Love For The Fellas: Chapter 7, Unexpected – Part 2

Dumb ass finally arrives shirtless for whatever reason. He always gotta find a way to walk around shirtless cause he believes he’s god’s gift to women and felt the need to show off his body. Clark invited his ho mama to stay for a day and the last Borage needs is another baby mama. She might get in the mood to make a new baby and him being shirtless is candy to her. Were Navox genies, females can’t help themselves around Navox males.

“Why you gotta be shirtless all the damn time. Put your damn clothes on before you catch another baby!”

“Ugh.. I didn’t come here to be bitch at by your annoying hag voice.”

“Then why did you come?”

“Maybe I wanted to see you but I see this was a mistake.”




“I didn’t want you here anyway! You are so dumb!”

“Then why you said it was okay if you didn’t want me here!”

“If I knew you weren’t gonna wear clothes! Besides there’s a ho mama in the house! Put your clothes on!”

“The only ho mama I see is you, bitchzilla!”

“Ugh! I just hate you so much!”

“I hate you too!”

“Go jump into a pool of acid!”

“Go set yourself on fire!”



I dunno why fighting always triggers a friendly hug but we always been this way. I’m glad to see him again but he always gotta find a way to annoy me.

“I’m glad you dropped by for whatever reason.”

“I kinda wanted to see my nieces. How many you popped out?”

“Just twins and they are annoying as fuck. Clark popped out a baby.”

“He popped out a baby?”

“Yeah like you, some alien knocked him up. But he’s all fat again. You need to make him work out.”

“I’ll see what I can do.”




He found Cienna trying to open my good bottle of vodka. Clark was suppose to be watching her. She isn’t allowed to have my good stuff, she can have Clark’s cheap ass vodka.

“How are things back at home?”

“L2 got his girlfriend knocked up.”

“What? You gonna be a granddad? Ha ha ha!”

“Shut up.. Just wait until yours get older.”

“I’m not worried about them. I’ll just start feeding them birth control pills now.”



“I see your BC pills didn’t work.”

“I thought rum would of killed my eggs.”

“What? Who gave you that dumb idea?”

“Regret. She drank so much of it and fucked so much.. She doesn’t have any kids. So we figure..”

“I swear you hags are so dumb. Take the actual pill. It will do wonders.”

“Won’t it make me fat?”

“Possibly. Do you wanna be just fat or fat cause of a baby?”

“Like I would like any of those choices!”




“Take your pick Cece.”

“I don’t like those options.”

“Well try making the guys wear a condom.”

“Why don’t you try wearing one too.”

“I do here and there but I don’t need them.”

“Uh yea you do. You got 12 million kids.”

“Lois is too busy to fuck cause of my 12 million kids.”




“Looks like she likes you. You can take her with you and add her to your collection of 12 million kids.”

“She’s cute but no. She’s your problem, not mine.”

“Aren’t you suppose to be a good uncle and take these brats for a few days….years?”

“Nope. I have enough back home. One more kid means one minute less I get with Lois.”

“Ugh.. Whatever.”




“Hey B. We finally get to meet. If I knew you were coming then I would of brought my lingerie.”

“Um.. why?”

“Don’t you wanna see me look sexy in it?”

“Um Carrie, you do know Borage is your brother too?”

“Yeah.. only half.”

“I may be your half brother but still we are related no matter what.”

“Half related. There’s one half I can touch and the other half I can’t.”

“The fuck.. I usually give the males a ass name but I’m giving you one too, crazy ass.”

“Cool! I get a ass name!”

“I feel really uncomfortable around you.”





“Mom, look at those abs of his. That’s Borage. He’s a genie like one of my little brothers.”

“Those are some nice abs. I don’t believe I ever seen a male as fit and trim as you.”

“You must be Carrie’s and Clark’s mama.”

“Yes, I’m Elena Queen.”

“So are you some queen of having lots of babies?”

“Well no.”

“Mom you should have a genie baby with him. You haven’t had any of those.”

“This is the first time I met a genie.”




“Before you get any ideas Elena, I’m not about to be one of your baby daddies. I’m taken now.”

“You don’t think my mom is hot enough for you, B?”

“Your mom is attractive but like I said, I’m taken.”

“Your lady must be lucky then.”

“His lady is greedy, she should share you.”

“I think I’m gonna check out Cece’s lounge now.”




“Mom, I couldn’t help but notice that you were speaking to Borage. You’re not thinking about using his as a new baby daddy?”

“Mom should though.”

“Well I never been with a genie before. I heard they are amazing lovers….”

“Mom! He’s my brother and you had been with our dad. Wouldn’t that be a little weird?”

“Yes, you have a point there Clark, but just looking at his body isn’t so bad and it’s harmless.”

