Love For The Ladies: Chapter 44, Looking for Magic

A few weeks had passed by and I was getting tired of sitting around the house. I needed to get back to my old life once again. I had no desire in working at another club. I rather have my own. I was left with my 2 youngest G-daughters but I wanted to scout out the city for a perfect spot to open my own club that I wanna call “Magic”. I took the girls with me, I figure it wouldn’t be so bad if the girls came with me to the clubs so I could get advice from other owners. It was only noon so it wouldn’t be like anyone there. I talked to one of the bartenders and she directed me to a lady named Rene.




Rene told me about a old science center with a reasonable price was available. Rene talked about how opening a club in there would bring new life in that area since it’s been a bit dead there for a few years. I told her I would check out the place as soon as I could. She gave me her contact info in case I needed help with anything else. I kinda do need some help with something. My magic stick is in need of some attention. Maybe Rene could help with that. It’s been a while since my last lay. The last was with Diamond and it was a night to remember. 




It was time to go but Mariah was having fun as she waited when I was talking with Rene. Mariah didn’t want to leave. She wanted to stay so she could dance. I told her we would go somewhere fun.





I took the girls to Roll N’ Bounce Alley for the rest of the day. Mariah and I had some corn dogs and Mariah asked about the club.

“Can I work at Magic when you make it, daddy?”

“What can you do?”

“I can give all the nice people stickers!”

“So you want to be the sticker girl?”

“Yeah daddy. So can I? I’ll be the best sticker girl ever!”

“I’ll see what I can do.”

“And can I get my raise now?”

“Your raise?”

“Yeah I heard it’s better to ask for a raise early.”

“Okay Muffin, I’ll give you a raise on your first day.”





Mariah and I skated after we ate lunch. She fell a few times, I picked her and try to help her skate but she said she’s a big girl now and didn’t needed my help anymore. That’s until she fell flat on her face and cried, then she needed me. I guess it was time for us to do something else before she hurts herself.





We did some bowling. I figure it would less harmful than skating. I don’t think I ever got a chance to bowl. I had a pretty good time with Mariah.




“Alright Muffin, watch the master. I’ll show you how to bowl like a champ.”

“I’m watching, daddy. I wanna be a bowling champ like you.”

“Just watch and learn, Muffin.”

“Okay, I’m watching, daddy. Be a champ!”





“And that’s how it’s done. It’s your turn, Muffin.”






“Daddy! This ball is heavy. I don’t think I can do it.”

“Yes you can, just try.”

“But I won’t hit anything, daddy.”

“You won’t know until you try.”







“See daddy. I didn’t hit anything. I don’t wanna play anymore.”

“Don’t be a quitter. Just try again, you might hit something. Just pretend the pins are something that you don’t like.”

“Okay daddy.”





“Take that you ugly cootie queens who keep flirting with my dad  when we go out. He never spend time with me cause your cootie face won’t leave him alone! Die! Die! DIIIIIIIE!”





“I didn’t think Morde knew you existed. This reminds me of something…”





“Goodnight daddy, I love you.”





“Who the fuck are you?!”






“I don’t think I’m gonna hit anything this time, daddy!”








“Look daddy! I got a spare! I think I’m winning now!”




“How is that possible? I think this game is rigged.”





After a few rounds I was able to get myself a strike. I guess maybe this lane was rigged after all.





After we were done playing I happen to notice that we were being watched by some woman. She was breathing a bit heavy like she had asthma or something. I wasn’t sure if I should say anything to her or not. She isn’t my type with her staring at me all creepy like.




She smiled and waved at me and I waved back at her. She started to move forward towards me as Mariah ran off to so play some arcades. I kinda wished that she didn’t leave me alone with that woman.




“I always admire a man who spends time with his child. Anyway my name is June. You seem familiar some how. Did you DJ at this one huge party in Lucky Palms this year? You look like that same guy but with shorter hair. I am sorry for rambling on. I get nervous sometimes.”



“Yeah that was me. I’m Borage by the way. It’s always good to know that someone could recognize me. I’m going to be opening a club here in town soon call Magic. Maybe you can invite all of your sexy lady friends out for a night soon. I know there’s some ladies looking for magic. Well I am here. I’m a genie.”




Over the course of a couple of weeks, June and I hung out time to time. I realize that I didn’t have any friends. I got to know June a little and she seems cool. My G-kids like her cause they love the berry cobbler that she makes. She’s a good baker and wants to own her own bakery soon. Hanging out June was probably the best idea since she knows this city well. It’s good to have someone to call as a friend. Don’t get me wrong, Diamond is my friend too but I don’t get to hang out with her.




One day I got a text from June asking me to check out a club with her. I figure it would be fun. I told her I would meet her at 8. After replying back to June, I sent Diamond a text hoping she’ll send me a pic of her sexy fairy tits. I haven’t seen them in a while. Maybe she should remind me of what they look like.




“A cleavage shot! It’s not what I asked for but I’ll take what I can get.”

I liked what little I could see so I shot Diamond another text.

“that was nice but can u send me  a nude? i dnt care if ure all fat & pregg. i wanna see dat body again. – B.”




I shown up at the club where June wanted to meet. I got there early so I ordered my first drink.

“You, lemme get a sex on the beach. If you know sexy lady that wanna fuck on the beach, that would be nicer.”

“Well I don’t know any sexy ladies that want to do that. What’s fun about having sand stuck in the crack of your ass?”

