Love For The Ladies: Chapter 40, G-Daddy B.

If I thought my life was getting boring then I would wrong as my life if on the verge  of becoming more interesting. My kids were the blame for it. Maybe Lois and I should of been focus on the teens as much as we do with the younger ones.  It’s just some many of them running around the house doing who knows what. Maybe if Greta stayed then this wouldn’t be a issue.  It’s just 2 adults and a army are hormonal teens and cranky kids who refuse to go the bed without a bedtime story. Like seriously brats… go the fuck asleep already. These kids are wearing me thin and letting run free was a huge mistake. I can only do so much… 





“Why did you want to meet here after school? Are you ill?”

“Yeah..kinda.. I haven’t been feeling well so I came here.”

“Are you going to be okay?”





“I will be for the most part…”

“What’s wrong? Is it serious?”

“No..maybe.. It depends on how you look at it…”

“Tell me Ash. I hope everything will be okay.”




“I’m pregnant.”

‘Wha- .. Huh?”

“Were going to have a baby, L2..”

“But we only done it once. How could this be?”

“It only takes one time.. I’m scared, L2..”

“I’m not sure what to say now..”





“Are we going to keep it?”

“I do if you do. If not.. I’m okay with adoption.”

“I dunno.. I kinda want to keep the baby. You think Lois and your dad will be mad at us?”

“My dad maybe.. but I know Lois won’t be please but we’ll be fine. I think we can raise this baby.”

“I guess we better look for jobs then.”

“Maybe but I come from a rich family, I have my own trust fund.”

“We can’t live on that alone. It will dry out.”

“You have no idea how much, Ash. We’ll be fine.”





“Were keeping our baby then?”

“Yeah.. I think you’ll be a good mother.”

“What about school? How can I go to school and care for a baby.”

“I’ll do home school while you still go to regular. Everything will be okay.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, Ash. Come here. You know that I love you and will always be there for you and the baby. Trust me, everything will be fine. We should get ready for prom. I’ll tell my dad afterwards.”

“Okay. Sounds like a plan.”




“Your name is Lakey, right?”


“I notice you join auto class recently. I didn’t know you were interest in cars. That’s kinda cool.”

“It’s kinda my new thing. Are you going to prom tonight?”

“I would but no date.”

“That’s too bad. I was thinking of going even though I don’t have a date.”




“What if I be your date for prom?”

“Really? I guess that would be cool.”

“I’ll admit that I’m not much of dancer but I think it would be fun.”

“Yeah, I was hoping you would ask me for prom.”






“It’s because I like you, Bruce. I tried to get your attention but I figure you weren’t interested.”





“Oh I’m interested, Lakey. I’m sorry that I was acting like a douche towards you. I just didn’t know. It’s hard to read girls now days.”

“You’re forgiven. I think maybe we should get ready for prom. It’s almost time.”

“I think we should..”




“What is this in the sky? It’s so pretty. I think I better get going to my prom dateless. It would be nice to go with a alien lova. A girl could dream.”





“What’s going on? Where am I going? Am I being finally abducted?! I’m gonna return home as a woman!”





“That was awesome! Those aliens really know how to get their freak on. I’m glad it was with a Ziharian who made me into a woman. Now I can join the I-just-got-laid club with my brothers. I even beat BL! How cool is that?”





“But I’m going to miss my Ziharian lova. I hope he calls me someday and we’ll get married then have loads of alien-genie babies.”





“He’ll totally call me. I’m awesome. I wonder if daddy will beat up the alien who deflower me? Who am I kidding? Daddy doesn’t remember I’m even his kid most of the time. Oh daddy, why won’t you love me? I think I will blame my daddy issues on my obsession of alien loving.”





“Dad, I need to tell you something.. My gosh.. What happen to her hair?”

“It got stressed, Lois needs to relax it. Is that all?”

“ There’s something important that I need to tell you.”

“You got laid, I know. You assholes won’t stop talking about how you finally fucked. Just let it be know, you jerks will never be on my level of magic lovings.”


“Well what is it?”





“Please don’t get mad but you’re going to be a grandfather soon.”

“Grand pimp?”

“No dad.. Ashley is pregnant with my child.”


“I’m going to be a dad, not sure how clearer I can be on this subject.”

“No.. I’m too sexy to be a grandpa.”

“I’m sorry.. But we plan on keeping the baby.”

“Just letting you know I think you’re asshole for making me into a grandpa so soon. I’m not even old looking. I can’t be a grandpa.”

“I am sorry dad.. But what’s done is done.  Look at it this way, you’ll be the most coolest grandpa in town.”

“I guess you’re right. That brat ain’t calling me “grandpa” Too sexy for that title.”





