Love For The Ladies – About the kids


All of Borage’s kids are YAs. I didn’t want to spent the next chapter of Borage explaining of what happen to his kids. Borage will be back on the prowl since a month or 2 had passed by since moving to Brooklyn Heights. I decided in a separate post I will tell you all what happen to each child of his. I will post updates of whats going on in each kid’s life however some have branched off with their own story. 4 of his kids did move with him to Brooklyn Heights.



Bruce-Lee,  Currently engaged to his high school sweetheart Lakey Jensen. BL and Lakey wanted to travel the world before tied the knot. Their travel was cut short after receiving news of Lois’ death. BL and Lakey return to Starlight Shores to attend Lois’ funeral. BL and Lakey had a huge wedding planned just a few weeks short after Lois’ death but cancelled figuring that the wedding was bad timing. BL opted for a long engagement with Lakey, not wanting to rush things. BL and Lakey stayed in Starlight Shores for some time until BL found out his mother Sonoko’s off and on fling with his brother Mordecai that started when Mordecai was just 14. BL was disgusted by his mother and Borage’s not caring about the affair, BL decided it was time to move on. Lakey never liked city life and chose Appaloosa Plains to start their new life. BL works as a bartender at a hole-in-the-wall bar while Lakey works on a horse and paints on the side. BL wasn’t thrill about Lakey’s choice of a new town. BL loves the city life and had eyes on Bridgeport. BL dreams about DJing at a exclusive night club such like Borage does. Lakey dislikes anything that have to do with the city which causes BL to hide his passion for DJing in a locked basement in their home. BL dislikes his job in the hole-in-wall bar and wants to open his own, in the city of Bridgeport.  BL struggles to settle in AP and hopes to convince Lakey into moving. This puts a strain on their relationship which holds off their wedding even longer.


Phoenix-Champagne (PC), PC never liked her name and changed her name to simply Phoenix C. and prefers to be called Phoenix. Phoenix wanted to attend a art school in Paris but became depressed after the death of her mother. Phoenix relocated to Storybrook County in hopes it will help her depression. Phoenix worked at a local pet store even after receiving a large sum of money left by her late-mother. It was later revealed that Lois came from a rich family like her father Borage. Borage was unaware about Lois’ background which she stated she was poor. Phoenix did try to seek out about the Champagne since none had attended Lois’ funeral. Phoenix found herself shunned by Lois’ family. She later was contacted by Lois’ younger sister Laurie who was just a child by the time Phoenix was born. Laurie lived about 5 miles from Phoenix’s apartment. Laurie explained why none of her family attended Lois’ funeral. They were a shame of her since she accused a uncle of raping her when she was a child. Lois ended up in a bad relationship which lead her into a drinking problem and having severe depression. Phoenix offer Laurie into moving in with her so they could connect. And Phoenix was feeling a bit lonely. Phoenix learned that Laurie had the same interest as she does. They plan on attending college but life got in the way. Naturally Phoenix turns into a party girl which worries Laurie. Laurie fears Phoenix would turn into Lois by having a drinking problem. Phoenix turns it down a notch for Laurie’s sake. Years later, Phoenix offers her 18 year old sister, Lotus Rae into moving in with her and Laurie.


Bora Bora, After failing to being Borage’s favorite, she gave up and moved on. Bora Bora’s failed father & daughter relationship causes some issues when it comes to men. Bora Bora ends up being clingy and possessive which often leaves her heart broken and alone. Bora Bora moved to Storybrook County not knowing it’s the same town that her rival sister Phoenix lives. Bora Bora keeps in contact with her twin, Luna and her Suziu Pedro often. Bora Bora did travel from sometime before attending college where she ran into Phoenix along with Lotus Rae. Bora Bora later learned that her sisters were her roommates which isn’t good since Bora Bora still hates Phoenix. After the death of Lois, Bora Bora is slightly nicer to Phoenix but still hates her and lets her know. Living with Phoenix brought up old memories and the 2 often have shouting matches over the littlest things. Bora Bora opted to move but was convince to stay in hopes she and Phoenix would finally patch things up.


Luna-Skye, As soon as she turned 18 Luna took off for Lunar Lakes. Luna dislikes her family and only like her alien siblings. Luna felt like she was home after landing on Lunar Lakes. She never felt like earth was home. Luna had no interest on in living on Ziharia after hearing the horror stories from her younger alien siblings. She saw how only living there for a short time destroy poor Aries. Luna works at in a science lab, following in the foot steps of her Suziu Pedro who is also a scientist.  As time goes on Luna had a encounter by one of the Superiors from Ziharia ordering her to start her harvest. It was unknown to Luna that Pedro selected her has his Hizula, meaning a harvester of offspring. Luna must produce 20 hybrid offspring by 2 different males and 2 different females. Luna has no interest in having that many children and wasn’t thrill about having to mate with a female. This causes a strain in her relationship with her Suziu since he neglected to forewarn her about her task as a Hizula. Luna later finds her sister Lilah and decided to hide out in Lilah’s new home on Lunar Lakes.


