Party Montigo: Chapter 16, Baby Talk

“At last, peace and quiet. I think our daughters blacked out with their excessive drinking. I think we should be a ban of alcohol in this house.”

“No Gen, I mean I like to have a drink time to time. We could just limit it, not take it away. They would just leave to drink somewhere else and get into trouble. Such as driving drunk. I rather the girls drink at home than some bar.”

“I guess you are right. The only time this house is quiet is after they drank until passing out. However drinking like that is not good. Maybe we should send them to rehab?”

“Rehab wouldn’t take them, especially Rosebud. Gen, they are fine. I’ve done some blood work on the others and they are fine.” 

“Sometimes I forget you were once a doctor.”

“I do miss working in the medical field. But I think with me being 150 years old, I should retire ha ha ha.”

“Do you ever regret me extending your life, causing you to out live your love ones?”

“No but I do miss them. I’m happy living long with you, Gen.”




“I always wonder about it. I felt it was a selfish act on my part. I just couldn’t bare watching you age and pass on. It was always a old rule from my Navoxn tribe to never fall in love with a human. But we learned to extend lifelines however they would out live their human families.”

“I’m glad you did Gen. On the bright side, I get to see many generations of grandchildren. But I always wonder about something.”

“What’s that?”

“I figure since I would live long… Maybe we would have more kids?”

“More kids? I thought we agreed with 3 we had plus Rosette was enough.”

“At the time… But I kinda want more.”

“I don’t know about this..”




“Gen, we can finally give the little sister Zin always wanted.”

“She has Rosette.”

“A clone of herself, Gen. I’m talking about actual sister.”

“But we raised them as sisters..”

“I know but deep down inside, Zin doesn’t feel that Rose is a real sister. She’s just a living reflection of herself. Zin talked about this with me. Let’s have another child.”










“Where did this annoying fairy baby came from? Oh right.. Mama said you’re my grandson. I’m too sexy to be a grandma so in public, you’re little brother. Got it devil rat? If you ever call me “grandma”, I’ll toss you in the sea and you’ll be shark food.”



“Blond brat! Which one of you sluts is trying to make me old by having demon spawns like him? Is this one yours, hussy?! You trying to turn me into a old hag?!”




“Mommy! It’s not my baby. I’m only 13.. I’m too young to have babies! Us having babies won’t turn you old, mommy. And Dazzle is GB’s son that she had with Uncle Max.”





“I’m not taking my chances with you hookers! Stop having babies! I don’t want anymore of these creatures from hell!”




“You stop us from having kids, mommy! All that meat you been eating is making you crazy! Meat is BAD mommy! We shouldn’t eat meat because animals deserve to live!”




“I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about but I could go for a bacon cheeseburger with a glass of gin.”

“Mommy don’t! Don’t eat my friends!”

“Did I drop you when you were a baby? Take my brother before I drop.”

“Dazzle is your grandson.”

“I said… take MY BROTHER.”




“Is this your grandbaby?”

“My brother.”

“Huh? Our parents didn’t have another baby.”

“I know but I’m too sexy to be a granny so he’s my brother. Liam wouldn’t love me if I’m a old granny.”

“Liam has grandchildren, you idiot. He wouldn’t care if you had a grandbaby. Borage gave me grandkids and I’m still sexy. I love my g-babies. I’m gonna meet them one day.”

“I don’t care! Dazzle is my brother.  His daddy is Max.. so Dazzle is like your step-son or something.”





“Is Dazzle your nephew-son?!”

“Yeah.. I fucked GB. So what?!”

“That’s your niece, you sick fuck!”

“GB isn’t my real niece! She’s not blood related!”

“That doesn’t matter! It’s still nasty!”




“You can’t talk about being nasty when your Liam twins are cousin-siblings with Rose’s Liam triplets!”

“He didn’t know he slept with us both!”

“Well didn’t you sluts have more babies with him?”

“We had a deal!”

“A deal to cheat on me again?!”

“You cheated on me with my niece!”

