Love For The Ladies: Chapter 37, Should I wonder?

Things had been slightly strange lately. I’m not sure what’s going all but I’m starting to get a little concern. I have been having some wild dreams like me being in a house with 8 hot fairies who fought for my magic stick. It was kinda hot, it’s kinda my fantasy. 8 sexy fairies fighting for my loving and attention, it pretty hot. I knew this had to be a dream cause I seriously doubt some day 8 fairies would appear at my house wanting to all fuck me.

A man can dream ya know. I never been with a fairy and having 8 at once would be great but I know it would never be. Plus I still have my Lois. I do feel kinda guilty when I do have these dreams. It’s cause I really do enjoy them. But not all of my dreams were sexy dreams.





One dream was that I went to college with my uncle Zion. That dream was pretty lame with the whole going to school part. It only got interesting when I got to hook up with some hot college ladies. Maybe I would of gone to college if I didn’t have kids or a wonderful woman at home.





Then I had this one dream where I was at camp and the ladies kept going into labor. My aunt Rosette was one of them. That was a nightmare, her having more kids that she don’t need. There were some fine ladies there. The dream got worst when 3 of the babies were mine.





In another dream, I had this hot girlfriend but she couldn’t cook for shit. She didn’t mind if I hooked up with her sexy roommates. I knew it was a dream for sure. But that dream turned sour after I gotten all 4 ladies pregnant.





The dreams just keep getting stranger and stranger when I’m doing karaoke with a sun burnt vampire. Maybe I shouldn’t smoke pot before bed?





I did do some awesome DJing while naked. That was pretty fun in my dream. I have some good dreams and then some bad dreams.




My dreams are cut short sometimes, especially after club nights. The sounds of my crying brats waiting for breakfast, my teens fighting over the bathroom and Lois yelling at me to get up to help with sending the brats off to school. Sometimes reality sucks. Sometimes I wish I could stay in my dream lives. Everyday is the same thing here, wake up, feed the kids, send them to school, attend to the little ones with lunch, play time and afternoon naps, then help with homework with the older kids when they get home. It’s getting tiresome now days, I miss my old life and how things were. It was usually Greta who attended to my kids for the most part as I worked at the club.

I don’t see the club that much and they are thinking about getting another DJ. I can’t let that happen, DJing is something that I have passion for. I just can’t let it go. The Edge isn’t content of me just playing on the weekends, they want a full time DJ but I’m not available like I use to.





This just makes me want to stay in my dream worlds. I don’t have to worry about the stress of my life, mainly screaming kids. There is a certain fairy that was in my dream that stays in my mind sometimes. I don’t know her name but she seems familiar  It’s almost like I’ve been with her before. In my dream she tries to gain my attention the most. I seem to be drawn to her but I don’t know why. When I see her face, I wonder who she is, and why does she want my attention the most. But I’m soon awaken by the cries of my kids. She fades away. I can’t but wonder about her. Sometimes with her on my mind, I forget about Lois. What’s going on with me?



When things during the day settle down, I enjoy watching the little brats play. I guess I shouldn’t complain too much since I wanted these 3 kids and they were planned. I just struggle with giving up my old life. It feels like I’m losing a part of myself if I do. They won’t be little forever. I guess my DJ goal will be on hold until this happens.





One thing that getting annoying is Lois’ obsessive nagging about my diet. I shouldn’t be eating all of these greasy foods and blah blah blah. I’m immortal. These foods aren’t going to kill me. I tried to explain this to Lois but she’s not trying to hear it. Things about Lois is changing, I think it’s with age  or something. She was 18 when I first met her and now she’s 32, she isn’t as laid back like she use to. It’s now nag city with this lady. I still love her but I’m turned off by this new side of her.



“Damn woman, I do what I want! This sexy body will never get fat unless it’s one of Pedro’s damn alien brats!”





