Tango Inferno: Chapter 2.4, Remember Me – Part 2

We last left off where my beloved cousin Borage was encountered by a female fae which he has no memory of meeting her. Of course he has his idea of memory refreshment that requires a bed. And what do you know? It actually worked for him, she agreed to go to bed with him. Diamond must really like him or something cause that line would never work on my girl Janiya. She would of gone upside my head, and it doesn’t matter if we been together like..forever. Anyway, Borage approached me with a smug look on his face. I knew what he wanted and I handed over my house key without saying a word. I knew he wanted some private time with her back at the house. Me being the good younger cousin, I decided to give him his time with after all of the shit he’s been through. This means that me and others need to find something to do for  the next hours. I know Borage and Diamond have a lot of catching up to do.




“I’m only in town for a short time. I’m just visiting some of my kids. So I’m ready whenever you’re ready. It’s been a while since I last seen you.”




“Damn girl. I guess you really want some of this magic. I’ll see if Rio will let me have his house key and we can borrow his place for a while.”





“I don’t understand why you don’t remember me but I’m just glad to see once again. I didn’t think I would ever..again. But here you are, of all the places.”

“It’s weird though. I remember all the ladies I’ve been with but you. It doesn’t ring a bell but I think I seen you in a dream. How do I know you’re not some crazy lady.”

“Here, I have a photo of our twins. See. They look just like you.”

“Hmm. They do look like me. I don’t get it…”

“They are both genies like you. Maybe we’ll figure something out.”

“Yeah… lemme get that house key.”



After handing over my key and hoping that he doesn’t lose it on his way back to my house, his fairy embraces him once more. Janiya thought it was sweet as she watches on. She figure Diamond was his girlfriend and he’s finally moved on. I told Janiya I highly doubt she’s a girlfriend but I don’t think she’s a random hook up. I think she may known him. I later learned that was true. I am curious of how many women my cousin has been with that he has no memory of.  I believe things can get a little awkward when you’re getting tons of emails or texts from ladies you don’t remember.

I only been with one other woman other than Janiya. We did break up for a short time and I met a girl named Daniela Dias. Beautiful Colombian lady with dark hair and eyes. However I wish I didn’t remember her either. Things get awkward when I come across her whenever I’m out with Janiya. They usually exchange hateful glares and Daniela usually makes a backhanded compliment to Janiya that escalates into a cat fight. It gets embarrassing at times and I just wish Daniela would just move on. I made a promise if anything ever happen between Janiya and I again, I will never go back to Daniela since she loves to cause chaos in my life when she’s around.




“Rio doesn’t have any extra double beds that I know of. I hope the twin size bed or the floor would be okay?”

“I’m sure we can manage.”

“Are you flexible?”

“You’ll find out if I am or not.”








“Borage.. I’m not sure if I should say this..”

“That I’m the best genie dick you ever had?”

“Yes but that’s not what I wanted to say.”


“Borage, ..I.. I love you.”




“I love you too, Lois.”





“Borage, my name is Diamond. It’s not Lois. You really don’t remember me..”

“Did I just call you her name?”

“Yes.. I guess another female is on your mind…”





“I’m sorry Diamond.. I didn’t mean to..”

“It’s okay Borage, really.”

“Why can’t I remember who you are?”

“I’m sure we will figure out the reason.”

“I’m sorry that I called you-  Her name. It’s just- It was a natural reflex. I swear I’m not thinking about her.”

“I guess I could understand. Wanna come back into bed with me?”

“I feel like a asshole.”

“It’s okay.. Really. It’s okay.”




“It’s not okay, Di. I shouldn’t be calling you my dead ex’s name. I don’t want you to think I’ll be thinking about her when I’m with you. Trust me, I’m over that dead bitch.”

“You speak ill of her. Mind if I ask why?”

“I’ll tell you this.. She broke my heart.”

“Maybe I can heal it.”

“Possibly but let me make it up to you for calling you the wrong name.”












