Strictly Montigo

This legacy is strictly Montigo now. Meaning, I dropped my 2 Lex stories because I had no interest in working with them. Humor is my strong point and that’s where I plan to keep writing for now on.


Current stories:

  • Love For The Ladies *HOT*
  • Love For The Fellas
  • Party Montigo
  • Tango Inferno
  • Broken: Story of Lei Montigo


Coming stories:

  • Love For The Ladies 2 – Ft Mordecai, Aries & Boragio
  • Dancing Llamas: A Wishcy – Ft Lilah
  • A Field of Dodders: 100 baby challenge – Ft Dodder
  •  Montigo Life: The reality show – Ft Regret, Taco & Fiona
  • Feeling Frisky? (Bisexual Risquecy) –Ft he ain’t born yet



  • Camp Tigo 2 – Camping ISBI
  • Purple Drank – Ghetto ISBI
  • Tigo Me Out – Haunted Prison ISBI – Coming soon


Mini stories:

  • Alternate Lives Of Borage – These are the alternate lives of Borage, he will have many.

6 thoughts on “Strictly Montigo

  1. Borage? Alternate lives? oooolala. There’s as many possibilities as there are types of cake. Actually, the possibilities are wider than the variety of cake. lol

    I see two of Liam’s harem is in the reality show one. Does that mean that reality show will take place after the harem thing, before it, during it, all three?

    • It takes place afterwards. The AL plays were done just for fun but some of simmer friends on Borage’s simbook would like to see more ALs of Borage doing different stuff. It’s fun. One file he goes to college, then he’s living with a woman who wants 100 kids but just wants a bunch of babies with him, then he’s a fireman, he’s also opened a daycare and he’s a singer LOL

  2. Feeling Frisky? — FT he aint born yet! LMBO

    I cannot wait for all those Borage stories coming up, I’m behind in the original story but I’m reading it!! I love Borage. 🙂

    • Yeah, still figuring how I’m gonna do this. I need random ghost to appear. I think I might add a bunch a townies on the lot, kill em then place the ISBIers.

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