Bruce Lee’s has  been here for a days and she can’t seem to keep her hands off of me. Can you blame her? She knows about Lois but it doesn’t seem to registered in her mind. She grabs a hold of me and pull me into a kiss but I stop her each time. She talks about how she misses me and want my magic inside of her again. With that kind of talk and how Lois been acting lately.. I kinda wanna do something with her again. It’s been years but I know I need to get away from her. Maybe having her wasn’t a good idea.

“What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her. Just the one time, Borage. I promise.”

“I want to but I can’t. I gotta stay true to my lady.”

“I guess you’ll never know how flexible I am now. I guess you’ll never know the new trick I can do with my tongue.” 




I’ll be lying if I said I’m not interested in knowing about her new trick.





I could show her a few new tricks I learned over the years with my tongue.





But of course… I gotta stay true to my lady. I guess I’ll never know about Tamagotchi’s new tricks.





Lois didn’t like the fact of Bruce Lee’s mom staying here. She didn’t trust her and didn’t trust me around her. She said she knows what she’s really up to and wants her gone. She would have to stay somewhere else and just visit Bruce Lee when he comes home after school. I tried to explained that things would be fine and how this is my house and I decide who can stay or not, she got mad. We argue for most of the day about it.





Lois went to the store and I headed to our bedroom to take a nap but I found Asia laying on my bed as she been waiting for me. She talked about how she’s waiting for me to come in as she watched Lois left for the store. I wanted to tell her to get dressed and leave my room but I couldn’t bring myself to say it.





I’m not sure what came over me but I found myself crawling in bed next to her. She rubbed my chest up and down before slowly moving her hands down to my crotch. She unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts, I couldn’t my bring myself to push her hand away or tell her to stop. She reached inside and grabbed my hard dick. “Feels like you’re ready.” She whispered into my ear. I didn’t say a word, I couldn’t say a word, I felt frozen. She undresses me and then I undressed her. I felt like a robot, taking her lead. My mind was blank, all I knew, all I wanted… was to be inside of her to give her the magic.





Before I knew, Lois came into the room asking if I seen her wallet. By then Yoko and I were getting dressed. Lois’ eyes widen as she saw us. There was no point denying that anything had happen between us.

“What’s going on in here?”

“I fucked her. I don’t why I did it but I did it. “

“You had sex with her?”

“Yeah. I’m sorry Lois.. Just things-“

“Just stop! I can’t believe you! I told you that I didn’t trust her or you around her! I can’t you believe you, Borage.”

“Lois.. I’m sorry.. I didn’t mean to-”

“Don’t say another word!”





“Just hear me out Lois-“

“There’s nothing for you to say! I’m leaving! You can have your whore!”


“Don’t talk to me, Borage! I don’t wanna hear anything else you have to say! This is what I was afraid of!”





Lois pulled out her phone and texted someone before she left. She didn’t take the kids with her cause she said once she gets a place she would be back for them. It was hard trying to explain things to Baby cake about what happen between her mom and I. I know she isn’t willing to leave this house with Lois but she has no choice at this point. 

I fucked up badly. I couldn’t believe I let things get this far with BL’s mom. For the most part, she kept her distance although Lois had left the house. I’m regret everything at this point. I hate myself for breaking Lois’ heart. I did the one thing that I promise I wouldn’t do. I guess I can never change. I don’t know what to do at this point. I just wished that I didn’t fuck shit up. I’m terrible man for breaking this lady’s heart. She would of never done something like this is me. She would never cheated on me like I just did to her. I feel like the worst person on earth for doing this to her.





Only after 2 days, I woke up to find Lois in my room. I approached her only to be greeted by a kiss. I was confused about what was going on here. She pulls away and told me that she forgives me and how we can work this out. I’m still confused about how she forgiven me so soon. After she spoke to me, she acted as nothing had happen 2 days ago. I screwed up once and she forgives me just like that. Maybe we can work on things and patch it up. But something about this bothers me a little. She did forgive me about the thing with the hot tub girls but with BL’s mom, I actually fucked her and I was forgiven sooner than with the hot tub girls.