Liam.2, After finishing high school he wanted to attend college but since becoming a teenage father, his college dream was placed on hold. A week before Lois’ death, Lois convince him and Ashley to attend college while she and Borage looked after Alyssa. Liam.2 along with Ashley left for college but wasn’t able to attend Lois’ funeral a week later. Liam.2 told Borage he will drop out and care for Alyssa since Borage would be too distraught to care for Alyssa. Borage told him to stay in school since Pedro was living there and could care for his daughter. Liam.2 agreed to stay in school. Ashley got involved with the wrong crowd of people and was turn toward party drugs. This caused a strain in their relationship that caused Liam.2 to not focus on his studies. Ashley later admitted to Liam.2 about she was raped and molested by her father for years before moving into his household. She felt that the drugs helped her erase the painful memories. Ashley went missing 3 weeks before finals, this cause Liam.2 to fail his exams as he tried to search for Ashley. Ashley was found alive but involved with another man who promise her a better life. Liam.2 returned home empty handed and alone. Ashley returned as well later, strung out on drugs and demanded to see Alyssa. Liam.2 wouldn’t allow it until she got cleaned up. Ashley was never seen again. Borage was in fear of losing  his human sons after Lois’ death and placed a special chi on Liam.2 and Mordecai that extended their lives and it would be harder for them to die. They would also age slowly.  Liam.2 is now a single father of a now 13 year old daughter, Alyssa. He remains living with Borage because Alyssa is attached to Borage. Liam.2 finds himself caring her Mordecai’s 2 young daughters as he shows no interest in them. Liam.2 still wants to be a video game developer and possibly own his own arcade. Fatherhood has currently put his goal on hold. Liam.2 feels his daughter’s needs come first.


Lilah, After her abduction when she was 15, her obsession for alien became intense. After Pedro returned with the septuplets, Lilah often threw herself to Pedro which he always declined. After turning 18, Lilah asked Pedro to marry her which he decline. Lilah gave up and took off for Lunar Lakes to search for her alien husband.


Mordecai, Mordecai wanted Borage’s old lifestyle and started out young on trying to be a ladies man. After hooking up with BL’s mom Sonoko he found himself a bit attach to her. Mordecai and Sonoko started to see each other often and had a off and on relationship that lasted for years. Mordecai fell in love with Sonoko but their different personalities often conflicted which causes them to break up but make up later on. Sonoko ended pregnant by him twice after he reached the age of consent. Mordecai’s love for Sonoko faded away as fast she her beauty did. Unknown to Sonoko her ex husband gave her a youth potion that froze her age for years. After giving birth to their 2 second child, the youth potion warn off and Sonoko aged rapidly into a old lady and later died. Sonoko was in her 40’s when she first met Borage who was 21 at the time. Mordecai a single father of  5 year old Mariah and 1 year old Kimora spend his time trying to hook up with other ladies but find himself until to seal the deal. His lingering feelings for his late-first love prevents him from moving on. Mordecai has no interest in his daughter cause they remind him of Sonoko. Mordecai moved with Borage along with his daughters.


MiKaia, Living in Starlight Shores inspire MiKaia to be a singer but felt she had a better chance in Bridgeport. MiKaia didn’t have much of father and daughter relationship with Borage. He often called her “Annoying berry brat” This cause MiKaia to develop a temper and is hard to deal with. MiKaia moved to Bridgeport along with her kooky twin. After moving to Bridgeport MiKaia sets up a recording studio and became to start her singing career.


Miyoko (Mimi),  Mimi being one of Borage’s favorites, she had a good relationship with Borage unlike her twin. Since the pool accident when she was a toddler, Mimi hasn’t been the same. Mimi often panics over any little thing and often talks to herself. Mimi has a obsession of watching people have anal sex. Although she would never do it herself, she enjoys watching others. Mimi isn’t sure about her sexuality and doesn’t know if she’s bi or a lesbian. She enjoys the company of males and females but has encounters with females more. Mimi enjoys being the life of the party and is always club hoping along with her twin. Mimi tries to support MiKaia’s failing singing career and suggests her twin should do Berry porn.


