Party Montigo: Chapter 15, Where the hell you been?

Note: I did some skipping around since I had to create a new file from scratch. The original file was never backed up before my laptop was stolen. Fiona, Fajita and Taco had aged to teens. Glitter Bug gave birth to a boy named Dazzle. Zirobi, the second born child of Texas and Genesis is now living with them.  Zinnia and Rosette are returning from their time in Quest For Immorality  in Chapter 18-20.  Texas and Zion will appear different because they were lost and I had to recreate them. This story is now behind Borage’s timeline but will sync soon.




“With my superior intelligence, I would be able to create my dream woman in my new lab. It’s good to be back home but not good not to be woman-less virgin!”





“Okay which one of those morons tried to use this to look up porn? I regret coming back. Maybe I should of stayed on Lunar Lakes. Then again I would miss the aliens since they love to come here more.”





“You think you’re hot stuff but you ain’t. I’m going to create army of evil fairy children to destroy you.”

“You shouldn’t be allowed to breed but the only guy you could get to touch you is your pervert Uncle!”

“Max isn’t blood related! I can get other men to fuck me to make evil babies.”

“With roofies? You’re too trashy to get them when sober.”





“Whatevs. At least I fucked a human unlike you and that blow up doll.”

“I don’t have a blow up doll!”

“So a blow up doll magically appeared in your closet?”

“Why were you in my closet?!”

“That’s none of your business, Mr. Doll-Fucker.”






“Eww! Why do we have these gross chickens here now? I thought we couldn’t have pets unless this is our future dinner.”






“GB, Grandmama said if I made good grades then I could get chickens to raise. My chickens are not your future dinner! Eating meat is wrong and evil! Animals and plants are my friends.”






“Look here you featherly mother fucker, I don’t care what my hippy sister say but you’re dinner!”

“Oh dare you threaten me for I am OCG, the original chicken gangster. Bow before me hussy!”

“I don’t think so future dinner! I’m gonna rip off your feathers, season you up, then fry your bitch ass and it will be glorious!”




“Not if I destroy you first!”

“Oh bring it on, feather bitch ass!”





“I’m gonna rip off your head, chew it up and fry it in a frying pan with your young!”

“You cannot defeat the great OCG!”

“Watch me, future dinner!”





“How was that possible?”

“I told you, you cannot defeat the great OCG.”

“You used the cheats.”

“I did no such thing.”




“GB, stop fighting with my chickens. You’re being rude. Besides, OCG is a black belt.”





“This war ain’t over future dinner! I will train and come back to kick your feather ass and then you will be dinner for me and my army of evil fairy warrior children!”

“I shall wait. But until then,  have fun with aliens.”

“What are you talking about?”

“You shall see.”

“And you shall see my deep fryer!”




‘Fajita, what did you get on question 15?”

“Figure it out, I’m not going to tell you the answer.”

“C’mon! I thought if I did homework with you then you’ll give me all of the answers.”

“I will do no such thing, Fiona! You have to do your own homework.”

“Homework is lame. I wanna live if my bro Borage, his kids don’t have to do homework.”

“Yeah and they are all idiots too. We are smarter than them, you can figure out question 15.”





I’ll know what I’ll do. I’ll use my genie magic and get the answers.”

“You can’t do that! That is cheating! If Grandmama finds out then you won’t get that DJ booth that you want.”

“I can too, I can just ask my brothers. They’ll get me anyways since I’m the baby.”

“I will tell Grandmama on you.”

“You’re such a tattle tell! No wonder no ones likes you.”

“That’s not true and that’s not nice to say.”

“Just putting that out there.”





“I would doing my school work by my friends but plants can’t help me on this problem nor talk. Maybe I should get some human friends.”





“Whatcha doing, sis?”

“School work, I’m having trouble with this problem.”

“I can help.”





“Okay it say, Judy has 55 pies but Johnny took away 12 pies then Heidi gave Judy 34 more pies but Zach ate 5 and Judy baked 11 more. How many pies does Judy have now?”

“Who cares! The real problem is that this Judy girl has a weight problem. She’s gonna get the diabeetus.”

“I guess eating having a lot of pies like that would be a issue.”

“Yeah we gotta find this Judy girl and tell her to stop eating so many damn pies.”





“How on earth are we going to find her?”

“Google! Google can find anything. I found the best clinic by using google.”

“Why did you need a clinic? Are you pregnant?”






“Should we write her a letter?”


“What should we say?”

“Uhhh…. Dear Judy, You fat. Stop eating some many damn pies before you get the diabeetus. We are concern.”

“That’s sounds good. We need to help Judy. Maybe I can send her a basket of my vegetables.”

“Vegetables are lame. Let’s go eat a whole cake!”





“Do you know what you’re doing?”

“Yeah, I’m a witch.”

“I know you’re a bitch but that doesn’t answer my question.”

“Why are you being rude to me?”

“Not rude, honest. It’s rude to lie.”

“Still rude.”





“Do you want to hear your fortune?”


“Aliens are coming your way.”

“The aliens pretty much live here. That’s a given.”

“Also you will fail school if you don’t do you homework.”

“You suck at this.”

“I also see pimples.”

“O.M. G.! That is terrible!”




“It’s your bed time sweet Dazzle. If your idiot mother would stop yelling at that chicken, she could do this herself. I do wonder where on earth your grandmother is. I must admit it’s been very peaceful since she hasn’t been here.”




“Darling, are you concern that we haven’t seen our daughters in about a year?”

