Love For The Fellas: Chapter 5, Surprises

A few more weeks had gone by and dramatic ass start getting all weird and shit after those aliens took him. Why did that bring him back if he gonna act like this? One morning he acted like he wanted to ask me something but couldn’t say anything. It was working on my last nerve.

“Grow some balls dramatic ass, what you got to say to me?!”

“Well.. I was wondering if you would go to the hospital with me? I’m kinda nervous about it.”

“Why? You’re such a pussy.”

“I think I might be pregnant with a alien baby and I wouldn’t know how to explain it to the doctors.”

“You gotten kinda fat, I say you are.”

“I want to make sure of this, Cece. Will you go?”

“Yeah I’ll go with you, dramatic ass. I haven’t been feeling good myself. I think your cooking is killing me.”




I went to the hospital with Clark so they could check him out or something. If he is knocked up I wonder if he’ll have a ass baby like my twin. If so, I’m so not delivering  no ass baby.  I also decided to get myself check out since I haven’t been able to keep food down. I think Clark gave me food poisoning with his terrible cooking.





“Those bastards said I’m pregnant! The ultrasound showed twins. I hate kids. How did this happen?”

“When a man and a woman-“

“Shut up! It wasn’t a serious question! What did they say about you?”

“It appears that I have a parasite inside of me. I figure it’s the alien baby.”




“So were both knocked up?”

“I’m afraid so.”

“Good going Clark! This is all your fault!”

“How? I didn’t get you pregnant or myself.”

“Your stupid aliens did this!”

“You were abducted?”


“Then? Never mind.. let’s go home.”




I needed to make a stop before we headed home. The bar. I needed a drink after hearing that terrible news about being pregnant. The weird shit started happening to Clark.

“Oh dear! Something is happening to me.”

“Don’t be a dramatic ass, dramatic ass.”

“Seriously Cece, my tummy is glowing!”

“You’re turning into a glow worm, big deal! I’m ordering a drink.”

“But you’re pregnant. You can’t drink.”

“Can too! I do what I want. You ain’t my daddy.”





“Celsia, I know I’m not but I care about you and my unborn nieces or nephews.  Those drinks can harm your babies.”

“My mama drank when she was having me and I turned out fine. I can’t say the same for Borage but we didn’t die!”

“Hmm this explains everything..”

“What does?!”





After some drinks, I felt like dancing. I wanted to dance on the corner but Clark nagged the whole of how I shouldn’t be doing any of this. Just cause I got demon spawns in me doesn’t me I gotta not have fun ever. Clark is such a buzz kill!

“Say another word and I’ll kick you in the throat.”

“Cece, you might fall and hurt the babies. Please come down.”

“You ain’t my daddy! If I wanna dance drunk on the corner when I’m pregnant, then it’s my right!”

“Please Cece..”

“Ugh you’re so whiny!”



The only thing I could do without Clark bitching at me was the bubbles. We talked about what we were going to do since were both having babies. He was concern of the fact he haven’t gotten a job yet and wasn’t sure how to support his baby. The idiot forgot that I’m rich and we didn’t need jobs. However my mini club will shut down. No one wants to see a pregnant stripper. Besides, I don’t want the guys to see me all fat. It’s not a good look on me.




Clark had some people over to convert a room that wasn’t using into a baby room. We couldn’t decided on stars or clouds so we did both. Those clouds are lame, we should of gotten all stars but noooo! But anyway we got the room done and it’s ready for the little demon rats.



“This room is lame. I wanted this room to be my dominatrix room. Stupid babies.”






“Who said that?”

“Clark, come.”

“Come where? Who are you? Where are you?”










“Why did you take me again?”

“We check on baby. Baby is fine.”

“I don’t feel good… Are you Tixxis?”

“I am not Tixxis. I am Sally. I check on baby for Aqufinix friend.”

“Aqu-what? This isn’t Tixxis’ baby?”

“It not Tixxis baby, baby you carry is  Aqufinix. We try Aqufinix baby on Gelman host.”

“What’s a Aqufinix?”