Apollo, Apollo was the only alien male that was liked by Borage since Fayon was the one who carry him and his twin Nova. His relationship Borage was good but didn’t have the best relationship with Fayon. Apollo disliked the fact of Fayon taking him and Nova to Ziharia. Apollo still have nightmares of his time on Ziharia. The image of Aries being forcibly taken in the middle of night by the Superiors stays with Apollo. They didn’t see Aries again until they returned to earth. 3 years went by before that happen. Apollo became protective of Aries after they returned to earth. Apollo loves to write, especially poetry. After turning 18 Apollo made plans to move Aurora Skies and wanted to take Aries with. Aries is attach to Borage and declines Apollo’s offer. Apollo sets off to Aurora with his twin and brother Tuscan.


Nova, Nova may of been the only alien daddy’s girl. A title that Bora Bora failed to gain. This caused a strain between Nova and Bora Bora. Nova is attached Borage and usually followed him around. Nova like the other alien siblings did find themselves attached to Borage after returning. Borage didn’t mind the company of Nova and Apollo but annoyed by the septuplets. Staying close to Borage gave to alien kids a peace of mind, feeling he would protect them of having to left again. Nova is resentful towards Fayon and doesn’t call her mom or Muziua (mother in Ziharian)  She calls her “Psycho” instead since she was taught to call her that at a very young age. Nova is now a happy and cheery YA. She likes to write as much as Apollo and wants to be a writer. Nova works in a library in Aurora Skies since she enjoys reading and writing.


Aries, Being born both alien and genie was the reason why he was sent to Ziharia. On one night as he slept in bed, he was woken up by the Superiors and was forcibly taken away to be placed in a holding cell to be observed.  Many test were perform on Aries since he was a infant. Aries went through extended periods of time of having no contact with anyone. Aries grew into a sad and lonely child who often cries himself to sleep. Any contact with Pedro was cut off after the age of 3. Aries went through years without seeing his Suziu. He stayed with his siblings until he was about 4 before taken away. This affect Aries greatly causing his green skin to change like  his human parent’s. The Ziharian believe it was a 2nd transformation but the change was due to stress. Aries’ skin never changed back due to him becoming a emotional wreck. Once returning home, he stayed close to Borage which he found annoying. Over time, Aries grew on him. Aries refused to sleep in his own bed and cuddle next to Borage until he was a teen. By the time Aries was a teenager he didn’t require sleep but do still cuddle next to Borage time to time whenever he feels threaten. He seeks Borage for protection. Aries requires hugs, 20-30 hugs per day. Aries freaks out if he feels that he’s alone and hugs whoever is near by. He mainly seeks out to hug Borage which he found annoying at first. Borage gives into Aries needs and treats him as a special case. Borage is aware of the treatment Aries gotten on Ziharian and deals with Aries’ clingy personality. Aries hates whenever Borage leaves and often cried. When Borage left for Moonlight Falls and not returning for 2 months caused  emotional distress and Aries ended catching the house on fire after having a panic attack cause Borage have not returned. Borage blames himself for the house fire, knowing how Aries is a emotional wreck and needs him for hugs. Lotus Rae couldn’t give him the peace of mind he needed and panic. Aries bust into tears whenever he see Lotus Rae’s burn scars cause he knows it’s his fault although Borage takes the blame. Aries naturally remains with Borage after the move. Borage turned Aries towards painting to help him cope when he’s about to have a nervous break down.


Fred, Like the others, Fred cling to Borage for some time. Fred grew up to be a jock and enjoys playing sports. Fred set out with a few of his siblings to start a new life on Lunar Lakes. However Fred decided this wasn’t the place for him and returns to earth to settles in Sunset Valley.


Journey, Journey like Bora Bora seek for Borage’s attention but failed. After turning 18 Journey stayed in Starlight Shores for some time before taking off to Lunar Lakes. After Borage returned from his 2 month trip, she erased his memory of his trip out of anger. Journey isn’t the touchy feely type and dislikes having to hug anyone but Aries. At one time she was close to her sister Dasani who copied everything from her. Journey annoyed by it once they became teens. Journey and Dasani have a strain on their relationship. Journey later joins Fred back on earth in Sunset Valley.


Khlamydia (Dia), Stuck with a awful name Dia was doomed to be screwed up. Dia enjoys watching others have sexual encounters which this started when she watched her Aunt Fayon hook up with her now husband Eshu when she was a kid. Dia often chokes herself then yells at invisible people for making her do it. Dia is a lot like her aunt Tequila when it comes to being inappropriate. Dia likes placing roofies in random drinks and calls if roofie roulette. Dia took off for Lunar Lakes but ended up staying with Lilah since the others didn’t want her living with them.


