Love For The Ladies: Chapter 38, V Card

Note: I do not condone the actions that you’re about to read but this mess happens in life.

Deal with it :p




L2 wanted to talk to me about something. I hope this was the talk that he wanted advice on how to fuck a girl with awesomeness. If he wants to make me proud then he better be ready to spread some magic around even it’s he’s not a genie. He still has my good looks that he’s wasting on that hag who has been staying here for the past couple of months.

He seemed a bit nervous as we sat down to talk about whatever he wanted to talk about. This boy needs to man up before he tries to get with any ladies. Ladies need a strong sexy man, not no shy, wimpy boy. I’ve been waiting on the day I can share my manly advice about spreading the magic with the ladies. L2 is probably is going to disappoint me but there’s still hope, right?





“Dad, I want to talk to you about something.”

“Finally. I knew you would make me proud some day.”

“Oh? So you know?”

“You need my sexy advice on how to please ladies, right? Start by putting it in her mouth. That’s always a good starter but think about dead puppies mid way through. You don’t wanna fill her mouth with your man cream too quick. Ladies do not like first comers.”


“What? I’m giving you advice, you need to be taking notes on this. This is a very important thing in your life. You need to know how to fuck correctly or you’re doomed for life.”

“How is that more important than college?”

“It’s hella important when you’re in college. There will be so much fine ass at college. If you suck in bed then college is a waste of time.”

“Sex wouldn’t be my reason to attend college.”

“Then why go?”

“To get a degree.”

“That sounds boring. You disappoint me.”




“Dad.. I do want to talk about college at some point but there’s something that I need you to know. It’s about Ashley.”

“Oh.. You can start by drinking a lot of Brandy and turning off the lights when you’re ready to fuck her. I guess it’s okay if a hag is your first. You need a starter hag before getting with the sexy ones.”

“Dad! Ash is not a hag! Why do you keep saying that about her? Anyway I wanted to tell you that her and I are dating now.”

“You could do better, trust me.”

“Ash is perfect for me. Why can’t you see that?”

“She’s a hag. If you’re gonna date a girl, she gotta be a 7 at least.”




“But dad I think Ash is beautiful. I don’t care about numbers like you do.”

“Well your mom was a 5 like Ash but I only fucked her cause I was drunk off my ass. If I was sober, you wouldn’t be here to disappoint me.”

“I’m a disappointment?”

“Pretty much, you’re dating a hag. Are you at least hitting that?”

“Umm no.. Were both virgins.”

“Why do you keep disappointing me?”

“But I’m not.. I’m not trying to..”




“If you want to make me proud, then swipe your V card with her.”


“That’s the only way, kid. I was hoping you would be a ladies man until you found the right lady.”

“You want me to be like you, but you’re not being such of a ladies man. You’re in love with Lois. That’s one lady.”

“Yeah but I sample around before I got a lady. Lois is my first girlfriend. I didn’t date around, I was busy with gaining skills for bartending and DJing.”




“But dad, you were a virgin until you were 21. Why should I give up mines now when I’m only 15?”

“I only stayed that way long cause Riverview had nothing but ugly hags. I was saving my magic for the sexy ladies in Starlight Shores. In the meanwhile, I went to school for bartending and was learning how to DJ until I got here. I didn’t move here until I was 21.”

“So if I give up my virginity, you’ll be proud of me?”


“But why?”

” I don’t want you to make the mistakes I did but holding out until I was 21. I could of been a more skilled lover but I think I do pretty well at it now.”

“I think holding out that long was a right choice but maybe you should of married the lady you gave it up to.”

“BL’s mom? Nah.. she was already married and annoying.”

“You slept with a married woman?!”

“Yeah? She wanted this genie dick and I gave it to her.”





Mordecai is a interesting kid of mine. One night the police dropped him off after finding them trying to peek through the window of the strippers’ dressing room. So far he seems to be the only son who’s interesting in sampling different ladies like me. That’s cool and all but my focus is on L2. I know in my heart he would be a great ladies man like me. Mordecai maybe, but it’s in L2’s blood and he knows it. If I could slap some sense into him, he’ll drop that hag in a heartbeat.




Meanwhile 100 miles away from Starlight Shores….

“The place looks great, Landy. I’m glad to be on this side of the country once again. Moonlight Falls was a very interesting place but it was time for me to go. I wish you would of stayed in Starlight Shores.”

