Love For The Fellas: Chapter 6, Unexpected – Part 1

Sometimes having dramatic ass staying here with his alien brat isn’t always bad. Yeah it’s annoying that he runs for the hills whenever he see our ghost or the slight speck of fire that’s out of place for a second. Clark likes kids and takes good care of them while I study or get drunk. My classes at the massage school are almost over, so I’ll be opening my own spa pretty soon. I can’t wait for the day that I open Montigo Springs. Mama would be so proud of me that I’ll have my own business and making dem dollars. Although I did enjoy stripping for the short time that I did.

Clark wants to work and earn his keep. He doesn’t like living on my Montigo money. I don’t mind it at all. He’s my little brother and I should do the big sister thing and take care of him. He doesn’t need to worry about my bills and stuff. It’s covered. But if Clark wants to work, I’m okay with it. He’s a grown ass man. When I open Montigo Springs, I can hire him as a towel boy to so fetch towels and shit. I asked him about taking the same classes as me and he’s interested in it. I wouldn’t mind running a spa with him. Montigo Queen Springs has a nice ring to it. He’ll take classes once we find a freakin’ babysitter for all these damn kids.




“Good night, sweetie. I hope you have sweet dreams tonight. I’m sorry that you were the last to be tucked in, Celina but it seems like I have to do everything around here, involving you girls. Your aunt isn’t much help. I know she studies and all but I’m starting to think it’s a excuse to get out of her caring for your cousins.”





I was sleeping good until something woke up me. I figure that it was just the ghost messing with shit again but I didn’t see him or anything. I couldn’t go back to sleep and I saw the brats were sound asleep as well as Clark.





I went outside to pick up my trashcan that was knocked over since I couldn’t go back to sleep. I figure it was that damn deer that’s going around kicking everyone’s trashcan for no damn reason. I swear if I find that damn deer kicking my trashcan again, Bambi willing joining it’s mother. After picking up my trashcan. I saw some sparkling lights in the sky. I found myself frozen as I glazed into the lights. I wanted to run as I felt something wasn’t right these random lights. But my feet were frozen and wouldn’t move. I couldn’t help but stare into those lights.




“Fuckin’ shit! It’s those damn aliens!!! I’m not Clark you bastards!”






“You are not Gelman male but close. We have not try Gelman female.”

“For one space bitch, I’m a Montigo. Not a damn “Gelman”! And two, what the fuck are you talking about?”

“I am Instu. I use you for host.”

“What? Host? What are you talking about?”

“You are special. I choose you.”

“Fucking bitch, explain yourself! You chosen me? This ain’t no Pokemon!”

“See you around, Celsia.”

“How do you know my name?!”





I swear those demon always wake up at the ass crack of dawn every damn day. I tried to sleep after being taken but those screaming monsters kept me up. Dramatic ass finally woke up to deal with them. I wanna know what that damn alien bitch was talking about. And I wish these dumb babies will stop crying so damn much.





“Cece, would you mind pitching in since you’re up. You know 2 of these kids are yours. It’s a hassle feeding, bathing and changing 3 girls by myself.”

“I’m not in the mood.”

“You’ll never in the mood. You need to care for your twins. They don’t even know you.”

“Good, they don’t need to know me.”

“Cece, they need to know their mother. I think I’m having another baby so I really need you to help more. I can’t care for 4 little ones by myself.”

“I’m not in the mood to deal with those spawns of Satan.”

“Too bad, Cece. I’m going to feed Cienna now, can you please go feed Chloe. I’ll get to Celina in a bit.”




“Dada! Dada! DADA!”





“That’s not even your daddy, you stupid brat! Stop your bitching and woman up, little bitch. I’ll feed you if you shut the hell up!”





“Dada? Dada! Dada!”

“Don’t you start up either, blue bitch kid! I will get to you brats in a second.”






“Don’t even give me that look, Celina. Don’t start acting like a dramatic ass like your daddy.”





“Like seriously, was this cry like a bitch day? I didn’t get the memo. Shut up little bitches!”


“Your daddy is busy getting on my nerves, Celina! Clark! Your brat wants food!”







“Damn it ..whatever your name is. Shut the fuck up! I’ll deal with you in a second. I swear if these was a abortion clinic…”


“Ugh!! Clark! Where is your fat dramatic ass at?!”





Clark’s dramatic ass saw a ghost and ran off the go faint somewhere, leaving me to deal with the 3 little witches. I fed them all some oatmeal while I went to have my morning coffee vodka cause this morning, I need it.






“I swear if you don’t shut up trap. I’m tossing you into the lake, whatever your name is.”

“Want dada!”

“Stupid slut, Clark isn’t your daddy. That’s your uncle. I wonder where is your daddy. He needs to come and get you 2 brats.”