We were growing restless and figure Borage had enough time with Diamond so we headed back to the house. Niro raced into sauna room like there was a fire in it. Janiya followed him to see what was the rush to be in the sauna room for. Niro’s craziness was revving up again. I wonder will he have a hard time dealing college when we go. I hope he grows out of his odd behaviors before we leave.


“Okay Patches, here’s the deal. I will be leaving for school soon so I need you to stay here so people won’t think I’m crazy.”

“But Patches wants to go.”

“I am sorry but I need you to stay here. How am I gonna get laid if you’re hanging around me.”

“Patches will stay in the background. Patches doesn’t want to be alone.”

“I’m sorry Patch but others will think I’m crazy cause they can’t see you. I’m not crazy though. “

“Patches knows Niro is not crazy. Niro is Patches’ friend.”




“But you can’t go damn it.”

“Are you talking to your invisible friend again?”

“Patches is real! You just can’t see em.”

“You don’t need to come to college with us. You need to go to the nut house.”




Borage and Diamond were finished by the time we returned. They were raiding my frig as we entered. I guess they were wanting to refuel for later on. My guess is Diamond is staying the night over, which I don’t mind at all. I have plenty of space just in case. We chatted for a bit. It’s when I learned about Borage’s memory issue.


“So who’s your friend?”

“Diamond Flare. I guess she’s one of my baby mamas but I don’t remember her.”

“You don’t remember her?”


“That’s pretty shitty of you.”

“I know.”

“It’s okay, guys. I think there’s a reason behind this.”

“That my cuz is just a asshole?”





“Do you think it’s possible that his memory was erased?”

“That is possible, Diamond.”

“I think it was cause look at her Rio, how could I not remember that?”

“You have a point there. What’s the last thing you remember?”




“I was passed out in front of my house. My head was pounding and according to Fayon, I was gone for 2 weeks. I didn’t know where I was for that long. It happen again a few years ago. After my house fire. I was gone for 2 months but I don’t remember where I was for that long. I remember each time where I found myself lost and confused, one of my alien kids were near by. I got a text from a girl named Cindra saying she had a great time with me. I don’t know who she is.”




“You said there’s always a alien kid around when you’re confused?”


“I think that’s it. It’s your alien kids taking your memory away. I heard about this from a friend. Sometimes aliens can wipe away a memory.”

“I knew those bastards were evil.”



“I didn’t think aliens could erase memories. I had 2 alien children before and I don’t believe they ever taken any of my memories. I wonder if I could just restore his memory with my alchemy.”




“I think it depends on the breed of the alien. It’s more of Ziharian thing. My friend has been studying aliens since he married one before leaving town. I’m not sure which breed he married but I know for sure memory wipes is something that Ziharians do.”




“Those bastards are Ziharians..”





“Now that we figure out the issue. I can work on a elixir  to restore his memory. Do you have a alchemy table around by any chance?”





“Wait.. before anyone goes off to restore my memory, what if there were some bad things that were erased? Like how I got pregnant twice. I’m pretty sure Pedro used alien magic but let’s say he didn’t. I rather not know how I got pregnant. I know you now, Di. Can that be enough? I can get to know you.”





“I guess you have a point there. But I got you covered. Janiya is a witch and I know there’s a special witch elixir that can only restore memory that happen at a certain time. Diamond, you can talk to Janiya about it. I’m pretty sure she could help you with memory restoration. She also have a alchemy table so there’s no need for you to go to the shop. Maybe it’s best if you let Diamond just restore the time when she was with you, Borage. Maybe there’s something special about that night that you need to remember.” 

6 thoughts on “Tango Inferno: Chapter 2.4, Remember Me – Part 2

  1. The vengeful spirtit will haunt Borage’s ass for all eternity. hmmm interesting.. the alien children may be part of this.

  2. Magical times with Diamond again.. the first time I saw the scene where Lois ghost was watching, gave me shivers. Almost did again. LOL at the scene with Patches.

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