I talked to my brother Dodder about this. It still puzzles me since this was something major. Lois has pretending as she never left and nothing happen. BL’s mom is still at the house but only comes in to shower and sleep now. Lois seems to be find with that. One thing Dodder told me that bother me was, if Lois forgave me twice about being involved with another female so quickly and act as it never happen. It’s because she’s feeling guilty of something she had done and doesn’t hold nothing against me cause of it.





This brings me back to Junior. When I look at him, I see more of my dad than I do of me. I remember how Lois would act strange around my dad whenever he came around. This can’t be possible…





Is Junior really my brother? The thought of that being true, hurts. Did Lois hook up with my dad and haven’t told me? This can’t be true. These are some crazy thoughts. I just can’t believe that it could be possible true. My son really being my brother…





Should I wonder? The more I think about things, the more they start to make sense. Or maybe I’m just smoking too much pot. Should I wonder more about the possibilities of Junior not being my son and rather my brother. I find myself taking a dip into the ocean more often to collect my thoughts about this. The thought of just tears me apart. It’s been a while since I question myself about Junior  It’s only cause of what Dodder said.



But then I also question myself. Can I be a one lady man? After my recent actions and dreams about the unknown fairy, I’m starting to believe that I am not. As much as I love Lois, I think I’ll just keep hurting her. I can’t seem to control myself much longer if a lady were to throw herself on me. I think about my old life a lot. I miss my old life. How much more will Lois forgive me for my actions? I can’t bare to hurt her anymore.

I love this woman so much, I can’t keep hurting her like this. There’s one thing I could do, but I can’t bring myself to do it. Let her go. Maybe I’m not the right man for her. She deserves someone who will love her and won’t hurt her. I don’t feel like I’m that guy. Maybe I should set her free. Or maybe I should try harder to change.

12 thoughts on “Love For The Ladies: Chapter 37, Should I wonder?

  1. lol I liked how you incorporated his other lives here.

    I can’t help but think about the parallels between him and Elena, XD. She was in love too but finally let Cam go because she knew she wasn’t right for him. Also, she loves doing the nasty, she just ain’t crude about it. lol And they both have pink hair! Course, then there’s the contrasts – Borage didn’t really want kids at first, he’s not aiming for 100 (though he might have way more than that with your Risky Woohoo settings :P), and well, he’s Borage! XD Two different people with similar lifestyles…sorta.

    Anyways, looking forward to seeing what Borage does with his realizations. x)

    • His autonomous behavior did changed things slightly but I’m still not a 100% sure what I plan to do next since he wanna do what he wants to lol.

  2. It should be interesting to see and I’m glad to see he’s starting to remember Diamond. Lois seems to have gotten really old looking, when Diamond got old I hit her with a Youth Potion lol, she does not age well at all and Lois also seems to not Age well. Must suck to be Gin though, I mean he’s immortal but none of his girls are. Really good chapter by the way I like it.

    • Lois is still a YA, I play Epic so no one ages unless I decide it. Lois just has a more mature hair style now.

      I haven’t explain much about how I play the occults in my stories yet. Borage may be immortal but he has the power to extend his human partner’s life. His grandmother did with her husband. By now his grandfather should of be old as dirty but he appears youthful. There’s only a certain type of genie that is immortal while the other types just live long. I probably explain them on this blog at some point.

      Borage is seeing Diamond in his dreams now, mainly it’s Luna’s doing still. But he still has no idea who she is.

  3. I like this blog. It’s very nice and organized. Nice update too. When I get the chance, I am going to read all your stories too so I can know what is going on.

  4. Finally caught up!
    i feel accomplished B)
    I had a feeling Borage was going to cheat!
    A little bird told me 😉
    I do feel so bad for Lois though…
    and it makes me wonder if those kids are really his or not…
    Borage is going through a phase and I really
    hope he doesn’t screw up and regret any choice he makes!

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