About updates.

Hey all, my updates are either about to slow down or stop for a short while because I’m moving 😀 I plan to start apartment hunting on Monday and I have to do a billion things before the move like furniture shopping since I have none, throwing out stuff I don’t need, find my dog a new home and other stuff. Finding a reasonable place that will let me take my cat is gonna be a little difficult. I only get a few choices and I know its gonna stress me out and ill be too warn out to keep on updating. Ill probably play Borage’s AL saves more and post pics on FB and tumblr until I’m moved and settled in. I have a certain deadline to find a place so that adds more pressure. Oh joy…

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6 thoughts on “About updates.

  1. The evils of moving…I know them well. I was broke for 3 months after moving this year. Wish luck that everything will go as you plan it. That the move goes smooth. 😀
    We’ll be here when Borage comes back.

    • I mostly have just my bedroom to move like, bed, dresser , computers, tv, clothes and shoes. That shouldn’t be too bad but I have to go out and buy more stuff, mainly just furniture and a decent vacuum. I already have dishes and cookware that I got for Christmas a year ago. I’ll probably go broke after getting some furniture. I may be able to push out one more update for Borage, Celsia and possibly Rio until the craziness starts. I wish ‘Edit Town’ was real. Just place me in a home that already have stuff in it LOL

      • OMG that would be the best thing ever. Ill just go ahead and try different houses until I can really decide for one, or maybe Ill never decide since I can just edit my butt out LMBO

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