“Different race of alien. I am of Electrix’Artrian race.  Baby will be blue. Baby will love water.”


“I will come later for more checking on Aqufinix baby.”




“Sally.. wait. Darn.. She’s gone. I don’t want them to come back.. I really don’t feel good. I should go rest.”





“Where the fuck is Clark? I want some ice cream. He’s always taking his ass off somewhere. I’m gonna punch him in his stupid face.”





Clark started to cook organic type foods now. He say he’s good for the babies. I didn’t want to eat that nasty shit. I hate how he keep suggesting things how this is good for the baby and that’s bad for the baby and blah blah blah! I want french fries cover with hot sauce but he’s all like “You don’t need to eat that. Blah blah blah I’m a whiny bitch with a alien ass baby.” He’s so annoying now.




“How do you like the pancakes?”

“They are gross like your face.”

“Now that’s just rude. We need to eat better for our babies.”

“I think you were born the wrong gender.”

“Why do you say that?”

“You act like a bitch.”

“I must of added too much RUDE in your pancaked this morning.”

“Just saying.”




“Cece.. I realize I have no idea of how I’m going to give birth. I’m afraid that it may hurt!”

“If it’s ass baby, yeah it’s gonna hurt.”

“Was it painful for Borage?”

“He doesn’t remember the births. All he remembers was sleeping a lot. He pushed out 7 babies at once.”

“That sounds terrible! What if I’m carrying 7 babies?”

“You worry too much.”




“I am excited about your little babies. Did your doc tell you what you’re having?”


“So they are little girls? How cute. Did you pick out names yet?”

“Satan and Lucifer.”

“You can’t be serious.”



“You know you should be blessed to carry life inside of you. There’s many females who can’t have kids themselves.”

“Really? Those females are lucky.”

“Why do you hate kids so much?”

“They are annoying like you.”




I needed a drink after getting visited by the police today. I was slapped with a fine cause I was running a club without a entertainment license. I guess my club is shut down forever. I guess I could make this my party room then. I thought about the massages from Bryce and thought maybe I should be a professional massage person and open my own spa. I can give guys a magically happy ending! I signed up for classes online and will be attending soon.

I just hope these hell spawns won’t ruin my plans. I still want my own business and I wouldn’t need a stupid entertainment license to run this spa. When I do all the stuff I need to do first then I’ll be back in action! I don’t think I wanna bang 1000 men tho, maybe 500 would be good enough.  If I can get 499 men to come to my spa then things would be awesome!



I haven’t heard much from Travis is a while. I told him about the babies and he said he will come back before they were born. He’s still in Sunlit Tides with his sick mom. I hope he takes these rats with him when he goes back. He can keep them.





Clark is getting fatter and worries about birth mainly. I told him to talk to his brothers who had alien babies before but he doesn’t. He just worries and cries to me about it. He’s afraid that the aliens will come back for him and sleeps in my bed now. I know he’s my little brother and I should be the protective big sister but it’s getting annoying. I just can’t wait until this is all over with.





“Clark it is time. Come.”

“No! I will not go with you this time. I’m sure the baby is fine.”

“Come Clark, we have fun this time.”

“I don’t trust your idea of fun.”







“Why do you keep doing this to me?”

“You not like mating?”

“If you wanna call that sex.. I don’t like it. I thought you wanted to check on the baby.”

“Lied. I know baby is fine. Gelman is good host.” 

“I guess you’re  Sally. It’s hard to tell.”

“I am Val for short. You not genie like the Ziharian’s host. You know a genie? Genie are great lovers. Ziharians say so.”

“I’m not going to tell you if I do..”

“I will find genie love like Ziharians and make Gi’navoxia babies.”

“What’s that’s that?”

“Alien love genie. I must go. Will check again when other baby is born.”

“What? Another baby?”

“I implanted another baby. You will have Zoida’nix baby next from Zoida’nix donor. Baby will like night.”





“Another baby? Say it isn’t so! How on earth will I care for 2 alien babies when my sister is a idiot?”





“I want my mommy!”