“Yeah.. so? What you gonna do about it?”




“Divorce you. I told you the rules.. Only I can do the cheating while you be the faithful on in this marriage. One of us have to be faithful and it’s not gonna be me.”





“Divorce? No! Don’t do that! I’m sorry.. I’ll be good. I’ll stop cheating and let you do that.”





“Good, cause this marriage won’t work if were both cheating.”





“Where’s your mom? I don’t wanna watch you. You smell like shit and I ain’t changing no shitty diapers. You gonna have to stay in your shit until you learn how to use a potty. Got it, brat?”






“Hello kids, I have some wonderful news to share. Gen are trying to have another baby.”

“Dad? Really?”

“Yes, Zirobi. We decided to have another baby.”

“Aren’t you both like old and stuff?”

“Age wise, yes Tini but we are young health wise to have another child.”

“That is fantastic news, grandfather. Children are a wonderful blessings from above. I cannot wait for the day when I met a lovely lady whom I shall marry and have little blessings of my own.”

“2 men can’t have babies together unless you marry a boy alien, GL.”

‘Dear sister, why do you and the rest insist that I am a homosexual?”

“You talk gay.”

“I do no such thing. How does a homosexual sound like?”

“Like that.”




“If you’re gonna start shooting out fairy brats out your cooch hole, start looking after them!”

“Don’t tell me what to do! I do what I want.”

“Yeah? Allowing your son to wonder off into the street?”

“My mom was watching him.. Besides, Dazzle has wings. He can fly away from cars.”

“You let your mom watch him? No wonder! I swear you 2 don’t need to have many kids!”

“Oh you’re just jealous cause you keep busting a nut before putting it in. You’ll never get a baby if you keep doing that.”

“I do not have a premature ejaculation issue! Unlike the rest of your idiots, I wear a condom!”

“Like they make condoms that small!”




“Hello Aunt Zinnia. Do you have any wonderful news to share?”


“Oh, so in that crystal ball is bad news?”

“I have no idea of what I’m doing.”




“Oh shit!”

“What is it, Aunt Zinnia? Did you see something troublesome?”

“Yes.. my bubba. Something bad is going to happen to my bubba.”




“Perhaps you can stop this awful thing from happening to Borage since it has appeared to you.”

“I would but I’m just gonna get drunk and forget about this vision I saw.”





“Okay Dazzle baby. It’s time for me to teach you the ways of evil since you are my warrior of evil. Are you ready baby boo?”




“Me good.”




“No Dazzle baby, you are evil not good. Remember that kid. Dazzle is evil like mommy.”

“Me be good.”

“No, you be bad and evil like mommy. You are the warrior for evil.”

“Me is good.”

“Damn it Dazzle! Mommy said you are evil. Not good. Good is bad and Bad is good.”




“Now I want you to repeat these words that mommy is about to say. Those other children are worthless bastards so when approaching you tell them to,  “Bow before our lord and savior Satan or feel the wrath of terrible singing by Justin Bieber.”


“Was that too much? Okay.. Just steal other brats juice boxes. You need more apple juice for evil.”




“I steal juice for evil?”





“Yes Dazzle baby! You steal all the juice for the name of evil!”

4 thoughts on “Party Montigo: Chapter 16, Baby Talk

  1. Oh, Rosette…and Zinnia. ahahahaha

    If you’re wondering, mostly I’m laughing at Rosette’s grandma hang-up, Zinnia and the cheating rules, and evil GB. This is great stuff. XD

    • Zinnia’s logic about marriage is screwed lol. Reasons why her kids have issues of staying faithful.

      Rose refuses to accept the fact that she’s a grandmother now. Poor Dazzle is going to be confuse of who Rose is to him lol

  2. Great update. So this is before Liam and Zin’s visit to Borage I’m assuming. lol.

    Once I get the two chapters I’ve been working on up in the next couple of days I’ll be doing Liam’s POV of the visit. Poor cute little Dazzle, between Rose and GB he’s going to be messed up in the head.

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