A Field of Dodders: Chapter 2, Another way?

Yvonne wanted me to move into her home that was just a couple of blocks away from the small house I shared with Erica. Erica asked about moving in with me too and Yvonne allowed it. I wouldn’t leave Erica by herself anyway with her many personalities. The house looked pretty nice but I notice how this house was mostly my 2 favorite colors. I think she did her house in my favor on purpose. Many this curse wasn’t some random act at all. I think the crazy bitch has been planning this for years.

Yvonne shown Erica and I our rooms, Erica had her own and I saw it was decorated in her favor as well. I think Yvonne intended in Erica in moving in. It’s one thing to plan on evil on me but it’s another thing if she has anything planned for my sister.




After settling in, it wasn’t too long before Tykisha gives me a warm welcome. She may be fine but she’s annoying as fuck.

“Well it’s about time you got here, bitch ass.”

“Ugh Ty, I just got here. I was unpacking and shit. It’s not like I was going anywhere soon.”

“I don’t give a fuck, Dodder. You’re suppose to be trying to date me before you ask to marry me.”

“I have to date you first?”

“Yeah.. You owe me big time. I hope you got a fancy date planned for me with your Montigo money, tonight.”

“Your mom didn’t say anything about me having to date you first.”

“Uh duh! You have to date me before marriage like any other person. So where going?”


“That’s fucked up, Dodder. You’re taking me out rather you like it or not.”




“Ya know being married to me isn’t going to be so bad. I think we’ll have fun.”

“I seriously doubt that.. I’m glad I won’t have to stay married to you after the 10th brat.”

“You think I’m just gonna pass you off to some other heffa?”

“Your mom said I’ll be with 10 different women.”

“Like I give a fuck what my mama said. I’m gonna make sure that I’m the one and only wife.”

“Yvonne isn’t gonna let that happen… Thank goodness.”

“That’s what you think!”




After dealing with Tykisha’s crazy ass, Yvonne wanted to check in on me. There was one thing I was curious about and wanted to talk to her about it. How the fuck are these babies gonna get out of me. I know that my brother Borage gave birth 3 different ways but I’m sure in hell not gonna push out any babies out of my ass!

“Dodder, you’re all settle in now? I can show you around the house and answer any questions you may have. I made sure I have my house in the matter which you should find comfortable in living her for some years.”




“Yeah I got one important one. How are these creatures gonna get out? My brother pushed out 7 babies out his ass with one of his pregnancies. No way in hell I’m gonna have butt babies like him!”





“This would be different than alien pregnancies. The baby will simply teleport into your arms however you will feel the same pain during labor like most woman when giving birth.  Your brother Borage, will he be visiting you soon?”





“I dunno.. Why do you care?”

“I have been curious about having relations with a Navox genie. I know how you Navox genies are excellent lovers. I’m sure all 10 of your wives will enjoys themselves with you. Even more knowing they won’t be the ones pregnant.”

“No offense Yvonne, but you’re not my brother’s type… being old and all.”

“Nonsense Dodder. I have my ways.”

“Yeah? Witch voodoo?”

“Child please, I don’t need my witch magic on him.”

“Obvious you don’t know how shallow my brother can be.”




After that strange chat with Yvonne, I decided to make the most of living here for the time being. That doesn’t mean I fully accepted my fate. I know there have to be another way around this.  She used her witch spell on me, maybe I can find a way to break it. I guess I’ll be making a stop to the Elixir shop some time soon.




After a dip in the pool I made a stop at the nearest elixir shop. I talked to the clerk if he knew anything about this curse that Yvonne placed on me and was hoping he knew a way for me to break it. I refuse to be married to anyone, have kids or let alone be pregnant at that. I was hoping the werewolf clerk had some answers for me.



“Ah yes, I have heard of that curse before. It’s one of the rare ones and isn’t used that much in this century. I am very sorry to hear about your dilemma. Its’ much unfortunate being a male and such.  Have you dabble in some alchemy before? I think there’s a rare elixir that could possible break this curse. This shop has tons of books for you to do research for the unique elixir.”



“Well no.. I never messed with any alchemy before. No there’s no quick fix? How rare is this elixir  I rather have this curse broken before I have to marry and have kids with the first female.”




“I am sorry but I wish there was a quick fix for this. It’s extremely rare I’m afraid to say. It requires some exotic ingredients which are hard to come by. I can grant you free access to anything thing in this shop until you are able to break this awful curse. I’m afraid that’s the only help I can offer at this point.”




