Love For The Ladies: Chapter 41, Mistakes

Note: The Ziharians are speaking in their native language which is why Pedro is suddenly speaking with better grammar. However when speaking to the kids, Pedro is speaking English to them. Pedro’s Ziharian name is Piedax.



“All my life I’ve been doing my best to move in the ranks and I’m stuck doing repair duty. I swear if those bastard offspring of Piedax broke this…. Why did he have to bring them all? This center isn’t big enough for those annoyances.”




“I do not understand… This reading doesn’t make any sense. I logged in the right information and still.. this reading is wrong. I do no wish to work another late night. I promise my children I would tuck them in tonight. It’s been too long that I have been away from them, especially Aries.”




“I can do it for you, Piedax. That way you will get to see your offspring other behind a glass screen. They ask about you, you know.”




“No need, Sha’tifa  I will do this, I just need to work faster. I have to do my own work. Don’t worry about me. My children and I are not your concern. Continue with your work while I do with mine.”




“I was just trying to help, Piedax.. I know how important it is to spend time with you offspring. I do wish that I had offspring of my own. You’re lucky to create some of your own… If I didn’t-“



“Betrayed me with him.. We could of had our own children together.. But you just had to.. You know what you did Sha’tifa. If I knew you would be working at this center.. I would of stayed on Earth…”




“Piedax.. I am sorry for everything. I don’t know how many times I have to say I’m sorry..”

“I do not want to hear it. I have work to do.”

“But Piedax..”

“Sha’tifa, we have work.. We may finish this discussion later. You don’t want the Superiors walking in and seeing you chatter like a mindless adolescent. I must stay focus on my work.”





“Can we speak now?”

“I do not wish..”

“But you said later on-“

“I lied. It was just to shut you so I could work and finish my assignment for the day.”

“I thought maybe.. We-“

“If you believe I will give you another chance during my stay, you are mistaken.”




“I miss you.. We can make this work…”

“No.. I can not trust you again.”

“What can I do to prove you can trust me again?”

“Go away.”




“Piedax.. I’m sorry. You were always so busy about obsessing over genies and trying to pinpoint there whereabouts on Earth. I got so lonely and he was willing to give me the attention I needed. You were never there, Piedax. I’m a Aqufinix, I have my sexual needs that need to be dealt with. I didn’t love him… it was just emotionless mating. Are you in love with your genie host? Is that the real reason why you refuse to work things out with me? It’s cause I’m not a genie…. Am I right?”




“My work was important. How else would move up in ranks? Maybe I should of given you more time but my work.. It was important. you knew how much it was for me. After creating a Navirhian like Aries, I could given you a better living. You knew about my mission to Earth, I had to find the perfect Navox genie first. You could of been more faithful to me but you chose not to. I am not rejecting you cause of the genie, you broke my heart and I can never forgive you for that. I need to do my soak now.”




“I hope you don’t mind me joining you. As a Aqufinix, I require more soaks than you Ziharians.”

“You require more of a lot of things…”






“I still love you.. We can-“

“Do not touch me!”

“I just miss you so much..”

“Coming here was a mistake. I need to go and check on my children.”

“Piedax… Please don’t go.”

“Fine, I will stay.”





“Tell me about the genie..”

“Borage is his name. Attractive human but stupid and a terrible father.”

“Then why pick him?”

“Attraction, purely attraction nonetheless. He has perfect genetics, that is why he was chosen.” 

“So you’re not in love with him by any chance?  Do you mate with him? You spent a lot of time on Earth with him.”

“I stay because he’s a idiot and I need to look after my children with him as well as his own. No I am not in love with him.  I had mated with him a few times but he has no memory of it. I can’t enjoy mating if I have to erase the memory of it.”

“Why? He doesn’t like it? You’re a wonderful lover… I do remember that..”

“Things on Earth are different from him. Do not have genderless mating there. Some males prefer females. Some females prefer males. Some males and females prefer both genders while some prefer one of the same gender. Borage, is what they call a Heterosexual  he prefers the opposite gender of himself. Borage wouldn’t willing mate with me however he would with Fayon as she is female.”

