As of yesterday or possibly the night before, this blog as reached over 20,000! It was only just 3 months ago when this blog hit over 10,000 views. I really appreciate all the views & reads I had since July of 2012. The one year anniversary isn’t too far away.

I wanted to do a special gift once I hit 20,000 but I’m not sure how to top off the last gift. I’m sure I’ll think of something. July will be rolling around in a few months, so I figure I’ll hold off with a gift until this blog’s first anniversary. I won’t leave you all hanging tho. I’ll still give everyone a treat for now.

Here’s a couple of pics of Borage naked in the shower 😀


Hehehe anyway, you peoples are fabulously juicy! Thanks for all the views and reads. You’re wonderful :p


Also, some of us from the forum had all made simbooks for our sims on Facebook. I made one for Borage & Celsia but I’m mainly logged on Borage’s account. Every once in a while I made these 2 appear they are fighting with each other like they do in their stories lol. There’s a few of you would I love to see with a simbook too 😀 I know some of you have simblrs but to be honest, I’m getting annoyed but it. Too many people are reblogging stupid shit that I don’t give a fuck about. I could unfollow but then my dashboard would be bare. I’ll still post but not as much as I use too. I’m still want to see stuff from the non-annoying simblrs. If you don’t have one.. please please please make one or Borage will cry lol If you do make one, feel free to add Borage 😀 I post more of his alternate lives on there. At some point I will make blog entries of it.


Add Borage

10 thoughts on “20,000 Views!

  1. Hooray!!

    Borage is that great! You deserve it, you are extremely funny and know how to make a character stand out. I think you should consider going professional if you haven’t already. 😉

    Congratulations on the success 😀

    • Thanks! I wanna be a professional drinker LMAO
      I miss your Jensen story, I haven’t read the last chapter yet cause I’m not ready for it the end 😦 However I am eager to know what happen. I need to suck it up and just read it today haha

      • Haha for real?

        I’m not going to continue the story, sadly I left that part of my life in the past for personal reasons and since I have a new blog I just didn’t think it would be decent to continue the story when the first part of it is in that other blog. I’m sure I could if I wanted to, but I just don’t think is right.

        I can tell you how the story ends if you wish, I mean the last chapter of the first part is not the final end, just the end for that first part of the story. Nway…. contact me at beccathornheart228@yahoo.com any time you wish to chat. I don’t know how else we could do that other than email.

        Drinking as a profession sounds good to me 😉

        • Well what about linking it?
          I’m not much of email-er unless it’s a hot guy sending nudes LOL Borage’s simbook seems to be my main acct for contacting. I don’t like my personal FB acct lol

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