Dramatic ass came crying about the aliens took him again and implanted another baby in him. I told him that he was dumb for running outside in the first place. He said he heard a cat meowing for help. There’s no cats around here. He’s so dumb.





We were on our way to the park and then my water broke. I can’t tell you of how much pain I was in. Why the fuck do these women wanna have 100 of these things? Do they like pain? Fucking idiots!





Dramatic ass was being a dramatic ass and not helpful at all. All he did was freak out and dance around like he was on fire. He finally got his brain back and too me to the hospital.





Travis was back in town and rushed to the hospital after Clark called him to tell him it was time. Pushing out the hell spawns was terrible and I’m glad it’s over now. I have twin girls, both are genies like me. I named one Cienna and Travis named the other one Chloe.




As a couple of weeks went on after having the babies, I wanted to toss them in the lake. These brats are annoying. All the do is shit, eat and cry. Clark helped out for the most part and Travis asked to stay for a while so he could spent time with the babies. I wanted to spend time drinking cause I dislike these creatures from hell.




“I’m never having kids again. I better drink more rum more often to prevent having anymore of these nasty freak babies.”





Clark’s face got all weird one night. It was his turn to give birth to a freak baby. We weren’t sure how it was gonna come out but it like Borage’s first birth, a magic baby.





After crying for his mama for 20 minutes, he had a daughter that he named Celina. He said he was in a lot of pain the whole time. Later he went to the hospital to see if the aliens were right about implanted another baby in him. The test shows he has a parasite growing inside of him. I notice how he stayed fat. I guess we gotta buy another crib now.





Having Travis around is kinda awesome. We have amazing sex while Clark is with the brats. When were not fucking, he with looking after the twins while I go drink more rum to kill my eggs. I don’t want anymore of those devil rats.





“Cece, I enjoyed my time with you and the girls but I’ll be leaving in 2 weeks. Will you be okay with the girls?”

“No. Take them with you.”

“I would if I could but I’m caring for a sick mother now. I wouldn’t have time for them.”

“I don’t want them.”

“You don’t mean that. You must be having that baby depressing thing mothers have after giving birth.”

“No, I hate kids.”

“You have that thing. I know you don’t really hate the twins. Whatever you do, don’t drown our twins.”

“I’m tempted..”

“You’ll be fine, you have your bro. I see he’s good with the babies.”

“Yeah so. Take em.”

“You’re silly, I’m gonna miss you but I will be back to see them.”





It’s pretty lame that he’s leaving let alone he won’t take the brats with him. I guess I could enjoy him until he leaves.





“Um guys..”

“Were busy, dramatic ass go away.”

“I just wanted to remind you of the little crying humans you both made. Maybe you both should see them before creating more of them.”

“Damn it Clark! Deal with them!”

“I would but I need a break.”

“He’s right, Cece. We need to look after them more.”

“Ugh.. whatevs.”





“You’re a little cock blocker. Yes you are. I don’t like you.”





7 months has passed and the brats are getting bigger and more annoying. Clark’s alien baby turned blue over time and he thought it was cool. I guess. I’ve been busy with taking classes so I can open a spa and Clark is freaking about his other baby that’s due at any point. I get tired after class and have to deal with the devil rats. When I come home, I want a drink not play patty cake with a stinky baby.




Cienna reminds me a lot of Travis. She looks a lot like him. I haven’t heard from him since he left. That asshole.





Chloe looks a lot like me. She’s a cute kid but I still don’t like her or her bratty twin.





Celina has Clark’s hair and that’s pretty much it. She likes taking bath more than my brats. Clark says she’s a Aqufinix alien and they love water. I hope she drowns.

16 thoughts on “Love For The Fellas: Chapter 5, Surprises

  1. I had to double check to make sure I didn’t have Tixxis directly contradict Celina being an Aquifinix. Fortunately it’s Serp making all the assumptions and Tixxis doesn’t really say anything that contradicts this so all good. 😀

    Anyways, I’m really glad Celina’s not biologically related to Tixxis, lol. I love how prevalent Queen hair is. :3

    Cienna and Chloe are both so pretty and I’m having trouble not getting excited about Chloe’s name. XD I love running accidentally into my name.