“I’m glad you like my new place, Lindy. I missed you. I wonder where you been this whole time. The last I knew, you had twins with some pink hair DJ and was planning a wedding. What happen?”

“I was taken by aliens, but they left me on Lunar Lakes. A alien who lived with Borage found me but left me in Moonlight Falls. I worked so many odd jobs until I was able to get a ticket for home but I was told you moved to Sunset City. I came here instead.”

“Why here? Your twins are still living with their dad back in Starlight Shores.”




“Me? Go back to there looking like this? Borage wouldn’t want to marry me. I may of lost some weight but I don’t feel like I’m beautiful enough for him. I’m old now. Borage wouldn’t love me at this age. I miss my kids but they probably won’t remember me…”





“Lindy, that’s crazy. You look stunning and youthful. You haven’t aged at all and here I am looking old with crows feet. I’m curious about why you haven’t age, when you’re the older sister. What happen in Moonlight Falls?”





“Nothing really. I think it had to do something with the aliens. They did some strange shit with me. Maybe they stopped my aging.”

“I say they did a little more than stopping your aging. You do look different in appearance.”

“I do? Then I can’t return to Borage. I’m probably ugly for him.. Maybe if I lose more weight.”

“Lindy, I didn’t mean that in a bad way. You’re beautiful, Lindy. Borage would probably would kill to have a moment with you.”

“You think so?”

“I know so. You should try to go see him and your kids soon.”

“I will.. Soon.”



Back in Starlight Shores..

Bruce Lee and his mom hanging a lot  now. She tries to keep her distance from me and at this point it’s a good thing. Lois still doesn’t want her at the house but couldn’t say much since she’s BL’s mom. For the most part, she’s here for him and not me. I’m slowly gaining Lois’ trust again but I still can’t help but think about that night with BL’s mom whenever I see her.  I don’t know why I keep thinking about it but I wish it would just stop.





“I think it’s good you’re around more now, mom but why now?”

“I missed you. I feel bad for missing most of your young life. I was a fool to walk out on you.”

“But why?”

“I was in love with your dad after moving in. Mitch kicked me out once I told him you weren’t his.  I knew Borage was the father cause of the timing. Mitch would barely touch me. He was more concern about making money than wanting a baby. I made a drunken mistake on the night I met your dad. But I wanted a baby so badly. I didn’t like how your dad spoke to me but I wanted a baby. After a few drinks, your dad lack of charm didn’t bother me. Your dad wasn’t interest in being with me and hooked up with my best friend Lindy. I was angry and left. I wanted to come back for you but Mitch said if I wanted this marriage to work out… I couldn’t bring you home.”

“So this Mitch guy was more important than me?”

“I fought for you, BL. But I was a idiot on taking sides with Mitch. He left me anyway. He couldn’t get over when I had you.”





“This whole time I thought that you didn’t want me. Dad never had a answer of why you left so that’s what I thought.”

“That’s not true. I love you, you’re my only child.”

“Okay but are you really back here to make up for lost time or just to hook up with my dad.”

“I will admit that I still have feelings for your dad. Your dad was a wonderful love and that body of his-“

“Mom.. gross. I don’t wanna know-“

“I’m sorry BL. I’m only here for you. Your dad and I agree they we shouldn’t be around each other. I’m dumbfound about him settling down with one female. I also wanted to talk to your dad about something but it’s gonna be hard to do that now.”

“Like what?”

“Am I aging slow cause I had a genie baby?”

“I dunno about that. Aren’t you like 70?”

“Lady will never their true age.”

“I know that Mitch guy is old wrinkly man… So-“

“Were not talking about mommy’s age right now BL.”




“Ash, I wanted to talk you about something.”

“Like what?”


“Oh… well you know I’m a virgin..”

“Yeah me too.. But have you been curious about it?”

“A little bit.. How about you?”

“Me too a little.”




“I know all the kids at school are doing it.”

“Yeah.. I wonder if what they say it’s true. I know my dad likes to all the time. Look how many brothers and sisters I have.”

“If your dad worn protection more then he wouldn’t have so many.”

“True.. Bu Ash.. have you ever thought about having sex with me?”

“Kinda.. What about you?”




“Yeah.. not until recently..”

“So what are you trying to say? What’s on your mind?”

“I was wondering if you were ready?”

“Maybe.. But I kinda wanted to wait.”


“You sound disappointed.”

“No.. not really.”

