Tango Inferno: Chapter 2.1, Plans & Goals

It’s me Rio Montigo. It’s been a while since you all last seen me. A lot has happen over the years. I’m now a young adult and living in my own house… not alone of course. My girlfriend Janiya lives with me and my cousin Niro as well. I like living with them I guess. My girlfriend is amazing and I better say that or she’ll go upside my head. Niro is cool, but sometimes he’s a little odd. Life in Lucky Palms have been some good but I feel I have been wasting a good portion of my life sitting around, living the good life. I’m just glad to get a break from all the drama I grew up in.




I had this awesome house built after my trip to Japan with my step dad Adam.  I really want to get in touch with my Japanese roots. We went a restaurant that was attached to a house. I thought that was pretty awesome along with the food their. I was inspire to open my own since I have a love for Japanese food and Lucky Palms lacked in that. Lucky Palms needed something different and I was ready to be that one to bring it. I went to culinary school for a few years because I wanted to open my own restaurant and piano lounge since I love playing the piano a lot.

After finishing culinary school I realize there was one more degree that I needed before starting my dream. Business. I need to know how to run a successful business first. I watched my dad struggle to keep Montigo Palms opened. My dad never finished his business classes and lacked knowledge business wise. He almost sold Montigo Palms but he was able to finish his classes and decided against selling. One thing my dad told me was to go to school before attempting anything. Having the knowledge first will allow me to keep my dreams.




I searched online for the right college of course and found one outside of Lucky Palms. I rather stay in town but Janiya said I should enroll. It’s only cause I learned that she already enrolled there herself without telling me first.  Janiya wants to major in Fine Arts. I would of love to major in that since I love the piano and drawing but I have to do business if I want my dream. Niro took interest in helping me run the place and enrolled in school for business as well. I guess I won’t be going alone and I’m okay with that. I rather go to school with someone.

Anyways our semester doesn’t start until another 3 months from now. So what is there to do until then?





In the meanwhile, Janiya has been spending a lot of time drawing. She said she needs to improve her skills so those “white heffas” won’t think they are better than her. I’m not sure where that’s coming from but I found it funny. Janiya had changed over the years but not in a bad way. I still love her but I know she’s ready for the next step in our relationship. Marriage. It’s something that I’m not ready for to be honest. My dad had 3 failed marriages, while my mom is on her second. I like how things are now. Why change it? 





And my cousin Niro, he’s spending his time attempting to be a Olympic diver but as you can see that’s going well for him. Niro is slowly coming out of his shell over the past months. He seem so distant whenever we are having a family get together. He acts like he doesn’t belong in the family. Uncle Malix may of been kidnapped child who was illegally adopted. We later learned that my grandma was his third biological parent due to some crazy vampire DNA. His vampire birth mother came across my grandma’s egg. No one know rather if my grandma knew of this. Niro is really a Montigo after all by marriage since my grandpa married my grandma. However it’s not enough convince Niro. He stills feel like a outsider.





I told my little sisters Madison and Azalea about us enrolling in school. They were happy at first but realize they wouldn’t be able to come over to swim anymore and hang out after school. My sisters are here every single day for reasons unknown. Janiya doesn’t mind them at times and Niro usually like pranking them. I’ll be happy to have a break from their mindless chatter about boys and fashion.





“What do you think college life is gonna be like?”

“I dunno. I don’t think any Montigo from our gen has been to college, Niro.”

“Well I hope there will be some cute girls there.”

“Were going there for a degree, cuz. Don’t forget that. You almost sound like our baby maker cousin.”

“Borage? Ha! It’s a genie thing. I really haven’t dated anyone yet.”

“Genie thing? Please. Were there for degrees not for dating. You can afterwards.”

“You’re not gonna act like my dad are you? Besides, ladies loves genies. I’m ready to live the full college experience.”

“Sex, parties and excessive drinking?”


“If you wanted that then pay Zinnia and Rosette a visit in Sunlit Tides. Seriously Niro, promise me you’ll stay focus.”

“It’s easy for you.. You already have a girlfriend.”

“I see what this is about. You need to get laid.”


“I’m right am I? Stop talking to your invisible friend and maybe it will happen.”

“My friend is REAL! You just can’t see em.”

“Right… When we leave here, keep the invisible friend here.”

“Shut up.”




I worry about Niro sometimes. Ever since he discovered that he’s a genie, he suddenly have a invisible friend who he speaks to. No wonder why he can’t get laid.





I was relaxing in my pool one Sunday afternoon. I was enjoying myself, maybe too well. I had a urge to rub one out just cause I wonder  how would it felt it do it out here. I can’t since Niro and Janiya were home and my sisters can show up at anytime. Janiya say I have a problem and need help. I see nothing wrong with being a chronic masturbator. Montigo males have a extremely high sex drive. Just ask my cousin Borage who calls himself BMG. I bet BMG means “Baby Making Genius” cause he’s pretty good at that.

As I was about to reach downstairs I could hear the sweet voice of Janiya calling me. I had no idea that everything is about to change.




“Rio, I know you’re not about to-“

“Jerk off.”


“It’s a normal thing!”

“Not when it’s done 20 times a day! Anyway you have some visitors.”


“They told me not to say. You’ll see.”




To my surprise, it was 3 of my idiot cousins from the idiot Montigo side of the family, Borage with his sisters/cousins Tequila Sunrise and Martini. I wonder what bought them here of all places. Knowing them, it’s probably not a good reason at all. However it was nice to see them again. One thing I do like about them is how there’s never a dull moment with them. They were raised terribly but they ended up being very interesting people and unique in their own way. Even if they are brainless.

7 thoughts on “Tango Inferno: Chapter 2.1, Plans & Goals

    • Yeah, it’s gonna be a lot different from MT. With Rio & Niro growing up during all of that drama did affect their lives a little. However they are a lot smarter than Zinnia and Rosette’s kids lol

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