“That’s a strange place to live. I can’t see why you’re going back in a year.”

“My children must know their birth parent, he gave them life. It’s only right for them to know him. Since I completed my Earth assignment by creating Aries, I may return once my children are adults.”

“You call your offspring “children” a lot. Why?”

“Why not? I see my children more than creations.. I love them. They are children, my children. My time on Earth made me create a special bond with all of them.”




“I have some good news for you.”

“What is that, Eshu?”

“I’m all in the clear now.. You know what this means.”

“Is it possible?”




“I can marry you.”

“I can’t believe that I’m hearing this! We can marry now?”

“Yes. It turns out they found the real Ziharian who blew up the tower.”

“But Eshu… I am already married. To the genie on Earth.”

“So? Our world won’t count it.”

“But on Earth…”




“Divorce him.”





“I’m so sick of having to do this every single day. I study and analyze these offspring and they do nothing special. They are just regular Ziharian offspring. Something is telling me that I am being used as a babysitter…”





“Has anyone notice the weirdo who keep watching us?”

“Yeah Toshi.. It’s his job.”

“His job is to be a weirdo, Tuscan.”

“I want his job! Like I… I like watching others. Cause like last night I watched Auntie Fayon kiss and hug Eshu while naked . He got on top of her and she started to scream “Fuck me harder!” I thought she was being hurt but she seem like she liked. It looks like fun. When I get older I wanna naked hugs and kisses and yell “Fuck me harder!” It’s fun. I like to watch.”

“That sounds weird, Dia.”

“I doesn’t look weird, Toshi. Come with me next time.”

“Nah. I don’t wanna see Aunt Fayon nakie.”




“What are you 3 talking about?”

“Dia seeing weird stuff and liking it, Apollo.”

“It’s not weird until you see it yourself.”

“What did you see, Dia?”

“Your mom giving Eshu naked hugs and kisses, Apollo.”

“You’re not suppose to be watching that. Dia.”

“Well I did.. Whatcha gonna do? Tell on me? I like being yelled at.”

“Nothing.. I just wonder why we never see Aries anymore.”

“I heard they watch him in another room like he’s a prisoner.”

“He’s the special one so he gets special things in a different room so we won’t get jealous. That’s what Aunt Fayon say.”

“I miss Aries.”

“We all do…”




“I wonder why I can’t see the others.. It’s lonely in here by myself. The only time I see anyone is when I’m being studied.. I wanna go home…”





“Why must we do this everyday. I feel for Piedax’s offspring. They should be out playing with other Ziharian young. Does it bother that 2 of your own are with them, Fayon?”

“Why yes it does but it’s the rule.. They must be studied as well.”

“But why?”

“My offspring have the same parent as the septuplets. I was impregnated with him.”

“Isn’t that against the rules? Wasn’t the genie Piedax’s host?”

“Yes but this was a special case because of the host being genie occult.”

“You don’t mind sharing him?”

“Not at all.”




“Piedax, I must speak with you. It’s about Aries.”

“He is okay, isn’t he?”

“No…yes.. but no.”

“I do not understand?”

“Aries.. had another transformation and the Superiors are not happy about it.”





“Another transformation?”

“Correct. I think you should see for yourself. It’s against the rules but.. I think you should.”

“I have not seen my son in 3 years.”

“Come with me.”




“You see the problem?”

“His skin… It has changed..”

“Correct. Aries appears too human for the Superiors liking. They say the original Navirhian didn’t go through another transformation.”

“What does this means?”

“He’s not a Navirhian. You will have to return to Earth until you get it right.” 




“I don’t understand.. He have to be one. What did the results say? Doesn’t he both Ziharian and genie powers?”

“I’m not sure..”

“Perhaps  maybe one of the test that was done on him changed him?”

“Not possible.”

“Can I come out now?”

“I must see the test results.. I do not know why his skin would change. He has to be a Navirhian.”





