Love For The Ladies: Chapter 39, Average Days

I needed a break from all the madness going on in the house.  My hot tub is my sanctuary. The bubbles on my balls kinda feel nice on my balls.. maybe too nice. Lois has been busy with kids so much that my magic stick hasn’t been getting any attention. This hot tub feels nice and no one is around. Maybe I’ll give it some attention since I’m alone in my hot tub. I haven’t done something like this in here but there’s always a first time for anything.





After my hot tub jerk, I took a moment to enjoy the view of the ocean. It’s pretty nice having a crib over the cliff by the ocean. I just wish I could spend more time with Lois by it. I miss our time when we watched the sun faded into the ocean during the evenings. But it’s all about the kids now. We can still working on our issues but she seems to forget about me cheating on. After putting the kids to bed, all I get is a kiss on a cheek and she heads to bed. I never get to spend any time with her. I thought about sending Lani a text since I haven’t heard from her but maybe that’s not a good idea at the moment.

Things were fine when it was just Junior. With 3, 2 year olds who are barely a year apart in age, it’s hard to get any alone time. It gets so lonely now. I’m starting to miss my old life now. I got to hit on ladies every night at the club and if i was lucky, I got to take one home. I thought having a lady at home would be awesome. Not so much when you got a bunch of brats. I don’t get to see her much…



“Morde, I think we should hang out in the hot tub. I think it would be fun.”

“Nah L2.. We shouldn’t do that.”

“Why not? I think it was be a lot of fun. I haven’t been in it since it’s been here. Dad is always in it.”

“That’s the reason.”

“Dad? Huh?”

“Do you know what dad does in there?”


“Yeah, after rubbing one off.”


“Yeah… that’s why the hot tub is extra foamy. Rest in peace possible little brothers and sisters.”




“I will not rest until my precious gift is given to a Ziharian! I demand to be abducted right now! I feel that I am woman enough to handle  it!  So bring your sexy green asses down here and abduct me!”




“L2, what the hell is your twin ranting about this time? Did dad dropped her on head when she was a baby or she’s got some crazy from your mom? Maybe she found dad’s pot. I hope she did cause I wanna take a hit.”





“Lilah is just Lilah. She’s always been that way. As for my mom, I don’t know much of her. I have vague memory about my mom. I wonder what ever happen to her. “




“The Brain llama promise me a Ziharian male and I want one now! Do you hear me?! COME GET ME! MY BODY IS READY!”





“Daddy, I’m trying out for track at school and I was wondering if you could train me. I notice how you work out a lot.”

“Yeah, trying to pop this bubble. Nothing seems to work but I can help you train, Baby cake.”

“Really? Cool, I’ll go change.”





“If you wanna run like a African then you need to speed this thing up!”

“Daddy! I’m just a beginner! I gotta pace myself, right?”

“Who has time for that? You gotta run like a African!”




“I know you can do it! Run with mighty African speed!”

“I’m trying daddy! You’re kinda pushing me too hard!”

“Nonsense! I’m trying to make you the best you can be!”

“Daddy I think I’m gonna trip!”




“Stop your trippin’ and get up!”

“Daddy! You’re starting to scare me! I think I’m gonna quit for now.”

“Africans never quit! Run PC! Run like the police is chasing you!”

“Why would the police be chasing me?!”

“They don’t like black people!”

“Aren’t I still multiracial like you?”

“The police don’t care if you have 1 drop a of white in you! Run Babycake! Run!”




“Lotus, whatcha think about having alien nieces and nephews one day. I wanna have a bunch of alien babies.”


“It would be pretty cool you know. Green skin with pink like our brothers and sister who went away for a while. Maybe one will be a genie-alien like our brother Aries.”

“I be alien!”

“No silly! You’re just a genie like me. I think being a alien would be cool.”

“I’mma alien!”

“If you’re a alien, then I’m a alien too.”

“We aliens!”

“Yep, I agree with you there. Were aliens! Now I hope our people will come and abduct us.”




“You losers ready to get your asses handed to you?”

“Whatevs, BL. You know you suck at this game, let alone any game.”

“Whatever nerd. You’re only good cause all you do is play video games.”

“Here comes the Morde-train, gonna beat you ladies at this.”

“What the hell is with this Morde-train crap?”

“Ladies like it.”




“What ladies?”

“Your mom. Your mom loves the Morde-train.”

“Oh you got jokes about my mom now? Take this!”

“BL, you hit my guy. That’s not fair.”

“Ha ha ha, you aim sucks, BL.”

“You just wait until I find you again, Morde.”




“Gotcha! Taken that virgin!”

“You’re using cheats, Morde! And who you calling a virgin? You’re one too!”

“Um.. no I’m not.”

“Since were on the subject, I’m not one either.”

“Huh? What do you mean you’re not a virgin, L2?”

“Yeah, you’re a nerd. How did you get laid?”

“I have a girlfriend unlike you losers.”




“And you too Morde? I’m the oldest and I haven’t been with anyone yet..”

“That’s cause you suck, BL.”

“I do not.. I’m gonna lose mine soon!”

“Yeah right! You just mad cause we both beat you. Can’t believe the nerd became a man.”

“Don’t rush it, BL. You should give it to a girl who is special to you. I did and it was wonderful.”

“So gay, L2. I got freaky with a older lady. Why you stop playing?”

“I’m gonna check on Ash.”

“You’re so pussywhipped.”

“Maybe but at least I’m not a virgin like you.”

“Ohhhh BURN!”

“I hate you both…”




If I wasn’t going to get attention from my lady, I knew one little lady who would daddy some attention. Not sure what’s going on with her hair this morning. Lois has been really busy and left my cupcake nappy headed. It’s just me and her now. My daughters are always on their dumb smartphone texting whoever. My sons are having a pissing contest about losing their virginity  I am disappointed on how my oldest haven’t got laid but his younger brothers had.




“You need some TCB. Why your mama do you like this?”


“Yeah, you’re nappy. If I knew how to braid hair, I would have you fixed up.”

“I braid your hair, daddy!”

“No cupcake, you’re not touching daddy’s hair.”

“Pwease daddy!”

“No cupcake, I love you but I love my sexy hair more.”

“Bubble butt!”

“How now… no need to get rude.”

25 thoughts on “Love For The Ladies: Chapter 39, Average Days

    • I didn’t know he skilled enough to train other sims. I only seen him work out once lol. Maybe Pedro been training him when I wasn’t looking cause Pedro was always working out.

  1. “Yeah, you’re nappy. If I knew how to braid hair, I would have you fixed up.” <—- this made me crack up so bad. For some reason someone said that to me at one point in my life :p

    • He does have a cute bubble butt, I plan to set my sliders higher so his bubble butt will get bigger when he has another alien baby LOL

      I’m trying to show the kids as much as I can. I just wished the BCs would show their kids more. I plan on doing the same with Dodder’s but his kids will age a bit faster than Borage’s.

  2. I’m gonna miss these kids, they’re hilarious and their interactions with their dad are too. Dunno how Borage will feel about having even more “brats,” to use his word. I get the feeling that though he’s attached to the ones he’s got, he doesn’t really want more. x)

    • One of the kids will stick around for a while even after aging to YA. I plan on keeping this batch in town so they will show up time to time when they are YAs.. 4 of them will be YAs very shortly 😦

  3. I would definitely steer clear of that hot tub!
    Loved the boys and their conversation over video games.
    I get peeved when my sims start training each other because they get so smelly!

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