A change is coming for Love For The Ladies…again.

I can’t tell you how I’m annoyed dealing with this game lately. I would blame the patch but I had this issue long before it. There’s tends to be a issue with having Borage’s story in Starlight Shores. I lost count on how many times I had to create a new file for his story. I’ve gotten to the point that I refuse to recreate a new one. I spent a hour editing his town only to get a Error 12 when done. After doing all that shit all over again, I was able to save my work. I only got to play for a little before getting smacked with another Error 12. Reloading once again, things started to get a bit funky and shit crashes.

I’m done. Not with his story. I’m done dealing with Starlight Shores. I used that world for the first few chapters of Party Montigo and had issues. I was tired of making new files and moved them to Riverview without giving notice cause I used the same house. As much I love Borage’s house, I can’t bring it to a new world cause of the way it was built.


I did plan on moving Borage to Bridgeport next but I’m not ready to move him there this early. Plus his time Bridgeport was meant to be short. I decided to tell Starlight Shores to fuck off and use a different world. He mentions Starlight Shores a lot so the move would of been notice, plus with him in a different house. I’m moving him to Sunset City. He’s been there but currently has no memory of going there. I do need a little help with this move. Sunset City is huge and empty, I kinda need some extra sims to fill the town before ugly townies generate and move in. If you have any families or sims, I’ll gladly take them.


As far as Borage’s story line, there will be more dramatic changes to it. I won’t get to show everything that I planned 😦 This sucks not getting to do my dramatic things once again. Time will be fast forwarded. All the teens will be YAs except for Mordecai, he’ll be written to be turning 17. MiKaia and Miyoko will be teens (15), the twins with Fayon and the septs will be preteens. I  have the Grow Mod so they will appear as preteens. And the 3 toddlers will be child aged.


There will be a few chapters before this change. As far as the fairy harem, that’s still going on as planned. I did want Borage to move afterwards but I decided he’ll stick around in the new town for a while. Sunset City happen to be the same town where Borage’s BC kids were born (Opal and Topaz), I figure the twins will be added to this story later on. Anyway that’s all for now. I got a lot of editing to do. *sigh*



If you weren’t so popular, Borage.. I would of cancelled your story by now. The readers had spared you. He may not like the move away from his birthplace.. again but he’s gonna have to deal with it.

16 thoughts on “A change is coming for Love For The Ladies…again.

    • It’s great for story telling. It gives it a more realistic feel to the story. I tried it out in my AL files and decided I will use them in stories for now on.

  1. I’m sorry about your game, Sunset City is pretty great though, now I wish I’d saved my Save from there. I did a lot of changes to it to update it to my Game liking but went CC Free after so deleted the Save long ago. Good luck with everything, hope it all works out.

    • Since he’s moving there, Diamond’s reason of joining the harem will be different. After all she would have kids living there and most likely want to visit her first set of kids. I haven’t thought much of why she joins in yet. I have a lot of work to do with the new file. I love huge it is. Borage will get to stay a lot longer than planned. I didn’t realize the size until I loaded that world for the 2 second time.

      • I can Download Opal and Topaz and put Sunset City back in my game and have her go to visit Opal an Topaz and discover Borage is there. She’d join for 2 reasons, one cause she loves him and two because she wants more of his kids because she loves him, lol so no worries.

        • Oh okay cool. I’ll keep that in mind when it gets closer to that time. If she loves him, I think she might have a hard having to share him with 7 others. They will all fight for his attention and love. It’s gonna be crazy lol

          • She’s not really the jelous type and has no intention of being loyal to him so she would not expect him to be loyal to her. I mean she has a challenge of her own she has to finish and that’s important to her, her planet depends on it so I doubt you’ll have too much trouble with her but it will be crazy, lol.

  2. Sorry to hear you are having problems Nay, I have had to deal with my fair share of crap with my legacy family too. I finally got fed up with remaking them that I saved a file of them to my computer and sent my legacy family to a friend and one f my cousins. So they wont be disappearing any time soon…lol.

    I have quite a few sims I can send to you for your town. I can get them all up and to you by Monday evening. 🙂

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