I’m ready.”




Memories of last night came racing back. I just can’t believe it. How am I going to clean this mess up? I wonder if I remembered to wear a condom. Well she was a virgin and I don’t think her eggs were ready to catch babies yet. I guess I’m safe. I don’t have to worry about babies. Having a baby with June will make things complicated.





It wasn’t long before June finally woke up. I wasn’t sure what I was going to say to her. Telling June that I regret last night shouldn’t be the first thing that she hears in the morning. I’ll see what she have to say first.





“Again, last night was amazing. You made me feel so special. I guess were taking things to a new level now? The things you said to me last night makes me feel good. You could possibly marry me one day. I guess this means that we are dating. I never had a boyfriend before.”





“June, I feel like a asshole. I shouldn’t had lead you on like that. In fact, I should of never fucked you but I was drunk, horny and thinking of her. I’m not ready for a relationship anytime soon. I’m still healing with a broken heart. I wouldn’t been ready even if you were Diamond.”




“What? You don’t want to be with me? You wished that we never had sex? Diamond? What are you talking about? I thought that was a special name for me?! Is Diamond a name of another girl? I feel like a idiot!”





“Diamond is the name of one of my baby mamas. I am sorry, June. I feel bad. You’re a sweet girl. I’m sure you’ll-“




“You’re gonna say “there will be some other nice guy for you.” I heard that line before, Borage! You’re a asshole like the others! I thought you were the one. I thought we had something special. We hung out all the time, I gave you signs that I was interest in you! I thought you were interest in me too! I made you a mix tape of songs hinting that I like you! Then you take away my virginity and call me a name of another woman! Were you thinking of her as you had sex with me?!”





“I said I’m a asshole. I thought about Diamond. I am really sorry. I feel awful, June. But I was really drunk last night and I had a lot of things on my mind. I never wanted to hurt you. I liked you as a friend. I shouldn’t had let things get this far. I didn’t know you liked me in a different way. I figure you were giving me new music to play when I open my night club. June, I’m sorry.”




“I gave you something very special that I can’t get back. I can’t believe you thought about your baby mama when you were with me! I bet cause she’s skinny and you don’t like me cause I’m fat! That’s why you thought about her! You wished that you were fucking her and not me. I’m sorry if I’m a lard ass but I can be as special as her!”




“June, your weight doesn’t bother me. You got have a nice round ass and I like that but I don’t see you in the way like I do with Diamond or any other lady. It’s not because of your weight. You are special to me, you were close to being a best friend. It’s something that I never had before. Us hooking up like we did probably ruined the awesome friendship we had. I just want to be friends with no benefits other than having a nice lady to hang out with and have non sexual fun with. It’s rare for me to have that type connection with a lady.”




“So me being a plus size doesn’t bother you?”

“No, June. Diamond is sometimes fat, she wants 100 kids and I still think she’s sexy.”

“Pregnancy fat is different from being actually fat, Borage. She’ll be skinny again. Maybe if I lost weight-“

“Even if you did, I still wouldn’t change how I feel about you. Your weight is not the issue.”

“Then what’s the issue? I’m a ginger? Every guy wants to be “just friends” with me.”

“There’s no issue, you have all the the type of things that I look for in a friend. Can we be friends?”

“Maybe.. But you made me feel special last night. Saying I was beautiful like a diamond but you were thinking of her.”

“I’m sorry.. What if we just have sex again and I think about you this time. Would that make you feel better?”




“No Borage! That’s not going to make me feel better! I feel ugly since you weren’t even thinking of me as were having sex! I feel like the ugliest female in the world!”





“I’m sorry, June but you are beautiful. What can I do to make you feel better?”

“Be with me like you would with Diamond. We have a connection and you know what.”

“June, I can’t do that. I’m not ready to be with anyone.”

“Not even Diamond?”

“Not with her either. I wanna be in her and not with her. I’m not in the right place to start a new relationship. I’m still hurt about my dead ex. I told you about her. Diamond has her 100 baby thing, she wouldn’t be ready to be with me even if I was ready. I’m doing my own thing too and I’m not stopping for no lady. I want 1000 hook ups, I stopped for Lois and I will never do that again. She broke my heart.”

“So am I on that list of 1000 hook ups?”

“In a way… yeah but I didn’t want you to. You’re spec-“




“Stop! Don’t say it! I don’t wanna hear it.”

“I just wanted to say that you were spec-“

“Don’t! I just don’t want to hear it cause it means nothing to me now! I’m just another number on your fuck list!”

“A special number on my fuck list.”

“If I was so special then why were you not thinking of me when we did it?”