    Poor Clark and his mommy issues, haha. I’m sort of thinking of Elena having one of her visions where she sees Clark giving birth, but then she’d probably want to visit and I dunno if you were still going to do that. Besides that, Elena has her visions as they are happening and you’re about 7 months ahead of where Elena’s timeline is, I think. Ah well.

    Loved the update, I was laughing really loudly. Are they going to keep the ‘C’ name scheme? At least it’ll limit the amount of crazy cuckoo names Cece can come up with…oh, crap…Wasn’t it bad enough Regret exists? What if she goes with Crazy and Cuckoo as names? *facepalm* XD

    • I can’t remember the name of Celina’s mother, some random alien lol. Thank goodness Bobbi and Celina are cousins instead of sister-cousins like Borage and them lol

      Cienna and Chloe were 2 names that I couldn’t decide on once I learn the baby is going to be a girl. When MC said twins were 100% I got to use them both 😀 I once had a kitty named Chloe, I miss her 😦 I always thought Cienna was a pretty name.

      I feel for Clark, he seems more nervous in game since those 3 abductions so I gave him mommy issues lol. I plan for Carrie and Elena to be in the next chapter, I’m not 100% sure yet. I don’t know if I want them before he gives birth or a week after. I was thinking of Serp coming but someone would need to watch Bobbi. I forgot she has uncles in town who could watch her. I’m not sure on that just yet.

      There’s not really a naming theme. Since Borage’s first child’s name started with B like his, I did the same for Celsia and Clark. Celsia will name some of her kids, but it would mostly be the fathers doing the naming. Borage doesn’t have much say in naming his. He only named 4 kids, Bora Bora, Liam.2, Junior and Boragio. Whenever he does name a kid, their name is a spin off of his, except for Liam.2. I may do the same with Celsia. All the crazy baby naming is mostly Rosette’s thing, her kids may do the same lol. Tequila’s kids are gonna have some strange names lol

      • This would be the past of Crime, so yeah Bobbi would still be a baby still. :3 You could say that she was with…um, I can’t decide between Jamie or Devon and Scarab. lol Scarab and Devon would have left the resort by this time since its been a few months now, maybe closer to a year? Since Carrie and Serp know Devon and Scarab better they would leave Bobbi with them. lol Two bachelors and a baby.

        If you mention anything about Elena’s romantic relationships, she will probably comment that she is in fact in a steady relationship at the time of this visit. 😉 His name is Bael Young and he’ll be around for quite a while in-story on HIve.

        I like the names, they are very nice! :3 I noticed Clark actually named his daughter the same thing his little sister is named, thought that was cool, XD.

        lol! Good thing Borage and Celsia got the semi-sane mother. I just thought it was fun how currently everyone in the house except the butler has a ‘C’ name.

    • Thanks, little Cienna favors your sim a lot. I’m glad you donated him cause she’s a cutie. I was hoping one of the twins would be a boy 😦 I usually get mixed gender twins. The chances of Cece liking her kids are slim lol

  2. Too bad for poor Clark that aliens seem to like the boys in the Gelman line. lol. Cece’s face with the kids crack me up. At least the kids have Uncle Clark who will take good care of them. Great Chapter.

    • LOL, her face was like during pregnancy and it’s gonna stay that way too lol

      Poor Clark just keep getting picked on by those aliens, I’m not sure if he’ll ever adjust lol

      The kids will be fine since Clark has some sense :p

  3. “If I wanna dance drunk on the *counter when I’m pregnant, then it’s my right!” 😆 Man, Celisia doesn’t look happy at all about the baby. I almost called her Rosette. LOL. Haha they are both pretty freaked out. I’m glad I’m finally reading this and will know where the blue alien babies came from. LOL he heard a cat meowing for help. Aww the toddlers are cuties, especially the blondie. 😀

    • I’ve gotten the toddlers names wrong, the blonde is Chloe and the pink hair is Cienna. I haven’t played that file in while before posting this and I forgot who was who. Oops! Like Rosette, Cece hates kids but she names them a lot better than her aunt lol

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