“Suziu? Can I come out? Please? I promise I’ll be good and do the test without crying. I wanna see my brothers and sisters again. Suziu? Can you hear me? Please…”





“Let me in there. I must speak with my son.”

“I can’t do that.. You’re not allow to..”

“I do not care. Aries is my child.. I haven’t felt the touch of his skin since he was a infant. I wish to speak with my child.”





“Can anyone hear me?! I said I’ll be good! Just let me out! I’m sorry! I’m really am! Just let me out! I’m sorry!”





“Aries is upset.. I must go in.”

“He’s always crying like that. It annoys the Superiors.. I can’t let you in. The rules set by the Superiors-“






“Piedax.. I’m just doing my job.. I wasn’t suppose to let you see him.. I did enough.”

“Let me in! I do not like seeing my child upset like this! He is scared!”




“Alright.. I’ll let you in but if you get caught… You’re on your own…”

“I will take full responsibility! Now let me in at once!”

“Fine.. I’ll get the key.”





“Suziu! I missed you!”

“I miss you too.”

“When can I leave? I’ll be good.”

“I not know, Aries.  I will get you out, soon. I make promise.”

“I wanna see everyone. I don’t like this room.”

“I know. I not like see you in room. You not happy, and alone. This not good for child. I am sorry, son.”





“I’m really miss you and the others. How come I haven’t seen you in a really long time?”

“I was allowed not.. I want to see you but I was forbid. I am here now. We spend time before bed.”

“Can you read me a Earth story?”

“I can do.”




“I liked that story. When are we going back to Earth? I want to see daddy. Will he remember us?”

“Yes, Borage will remember. We go back in year. You will stay, never come back here.”

“Good cause I never want to come back here. Why didn’t we stay on Earth with daddy?”

“You were special. I had to bring but it was mistake. They treat you bad. I am not great Suziu…”

“I think you’re a great Suziu.. I love you.”

“I love you too.”




“Brother… You’re not suppose to be in there.. If you’re caught.. They will… I can’t think of that..”





“We will leave soon. I promise. You sleep good. I promise to make time good til we go. Night, mini Borage.”





“Brother, that was dangerous.. You could of been caught. It won’t be long before we leave. In fact we shall be leaving sooner. They are rejecting Aries, we have to send him back to Earth along with the others. You job isn’t done.”

“I didn’t care if I got caught… I would die peacefully knowing that I got to bond and comfort my child before my life was taken.. Coming here was a mistake. We should of stayed.”

“You know if you create another one.. you’ll have to return back.”

“I will not.”

“Brother… they will find you and terminate you if you create another one without reporting.”

“I don’t care.. I will never bring my child here. I will send test results from Earth. My children will live as children and not test subjects.”

“What if they don’t like that and request you bring the offspring.”

“I will refuse. They can have my life but not my child..”



Dear Borage,

The children are doing find on my home planet. We shall be returning back to Earth in 2 months as your son Aries was rejected by my brother’s Superiors. We will see you shortly. I know you were asking for a divorce and you shall get it because I was asked to be married by another Ziharian. I know this will break your heart as your love for me is great. I am sorry. – Fayon Xip





Dear Fayon,

This is a pic of me giving a fuck. As you can see, I’m not.  – BMG

10 thoughts on “Love For The Ladies: Chapter 41, Mistakes

  1. Its great seeing the kids again. I am glad Pedro got to spend time with Aries. The last picture of Borage is epic.

    • Aries’ time on Ziharia will affect him by being a emotional wreck but it will make things interesting in the next Risquecy 😉

  2. :c I just wanted to hug Aries, but his Suzio beat me to it, and he’d probably be weirded out by a random human hugging him. XD

    Loved Borage’s response.

    These Superiors sound like big nasty aliens. Can I torch them? >:D

    • Aries would of taken any affection from anyone since he was kept away in his “cell” for so long.

      The Superiors are jerks and will force Pedro into trying for another alien-genie baby.

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