“Bout time your dramatic ass stop being  a dramatic ass.”

“That ghost was scary. I think we should call ghost busters or something.”

“No, you just need to stop being a bitch. Did asshole take away your balls before you moved out?”

“No, dad didn’t do anything like that. I think we should do something about the ghost.”

“I have no issue with the ghost.”

“But our daughters-“

“They have more balls than you, they aren’t afraid of the dumb ghost.”




“That’s good, Chloe. You play such nice music.”

“Stop lying to her, Clark. She’s just making annoying racket.”

“Cece, I enjoy hearing Chloe play music. Make you should sign her up for music classes when she’s older.”

“That witch sucks ass.”

“That wasn’t nice to say about your child.”

“The heffa is just lame like you. Your lameness is rubbing off on her.”

“Maybe if you spend more time with Chloe and Cienna-“

“I don’t have time for the bitches.”





“No, Chloe. That is a bad word. We don’t say that word. Cece, you should stop cussing around the girls.”

“And you should stop being a bitch about the girls.”


“Bitch ass!”

“Seriously, Cece. We don’t need the girls cussing like sailors before they are in pre-k.”




“I’m going to eat this doll.”


“Cause were babies and that’s what we do.”

“We eat food, not people.”

“It’s just a toy, dummy. He’s not real. I’m not going to eat real people.”

“I know but we are suppose to play with the dolls, not eat them.”

“You’re a lame baby. We eat dolls! Do it or go away.”




“I’m not lame. I don’t find eating dolls appealing.”

“Don’t knock it until you try it. See? This fun.”

“I don’t see how that’s fun.”

“You’re lame.”




Over the months, Clark and I became good friends with Danica who still lives across from us. She’s also a good friend of Travis and often comes over to see my twins I had with him. She helps when Clark wants to take the brats on a stroll with the strollers since it’s 3 of them and 2 of us. Bryce had to quit to care for his sick mother. What’s with dudes with sick mamas?




I went to hang out with Danica one day but I started to feel sick before I got to her front door. I had one of the brats with me and I sat her down to throw up. Then the little witch child crawling into the middle of street. Are you trying to get child services called on me, you brat witch?! Stupid kid could of gotten hit by a car. I picked up the brat and just went back home. I dunno why I haven’t been feeling so good lately. It’s not Clark’s cooking since I’ve been using my genie magic for meals. Why am I so sick?




I got a text from dumb ass saying he’s in town and was wondering if he could come over later on. I told him he could since I haven’t seen him since I first moved in. I miss my idiot brother, it would be good to see him again.




“Um Cece.. I’ve been meaning to tell you something.”

“Like what? You switch over to men? It’s okay, I like gay people.”

“No! My mother and our sister Carrie will in town tonight. I wasn’t sure how to tell you since you always yell at me.”

“Oh.. A 2 day notice would of okay, dramatic ass.”

“I know but you scare me.”

“Damn it, Clark. Grow some balls and not more fat. You getting hella fat.”

“Cece, I think it’s another baby. That’s why I asked my mother and Carrie to come here.”

“Well Borage is coming and maybe he’ll train your fat ass to not be so fat.”

“I’m not sure if I’m gaining weight due to eating. I think that alien was right about me having another baby.”

“I think you just eat too damn much.”



Drama ass’ mama and our sister Carrie found their way over. I had no idea why Clark’s sister is red when he wasn’t. He told me Devon is red too. I guess Clark got asshole’s white genes while the other 2 are tomatoes. I like the pink hair though. I told dramatic ass that his fam is here. I’m not dealing with them since I don’t know them.




“Mom, I’m glad that you finally made it here.”

“It’s good to see you again too but you seem bigger since I last seen you.”





“Can I get a hug too? I wanna see if you’re squishy like a jellyfish.”

“What- Huh? It’s good to see you again too sis. You two have to see little Celina.”

“I would love to meet my new grandchild.”

“Yeah, let’s see this alien baby. Does she look like Bobbi?”

“Well no.. She’s blue with our hair. But she’s still alien, a Aqufinix to get correct.”




“Clark was right. You’re blue with our hair, that’s adorable. I don’t think I ever seen a blue alien like this before. A Aqufinix, huh? You still kinda remind me of Bobbie a little.”

“Hey mom, look there’s some pointy ear babies in here. Are those aliens too?”

“Funny, sis. No. These are our sister’s twins. They are genie babies.”

“Genie babies?”

“Yes mom, Celsia is a genie. They are real and a real pain in the neck too.”

“Genie babies.. Awesome! I think I want a genie baby too.  I think Mary and Sid would like genie babies too.”




“These babies are all adorable. Celina is a little cutie. I figure Tixxis is not her mother.”