“We can do it if you really want to.”

“No Ash, I don’t want to pressure you.”

“I’m ready if you’re ready.”





“Let’s just cuddle, Ash. Maybe we can talk about this some other time.”

“We could.. But since we are on the topic. I think I’m ready. I would like for you to be my first.”




“Are you sure about this Ash?”

“I’m positive on this. There’s no one else I rather share my first with.”





“I feel the same way too. I’ll only do this if you are truly ready for this cause there’s no going back.”

“I am sure about this L2. I’ve waiting for you to bring this topic up. I’m kinda shy.”




“I will try to be as gentle as I can be. Just let me know if I’m hurting you or anything. I will stop. Just let me know.”

“I will.. I’m just glad that I’m doing this with you.”

“I feel the same way too, Ash. I love you.”

“I love you too, L2.”





“I heard you made my dad into a man so I was wondering if you’ll do that same for me.”

“You gotta be kidding.”

“No.. I think you should be my first. You’re sexy lady.. My dad has good taste. Plus I think your boobies are nice.”

“You do know I’ve slept with your dad and BL is your brother.”

“It doesn’t bother me at all. So what do you say?”




“I’m thinking.. NO! You’re just a kid!”

“But you can change that and turn me into a man and ride the Morde-train.”

“I’m not turning you into a man nor want to ride the “Morde-train”.”




“Ahhh why you gotta be that way, lady. You want you the be the first to try out the Morde-train. Let the Morde-train take a trip to your G-spot.”

“Ugh! Get away from me kid! I’m not doing anything with you!”

“Why not? Am I not sexy enough for ya?  You got a lovely caboose for the train.”

“I can’t tell who was worst, you or your dad!”




“I just wanted to motorboat those tatas of yours. Morde gets no love?”

“No, Morde doesn’t get any love from me. Try someone your own age.”

“I want a woman, not a girl. I can be man enough for you my lovely lotus flower.”

“That line ain’t gonna work, kid.”

“I wish my aunt-cousin Tequila was here. She has roofies.”






“Did you know Morde is hitting on your mom?”

“Yeah but he’s a idiot if he thinks she would go from him.”

“I dunno but I’m kicking your butt!”

“No fair! You’re using cheats! Dad was right! You cheat.”

“Nope! You both just suck at this game!”




“Say, Bora.. You’re alien.. Can you use your jedi mind trick on BL’s mom? She’s fine and I want her to ride the Morde-train.”

“I guess I could.. Luna is better at that than me. But I guess it would be fun to test out my powers for once.”

“Awesome, I knew I could count on you, sis.”

“It’s cause you’re my favorite, Morde.”




“Not if this is going to work but doesn’t hurt to try…”





“I wonder if Bora’s trick worked. Sonoko seems to be following me.”

“Hey Morde..”

“Hey Sono-“




“I was a fool to deny you my Morde love. I must have you in me! Give me your body!”





“Really? You’ll be the first passenger on the Morde-train?”





“Oh shut up and kiss me my love!”

“You don’t have to tell me twice.”





“That was awesome.. Thanks for turning me into a man.”

“I will do anything for you my sweet love but we must keep our love a secret.”

“Yeah.. I guess.”





I notice since I gave birth to those 7 green demons, my ass was starting to look bubblelicious. That’s okay on a lady but not okay on a man.  I started a daily routine on getting my ass in the right shape. I can’t be walking around here with bubble butt. Not sure if Lois was into it but I needed to work on this hot body of mine.




“I…got….to…get..rid….of…this…bubble…butt… Gotta…stay….sexy!”





“Dada got bubble butt.”

“I know that Junior! But daddy is gonna pop this bubble.”

“Bubble butt!”

“Don’t remind daddy of his bubble butt, Junior!”

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    • Thanks 😀 I’m trying to show all the kids’ personalities but I keep getting setbacks 😦 .. I’m trying…

  1. I stopped in, been busy since our furnance decided to break in the middle of needing to get stuff ready to go away, and lol. Oh wow… I feel sorry for all of Borage’s sons since it looks like his parenting is

  2. I decided to keep with the story while catching up… cannot help it. I was dying to read the new chapters. On that note: Morde-train!!!!!! bawhahahaha. I gotta love this guy. But L2 is also a favorite. 🙂

    • You would think L2 would have sense to not even do what Borage wanted him to do. But these poor kids will do anything to please him.

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