“That’s what blankets are for. So you gonna make my drink or am I making it myself?”

“I’ll have it ready for you in a bit.”

“Well don’t screw it up. Magic B. will show it how it’s done.”

“I know how to make a sex on the beach.”

“As do I. Maybe I can make one tonight with a sexy lady.”

“Good luck, bro. It’s been pretty dead here.”





After I got my drink, June shown up. The bartender was right about this place. It was pretty dead. I suggest to June that maybe we should hit up another club. She agreed and we left to try out another club.




The other club wasn’t any better. It was just as dead but they were playing some good music. We decided to stay and dance.





I was pretty impressed by June’s dance moves. She was able to keep up with me. We were having fun that night. It’s been so long since I had any fun. The party in Lucky Palms was pretty fun but I’m ready to have some adult magic fun. These clubs that we been hitting up seems pretty dead so I doubt I’ll be getting action tonight. I’m not sure ditching June to get with a lady would be a good idea. That would be a bit rude to do that to someone who invited me out. I think I should try to keep the only friend in town. 





“Are you having a good time, Borage? I know I am.”

“Yeah. It might be dead here but I’m having fun. Wanna order some more drinks?”

“Yeah, I could use some more drinks. Maybe it would make the night better.”

“I never had a bad night where drinks were involved. I’ll get us some drinks.”





I got some more drinks. We stayed at the bar, slamming down drinks after drinks and doing shots. This girl could drink and I like that. I was hoping she’ll be a good drinking buddy cause I could use one of those. It wasn’t that long before I felt like the world was spinning super fast. June and I were having a great time, drinking and chatting. The more I get to know her, the more I like her as a friend.





“Borage, I’m really glad that you wanted to hang out with me tonight. These past few weeks have been fun. I really like hanging out with you. I always have a great time when I do. I’ve been wanting to tell you something but sometimes I get nervous but he it goes. I like you.”





“I like you too. You seem cool and fun to hang out. I like that you take the time to show me around town.”





“No Borage.. I really like you. I thought with me being a big girl you wouldn’t give me the time of day. You’re so nice and sweet to me. That’s what I like about you. No guy has ever been this nice to me before. I like you a lot. The way how we connect is like magic. It’s unbelievable.”





“I don’t see how you being fat would stop you from being my friend.”





“Most guys like you wouldn’t like a big girl like me. Most guys prefer skinny girls. I’m glad that you can look past that.”





“What can I say.. I like big butts and I cannot lie.”





“Oh really? Well I have a pretty big one myself.”

“Well I have a big one too. My genie dick that is.”

“I think I would like see it someday.”  

“Well June. I like you as a-“





17 thoughts on “Love For The Ladies: Chapter 44, Looking for Magic

  1. rofl I was at Borage’s texts to Diamond, it’s funny cause I plan to send him some good text and images once she gets to Sanctum, heh,,heh, really good Chapter 🙂

    • He’ll like that, he just have the settle for the cleavage shot for haha. He’s most likely to send a few pics of himself to her ..and others LOL He’s just too proud.

  2. That was cute with Borage and Mariah 🙂 esp Mariah bowling. I hope June will still want to be Borage’s friend even if he doesnt want to be romantic, she is really sweet! of course, who knows since she kissed him and he has been jonesin anyway 😉 she might get what she wants!

    • June is a sweet girl but she probably should of let him finished before embracing him with a kiss. The poor girl just really like him.

    • Well he’s currently and he’s a man LOL. June isn’t the type he usually goes for but we shall see soon 😉

  3. I bet he will like her as more than friends…she does the jump of the tiger and Borage will be in love.
    LMBO at Mariah, she is so cute and funny, and so pretty wow. Great chapter, as always.

    • His heart is still healing so it’s unlikely. But June is a sweet girl and Borage is looking for a friend.

      Mariah is too cute. I think she’s my fav from Gen 4.

  4. Ahhh! Mariah’s so adorable bowling! I hadn’t tried it with kids yet.
    June is an interesting addition. Hopefully they’ll still be friends after her kiss (assuming that’s what he was saying when he got mauled).

    • Yeah bowling scene is cute. I aww’d whenever she picked up the ball. She’s just so little and it’s cute. I’m glad I’m using the grow mod, the cuteness of Mariah is overflowing.

      June likes what she sees, but will Borage feel the same way although he sees her as only a friend. Naturally he’s not ready for another relationship but he’s ready for something else 😉

  5. Mariah dancing was so cute! I also loved their time at the bowling alley 😀
    I am quite intrigued about the introduction of June and interested to see where that kiss leads!

    • I think by far June is the most interesting female who appeared in his story. She’s a sweet and kind girl but a bit overweight unlike the others. She may be one of the few who doesn’t have any “issues” other than being insecure with her weight. With her kind personality, Borage wants her as a friend, he enjoys being laid back, having a fun person to hang out with and to chat with.

  6. Mariah is cute dancing and asking for a raise early. Aww she’s so cute bowling too! June is cute. She got big round boobs and shapely booty – he should like that! Oooh she made the move! Are they gonna be friends with benefits or will he get angry at her kiss? Oh my… such a cliffhanger!

  7. Oh man Mariah is so freakin cute.
    I like June. 😀 Seems like Borage needed a friend.
    Hahahaha “a cleavage shot!”
    Oh man… 😦 This isn’t going to go well.

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