A Field of Dodders: Chapter 1, Curse of a Witch

A/N: Dodder’s timeline is ahead of Borage’s. I originally planned to not start Dodder’s story until after he appeared in Borage’s but I was ready to start his now. Dodder’s story will contain spoilers of future chapters in Love For The Ladies.



My name is Dodder Montigo, many of you know my older brother Borage. For half of my life I’ve been living in his shadow. My mama seems to play favorites and he was her choice with him being her first son. You would think I would be jealous of him but I’m not. We along okay for the most part.

I don’t feel like talking much about my background, like my childhood and what not. I didn’t have much of a childhood. It flashed by in a blink of a eye. But I will tell you how my dad spent most of my childhood as a zombie crashing parties and stealing cake. But like my brother, I really didn’t have much of father growing up. I just had my drunk mama and step dad who didn’t like any of us cause we weren’t his.

I was born and raised in Riverview and left after turning 18.  I wasn’t like my other Montigo siblings who found a town and bought a giant house that they really didn’t need. I was a thrill seeker. My passion was stealing things and nice cars. I was on my way to being a career criminal. With that, it wasn’t a good idea to make myself noticeable with a fancy house. I needed to drift from city to city to keep a low profile or I was sure to do some time for my crimes. As I gotten older, stealing wasn’t much of thrill anymore. Maybe it was time to settle in a actual town.




I crossed paths with my twin sister Erica one day. She talked about living in Moonlight Falls. She had a fixation on werewolf men suddenly. I wasn’t too surprised by this, you see my twin has multiple personalities, so I’m sure this was one of her personalities’ craving. Moonlight Falls was one town that I never been to. Living there would be perfect for me cause I haven’t did any crimes there and I could blend in without worrying about the police wanting to take me in. 

Erica and I got a small house in town. We decided not to buy a giant house cause it was unnecessary. It’s not like I’m gonna fill up a house with millions of babies like my bro Borage and my sis Celsia. In fact I don’t like kids and don’t plan on having any. I can’t say the same for my twin. She talked about finding love and having some kids of her own. However no man can deal with her personalities randomly showing up.





Erica must of forgotten about Moonlight Falls being a town full of supernaturals, that includes ghost. Erica, well all of the Ericas are afraid of ghost. I lost count of how many times I had to pick Erica up from the ground after she fainted. Maybe it’s a good idea of me coming with her. I can see that she needs me most.






Little did I know since living in Moonlight Falls, I was being watched. I had no clue that my past was lurking close behind me. I thought I could have a fresh start and maybe act right for once. I couldn’t be more wrong…





 Erica and I sometimes spend a Sunday afternoon at the park playing chess. At first it seemed odd at first as I never had any kind of normalcy in my life. Chess playing in the park was Erica’s idea. I notice a slight change in her since doing this. Her random personalities rev up less now. I guess having some normalcy in her life calmed things down a bit.

I try to stay focus on the game and fight off temptation on stealing something near by. If I am going to be a permanent resident here then I need to chill out with the stealing. Or bring any unwanted attention on myself. Trying to blend in is a bit tough but I’ll manage.





I had to replace my habit of stealing things for stealing the hearts of fine ladies. There’s no crime in that right? With my good looks and charm, no lady can resist a chocolate genie in their lives. Getting ladies into bed was easy, getting them out of bed was the hard part. The ladies love this chocolate magic but I for one have no plans in settling down with one day. I got so much love to give and it wouldn’t be right if one lady has my full attention.

And no I don’t have any crazy plans to hook up with 1000 ladies for the hell of it. That’s a 1000 risks of implanting some babies whom I don’t want. With the ladies I had encounter, I had the common sense to wrap it up and not having any accidents calling me daddy. The only ones calling me “daddy” are these fine supernatural ladies.





“Ms lady, I am aware about your husband and all but something tells me he hasn’t been treating you right.”

“Well.. yeah.. How do you know?”

“I can see the hurt in your beautiful eyes. I don’t see the sparkle they once had.  If you were my lady, those eyes would be shining like a disco. My magic is for healing. Let me know when you’re ready to have your heart healed. My magic is sweet like chocolate.”

“Oh my..Dodder.. I don’t know what to say… I uh…”

“Babygirl, I know what you want to say. It’s okay, but you deserve better than him.  Any man would be lucky to have you as their lady. When you’re ready, I’ll be here for you. I got nothing but time, pretty lady.”




And like that, I got her. All it takes is a few sweet lines and ladies melt like butter.  But one thing about melted butter, it’s hard to clean up and takes away. Getting these ladies to leave after I’m done has been difficult. One night of chocolate magic isn’t enough for them as they crave for more. I can be a nice guy if I want to and let them indulge themselves in my chocolate magic for a week or 2 but I do have to cut them off. I know it’s hard for them for the first few days, but they will live. What can I say? It’s impossible for ladies to resist me.





I lost count on how many times I made trips to this photo booth with ladies. Sometimes they just couldn’t wait until I brought them to my place.