Bruce-Lee started to bring a decent girl around the house. It wasn’t long before she turned him into a man. I’m glad he didn’t pick no hag like L2. They started to date and she was around a lot. Lois wasn’t happy about my teens swiping their V cards suddenly. Apparently Lilah is one of mine and she lost hers to a alien who abducted her.

Lois felt it was time to talk to the teens about safe sex and she tried to banned me from talking to me about. Last I knew, these jerks were my kids. If they wanna come to me for advice, they should. My only concern is that my Babycake haven’t swiped hers. I could careless about what Bora Bora or Bitchzilla  did or not. My Baby cake better hold onto her card until she’s 50!





I’m not sure how I feel about being a granddad soon. I’m just too sexy to be having some brat calling me “grandpa”. The news of Ashley’s pregnancy didn’t set well with Lois. She felt I should of been more outrage about it. Honestly I don’t know how I feel about it and try to ignore it. Lois gave them both a talking to and felt I should join in but I didn’t care really. 

Lois said I need to be more of dad now but I’m doing the best I can. I wish she would get off my ass about parenting and shit. She’s getting on my nerves and it makes me want to send Lani a pic of my magically genie dick. I just have days were I wish I was single… I hate to say that but I feel that the love is fading. Lois and I don’t spend one on one time anymore. I just want some special attention more often. These annoying kids are preventing it from happening…





“Yo Sono, it’s me Morde-train. I was wondering can you turn on your cam and you show me dem titties again. I so wanna motorboat those babies again 😉 “





“Guys… I think it’s time.”

“Time for what? Dance like idiots?”

“Ohmigosh! It is time for the baby, Ash?!”

“Yes! L2! I’m scared!”

“Oh no it’s hammer time!”

“No Lilah! It’s labor time!”

“Oh then let’s do that gloriously labor dance and be useless!”

“Ohmigosh! Ohmigosh! Ohmigosh! Ohmigosh!”

“You guys aren’t helping at all! This hurts!”

“That’s why were doing the glorious useless labor dance!”





“L2?! Why did you stop doing the glorious useless labor dance with me?!”

“I think I should tell dad to drive us to the hospital.”

“But.. but… I was having some much fun.”





“Were going to leave now, you can keep on doing whatever it is you’re doing.”

“But the dance… it’s not done! Something about that chair makes me wanna scream and shout for babies!”

“How was it possible that were twins? You’re a idiot.”

“The dance will be please the great Brain llama!”

“I’m leaving.”





I drove my kid and his girl to the hospital. A day later they were parents to a baby girl they named Alyssa. What’s interesting about my grandbaby that she was born a genie. I guess L2 has some of my genie blood lingering in him even if he wasn’t one himself.





6 months had flow by and little Alyssa is looking beautiful even if her mom is a hag. She got my hair and genie powers, it’s awesome to see my genes in my grandbaby. Now I just gotta teach her how not to be a hag like her mom and a nerd like her dad.

Of course with a new baby in the house, less time with Lois….





Instead I filled my time with this little angel. I didn’t think I would like this kid but I realize she’s really not my responsibility. She’s L2’s problem. My job is to spoil her then hand her back to one of her parents and make them deal with her. It’s fun to watch L2 and Ash struggle to get her happy again when I hand her back. I adore this baby girl, she’s a awesome kid and likes me more. This kid knows I’m the cool one. But there’s no way in hell she’s gonna call me “grandpa” Just call me G-Daddy B.





“Alien if you can near by, I demand more lovings with me. How you gonna deflower me and not call me afterwards? I thought you were different then these asshole humans on earth? This is your lova! Return to me at once I say!”





“This is totally gonna get his attention now. “Let me love you.” This will please him and then he will please me. Oh this will be glorious!”

23 thoughts on “Love For The Ladies: Chapter 40, G-Daddy B.

    • A happy messed up family LOL Borage may end up liking his grandkids since he’s not his job to raise but that’s what he thinks 😉

    • He loves his little grandbaby, so he’s not really bothered about being a grandparent so soon. Its gonna be fun with him and the grandbaby

    • Thanks.. He was a little pressured by Borage about swiping his V card that he didn’t realize he should of used some protection haha. Sorry for the late reply. I having issues with my game.

  1. Awww, Alyssa’s a cutie! What I really liked is how cool L2 was about it. There’s a lot of guys who would just dump all the responsiblity on the girl and waltz off into the sunset. To be honest I don’t know how people like that sleep at night. -.-

    I love Lilah, she’s pretty awesome. Shame Borage hardly ever remembers she’s his kid.

  2. i was right just not the couple i was hoping for have you tried out littlecat natural retex or iggysaurus. i’m loving finally seeing some natural hairs. His genes are strong

  3. Awww. The kids are growing up! Lilah is a trip already, but now is obsessed with alien loving. LOL. Congrats on Alyssa, she is adorable. I am glad Borage likes her!

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