“I was drunk and confused. We can have a do over. I promise I’ll think of you.”




“No! A do over? Really? That’s not going to make me feel better.”

“Usually a ride on this magic stick makes any lady feel better.”

“Taking a ride on the magic stick is the issue!”

“I don’t know what do to then. Watching you cry is making me feel awkward.”





“Fine! I’ll go cry somewhere else if me being upset bothers you so much!”





“I don’t want you to leave here upset. I want to work out things with you and make you happy again. I’ll be feel bad if you leave here upset.”





“I think I should go home. I’m sorry to bother you.”

“Don’t go, stay so we can fix this.”

“This can’t be fixed. I’m hurt.”

“I can’t let you leave here hurt. I care about your feelings.”

“No you don’t. You don’t care at all.”

“But I do. I want to be your friend.”

“I like you too much to be your friend. I need to leave.”

“Please June.. “

“No Borage. I need to leave. Have a nice life.”

“But June..”

“Sorry Borage but it will be hard for me to see you with other females.”

“It doesn’t have to be like this.”

“But it is.”




June got dressed and left. I knew that was the last time I would ever see her again. My first and only friend in town is gone, just like that. I fucked up things and now I lost a friend that I really cared about. This kinda hurts me cause I’ll probably never had a friend like June again. I felt like such as ass as she walked through my door. I wish I could fix our friendship but she wouldn’t let me.




Honestly I can’t blame June for wanting this hot body of mine. Ladies can’t get enough of this hot genie dick. But still, I feel bad. I guess I will have to keep moving on then.




The next morning I tried to get a hold of June but she ignored my texts and calls. I feel bad but I guess I should move on. I decided to send Diamond a text and see how are things. I am going to get my sweet in the morning, one way or the another.

“hey Di its me B. my weekend sucked so i hope u can make it better by sendin me a pic of dat sxy body nekkid. dat would make me happy. i hope ur doing ok and i hope u send me a nude cause im still waitin. dnt make me beg girl. -B.” 

11 thoughts on “Love For The Ladies: Chapter 45, Sweet in the Morning

  1. haha omg Borage….lets have sex again..that will fix things.
    Poor June though, she lost her virginity to him 😦
    i wonder if she will be pregnant??

    • Having sex to fix the issue of having sex will indeed fix everything. That’s Borage logic for ya LOL

      At least she gave it up to someone who’s hot hehe.. Time will tell if she gotten pregnant or not :p

      • I agree with that. I can care less about the boy I gave my virginity too. At the time he was the love of my life. 12 years later I rarely remember us, Iremember the ex that was steaming hot though lmbo.

    • LOL He believes his “magic” from his male part will heal. Ugh.. no it doesn’t work that way. But he does feel bad now since he lead her on without realizing it. June is young (about early twenties) and she took him wanting to hang out all the time as a sign that he’s interested. Poor June is a bit naive.

  2. This time I really wanted to slap Borage. I wish June had, lol. I wouldn’t blame her if she never sees him again. I guess it’s because most the other ladies Borage’s been with weren’t as sweet/naive/innocent? as June was, I feel really bad for her.

    • Hahaha. June is young, I’m thinking in her early twenties like 20-22 so she’s a bit naive and never been that far with a guy before. His earlier hook ups were young too, Lois was about 18, Lindy was 23 and Alayna had to be about 23 or 25. Sonoko the first lady was in her 40s LOL. She was 12 days from being a elder before I switched to Epic.They all had some issues besides Alayna. June was pure unlike the others and that may of turned Borage off. He didn’t want to corrupt her but now he has. June should of listened to Borage when he first said he liked her as a friend.

  3. “I’m sorry.. What if we just have sex again and I think about you this time. Would that make you feel better?” Aw mannn, Borage tries so hard but still ends up being an idiot. Reminds me so much of a guy I dated who was hot and a popular musician that ladies hit on all the time but we were ‘friends with benefits’ basically, It went on several years, and eventually he told me he loved me but later took it back saying he didn’t mean it ‘in that way’ just as friends. I think he felt bad when he broke my heart but like Borage he didn’t know any better, and would probably look at himself in the mirror in the same way saying ‘damn I’m hot, the ladies love me’. LOL sad but true.

  4. Even after all his kids, he still has no concept of how reproduction works, lol.
    Aww I feel so bad for both of them, he didn’t want to ruin the friendship but it was really just a matter of time if she was liking him as much as it seemed. 😦

    • he tried to tell her that he didn’t want anything more than friendship but she didn’t want to hear. Part of it is on her fault too.

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