On this night, my whole life changed. Remember when I said I was being watched? It was a witch lady named Yvonne Pierre. One night she came out of the shadows. Apparently she had been watching me for years in other cities and I happen to  pick the one city Yvonne lived in. Yvonne isn’t fan of me at all. It’s not cause I turned her down or anything. It was my involvement with her daughter when I made a trip to Starlight Shores to kick it with my bro. Let’s just say that I fucked with the wrong lady. If I had any idea she was the daughter of a vengeful witch, then she would of never gotten any of this chocolate magic love.





One sexy night at my brother’s new club called Magic, I met this one fine ass lady named Tykisha Pierre. She has stunning golden, full lips and nice round ass, the kind that I love. I can’t resist a lady with a nice round ass. After a few drinks and some chit chat I decided she and I should get to know each other better in a hot tub. Getting her was for me, leaving her was easier since I was just passing by. Little did I know that I left something apart of me in her that later grew bigger after 9 months.

While in Starlight Shores I made a little trip into a jewelry store beforehand. I saw something nice and shiny, I took it. I can afford it but where’s the fun in that? Little that I know, this diamond was rare and had a huge value. I mistakenly left this rare diamond with Tykisha and she was caught with it. She did some time in prison for it. She was caught a year after giving birth to my son that I didn’t know about. With Tykisha locked up, the only kin my son had was Borage and he was left in his care. Borage isn’t no father of the year and my kid would of been better off left on the street. Yvonne learned about this and set out to get my son out of Borage’s care. There was no way he could care for him along with this army of brats and grand-brats.

Yvonne was able to take him away but only to have him taken from the state. Yvonne was found to be unfit for caring for him due to her age and illness. After Tykisha was released, she later learned about our kid being taken from the state. Tykisha was of course broken hearted about it and Yvonne felt I should pay… It’s not like I purposely left the diamond with her.





“Dodder Montigo, I watched you for many years and seen you in many places. It’s time that you reap what you sow. The line was crossed when you ruined my daughter’s life with your womanizing and thieving ways. You will feel all of the pain that you inflicted on others, especially my daughter’s pain. I don’t have much time on this Earth but you will replace the lost of my only grandchild with 100 more! 10 shall be biologically mines! You had broken many hearts without a care other than yourself. I curse you with the Ioyxgin curse! You shall give birth to 100 supernatural children with 10 women of my choosing! You shall be married to each female until the 10 child is born! This curse won’t be lifted until the birth of your 100th supernatural child. If you refuse, your appearance will rapidly age. You will live your immortal Navox Genie life as a old morbidly obese man!”





“Hey lady… Can we talk about this?”

“There will be no talking of this manner, Dodder. You will rep what you sow!”

“Me birth 100 babies? Are you confused? I’m man! I can’t birth no babies!”

“With this Ioyxgin curse, it’s possible! Your first wife shall be my daughter Tykisha. You had no issue with getting with her before, so marrying her won’t be a problem!”

“Lady, I’m not the marrying type! I’m sorry about the diamond and the kid.. I didn’t mean-“

“SILENCE! I will hear no more from you!”






I was stunned to learn about what I have to do. Be married? Give birth to 100 kids? How the fuck… My life ended on this night. I was no longer a freed man and could do what I pleased. Forced to marry 10 females and give birth to their babies. I don’t see how it’s possible for me to give birth at all. I’m aware about Borage giving birth to alien babies and it makes sense since it was alien babies coming out of him. But how are babies going to come out of me?

I dunno if I should ask Borage advice on birthing since he’s pro after having birthing 10 babies himself. 7 of them came out at once, I’m amazed that he’s still alive afterwards and had one more. As much as I hate the thought of being married and it doesn’t matter that each marriage won’t last, I refuse to trade in my good looks and youth for a ugly old, fat body. I guess I will do this. Funny thing is that the part of being married bothers me most than being pregnant, let alone having kids period. If I have any advice for my bro, never fuck a witch. It doesn’t matter how hot she is. I got myself into some trouble here. There’s has to be some way out of this…




“I should probably go help my twin beat up that old witch but there’s some awesome stuff in here. Ooh! I found a Frisbee  Who would throw away a frisbee? Are you guys nuts? These are awesome! I wonder if Dodder wanna play. Ooh what’s this? GROSS! It’s a used tampon! These people be nasty! Hmm.. I smell some chicken. I’m hungry!”

19 thoughts on “A Field of Dodders: Chapter 1, Curse of a Witch

    • It’s a nightmare for any Montigo LOL
      Erica is a trip. I found her in the dumpster and decided to add it in haha

  1. ahahahahaha. Montigos never learn, do they? Well, with a couple of exceptions. Dodder and Erica are going to be funny to watch, I can tell. I wonder how Tykisha will feel about marrying a man who got her in all that trouble.

    I feel bad for their first kid. 😦 Will he be making any appearances, or is the state keeping him?

    • No, the first few chapters are before the harem. I will show Erica’s send off. She’ll be gone for a while but returns.

  2. lol great start like I new it would be, poor Dodder then not really. I wanted to ask how do you get Borage Naked and his girls? What sort of Skins do you use? Also how do you get the penis on your Sims? I’ve been working on ways to make mine more realistic.

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