“Not when you’re having lustful thoughts…”

“I can’t help it if I think he’s a nice piece of eye candy.”

“Yeah and I want a taste of that man candy too.”

“Carrie! That’s our brother.”

“He’s only half!”




“I remember how awesome you genie babies are. You have pointy ears like my little brothers. Oh yeah those would be your uncles, huh? I wonder if they are gonna grow up to be sexy like your uncle Borage.”

Will someone please get me away from this insane woman.





“Hey! Crazy ass, what are you doing with my baby?! Are you drowning her?”

I don’t know what came over me but seeing another female deal with my brat bothered me. Carrie told me she was giving her a bath cause she was messy. She wasn’t harming her or anything and was good with Cienna but still. I don’t like seeing another female with my brat. I think this was the first time I ever shown any concern for one of my spawns.




“So what would you ladies like to have?”

“I wouldn’t mind taking a body shot off of you.”

“Hell! I wanna do a double body shot off of you, B!”

“Elena, I’m flattered. Carrie, you scare me. How about I make some pretty girly drink for you both?”

“That sounds good to me.”

” Screw that, I wanna do a double body shot of off you, B..”

“Carrie.. no.”




“I use to make these for my mama’s parties. You 2 are gonna like these. It’s been a while since I got to make this drink. It’s called, “People on crack.””




“How do you like the drink, Elena?”

“I like the view. It’s lovely.”

“I’m talking about the drink.”

“Oh right. It tastes really good. Sweet and fruity, I couldn’t tell that there’s alcohol in it. I wasn’t sure at first cause of the name. But it’s great along with the view in front of me.”

“It’s loaded with different types of liquor. It’s known to get everyone a bit wild.”






“Did you just-“

“I so grabbed your ass as I walked by. It’s tight and firm like I thought.”




“Carrie..damn it! Stop grabbing my ass.”

“I can’t help it. Mom you should walk over and get yourself a hand full of genie ass too.”

“I don’t think he likes being groped like that.”

“Not by one of my siblings…”

“You’re only half and that half I can touch if your lower half.”




After some drinking, dumb ass turned on the music and we began to dance all night. Borage would have the make the People on crack drink. I guess he didn’t remember that last time he made that drink. Rosette kept trying to mount him and called him Tan Liam. Danica stayed around and we dance together. I guess we enjoined Borage’s drinks too well cause we all started to get a little wild.




“Those two have the right idea.”

“What do you mean, Elena?”









10 thoughts on “Love For The Fellas: Chapter 7, Unexpected – Part 2

  1. LOL!

    Oh so wish I had Late Night, cause a genie baby would be pretty awesome. Probably better for sanity’s sake though, considering convoluted family trees. x)

    Loved everything. I’ll probably wind up mentioning that kiss somewhere. This will be fun to incorporate, thanks. 😀

    Oh, just wondering, would Cece possibly have magical Nraas babies with another woman (like Danica)?

    • Genies came with Showtime along with the karaoke machine that Elena wouldn’t leave alone lol. I guess she knew back home she couldn’t use one of those and wanted her feel. Late Night & Showtime are great together if you want to do the club night scene. Those were 2 EPs that I needed haha. But I have everything but the decades SP.

      There’s one last part before Elena and Carrie go home. They stayed for a day and a half.

      • Yeah, I gave myself a mental slap when I realized which EP it was, but I still don’t have the right EP. 😛 I only have four EPs, and I’m only really tempted to get IP when it comes out.

        XD Well, she is Virtuoso, that explains a lot. My silly baby needs music in her life.

        Will be fun to see that last bit. I won’t be able to do anything with Carrie’s PoV unless I did a flashback chapter, but I think your chapters speak for themselves in her case. XD I will definitely have Elena’s side of things though because it’ll be good for plot reasons. 😉

        • She would benefit a lot from Late Night since she could play more than the guitar. But I think she got a little spoiled during her trip since I have everything lol. She loves karaoke machine, the “juice” keg, the party drinks. I think she’s interested in the photo booth and probably wants Borage to go in there with her LOL If I don’t watch them both, they may end up in there. The love mod + the woohooer mod can be a curse sometimes.

    • It all started from Camp Tigo 2 too LOL. I guess letting it carry on to the Legacy universe made Carrie more interesting. Clark wasn’t happy about what he say.

  2. Bro and sis fighting at the beginning.. I knew it would then turn to a hug. “There’s one half I can touch and the other half I can’t.” 😆 Aw mann.. seems like Clark is always fat. Haha. Carrie’s lust for her ‘half’ brother is hilarious. Ahhh wow! Celsia and Danica love! 😀

    • After Clark had the babies, he stayed fat o_O I made him work out and he lost the weight lol.

      Carrie is a nut lol

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