“I think this genie baby just tried to grope me, mom.”

“Don’t be silly, Carrie. Looks like you and your sister have your hands full here, Clark.”

“It’s mainly just me. Cece hates kids.”




“Did you just get bigger?”

“Probably. I didn’t get this big with Celina. I think I’m having another baby. I started to feel weird after giving birth. It’s like I  instantly got pregnant after giving birth.”

“That is odd. I never heard anything like that.”

“I am scared if I am truly pregnant again. I’m raising all 3 girls basically. I’m not sure if I can handle another baby.”

“Why isn’t Celsia helping? Isn’t the twins hers?”

“Yeah, she does go to school but she still has time to care for her twins. When she does, she say mean things to them.”

“Well that’s not good at all, Clark.”




“I don’t know what else to do. I’m struggling looking after the girls. It was fine when the butler was here but he had to quit. Sometimes our neighbor comes over and help out. But I need help. I was wondering something..”

“Like what?”

“If I am having another baby.. Would you take him or her?”

“Clark, I love babies and I would love to help you out but I can’t take your baby. I have a house full at home you know.”

“I know.. I would ask Carrie but not sure if Serp would like a extra kid and their place is too small.”

“I am sure you would figure something out. Try to get on Celsia more so she’ll start pulling her own weight. You shouldn’t be raising her kids too.”

“I would but she scares me.”




“Hey did you know that your boobs are huge?”

“Did you know that your skin is red?”

“I know but your boobs.. You should donate some to me.”




“Hey bitchzilla! I’m here! You need to start locking your door, you dumb ho bitch. I could of been the boogie man looking for rape.”




Note: The babies can talk to each like in the cartoon Rugrats however to the adults it just sounds like baby gibberish. I want start showing each kid’s personality as early as possible.

Elena Queen is from Queen’s Hive by MewmewMentor , and yes another 10o BC sim appears in the Montigo Legacy this week :p

Carrie Queen is from from Queens of Crime by MewmewMentor as well. Another good read.


Extra scene: Cienna really loves eating the dolls a lot lol


11 thoughts on “Love For The Fellas: Chapter 6, Unexpected – Part 1

  1. lol! I think you got Elena right on the nose, and Carrie is of course as awesomely crazy as ever.

    Loved seeing all the girls, they are just so cute and goofy and yep! I actually thought Celina was using her mental telepathy powers to communicate with Cienna. But I like that Rugrats thing – loved Rugrats. I spent a night a few months back watching old Rugrats episodes…lol

    I think Elena would get on Cece’s case if they run into each other – since she knows Clark’s a coward. 😉

    Oh yeah, this is about six or seven years before Carrie met Forrest (Viper’s dad) so she’s still a virgin. XD

    I feel bad for Celina and Clark – I get the feeling she feels neglected cause her daddy’s busy taking care of her cousins too. 😦

    • Clark being busy with all 3 may affect his relationship with his own. It’s chaos for him to look after them and he doesn’t have much time for himself. Even if Cece were to step in now, her twins wouldn’t care much for her since they are attached to Clark and starting to call him Dada. This may or may not trigger Danica into contacting Travis since the girls are getting confused. But help is on the way soon, Good for Clark, not so good with Celsia.

  2. lol. What a great idea to have the babies talk to each other. Having Carrie, Elena and Borage visiting at the same time will be interesting. I feel bad for Clark doing everything and the kids not knowing Celsia. So that ghost keeps coming back and scaring Clark? Loved it Nay.

    • Yeah there’s a ghost in the house and Clark always runs outside to go faint LOL I found Cienna crying in her highchair and scan the house to find Clark on the ground with the scared moodlet. Sometimes it’s funny and sometimes it’s annoying.

  3. This Chapter made me smile, your babies are so cute, I’ve been sick lately so having a laugh is good for me. I feel bad Cel is so mean and not interested in the kids but I hope in time that will change and that Clark gets some help.

    • Borage started out that way towards kids, he wasn’t very interested until he started to play favorites. Cece is unlikely to play favorites since she really does have the dislike children trait. Between Borage and Celsia’s kids, hers may end up with the most problems than Borage’s kids. Clark can only do so much, Cece doesn’t hide her dislike towards her kids. Did you ever catch Rio’s update? His story will show Diamond’s stay in LP along with Borage. I think it will be 2-3 parts.

  4. LoL yep, Sim babies are just supposed to eat dolls. It’s a fact! Nice to see Clark’s mama. I haven’t read mewmew’s stuff (but reading too much already!). “Hey did you know that your boobs are huge?” 😆 Yay Borage arrived!

    • Carrie looked like she was asking Danica that LOL. Those are pretty huge lol Whenever you have time, you should head over to Mew’s blogs 😉

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