Tuscan, He’s the quiet one of the septuplets and usually keep to himself. After becoming a teen he often question his sexuality as it seems to be a big issue on Earth. Tuscan refuses to tell him family that he’s gay. He fears Borage would dislike him even more if he found out. However Borage wouldn’t care if he knew. Tuscan dates girls to mask who he really is for the sake of having Borage to like him at someone. He believes if he acts like a ladies man, then Borage would like him. Tuscan moved to Aurora Skies along with Apollo and Nova. Tuscan is a artist who loves to paint and draw. Even away from Borage now, he still hides the fact that he’s gay.


Dasani, She once to to be Journey’s twin until she found Dasani to be annoying. Started to hang around Fred more since Dia was a little screwy and Journey no longer likes her. Dasani also set off for Lunar Lakes. Dasani wants to be a fortune teller since she has special alien abilities. However fortune telling isn’t big on Lunar Lakes and she returns to earth to settle in Sunset Valley along with Fred and Journey. Dasani hopes to improve her relationship with Journey.


Toshi, Afraid of his own shadow, Toshi is emotionally wrecked as well. Watching Aries be taken away bothered Toshi the most. Fred used Toshi’s fear of everything into game. Toshi hasn’t been the same since. Like the others he set off for Lunar Lakes to start a new life. 2 weeks in Toshi started have a change of heart and wanted to return to earth but didn’t want to go alone. Fred, Journey and Dasani left without telling Toshi. Toshi was distraught to learn he was left alone. He later found Lilah and moves in with her for some time.


Lotus Rae (Rae), Lotus Rae who goes by “Rae” didn’t have a easy life. Losing her mother at a young age affected her deeply.  Rae’s close appearance of Lois caused Borage to lash out at her thinking she was Lois. Rae tried to comfort Borage but was often rejected. Rae fell into a depression for sometime. Borage often apologize for mistreating Rae. Soon their relationship improved. Rae was trapped in her room when Aries accidentally caught the house of fire.  Although Rae is a genie and naturally immune to fire didn’t stop her from being burned.  One side of Rae’s body is covered with burn scars which cause severe depression. Rae wished that she died in the fire but it would of been impossible cause of her genie occult, she’s immoral. Rae wears clothes that will hide most of her scars. Rae refuses to be naked in front of guys which causes a issue in dating. Rae left for Storybrook County to live with Phoenix.


Boragio,  He was just like any other child until the death of his mother when he was a child. His childhood was robbed since he often looked after his grieving father. Over the years Boragio developed some odd behaviors such as randomly barking like a dog or yelling for no reason. Boragio wants to live in Borage’s image by teaming up with Mordecai and hitting the clubs to flirt with ladies. However it sometimes doesn’t go well since Boragio has his moments of weirdness that flares up time to time. Due to not having much of childhood, Boragio can be found playing with toys with his niece Mariah. Boragio and Mariah are close since he enjoys playing dolls with her. With Aries always in the need for attention, Boragio often plays tag with Aries since Aries lacked a normal childhood as well. Boragio and Aries began to bond and they usually hang out a lot. Boragio not wanting to leave Borage’s side moved to Brooklyn Heights.


Borage Jr. (Junior) Although he’s Borage’s brother and not his son, Junior only see Borage as his dad. For the first 15 years of his life, he known Borage has his dad and he basically raised him. Junior refuses to recognize Liam as his father. He’s resentful towards Liam and rather not have him in his life. After reaching a certain age, Junior felt he should give Liam a chance to be his dad although he still calls Borage “dad”. Junior moves to Twinbrook which is close to Brooklyn Heights. Junior settles in but never gave Liam any notice that he moved into town. Junior had a change of heart and doesn’t want to be bother by him. Junior wants to start his own family but has one problem. He doesn’t have a surname to give to a wife. Junior refuses to take his mother’s name or Liam. He still carries Borage’s Montigo name. He doesn’t feel right having Borage let alone remain his namesake. This prompts Junior into convincing Borage to legally adopt him as his son. Junior know this would probably upset Liam. Junior felt since he’s a YA there’s no need to involve Liam in this. Liam’s opinion on this doesn’t matter to Junior and feels he shouldn’t have a say since Borage raised him. Junior struggles with depression since he has a illness and is sick often. Borage does want to adopt him as he only see Junior as his son instead of his brother. Adopting him will allow him to give Junior a special genie chi to extend his life and possibly heal his illness. The only thing that stops them is Liam. Borage doesn’t want to be like Liam by doing something sneaky behind his back. Junior isn’t getting better and knows he needs to speak with Liam about the adoption as soon as possible.


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  1. O.o I’m going to have to repeat what Zumi said in your thread. No freakin’ idea how you keep track of all this!

  2. It’s good to know what the kids were up to over the years. I feel really awful for L2 and Aries. 😦 Though all of them had difficult lives.

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