“Well yes, Gen. Zin and Rose are adults now, they can leave as they please.”

“But for a whole year without saying where they were going? They missed their daughters’ birthdays. They just cannot waltz off when they both have responsibilities here.”

“Gen, we gotta admit that we haven’t let them be a mother to their youngest children. I guess they figure there was no reason to come back sooner.”

“You saw how their older children turned out, especially Zinnia’s baby making son. Greta informed me there’s 7 children there now.”

“7 kids isn’t so bad, Gen. At least it isn’t 100 kids like what Martini’s father is trying to do.”

“That’s the issue, our oldest grandson is trying to be like his father. Sleeping with any females he see and having a baby that he can’t properly care for. I have a feeling our daughters took to see that man again. Why else would the leave without telling?”

“They said something about finishing a deal.”

“Yes, to have more children by him. They don’t need anymore kids with that awful man.”





“Shit, Zin… They are waiting for us. what do we do?”

“Chill, I got this.”

“I wanna be back in Liam’s arms.”

“Yeah and with that crazy nanny who almost shot you?”

“Bitch went to jail. If I had my steel, I would of gotten her.”

“Yeah right! You got beat up by a old hag.”

“She tripped me! That was a cheap shot.”

“Whatevs, you ain’t street.”

“Am too!”




“Zinnia Michelle! Where in hell have you been?! Do you realize you both have been gone for a year! You missed your daughters’ birthdays!”

“Sorry mama, we didn’t mean to stay gone this long.”

“Where have you been? Answer me!”

“Liam’s, we made a promise and honored it.”

“You had more kids with that disgusting man?!”

“Yes mama.”




 “I told you both that you were not allowed to have more kids with that man! What he’s doing is terrible!”

“But mama, we made him a promise after I had Borage and Celsia.”

“I don’t care about your promise! You both are married women! You just can’t go and birth more kids because of a lame promise! The kids you both had with that awful man turned out terrible! Did you know your son now have 7 kids by different women?”

“I saw pics, my 7 grandbabies are beautiful like their daddy.”




“That doesn’t matter! You’re terrible at child raising. I am doing my best to insure Fiona doesn’t grow up like her older siblings. Borage with all his baby making and he doesn’t care nor like them, Celsia with her.. I’m not sure what she’s doing but I know it’s something terrible, Dodder with his stealing and being a womanizer, and Erica…she’s just nuts. The only child of yours that came out decent is Acacia.”





“The last time I checked mama, I’m a grown ass woman. If I want to have more kids then it’s my right. None of my kids are dead or anything. I did the best I could. My kids are happy in their lives and that’s all that matters.”




“Don’y you talk to me in that tone! I am still your mother! You kids may be happy with there lives but my concern are about the great-grandchildren they will be bring into the world! I cannot have another generation of idiot Navoxes! It’s a embarrassment  for my tribe!”




“Does this mean you don’t love my kids? I know they have their issues but I still love them. My kids don’t embarrass me.”




“Of course I love my grandchildren. I just wish you did better with them. I was hoping you could show me with Fiona since she was suppose to be your last chance but since you had more… Zinnia, you use to be so smart until you created her.. Maybe I should of given you a sister. Then maybe you would of never created Rosette and you would still be your genius self like your brothers.”




“You regret me mama? You wish I was never created? I’m hurt. If you don’t love me then send me back to Liam’s where I can be loved forever!”




“I try to love you as you were my own child I gave birth to but sometimes… you make it difficult! What’s with your obsession with this man? You have a husband who loves you and you chase a man who doesn’t!  Liam will never love you! You have Finn, so deal with him!”




“But Liam does love me.. He just doesn’t know it yet. But I will marry him one day, mama. You just wait!”




“Mother! You have finally returned. Oh how I missed you so much. I want to embrace with you a loving hug, dear mother.”

“Eww no! I don’t want your homo cooties on me, GL!”

“But mother, I’m merely trying to show you love and kindness. I have missed your presence around our beloved home.”

“I leave for a year and you get more gay!”





“Dear mother, I do not understand. I am your only son and you reject me as I am nothing. Mother, I was the reason why you been gone for a year? Have I done something to upset you? I am trying to be the best son for you but my act of kindness and love is usually rejected by you.”





“You ain’t my only son no more. You got a little brother with giant ears. But I don’t like you.. In fact I don’t like any of you mistakes! I should of had abortions but Zin said I couldn’t abort Liam’s and your daddy hid the car keys so I couldn’t abort you and your sisters whenever I got pregnant. I just don’t like you jerks so stop with that gay shit and get a boyfriend!”





“Those are some pretty lights. I wonder where they come from? I should tell my nerdy uncle Zirobi about this but he’s busy making a science woman in his lab. What a nerd!”
















“Serves that bitch right..”





“You wrong Montigo. We come back for right one.”

“You gonna send me the video of me getting freaky with you green bastards?”

“No. Will destroy it.”

“Then why even record it? I did all that kinky shit for nothing? I was gonna post it on Redtube and be famous.”

10 thoughts on “Party Montigo: Chapter 15, Where the hell you been?

  1. I gotta say, Zin and Rose’s mom is awesome. She’s definitely one of the sane ones. I like that they don’t get away with all their crap quite as easily as they used to, lol.

    And that chicken fight – ahahaha! I think my favorite kid is GB at the moment.

    • The parents are both sane and a bit strict. However Texas does cuts the girls a little slack time to time.
      GB is crazy and far worse than Rosette lol

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