Camp Tigo 2 ISBI: Day 9

This is what I need you to do. Win the race or I will disown you. You got that, brat?





Since no one ever fed us I guess my hand will do.





I want my own baby.





Arna: You’re no match against my super vampire ping pong skills.

Anson: Oh bring it on dead boy!

Arna: Prepare to be defeated weak human!




Lucy waz here. He he he now everyone will know.





Kiki: Why haven’t we hooked up yet?

Malix: Because I don’t like you.

Kiki: Why?

Malix: You’re a bitch.




Isela: Anson, wanna have some fun in the photo booth?

Anson: Can’t you see that I’m busy destroying Arna. He’s finally not in front of the TV anymore!




Kiki: That may be true but I can’t help of who I am. I think we would have pretty babies.

Malix: I’m not having a kid with you!





Where are my parents? I’m hungry like always. I guess it’s time to cry annoyingly.




Borage: Why do you always have the alien brat? You never take care of my niece and nephew.

Seth: I think this kid is cool. I will use him for evil.





My kid won’t stop crying annoyingly! Someone make him stop!





Your mom is dumb but I’ll still put some of my magic in her.





Stop crying annoyingly you dead brat. I’m going to give you a bath since your parents are too dumb to do it themselves.




I’m so awesome that I can push this stroller without touching it.




Who did this shit?




Malix: Oh shit!

Seth: MUHAHAHAHA! My evil plan is working!





This is embarrassing…




I feel a shame…




I can’t explain this…




Borage: You’re giving her a bath with her clothes still on?

Quincy: Don’t tell how to bathe my kid. I do what I want!

Borage: Idiot.




Selene: I hope no one saw that.

Lucille: I did.




The voices made me do it.





Arna: Dude, you’re heavy.

Borage: So is your mom.





Isela: I’m sorry for everything. Can we get back together?

Malix: I love Selene now so no.

Isela: No you don’t. Selene would never be a good as me.

Malix: You shouldn’t have fucked my cousin.




rose, i heard my dad is gettin married and it aint wit u lol he said u 2 ugly 4 him.





I’m not gonna listen to your lies!




ur dad fucked lois




Layla: This is fun.

Borage: Wanna know what would be more fun? If we go into the photo booth.

Layla: Let’s go.





Hold up, Lay.. I got a text message.





Borage: That’s not true!

Layla: What’s not true?




I’ve been sitting here with you for 2 hours and you still can’t talk. Are you dumb or something? I want a refund.





I hope I’ll get a baby soon. This camp need some little fairy babies.




Your fairy babies won’t be as awesome as my witch baby.




Aren’t you a awesome witch baby. You’re the most awesomest baby at camp.




We could of had awesome fairy-vampire babies together, Quincy! *sobs*





Okay awesome, kid it’s time to clean you up cause I’m a good daddy.




My daddy forgot about me…





Why won’t you walk? I guess the other baby is more awesome.





I think this one is mine. Why aren’t they wearing name tags?





I regret nothing.





No one will cook so I guess I will do it. Then all the guys will love me and I can finally get lucky.




Where’s your daddy? He knows I don’t like you demon spawns. You’re his problem now, not mine.






I have no idea who my mom is..






Quincy: Where’s the other one at? I wanna trade. This one cries too much now.

Kiki: If these hell spawns don’t shut up. Why did you idiots make them if you’re not gonna take care of them!




I love this toy. It’s my most favoritest!





What the? It went bye bye.





Here it is. If you leave me again, I will destroy you.





Carrie: I’m gonna sleep next to the babies.. The wall people might try to eat them.




The floor must be more comfortable than the sleeping bag.









Thank goodness I’m a fairy or I would be in some trouble… But then again I’m sure the mod could override this.. Don’t get any ideas out there! Don’t put a alien baby in me!

6 thoughts on “Camp Tigo 2 ISBI: Day 9

  1. lol@ Quincy and Thing 2. poor little Thing 1
    haha i cracked up at Dusty saying he and Quincy could have vampire-fairy babies. his face XD
    Isela:’I regret nothing’ LOLOLOL

  2. All the camp babies are adorable.
    some parents do no not have a clue.
    At least some of the guys help out with the babies.
    aaww still no farie babies for Dusty.
    Dusty still has feeling for Quincy. If only a vampire fairy baby that would be epic.
    Every time Dusty gets abducted I can not help but think of alien fairy babies.

  3. lol, Are you dumb or something I want a refund. OMG, Selene thinks they should be wearing name tags! Poor I wonder if this is how Borage will find out about Lois.. through a text.. 😀

    • LOL Those needed name tags since they kept caring for the wrong baby or forgot which one was theirs lol. Borage learning about Lois will be more exciting than a text lol

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