I hoping he would have a fast solution for this problem but I’m glad he offer to help instead of laughing at my ass. He seems a like a cool person so far. I think it’s cool he given me free access to the shop now.




I started my research at the shop. I had no time to waste. the sooner I start, the sooner I’ll break this curse.




“Dodder! This place is nasty. I know my gig isn’t here in the crusty ass shop.  The fans are waiting for my performance! Let me warm up my voice first. “Ain’t no bitch can get a man like mine. You thirsty hos be begging for the one I got. No no no no bitch, you can’t get like this!“”




 “Erica, you don’t have a gig nor you’re even a singer. Make yourself useless and find another book for me to research in.”




“What do you mean I don’t have a gig tonight? I got my hair and nails did for nothing?!  I hate you Dodder! Where’s my agent so I can throw my phone at him!”




“Erica, I really don’t have time for your foolishness right now. Did you take your meds this morning?”





“Meds? I don’t need meds. I am perfect as I am. Sorry fans of mine, don’t listen to that hater. Your beloved idol is perfect! I wanna deciated this next song to all my beautiful fans. This song is on my latest album. Ready y’all?”




“Nobody wants to hear you sing! Yes they do! My fans love me! I’m not a singer, I’m a famous poet in France. No I’m singing diva and you bitches are haters! No I’m a con-artist from East Bridgeport. I got people to con! I am a singer! The hottest sensation since Beyonce! No, I’m a poet! Gotta write more poems for my love Jean.”










“Hey my loyal fans, who’s ready for my performance? I have a treat for you all.”

“I’m leaving, this woman is insane.’


“Yes ma’am.”



“Erica and the rest… please go wait in the car until I’m done.”





I wanted to make one more stop after I was done researching for the day. I wasn’t sure if I should take Erica home since her personalities are going haywire. She seems fine now but I hope it stays this way after I talk to a fortune teller. She wasn’t much help about finding a way in breaking this curse. She pretty much told me the same things the elixir shop guy told me. She asked if I wanted to know my fortune. I pretty much know what’s ahead if I don’t break this curse in time.




“Dude, you act sucks. Erica is not impressed.”

“That was hurtful.”

“Not as hurtful as your act.”




“Erica.. or whoever you are now, are you ready to go?”

“I guess, this vampy man is kinda lame. I bet I could be a better magician that him. I’m a genie after all. I got the magic clit.”

“Yeah… I’m gonna act like I didn’t hear that.”

“Just saying bro.”




I wanted to do more research at home since I notice Yvonne had a alchemy table upstairs but I was greeted by a bitchy Tykisha instead.  Were not even married yet and she’s already acting like a naggy wife. I regret doing anything with her.





“Where the hell you been? I got myself looking cute and shit for our date and you ain’t even here! I got my hair did and you didn’t notice! My nails done, you ain’t notice that either! And got my coochie waxed too but you don’t get to see cause you be pissin’ me off now. You suck as a boyfriend you know.”





“I never said I was taking you on a date tonight. I was busy doing what I wanted to do. Now can you go, I got work to do now.”




“Uh uh! You owe me some sex now. And don’t worry, you won’t get pregnant until after we are married. So let’s get freaky like we use to do, boo thang.”

“Hell no, I ain’t doing shit with you.”

“Why not? I said you won’t get pregnant yet”

“I don’t give a fuck, I’m not fucking you so you need to go somewhere.”

“Look here, nergo. Gimme some of the chocolate genie dick!”





“Bitch no.. Go sit on a fudgesicle and chill the fuck down.”

“The only fudgesicle I want is yours, boo thang.”

“I’m sorry but the ice cream shop is closed only for crazy bitches.”

“Why you gotta be like that?!”

“Why you gotta be a psycho?”




I was feeling a bit sleepy and went on to bed only be followed by that crazy ho. I didn’t know I would have to be sharing a bed with her even if we weren’t married yet. As I tried to relax, this heffa kept trying to feel on my dick. I had to smack her hand away so many times. Damn.. why she gotta be so thirsty? I just hope the others won’t be like Tykisha cause I can’t deal being married to 10 crazy bitches.

9 thoughts on “A Field of Dodders: Chapter 2, Another way?

  1. Dodder really seems like a nice guy despite himself, lol. Looking out for his sister and all.
    Man Yvonne is so much trouble. >.< Poor Borage, she's got her creepy witch eyes on him. I really do feel bad for Dodder honestly, he looks so sad.

  2. Dodder really does look out for Erica – such a good brother. I am rooting for him to be able to break the curse before he goes through all that hell!

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