Camp Tigo 2 ISBI: Day 10

All I asked for was a baby and I get abducted again. Why won’t you green varmints just let me be.




Borage: I’m just stilling in the puddle.

Rose: Yeah right, we know that you just pissed on yourself.

Kiki: We all do, no need to be a shame of it now.



Selene: There is a man behind you.

Isela: I know. I can feel his boner.

Anson: So ya like? Eh?



Seth: That’s nasty. You just gonna pee right there?

Selene: My gosh… I am terrified by this.

Arna: You guys wouldn’t move.

Anson: We weren’t in the way.

Isela: We need another bathroom cause we are so stupid.




I was just in the stall… Oh dear!




Isela: Dude, really?

Anson: I thought you went in there to pee? Was the toilet not good enough for you?


Malix: Stop judging me guys!



I was going to shower but this grass feels nice. I go to sleep now.





Selene: You’re really gonna sleep next to a puddle of pee?

Isela: I regret nothing.





I am not sure about what I’m looking at.




Borage: WTF happen to you?

Quincy: Gettin’ mah tan on.

Borage: Well you suck at it.




No I don’t want no scrub. A scrub is a guy who can’t get no love from me. Hanging on the passenger side, in his best friend’s ride. Tryin’ to holler at me! ♫





Isela: Check me out! They call me DJ Disco Panties!

Seth: Should you be in the kitchen?




Makayla: If we close our eyes and open them, we’ll be in a magical place.

Isaiah: I swear if this doesn’t work, I’m taking your apple juice.




I thought this only happen at night!!!





We no tell time.




Borage: Well brat? You gonna talk or sit there and look dumb. I’m your master and I command that you speak at once.

Linnea: ….




I can talk, father but I refuse to speak at your command. I am not a puppy. I do what I want.




Carrie: Say spaghetti sauce, cause that’s what you look like. C’mon red baby, say spaghetti sauce!

Shawn: You look like a old tomato, vile woman!





Mikhai: How will this mirror will teach me to talk? All I can see is how sexy I am.

Bryony: EA logic, dude. I’m gonna talk so much shit when I learn.




I hear voices…..





Dude were talking… Can you understand us??!!






Thing 1: Where you going?!

Thing 2: Away from you. You cry too much.

Thing 1: I do no such thing… WAAAHHHH!!!!




Thing 1: Hey.. where you going? I’m not crying now.

Thing 2: I just don’t like you.

Thing 1: That hurts.. I’m going to cry.




Thing 1: You came back.

Thing 2: I got hungry.

Thing 1: You found food?

Thing 2: No just this stick.




Borage: I need for you to speak so daddy can have a drink and you go play. Speak now, brat. Daddy commands it.

Linnea: No.




Borage: You spoke! Daddy can have a drink now! Go away..




Kiki: Asshole.

Malix: Bitch… And you wonder why you don’t have friends.





Mikhai: Where did you go? You die?

Bryony: I’m right here! Open your eyes!

Mikhai: No. There’s a ghost foot behind you.

9 thoughts on “Camp Tigo 2 ISBI: Day 10

  1. Dusty was abducted yet again.
    At least they are trying to get to the toilet.
    All the todders are just too cute.

    • They use to once a upon before freakin’ 1.50 Ugh!!!!!! I keep getting reminded of how I hate that patch LOL

      Those babies got annoying so I aged them quick.. But then they were annoying kids. Now they are teens and more interesting 😀

  2. LOL!!! Thing 1 and Thing 2 seem to be a little bit smarter than the rest… but all the toddlers seem to be smart. They will probably become idiots once they reach childhood, though!!!

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